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1.United States Arumba117,478,430
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3.United States Drew Durnil28,879,933
4. quill1828,793,319
5.Poland Zlewikk TV22,921,786
6.Poland Pulchny Niedźwiedź14,900,339
7.Sweden Paradox Interactive14,470,183
8.United States AlzaboHD13,115,143
9.New Zealand iSorrowproductions12,513,711
10.United States Pravus12,504,633

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1.United States Arumba5,576
2.United States shenryyr4,152
3.United Kingdom Shadowfighterpro3,239
4.Germany Legendarymarvins Strategiekanal3,055
5.Australia ausEcko2,963
6.United States tdawg0822,619
7.France TheImperator762,529
8.Switzerland RMP Gaming2,092
9.France Damien Blondeau1,839
10.Brazil CanalDoWaka1,750

Latest Let's Plays For Europa Universalis IV

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoCzech Republic David BušaEU4 Let's Play - Russia EP9 [CZ]1:29:4497
2 days agoFinland Lord LambertEuropa Universalis IV Roleplay Multiplayer Ep74 Vive La France!23:45873
2 days agoGermany Vagrant's PlaygroundEU4 1.30 Deutschland #75 Revolution (Let's Play, deutsch)43:2852
3 days agoGermany Legendarymarvins StrategiekanalLPT Europa Universalis 4 Alle Wege führen nach Rom 12 (Deutsch / Let's Play Together)32:051,021
2020-09-13Germany Tante GünnaLet's play Europa Universalis 4: Lübeck (Emperor DLC | D | HD) #3734:301,011
2020-09-12Czech Republic AlfapiomegaLet's play Europa Universalis 4 Novgorod (Meiou & Taxes 3.0 v20) - part 3222:01285
2020-09-12France 119 Minutes🎮 A la conquête de l'Ouest ! FR EU4 EMPEROR - Les Tortues Coréennes 1498#1442:50142
2020-09-12Germany VanbergenEUROPA UNIVERSALIS 4 Lets Play | #19 - Alte Freunde, neue Opfer [DEUTSCH]31:081,512
2020-09-12Germany Mister MoerpLet's Play Against EU4 | Alle Wege führen nach Rom | 12 | Multiplayer32:06164
2020-09-11United Kingdom Mordred VikingBeginner Friendly Series | Castile | Emperor | Europa Universalis IV | 6424:52157
2020-09-07United States Tim HornVictoria II EU4 Bukkhara Convert Playthrough #357:134
2020-09-06Germany Die LpWGDer letzte Krieg #046 / Europa Universalis IV/ Zuschauersicht (30+ Spieler MP)41:58195
2020-09-06United States Duke JamesA Hungrarian Intermarium - EU4 Meiou and Taxes 3.0 Alpha - Ep. 2022:01324
2020-09-03 KhundesLet's Play Europa Universalis IV - Meissner Porcelain - (Part 49)34:293
2020-09-01Canada The VictorianLet's Play Europa Universalis IV: Rise Of The Ottomans #3: Driving Out The Venetians31:0350
2020-09-01Germany B-Seiten GamingDie Kriegsmaschinerie läuft an / Let's Play Europa Universalis 4 Brandenburg 2.0 [deutsch] Folge 5-I25:5583
2020-08-28Germany Honki TonkLets Play Europa Universalis 4 (Sehr Schwer) (Franken/England)5:47:3314
2020-08-27 CymonEU4 France Playthrough (on Linux) Part 92:51:197
2020-08-20 BogModLet's Play Europa Universalis IV Emperor as Austria - Fin21:5645
2020-08-13Canada AnthnwamWar With Norway || Ep.17 - EU4 Emperor England Lets Play24:43416
2020-08-06United States Tacobowler GamingAnnexing Vassals | Tutorial Playthrough 10 | Europa Universalis IV29:469
2020-08-04Germany SchwalbeLet's Play Together Europa Universalis IV - EXTENDED TIMELINE - 26 - Das Ende! :-(1:3116
2020-08-04United Kingdom Tom Plays Strategy GamesTom Plays EUIV for absolute beginners: Portugal Part 649:495
2020-07-29United States PhilosoShy's Game Channel!Money Troubles... ~~ Let's Play Europa Universalis IV: The Third Odyssey! XII47:2722

Latest Reviews For Europa Universalis IV

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-06-13Japan Ludi et HistoriaEU4 Emperor DLC Reviews I Is it worth purchasing? I Features Breakdown4:122,291
2020-06-10Egypt المندوب جيمزتحميل لعبة Europa Universalis IV Emperor6:5741
2020-06-09United Kingdom GameWatcherEuropa Universalis 4 Emperor DLC Review [EU4]6:1310,066
2020-06-09United States Adrian GamingEuropa Universalis IV: Emperor Review -- If You Love EU4, Get It!24:576,666
2020-03-12United States Radio ResEU4 What is Missions Expanded mod? | Podcast | Mod Review33:0312,410
2020-01-13Russian Federation Cosmo NemoEuropa Universalis IV - Пфальц, №8, Имперский Трон.4:15:45241
2019-12-17United States Critiquing DogeGame Spotlight - Europa Universalis IV5:17106
2019-04-05United States Officially LostTop 5 HUGE Europa Universalis 4 Mods6:5438,832
2019-02-21 ASMR GamingMoist Elysia 1.28 Ep 17 - Europa Universalis 41:34:2156
2019-01-02 ByAlfa89EXTENDED TIMELINE MOD Review | Europa Universalis IV | Español13:411,454
2018-12-24Spain THEJAVY360 "Tu Canal de Historia y Estrategia"Europa Universalis IV - Golden Century - Expansion Navideña con España #52:11:251,049
2018-12-11Mexico MiguelStrategyEuropa Universalis IV ► Golden Century DLC | Review y opinión ¿Vale la pena o no?33:37171
2018-09-10United States ORiemaster198EU4: Rule Britannia - Coptic Crusade! 50 (A Campaign In Review)11:30303
2018-08-26Australia davo_DAVE'S FAVES - Europa Universalis 4 (Review)12:02105,569
2018-08-07United States ArumbaEU4 Schizophrenic Sovereignty 1821 Review of the World (Finale)7:1923,838
2018-04-21 Manchester TubeEU4 Rule Britannia with Sid and Wazzul - Session 3-21:55:3020
2018-03-15Canada Clan HawkinsEU4 - Prince of Prussia - Episode 69 - The National Review33:32232
2017-11-21 StrategyJoeEuropa Universalis IV Cradle of Civilization | DLC Review12:23937
2017-07-30New Zealand iSorrowproductionsEuropa Universalis 4: in 2017 - A Tasteful Review10:48303,016
2017-06-15 Richard ShruReview & First Impressions | Third Rome DLC | Europa Universalis 441:36229
2017-06-15 TheSocialStreamersEU4 - Tom's Attempted Third Rome Review1:09829
2017-05-24Germany Konfi KanalEuropa Universalis IV - Mein Timeline und Review Video zum 1.20 Japan Run15:1037
2017-04-07 darkfireslide(EU4) Mandate of Heaven Paid Features Second, Closer Review28:5827,999
2017-04-06Spain Traxium¿Merece la pena Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven? - Review/Análisis10:211,100