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1.United States PewDiePie158,557,379
2.Canada Monto144,617,402
3.United Kingdom TrU3Ta1ent119,838,037
4.Thailand Maser Gamer114,745,075
5.Japan べるくら企画112,316,091
6.Spain OchiDO110,981,171
7.Japan 兄者弟者106,620,720
8.Chile JuegaGerman104,236,486
9.Thailand HEARTROCKER101,455,550
10. H2ODelirious101,279,463

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1.United Kingdom TrU3Ta1ent7,582
2. Mecha King Kong2,955
3.Germany Graenz2,558
4.Japan 絶対待機1,762
5. ladyelectric11,712
6.Japan Channel GAMECO1,626
7.United Kingdom MrGimms1,303
8.Canada Paulie Esther1,235
9.Spain humero games1,219
10.Russian Federation Первый Хоррор Канал1,166

Latest Let's Plays For Dead by Daylight

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoGermany Pixel DörteDEAD by DAYLIGHT 💀 03 💀 ANGSTHASE Dwight gegen die GÖTTIN von SONSTWAS | lets play15:2110
3 days agoGermany tyraphineDieser Michael macht uns Angst 😱 #504 Dead by Daylight - Let's Play Together39:438,905
5 days agoGermany DhalucardZUGABE FÜR EUCH - Der "Irre-Killer"... - ♠ Dead by Daylight Season 2 ♠26:5323,029
2020-06-27Germany BrauniDead by Daylight, Pummelparty und Skribbl ★ Deutsch8:38:49335
2020-06-26United Kingdom FallenShogun GamingFriday after Dark during Heatwave | Dead by daylight2:26:4986
2020-06-26 GERANIMOALLE TOTEMS MÜSSEN ZERSTÖRT SEIN! - Let's Play Dead by Daylight | Folge #12514:527
2020-06-25Uruguay AlexGra GameplaysDEAD BY DAYLIGHT| EL DÍA DE DWIGHT|AlexGra Gameplays43:1560
2020-06-25Germany GameplayerinDead by Daylight #83 – Schlüsselrunde 🔑 [Lets Play]15:1133
2020-06-24United States BV TVShowcase Of Dead By Daylight HELPPPPPPPPPP Stream45:1110
2020-06-24United States ScooterGamingTHE BEST JUKES OF ALL TIME!!! [DEAD BY DAYLIGHT #12]21:224,544
2020-06-24United States PuppersUNBREAKABLE OUTPLAYS AND CROWNS WITH MONTO! Dead By Daylight21:4133,289
2020-06-21United Kingdom scatlink seanDead by Daylight Livestream 19/06/2020 - Learning w/ "The Nerd Herd"3:39:415
2020-06-18United States Easy Allies PlaysEasy Allies Plays Dead by Daylight - Silent Hill2:15:574,350
2020-06-18 Labiumminus🔴So öffnet ihr den GEHEIMEN RAUM in der Silent Hill Map + Erklärung Deutsch - Dead by Daylight4:34148
2020-06-15United States saintcastleDEAD BY DAYLIGHT gameplay: running from the KILLER and I am SURVIVING | saintcastles gameplays(ps4)1:20:212
2020-06-15Germany LookingGlassDer Tod steht dir gut💀 Dead By Daylight 20 ❤Die halbnackte Wahrheit :316:064
2020-06-10Ireland JoeyDead by Daylight: 200 IQ Deathslinger plays3:3612
2020-06-09United Kingdom M.A.D GamingMike Plays DEAD BY DAYLIGHT For The First Time EVER... LIVE 🔴1:43:00146
2020-06-08 Maico WinDead by Daylight - Decided to Boot Up DBZ after the Latest 50% Off Days of Plays Sales28:1415
2020-06-08United States nextleveltakenDead By Daylight | Death by Supper Time | Survive with Friends | PS4 Pro Gameplay36:0721
2020-06-04United Kingdom FATMICHAEL1993Let's Play Dead By Daylight - LEAVE ME! SAVE YOURSELF!35:341
2020-06-01Ireland 2PurpleSwitchsDead by daylight with 2purpleswitchs & letsplaywithperry1:30:0313
2020-05-31Germany Annie SaravarLPT Dead by Daylight #16 - Mit ReftX9 und LegoZockeR28:062
2020-05-31Germany Foxys A-TeamDead by Daylight - Lets Play #4 / Las mich am leben ! - Xbox One46:2127
2020-05-30 Official ChannelDead by Daylight bug help to win (баг помог выиграть)14:4334

