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1.United States PewDiePie158,557,379
2.Canada Monto119,374,283
3.Japan べるくら企画109,105,686
4.Japan 兄者弟者104,868,819
5.Chile JuegaGerman104,236,486
6.United Kingdom TrU3Ta1ent99,860,428
7. H2ODelirious98,208,008
8.Spain OchiDO94,279,789
9.Thailand Maser Gamer89,808,263
10.Thailand HEARTROCKER77,101,732

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1.United Kingdom TrU3Ta1ent6,896
2. Mecha King Kong2,943
3.Germany Graenz2,374
4.Japan 絶対待機1,669
5. ladyelectric11,539
6.Russian Federation Первый Хоррор Канал1,230
7.Spain humero games1,212
8.Canada Paulie Esther1,137
9.Japan Calice GAME1,061
10.Japan 島津の鉄砲兵1,042

Latest Let's Plays For Dead by Daylight

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3 days agoGermany TithiHow do these plays work?! - Dead by Daylight15:3429,876
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5 days ago LabiumminusOP Guide für Easy 4 Kills in 5 Minuten ! - Dead by Daylight7:0276
5 days ago GameCrateDead by Daylight | Just trying to Survive - NeweggPlays1:32:2770
5 days agoGermany LookingGlassLetsPlayDer Tod steht dir gut💀 Dead By Daylight 16 ❤In letzter Sekunde13:097
6 days agoGermany DhalucardBRUTAL aus dem TRAUM gerissen! - ♠ Dead by Daylight Season 2 ♠25:4225,401
6 days agoUnited States ScooterGamingOPEN THE DOOR!!!!!! [DEAD BY DAYLIGHT #3]18:007,091
2020-03-29Singapore KyuzoPlaysLets Play DBD | Dead By Daylight Today3:54:47103
2020-03-25 eiyujpnDead By Daylight Stop It, Get Some Help2:312
2020-03-25 GERANIMOKEIN SCHULMÄDCHEN-REPORT - Let's Play Dead by Daylight16:2514
2020-03-23United States Wretch PlaysYou Don't Get Closer Than That! | Dead By Daylight Live Stream Highlight [Wretch Plays]0:38111
2020-03-22Canada Paulie EstherDead By Daylight Live Stream| Helping maintain social distance!4:17:361,162
2020-03-18United States scoobys7acksDead by Daylight Gameplay #15 Playing as the killer /Let's Kill Everyone/ No Mercy On My Watch!!!!27:50159
2020-03-17 Playscope MobileDead by Daylight • Help & Support Feature Spotlight • iOS Android1:111
2020-03-17France PlayscopeTrailersDead by Daylight • Help & Support Feature Spotlight • iOS Android1:1139
2020-03-16United States DK1gamesJUSTIN TAKE THE WHEEL - Boyfriend Plays Dead by Daylight with Me - PART 3111:301,877
2020-03-14Ireland 2PurpleSwitchsDead by Daylight live stream gameplay with Letsplaywithperry3:34:2718
2020-03-13United States Let's Play With BrigandsLet's Play Dead by Daylight - Beating The Deathslinger9:2230
2020-03-11United States AlexIsPlayingAlex Plays - Dead by Daylight (Deathslinger Impressions)24:4319
2020-03-10Brazil Felps LIVEfelps jogando dead by daylight com um ganso atrapalhando muito1:07:4828,686
2020-03-10United States nextleveltakenDead By Daylight | 2500 Subscribers2:59:3287
2020-03-08Germany Annie SaravarLet's Play Together Dead by Daylight - mit ReftX9 und LegoZockeR #424:105
2020-03-07Germany Sascha TeeLaborantenschwester. Dead by Daylight #31310:510
2020-03-03United Kingdom MrGimms(Patreon Challenge) ​Caveman Gimms plays DBD - Dead by Daylight11:3412
2020-03-01Germany BroZo🔴LIVE | Sonntags Chill Stream | Dead By Daylight | Pummelparty | Rainbow Six Siege | Fortnite6:19:02260

Latest Reviews For Dead by Daylight

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-03-25United States int3r4ctRin's Reel Reviews: "Optimizing Chases and Time" - Dead by Daylight Gameplay Critique42:222,902
2020-03-11 Skycaptin5lolDead by Daylight Chains of Hate Gameplay Review (The Deathslinger & Zarina Kassir)11:51306
2020-03-11Germany gruuliDead by Daylight - Review / Test (PC German Deutsch)6:0930
2020-02-12United States The KingDead By Daylight MEME REVIEW 👏 👏7:035,877
2020-02-04United States pikmintaroThe Trapper (Dead by Daylight) Nendoroid Unboxing and Review12:4851
2020-01-29Colombia 8BitRichyDEAD BY DAYLIGHT | Día de Desafíos | En Directo Gameplay Español [ESP]2:26:1929
2020-01-24United States WolfyownsDead by Daylight Reckoning Rift Review & Gameplay19:00472
2019-12-30Canada Paulie EstherDead By Daylight| Lery's map rework coming?! 2019 Year in Review!11:2514,000
2019-12-22 しろくまDBD】しろくま、るきさん、がろさんのdead by daylight   デッドバイデイライト11:2717
2019-11-24United Kingdom MrGimmsDead by Daylight - Hillbilly - Game review at the end due to buthurt15:4936
2019-11-13 Night HawkDead By Daylight Chapter 14 Review, Thoughts, and Analysis2:4351
2019-10-21United States Space Coconut[Viewer Review] Analyzing gameplay for YOUR learning pleasure. ~Dead by Daylight~22:53677
2019-10-13Germany S0ftc4k3 18BUGS Im Public Test Build ? NIEMALS !!! 😂😂 Dead By Daylight HIGHLIGHTS PTB9:4527
2019-10-09United States KneeckohI'm ADDICTED to Dead By Daylight on the Nintendo Switch!!! | Dead by Daylight Nintendo Switch Review11:27402
2019-10-02 Nintendo World Report TVDead by Daylight (Switch) Review5:062,683
2019-09-28United States TheEricButtsDead by Daylight - Let’s Play - SWITCH GAME SATURDAYS!1:04:49135
2019-09-27United Kingdom SwitchUpDead by Daylight Switch Review - DEAD ALIVE?11:229,468
2019-09-25United States Sunny Indie GamingDead By Daylight Nintendo Switch Review | Overpriced? (Also A Graphical Comparison Pc Vs Switch)13:082,223
2019-09-25United States In-House GamingDead by Daylight Definitive Edition Nintendo Switch Impressions!8:01386
2019-09-24United States Nintendo SphereDead By Daylight REVIEW - Nintendo Switch (DBD)2:013,177
2019-08-30Spain SpookerYTSTRANGER THINGS DLC REVIEW! | Dead By Daylight - Game Info Español9:5935
2019-08-20Australia GameReviews AUDead by Daylight Android Gameplay Open Beta | SURVIVAL HORROR | PVP | ANDROID HORROR GAMES28:1197
2019-07-17 Gaming-GrizzlyDead By Daylight Mobile VS Identity V (Comparison! WHAT'S BETTER?!)10:2330,310
2019-07-01Canada Killer J GamingRMG Rebooted EP 211 Dead By Daylight Xbox One Game Review14:3325
2019-06-12United States Toney MoWhy I LOVE Dead by Daylight (2019 Review)18:3727,421