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1.United States PewDiePie92,550,449
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4.United States LobosJr37,828,172
5.Italy ThePruld36,936,082
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8. EpicNameBro23,347,254
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1.United States LobosJr491
2. GameFront480
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5.United States MFPallytime344
6.Poland Demonidias330
7.Malta Nero Mystyra325
8.Russian Federation WhyMe758318
9.United States DSPGaming318
10.United States Rurikhan316

Latest Let's Plays For Dark Souls

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
6 days agoGermany ZepiethDark Souls - Hardcore - Bettler | 2 | Taurus Dämon23:424
2021-05-02 SquillaKillaDARK SOULS RUNNER plays PLIN PLIN PLON - Gwyn OST Guitar Cover2:3919,996
2021-04-29United Kingdom Outside XtraPlaying Dark Souls for the First Time! Catacombs, Pinwheel & Gravelord Nito - Ellen's Souls Academy2:22:1578,430
2021-04-28United Kingdom MaelstromALPHA«MaelstromALPHA» Dark Souls: Daughters of Ash (Part 4)3:41:4617
2021-04-25Australia RysPlaysGRAVELORD NITO - Tomb of Giants | Dark Souls Remastered 1st Playthrough - Part 2620:5794
2021-04-20Australia MapocolopsNew Game+ Fun & Prepare to Cry Lore Reactions - Dark Souls Remastered | Blind Playthrough [Bonus]2:18:512,482
2021-04-15United States The BacklogDark Souls Remastered - Just a little Help from My Friend1:02:1212
2021-04-12Canada JaR DevShelter 3 is the Dark Souls of Shelter Games (Jon's Watch - Shelter 3)19:3343
2021-04-11France AnseiTerminer DARK SOULS EN 2021 sur PS5 !? DARK SOULS REMASTERED LETS PLAY FR #133:052,676
2021-04-10Germany TomsenxdfDARK SOULS REMASTERED #30 Eine kleine Ratte! [German] [Let's Play]21:4439
2021-04-09United Kingdom SmallPrintTVDark Souls Remastered Part 7 - Gravelord Nito6:17:102
2021-04-09United Kingdom PlayStation AccessThe Hunt For Solaire - How I Nearly Ruined Dark Souls14:0747,542
2021-04-08United States Dia LacinaWith Love from Lordran (A Dark Souls Let's Play) - Episode 71:04:39200
2021-04-06United States Total KrownPraise THE SUN - Dark Souls 3 EPIC Campaign Part 131:11:1023
2021-04-06United States vgcrazee09To The Top! And Right Back Down - Let's Play - Dark Souls Part 811:267
2021-04-01Ireland MrJreapersDark Souls: We Attempt To Play This Game Peeps.., (Live Stream #15)2:04:5810
2021-03-25Brazil FabioManoel1977Dark Souls Remastered Sen's Fortress Part 01 Playthrough28:557
2021-03-17United States Friday Night GamingDark Souls: Remastered | Short and Sweet - Ep. 308:4217
2021-03-13Australia iamfallfromgraceBeating every Boss in Dark Souls: Remastered + DLC | First Playthrough1:34:51999
2021-03-08United States SweetJohnnyCageKilling All NPCs & Dark Sun Gwyndolin - Full Narrated Playthrough Part 24 - Dark Souls Remastered1:08:2089
2021-02-28United States Pasty ProductionsA Horror Dark Souls?! - Hellpoint Gameplay Part 11:26:565
2021-02-25 heyZeusHeresToastThe Return To Dark Souls. Full Playthrough With All Bosses.9:58:4858,229
2021-02-22New Zealand Smellsbad GamingDark Souls Let's Play (Dark Souls: Remastered Blind Playthrough - Artorias of the Abyss) - Part 11538:2330
2021-02-15Germany KlaycheefDark Souls Remastered Platin-Let's-Play FINALE | Schwert des Mondlichtes (deutsch/german)53:4036
2021-02-11Germany glassyRathDARK SOULS in JAPAN! Ich spiele NIOH 2 BLIND | Nioh 2 Part 15:46:4015

Latest Reviews For Dark Souls

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-04-01United Kingdom Silver MontDark Souls XXI - Review5:471,870
2021-03-20United States The CompletionistDark Souls Was Right All Along15:23264,718
2021-03-09Canada JaR DevThe Dark Souls KFC Saga (with captions!) #Shorts #DarkSouls #KFC0:52595
2021-02-26Germany 4PlayersShattered Tale of the Forgotten King Test / Review: Eleganz à la Dark Souls6:464,453
2021-02-17 ZeroLennyHow To DK Bongo Dark Souls25:43129,791
2021-02-14United States SegaCDUniverseCode Vein (Xbox/PC/PS4) (Review) (Easier Anime Dark Souls)6:5099
2020-12-11Italy BenWolfersShattered: Tale of the Forgotten King - La mini recensione... con tanto fumo!3:59439
2020-12-08Croatia RPG DivisionTruly Morbid - MORBID THE SEVEN ACOLYTES Review7:152,026
2020-12-07United States Bigg Bear BroMorbid: The Seven Acolytes Review | Signature Edition | Unboxing2:51207
2020-12-05United Kingdom SwitchWatchMorbid: The Seven Acolytes Nintendo Switch Review - ACTION HORROR RPG10:5315,851
2020-12-04United States Generation PlayMorbid The Seven Acolytes Review | 60 Seconds #shorts0:56131
2020-12-04 BluesuitMorbid The Seven Acolytes Review - What's It Worth?5:451,114
2020-12-03United States MabiVsGamesLOVECRAFT MEETS DARK SOULS?! - Morbid: The Seven Acolytes Review / Gameplay7:46272
2020-12-02United Kingdom The Essential Gamer UKMorbid : The Seven Acolytes - What is it? | Pixel Souls | Morbid The Seven Acolytes Review |5:44228
2020-12-02United States I Dream of IndieMorbid: The Seven Acolytes - Steam/PC Review (PS4/XBOX/SWITCH)8:101,759
2020-12-01United States SwitchCornerChronos: Before The Ashes Nintendo Switch Review & Frame Rate | As Good As Dark Souls?10:5811,078
2020-12-01United States Scott JundLive Game Reviews #5 - Wraith | Groaning Storehouse12:0310,636
2020-11-30India GamingBoltChronos: Before the Ashes Review - The Final Verdict8:4984,635
2020-11-30United Kingdom Photography GamerMortal Shell - Review9:44553
2020-11-27Romania NeyreyanRemnant From the Ashes All Dlc Honest review - What to expect from the game Not dark souls with guns23:41237
2020-11-20 Skycaptin5Dark Souls Remastered Xbox Series X Gameplay Review16:4511,896
2020-11-17 Click4GameplayBleak Faith: Forsaken Just Had a MASSIVE Gameplay Update (New Open World RPG)8:0617,227
2020-11-08Russian Federation Cr0nGameBlogVigil: The Longest Night. Стрим-обзор от Cr0n. Live review35:5586
2020-10-30United Kingdom the15minutegamerUntil You Fall | Oculus Quest 2 VR | Sword Fighting Dark Souls in VR Roguelite12:48241