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7.United Kingdom Fighter. PL1,532
8. Noboru1,408
9.United States Prod1,388
10. Aelvir1,332

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3 days ago BayaHuge Crab Situation (Road of Sacrifices) | Dark Souls 3 First Playthrough Part 5 | Baya1:15:59294
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5 days ago Always Something ProductionsSmokey and Spooge's Joint Let's Play of Dark Souls III: oh no the wall32:5512
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Latest Reviews For Dark Souls III

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2024-04-15India Gaming NightsDark Souls: Archthrones Finale & Review With 4 Bosses - Florian & Jessa, Heide Phoenix, Saint Klimt1:17:086
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2024-03-14United Kingdom Benny HarveyLIMMY Twitch | Dark Souls III (11) (DLC), Dead by Daylight, Google Reviews & more! [2024-03-13]4:00:462,759
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2024-01-16Costa Rica Kuraga EntertainmentAldrich y las Profundidades - Dark Souls III - Lore - Infrareview9:5056
2023-12-30 SillyGuy99Dark Souls 3 achievement hunting [Part 7]: The Metamorphosis book review7:02:4910
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2023-12-01United Kingdom Couch Coop 'After Elden' Dark Souls 3 PS5 Review 60fps9:152,106
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