Latest Reviews For Dead by Daylight

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-06-18 Skycaptin5lolDead by Daylight Silent Hill Gameplay Review [Pyramid Head & Cheryl Mason]10:07423
2020-06-03 unrealone1DBD Silent Hill Best Bits Review, Dead By Daylight5:3283
2020-06-01United States PainRelieverDead by Daylight - Silent Hill Chapter Review5:4966,028
2020-05-31United States RDHDavisDead by Daylight - Silent Hill Trailer Review - My Thoughts And Hopes26:1015
2020-05-11United States FocuzedNEW KILLER/SURVIVOR and MAP REWORK INCOMING to Dead By Daylight Mobile?! // DLC Teaser Review6:312,130
2020-05-08Canada OhTofuWraith vs Efficient Survivors, A few mistakes can lose the game | Gameplay Review Dead by Daylight34:0919,566
2020-04-29United States Noisy PixelDead by Daylight Mobile Review - Noisy Pixel4:08291
2020-04-21Romania Mobilissimo.roJoc Horror cu prietenii? Dead by Daylight Mobile e aici! (Review în limba romană)6:531,514
2020-04-12United States The KingDead By Daylight Cosmetic Contest Submissions! - DBD Reviewing Cosmetic Submissions! (Fan Made)12:4218,770
2020-04-08United States MarthDead by Daylight 3.7.0 PTB Map Review!!!40:091,995
2020-03-25United States int3r4ctRin's Reel Reviews: "Optimizing Chases and Time" - Dead by Daylight Gameplay Critique42:224,993
2020-03-11Germany gruuliDead by Daylight - Review / Test (PC German Deutsch)6:0930
2020-02-04United States pikmintaroThe Trapper (Dead by Daylight) Nendoroid Unboxing and Review12:4851
2020-01-29Colombia 8BitRichyDEAD BY DAYLIGHT | Día de Desafíos | En Directo Gameplay Español [ESP]2:26:1929
2020-01-24United States WolfyownsDead by Daylight Reckoning Rift Review & Gameplay19:00472
2019-12-30Canada Paulie EstherDead By Daylight| Lery's map rework coming?! 2019 Year in Review!11:2514,000
2019-12-22 しろくまDBD】しろくま、るきさん、がろさんのdead by daylight   デッドバイデイライト11:2717
2019-11-24United Kingdom MrGimmsDead by Daylight - Hillbilly - Game review at the end due to buthurt15:4936
2019-11-13 Night HawkDead By Daylight Chapter 14 Review, Thoughts, and Analysis2:4355
2019-11-01Japan digital onii【ライブ】Dead by Daylight #3682:36:0774
2019-10-21United States Space Coconut[Viewer Review] Analyzing gameplay for YOUR learning pleasure. ~Dead by Daylight~22:53755
2019-10-13United States Alex.EXEDead by Daylight (Switch) | REVIEW5:061,193
2019-10-13Germany S0ftc4k3 18BUGS Im Public Test Build ? NIEMALS !!! ?? Dead By Daylight HIGHLIGHTS PTB9:4530
2019-10-09United States KneeckohI'm ADDICTED to Dead By Daylight on the Nintendo Switch!!! | Dead by Daylight Nintendo Switch Review11:271,809
2019-10-02 Nintendo World Report TVDead by Daylight (Switch) Review5:0612,222