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1.Spain not Otzdarva491,929,088
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4.Japan べるくら企画307,244,284
5.Thailand Maser288,569,708
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10.Canada Dead by Daylight177,305,656

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1.United Kingdom TrU3Ta1ent16,850
2.United States tRoLlInG pRoPhEt 🔪 P100 Nurse 11,759
3.United Kingdom SirBM6,722
4. ༻༒ᏕᏬᏁᏁᎩ༒༺5,727
5. Serega MK5,440
6.United States TonysKillShot3,953
7. Noof Alnajjar3,820
8.Germany Graenz3,747
9. Mecha King Kong3,700
10.Korea, Republic of [KR] sexybag3,657

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4 days agoUnited States lastoneleft804RANK 1 SKULL MERCHANT??? // DEAD BY DAYLIGHT // PLAYSTATION 511:33285
4 days agoMexico KEVASGolpe decisivo antes del Buff / Adrenalina antes del Nerf en Dead by Daylight4:1311
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5 days agoArgentina DoolpeinNICOLAS CAGE FACHERO!!!! | DEAD BY DAYLIGHT | Doolpein | Gameplay Español3:564
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6 days agoUnited States VallyynSurely the Traps will help the Darkness | Dead by Daylight Light's Out Game Mode6:1354
2024-04-08Germany MashumaruLucky One | mashumaru auf #Twitch0:30112
2024-04-08Germany Ryu-denDead by Daylight - TTV Help11:122
2024-04-07Canada GruffBoss 001Dealing with Pighead in Saw! #gaming #games #gameplay #saw #letsplay #playstation3 #playstation0:15462
2024-04-07Ecuador Senda GamerLos corazones del pulpo0:2223
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