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18 hours agoCanada AcousticHarmoniaNot-So-Ninja Turtles - Part 6 -🗡Dark Souls II35:323
1 day agoUnited States OG Spindash ProductionsDark Souls Remastered LP [Part 1] Praise the Rehab20:3129
2 days ago Chris_RV2The meme episode / Dark Souls Remastered Let's Play EP. 1222:222
2 days agoUnited States MowLawnerGettin Ready for the Rematch | Let's Play Dark Souls II Ep. 484:243
2 days agoUnited States MrBenShowSOLAIRE'S END | Dark Souls | EP.23 | MrBenShow Plays33:52100
3 days agoUnited States ShaenMO GamingLet's Play Dark Souls; Part 22: Gaping Dragon Down, Upper Blight Town55:070
3 days agoFrance Mamoky TVMamoky - Let's Play Twitch - DARK SOULS REMASTERED - Episode 071:37:0929
3 days agoSwitzerland CorbelLa grande épopée: Dark Souls #17 [Let's Play FR]1:26:2911
4 days agoUnited Kingdom heroicdescentLet's Play: Dark Souls (Remastered) - Part 223:347
5 days agoUnited States ΛTLΛSCOMPOSER plays 💀 DARK SOULS REMASTERED 💀Great Grey Wolf Sif & Undead Dragon #Shorts0:31550
6 days ago ZazappA Fiery Finale | Part 13 | Azzapp plays Dark Souls (0 Deaths Challenge)2:50:3618
6 days agoGermany HijugaEldest Souls #001 - Dark Souls, aber nur Bosse | Let's Play Eldest Souls PC Gameplay50:042,409
2021-07-28 jamman 4553Dark souls remasterd :Yay finally some help2:13:5016
2021-07-27United States Final HydraLets Play Dark Souls Remastered! [Lets Cleanse The Deep!] Part #31:06:1310
2021-07-27India Gaming Madness TamilDark Souls Remastered #5 #Arksaiyanplays #Tamil1:30:4942
2021-07-27Hungary Rix RawGRIME GROW - Rix plays the GRIME demo55:521
2021-07-26United States KyrogusMASTER SWORD (Vs Dragons!) - Dark Souls BLIND PLAYTHROUGH #13 - Kyrogus14:3222
2021-07-25United States Ethan Wolf1311Let's Play Dark Souls Remastered Ps4 Part 20 The Gaping Dragon35:5530
2021-07-25Germany Just DaXzSPIELEND TRAINIEREN #03 | Kleines Extra Training | Workout/LetsPlay [Dark Souls]23:0975
2021-07-24United Kingdom scatlink seanLet's Play LIVE & BLIND - Shadow Man Part 69 AVERY, COME TO MIKEY!27:5012
2021-07-24United States grymmjackLet's Play - Dark Souls Remastered - 11:42:024
2021-07-24Germany RicoBandito#Hellpoint [DE] EP03: Das Observatorium, Feuerbandschrein im Weltraum_h265_low34:147
2021-07-20Norway MrsPlayStuffSlappa da head0:103,483
2021-07-17Poland messerszmitLet's Play Dark Souls Remastered - Epizod 1035:460
2021-07-16Germany TomsenxdfDARK SOULS REMASTERED #35 In Anor Londo! [German] [Let's Play]29:2324

Latest Reviews For Dark Souls

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1 day agoUnited States Nerd Problems GamingLost Epic Review | NEW Souls Like Metroidvania5:1525
2 days ago judas physicistDo You Like Dark Souls? | Physicist Review19:5624
2021-07-25United Kingdom The Cerulean SpireDEATH'S GAMBIT | REVIEW - Diet Dark Souls9:2618
2021-07-20United Kingdom Rock Paper ShotgunDeath’s Door Review | Part Zelda, Part Dark Souls, All Great13:242,954
2021-06-07United States SubpixelDark Souls: The Board Game REVIEW! | Media Cache5:0862
2021-05-30Germany MaximDARK SOULS in Real Life7:00167,929
2021-05-24United States vypermajikDemon's Souls is phenomenal (PS5 Review)9:43280
2021-05-13United States MabiVsGamesLost Ruins: Is It Worth Playing? (Review / First Impressions)7:352,996
2021-04-02United States Total KrownDARK SOULS WILL CONSUME YOU! Dark Souls 3 Review in 202114:43662
2021-04-01United Kingdom Silver MontDark Souls XXI - Review5:472,021
2021-03-20United States The CompletionistDark Souls Was Right All Along15:23318,223
2021-03-18United Kingdom Elise and Sam90% Darksouls 10% Tea- Tea Review Vol. 2 #71:04:093,360
2021-03-09Canada Noise Berry GamesThe Dark Souls KFC Saga (with captions!) #Shorts #DarkSouls #KFC0:52606
2021-02-26Germany 4PlayersShattered Tale of the Forgotten King Test / Review: Eleganz à la Dark Souls6:465,085
2021-02-17 ZeroLennyHow To DK Bongo Dark Souls25:43164,393
2021-02-14United States SegaCDUniverseCode Vein (Xbox/PC/PS4) (Review) (Easier Anime Dark Souls)6:50109
2021-01-21United States Jaboosle YTOne Of The Best Premium Games On Android/iOS4:54201
2021-01-21Canada Inside The GameOcean's Heart - Pixel Art Dark Souls?!?11:0540
2020-12-11Italy BenWolfersShattered: Tale of the Forgotten King - La mini recensione... con tanto fumo!3:59683
2020-12-08Croatia RPG DivisionTruly Morbid - MORBID THE SEVEN ACOLYTES Review7:152,247
2020-12-07 Wade CuevasSteamforged Games Dark Souls: The Board Game: Wave 2: Black Dragon Kalameet, Brown review0:385
2020-12-07United States Big Bear BroMorbid: The Seven Acolytes Review | Signature Edition | Unboxing2:51211
2020-12-04United States Generation PlayMorbid The Seven Acolytes Review | 60 Seconds #shorts0:56134