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1.Japan 兄者弟者221,913,107
2.Japan べるくら企画177,308,306
3.United States PewDiePie160,642,862
4.Canada Monto159,815,301
5.United Kingdom TrU3Ta1ent138,255,275
6.Thailand Maser Gamer128,507,231
7.Spain OchiDO126,561,077
8.Thailand HEARTROCKER119,272,203
9.Chile JuegaGerman106,932,915
10. H2ODelirious105,894,155

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1.United Kingdom TrU3Ta1ent8,212
2. Mecha King Kong2,960
3.Germany Graenz2,678
4.Japan 絶対待機1,879
5. ladyelectric11,845
6.United Kingdom MrGimms1,698
7.Japan Channel GAMECO1,643
8.Japan べるくら企画1,382
9.Canada Paulie Esther1,336
10.Japan 島津の鉄砲兵1,317

Latest Let's Plays For Dead by Daylight

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21 hours ago GERANIMOAUSGETRICKSTE FÄULE - Let's Play Dead by Daylight | Folge #13014:2610
2 days agoGermany Sascha TeeEs wird heiß! Dead by Daylight #49911:240
2 days agoUnited States LetsPlayThe Demogorgan and the Wraith - Dead By Daylight26:54201,839
2 days agoCanada Killer Queen DBDDead by Daylight - LIVE PS4 Just Say No Thursday - Game Play Lets Play1:23:5980
2 days agoUnited States ScooterGamingFIRST TIME PLAYING DOCTOR!!! [DEAD BY DAYLIGHT #16]26:085,795
3 days agoGermany tyraphineDas Grafik-Update ist da 😍 #515 Dead by Daylight - Let's Play Together39:2912,373
3 days agoFinland JelpeJelpe vs Sokea Tohtori [Dead by Daylight Streamikooste]23:42228
4 days agoGermany DhalucardVERSTECKEN ist ne MIESE IDEE! 😈 - ♠ Dead by Daylight Season 2 ♠20:2821,091
6 days agoGermany LookingGlassDer Tod steht dir gut💀 Dead By Daylight 23 ❤Trauma durch Zelda :312:402
6 days agoGermany Frl. von MarzipanStream-Highlight: "DAS FREUNDSCHAFTS-PERK" 🤝 Dead by Daylight11:1022
2020-09-19Germany YunaLPBraver Killer, guter Killer, PÖSE! - Dead by Daylight15:227
2020-09-16Russian Federation Канал Жирного СтримераЖдали стрим по Dead by Daylight на Playstation 4 ?! Вот и ОН!1:58:2554
2020-09-13United States Let's Play With BrigandsLet's Play Dead by Daylight - Midwich Elementary School Map17:4071
2020-09-11United States Theseus Badger🔴 Let's Play Dead By Daylight Descend Beyond New Update2:04:22254
2020-09-09 Roxas GreenDead by Daylight|OnlineGamePlay|Survivor Part 93 Somebody Help This Killer (No Commentary)9:284
2020-09-08Jordan Al Hayat GamesDbD x SH | When Dead by Daylight Meets Silent Hill1:220
2020-09-08United States scoobys7acksDead by Daylight Gameplay #21 Spirit Time it is Let's Kill/Let's Play /No Mercy On My Watch!!!!32:44127
2020-09-08United States The Gamerz Haven☠ Morning Killing/Surviving 🔪 Early Killer gets the survivor! 🔪 Playing Dead by Daylight ☠6:33:11159
2020-09-07United States RaGe BoX Let's PlayRage's Dead by Daylight Stream | With Friends!3:10:5068

Latest Reviews For Dead by Daylight

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
5 days agoCanada Paulie EstherDead By Daylight| Lery's map rework coming?! 2019 Year in Review!11:2514,074
2020-09-12Spain NextNDead by Daylight #02 - Nintendo Switch. Actu con mejoras... visuales. ¿DÓNDE?1:39:4643
2020-08-12United Kingdom MrGimmsDead by Daylight Clown OP! - DEADBY #415:18104
2020-08-10Canada OhTofuGameplay Review | 2 major mistakes get this Demogorgon gen rushed | Dead by Daylight25:3842,913
2020-08-01 The Campy CompanyLearning About Video Games Ep. 125: Dead by Daylight (PS4)52:153
2020-08-01United States PocketRock54THE MOST BROKEN GAME EVER?! - Dead By Daylight Short Review4:0013
2020-07-17United States HeavyMetalGamerShowDead By Daylight (PC) Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show7:24159
2020-07-04United States Betty PVPDead by Daylight Mobile 2020 Game Review 1080p Official Behaviour Interactive16:3618
2020-06-20United Kingdom Mr. OpinionatedPyramid Head review and analysis! - Dead by daylight15:28111
2020-06-18 Skycaptin5lolDead by Daylight Silent Hill Gameplay Review [Pyramid Head & Cheryl Mason]10:071,196
2020-06-16 nickfamousDead By Daylight - Silent Hill Chapter Review3:11305
2020-06-03 unrealone1DBD Silent Hill Best Bits Review, Dead By Daylight5:3287
2020-06-01United States PainRelieverDead by Daylight - Silent Hill Chapter Review5:4978,059
2020-05-31United States RDHDavisDead by Daylight - Silent Hill Trailer Review - My Thoughts And Hopes26:1018
2020-05-19 Nicholas BersitoDead by daylight Nintendo switch review video3:40114
2020-05-14United Kingdom AlienskiiDead By Daylight Self Care In 2020 - Survivor Perk Review10:024,910
2020-05-13United Kingdom DOWSEYThis Myers Played Too Nice - Dead by Daylight Game Analysis25:313,127
2020-05-11United States FocuzedNEW KILLER/SURVIVOR and MAP REWORK INCOMING to Dead By Daylight Mobile?! // DLC Teaser Review6:312,677
2020-04-29United States Noisy PixelDead by Daylight Mobile Review - Noisy Pixel4:081,148
2020-04-21Romania Mobilissimo.roJoc Horror cu prietenii? Dead by Daylight Mobile e aici! (Review în limba romană)6:532,260
2020-04-12United States The KingDead By Daylight Cosmetic Contest Submissions! - DBD Reviewing Cosmetic Submissions! (Fan Made)12:4224,660
2020-04-08United States MarthDead by Daylight 3.7.0 PTB Map Review!!!40:092,126
2020-03-25United States int3r4ctRin's Reel Reviews: "Optimizing Chases and Time" - Dead by Daylight Gameplay Critique42:226,174
2020-03-11Germany gruuliDead by Daylight - Review / Test (PC German Deutsch)6:09308