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5.United States AfroSenju XL40,492,918
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Latest Let's Plays For Elden Ring

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16 hours agoUnited Kingdom 1ShotPlays1ShotPlays - Elden Ring (Part 2) - Stormfoot Catacombs - (Blind)53:37657
21 hours agoGermany AnGeLuS GamingElden Ring LIVE - Runde 22, Reservat der Scham - Stream - PS5 Gameplay Deutsch4:03:00254
23 hours ago Cerise ChannelCerise plays Elden Ring (Part 4)38:081
1 day agoCanada Luckless LovelocksDarkness Takes Us in Elden Ring Part 8329:3830
1 day agoGermany Valdis348Gebimmel und Geschreie 💍 ✦ ELDEN RING #47 ✦ Let's Play31:572
1 day agoUnited States Jronning2GamingElden Ring Eternal Cities Saga Playthrough #9: Lichdragon Fortissax27:070
1 day agoUnited States Asmongold TVElden Ring, A "BLIND" Playthrough | Asmongold & Mcconnell Co-op1:05:4240,960
1 day ago Ananda The DestroyerElden Ring: Late Night Fun Playthrough 41:46:5122
1 day agoUnited Kingdom SoliVagrantRUNEBEAR! | Elden Ring (Let's Play Part 11)56:26115
1 day agoUnited States Internet Jesus Ch.Farewell, Gurranq | Let's Play Elden Ring Part 163:001
1 day agoUnited States KakarotGamingXPElden Ring Gameplay 52: Malenia Blade of Miquella Boss1:51:4655
1 day agoUnited States Dr. IncompetentELDEN RING Let's Play | First Time Playthrough | Astrologer | Episode 2930:0420
1 day agoUnited States DM_DariusLet's Play Elden Ring |90| Through The Mists37:3512
1 day agoNetherlands The Ash HeritorA Foray Into Leyndell | Elden Ring Lore Playthrough (Blind) - Episode 821:09:3014
1 day agoUnited States CharlieNiner2 GamingLet's Play: Elden Ring (Blind, with commentary) part 9237:004
1 day agoUnited Kingdom RiggyRob + Pimmsy PlayIt's Miriel, the Turtle Pope! Let's Play Elden Ring (PS4) Blind Playthrough | Part 8627:390
1 day agoUnited Kingdom Si0rElden Ring Gameplay Playthrough Part 8 (PS5)34:182
1 day agoAustralia RhapsodyReturning to Roots | Rhapsody Plays Elden Ring46:36365
1 day ago SolixasFire Giant! | Elden Ring (Full Blind Playthrough) | Part 912:06:542
1 day agoUnited Kingdom DontRachQuitELDEN RING - My First Playthrough - Part 1428:51109
1 day ago Mental FoxLet's Play Elden Ring Part 76 - No Business1:04:04223
1 day agoGermany Frau Schnurrhaar⚔️ELDEN RING⚔️#91 - Balanceakt & fleischige Topfarmee (PS5 - Let's Play - Gameplay - Deutsch)27:2634
1 day agoDenmark CambonanoTOgEtheRRRRR (Rykard & Volcano Manor) - Elden Ring - Part 272:21:032,019

Latest Reviews For Elden Ring

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2 days agoUnited States TrackstarOPRemembrance of the Dragonlord Weapon Incantation Review | Dragon King's Cragblade Placidusax's Ruin8:56120
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3 days agoPoland SteelovskyElden Ring - Crouch Poke COUNTERED In $1000+ Tournament (Review & Analysis)11:505,431
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4 days ago JJitsuBoy98My Elden Ring PVP Thoughts/Review Commentary10:4230
5 days agoDenmark the Full MeasureI thought the perfect review of Elden Ring didn't exist...31:002,532
6 days agoBrazil AlehBGamerElden Ring - Análise / Review - Vale a Pena? - Xbox Series X & PS518:03139
6 days agoMexico Wolf Lebrega¿Te Recomiendo Jugar Elden Ring? | Review8:1118
6 days agoUnited Kingdom EurogamerElden Ring Lore: Blaidd’s Backstory Explained10:175,640
2022-05-19Portugal ATGZEROATGZERO Reacts to "Elden Ring SUCKS and I Can Prove It" ALL TIME Reviews12:2134
2022-05-19United States The BacklogFirst look Review - Timberborn! A perfect City Builder for the BackLog31:06198
2022-05-18United States Nerd Problems GamingElden Ring 60 Second Review #shorts1:0072
2022-05-17 MrSketcheadElden Ring SORCERER RUN Episode 1 - OP Pew Pew Build Inbound!40:58465
2022-05-16Australia JimRPGElden Ring Review - The most AMBITIOUS game this year or just another Souls game?22:35231
2022-05-16United States MinxyOneElden Ring IGN Review | Minxy Reacts18:1952
2022-05-16 judas physicistElden Ring No Spoiler Review14:5233
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