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8.Poland Demonidias316
9.United States Rurikhan316
10.United States DSPGaming316

Latest Let's Plays For Dark Souls

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoNew Zealand Smellsbad GamingDark Souls Let's Play (Dark Souls: Remastered Blind Playthrough) - Part 6130:3915
2 days agoFrance Shinro GamingDark Souls Remastered - Let's Play FR 4K [ Priscilla ] Ep1659:3218
4 days agoGermany TwofoodTVLet's Play Dark Souls Remastered #49 Die Säulen der Erde33:462
5 days ago Full Fantasy PeasantSeath's World Of Crystalline PAIN! | FFP DARK SOULS REMASTER PLAYTHROUGH #112:24:371,426
2020-11-18United States MouseGunnerDark Souls: Remastered (Blind Playthrough) - Stream Highlights - Episode #13: I Keep Falling For You14:3619
2020-11-16 crazzycomradeDark Souls Remastered - Holy Paladin Let's Play Part 62:12:585
2020-11-16United States tgtkaiLink vs DARK SOULS - COMPLETE PLAYTHROUGH2:04:27174
2020-11-14 The KashinoGargoyle Got Beef?! - Dark Souls Playthrough, Road to Demon Souls EP.311:58215
2020-11-12 flaposvkšok jhak kkt | letsplay svk/cz | komplet prechod | Dark souls 1| #251:06:303
2020-11-11Sweden KraakoTVDark Souls - Playthrough Ep.14 -- No Commentary -- 1080p 60fps1:21:432
2020-10-25United States badassgamezDark Souls -BLIND&LIVE- Part 2930:53241
2020-10-21United States Nutz GamingDEMON PRINCE?! HELP. Dark Souls Virgin VS The Ringed City (PART 1)24:2697,134
2020-10-19United States JMKitsuneDark Souls Feat Daisy and Meg Part 4 - I hate This Dragon SO MUCH1:27:550
2020-10-18Canada SighingSliderThe End of an Age - Dark Souls - Episode 28 Finale [Let's Play]1:00:253
2020-10-17Portugal Cosnimelets play dark souls part 6 nature is scary37:055
2020-10-15Netherlands Papito QinnDark Souls - First Playthrough - Today you DIE, Nito1:28:11135
2020-10-09Kazakhstan YouNot_GameHellpoint - Давай попробуем - Dark Souls в космосе18:0624
2020-10-02United Kingdom PISTOLPETEDark Souls Remastered Co-op The Hamster Wheel Challenge Series! Quelaag Anguish Ep. 323:33164
2020-10-02United States MarzKalameet & Gwyn, Lord Of Cinder (ENDING) | Dark Souls Remastered | Marz Plays1:58:1284,189
2020-10-01Switzerland MrSvipiLet's Play Dark Souls Remastered [Stream] - #15 - Das Ende einer Reise2:26:3811
2020-09-28United States Robby CruzDark Souls Remastred Playthrough Best/Funny Moments. FT. DeadlyDax16:1638
2020-09-28United States Ungodly GamingzLet's Play Dark Souls Ep12624:050
2020-09-26United States Kali ChroniclesDark Souls Remastered PS4 Blind Playthrough Gameplay LIVE2:02:2249
2020-09-25Italy BenWolfersHellpoint - La mini recensione di un... dark souls spaziale?3:4486

Latest Reviews For Dark Souls

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-09-21Brazil Outro CasteloMATEUSIX'S PRO SKATER - REVIEW MILGRAU8:0411,852
2020-09-20 MarLaoutat's Gaming CollectiblesDark Souls Artorias life-size bust Unboxing & review5:331,104
2020-09-18Greece Game HauntingsHell Point | When Doom meets Dark Souls45:01139
2020-08-31Brazil GAMERRR Brasil - Por Diego Borges🔴 REVIEW MORTAL SHELL - O MELHOR 'CLONE' DE DARK SOULS?14:3121
2020-08-25United States Podcast NowMortal Shell REVIEW - Better Than Dark Souls?8:33371
2020-08-25Brazil Wasted LinkMortal Shell, o RPG inspirado em Dark Souls! [Review]5:11573
2020-08-24Spain ZDEyEMortal Shell Review - Respectful Dark Souls Inspiration!10:4980
2020-08-22United States Cubold GamingIs Mortal Shell a Dark Souls Clone?3:1133
2020-08-21United States Synthetic ManMortal Shell Review | The Next Dark Souls?29:02813
2020-08-20United States Generation PlayDarker then Dark Souls? Mortal Shell PS4, Xbox One and PC Review9:4772
2020-08-17Croatia RPG DivisionDark Souls Mini - MORTAL SHELL Review11:452,458
2020-08-17United States FightinCowboyMortal Shell Review - Dark Souls Jr.15:4864,713
2020-08-16Ireland Monday MadnessMadness Reviews | Mortal Shell Closed Beta "Peeling Back The Dark Souls Onion"10:30243
2020-08-11Russian Federation Pray & PlayБудто снова попал в Dark Souls в Dungeons of Edera Gameplay Review Прохождение51:41204
2020-08-07United States Revan MagusLIKE DARK SOULS BUT...... | She Will Punish Them | Revan Magus Review25:32120
2020-08-07United Kingdom RespawningHellpoint Review, Dark Souls in space? - The Lightning Cave Episode 2710:3248
2020-08-04Australia GameReviews AUPascal's Wager Android Gameplay | DARK SOULS LIKE | ACTION | BOSS FIGHTS GALORE39:4516
2020-07-29United States Matthew Davis MediaDark Souls - Game Review16:58250
2020-07-12Australia CaptDeadmeatFALL OF LIGHT - Game Review ( Dark Souls lite ? )6:2619
2020-07-10Brazil Caverna do RuanPASCAL'S WAGER, o Dark Souls de Celular - Review / Análise6:22470
2020-07-07United States StefaNonsenseMortal Shell Demo | Dark Souls look-alike5:1096
2020-07-06United Kingdom Beardo BenjoMortal Shell vs Dark Souls // Mortal Shell Impressions - Mortal Shell Gameplay10:061,348
2020-07-03Spain Solenya00💀MORTAL SHELL ESPAÑOL💀 Gameplay Beta Review - El Nuevo Dark Souls27:25272
2020-07-02Brazil GEMAPLYSo dark souls das reviews de jogos57:541,789,055
2020-06-10United States Most Valuable GamingMew2King's Review of the Dark Souls Series17:2724,748