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4.United States KOEI TECMO AMERICA1,358,641
5.Japan くちなし1,099,714
6.Argentina All Muscle836,861
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10.Japan ポン酢パスタ-PonzuGames-501,028

Latest Let's Plays For Fate/Samurai Remnant

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoFrance Le PoèteLet's Play Fate Samurai/Remnant épisode 6 : À la recherche de Yui Shoustesu0:000
1 day agoUnited Kingdom IsNationFate/Samurai Remnant [Part 20] - Foreigners Throw Hands30:194
2024-04-06 SovereignNaeRealm Of Shadows EP1 P2 | 🔴 Nae Plays: Batman: The Telltale Series 🔴0:00237
2024-04-03Argentina ApokariptusFate/ samurai remnant 10. Otro pedido de Tamamo, y las estatuas esculpidas.1:02:280
2024-03-24 SammylFate Samurai/Remnant - Live Playthrough part 11:12:265
2024-03-10United States KalaGamesFate: Samurai Remnant | Chapter Two Continued | Playthrough | LiveStream!!!2:30:522
2024-03-10Canada TannerOfTheNorthLet's Play Fate/Samurai Remnant [Blind] - Part 36 ~Keian Command Championship END~1:31:02492
2024-03-09United States MoonliightGaming?GOAT MASTER/SERVANT TEAM! Let's play Fate/Samurai Remnant part 6 @Moonliightartist1:57:0211
2024-02-26 Hiten Mitsuru VODsHiten Plays || Fate: Samurai Remnant「Part 2」1:48:1122
2024-02-25 The_Walking_DudeLet's play Fate Samurai Remnant DLC1:32:291
2024-02-19 Maximizing LIVEGIL-FEST TOURNAMENT! | Fate/Samurai Remnant - DLC #1 (Full Playthrough!)9:44:53481
2024-02-16United States Michael WhippsFate/Samurai Remnant FIRST PLAYTHROUGH2:32:440
2024-02-14United States Marcus_Mori GamingAria power up helps me one shot the enemies #nintendoswitch #fatesamurairemnant0:151
2024-02-10 Ted[DLC SPOILERS] Fate/Samurai Remnant: Keian Command Championship Playthrough - Lancer's Team1:35:1476
2024-01-27 FrostyFire10Fate/Samurai Remnant DEMO Full Playthrough Ps545:594
2024-01-25United States Peter MoxilinPossible Spoilers, Let's Play Fate/Samurai Remnant, Part 31 (Livestream 1/25)2:04:4111
2024-01-21United States LeRandomRayquaza2011Part 7|Fate/Samurai Remnant: Getting Tricked by The Client, Debt Collecting, & Cursed Lantern28:231
2024-01-21Brazil DaniloSouza84Fate/Samurai Remnant - Demo Gameplay (PS5)41:1130
2024-01-20United States PYRO PLAYS GAMESFate/Samurai Remnant DEMO #PS5Live41:5928
2024-01-20Brazil ZeldaoFate/Samurai Remnant |4K| Testando no PlayStation 5 (DEMO)(PS5)32:374
2024-01-19 shin goukiFate/Samurai Remnant DEMO playthrough42:350
2024-01-18United States The Amaria ShadowThe Holy Grail War Begins | Let's Play Fate/Samurai Remnant LIVE!!! | DEMO50:382
2024-01-18United States Lord EverwalkEverwalk Plays - FATE/Samurai Remnant (Part 13) 1st Playthrough *FINALE*! Let's Finish This!3:10:3716
2024-01-17United States Tokyothree[Fate/Samurai Remnant] Let's Play #1 - And off we go!3:40:5920

Latest Reviews For Fate/Samurai Remnant

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-03-22Canada Otaku GamingFate/Samurai Remnant Nintendo Switch OLED Gameplay9:4476
2024-03-04United States Noisy PixelFate/Samurai Remnant Record Fragment: Keian Command Championship Review - Appetizers and Desserts4:422,818
2024-02-23United States cublikefootSo they made a Konosuba visual novel…4:20767
2024-02-14United States NextLevelOtakuIs This Worth Going Back To Fate Samurai Remnant? (DLC 1 Review)3:451,116
2024-01-30 BioLyzeFate/Samurai Remnant for Nintendo Switch25:4929
2024-01-17United States Backlog BattleFate/Samurai Remnant Review (PC/PS5, also on PS4 and Switch) | Backlog Battle8:057,599
2023-12-25 Jimmy TaFate Samurai Remnant Review!15:1697
2023-12-21Australia Mad KaiserFate/Samurai Remnant Update 1.03 (Mini Review) | Is It Any Good? | Mad Kaiser6:502,625
2023-12-16 Cocoa7LocoUnveiling Fate Samurai Remnant: Cocoa7Loco's Epic 2023 Review3:261
2023-12-05United Kingdom Bintang Ariviano / KiyeriviaFATE - Samurai Remnant [ #kiyerivia ] [ Review ]15:2714
2023-12-04 SteveburtoFate/Samurai: Remnant Quick Review | Fate fans should check it out!5:529
2023-11-15Thailand MaditthFate/Samurai Remnant -รีวิว-Review5:369
2023-11-10 BapakantorFate/Samurai Remnant Quick Review (Indonesia) - Narasi Sempurna tapi Susah Direkomendasikan26:4594
2023-11-10South Africa JustGamingFate-Samurai Remnant || Best Animation Game || PC Gameplay 4K [120Fps]| Review2:269
2023-11-08 Infinite BacklogFate/Samurai Remnant Review15:25330
2023-11-07Indonesia Aldith WidhiansyahBAD END + TRUE END - Fate/Samurai Remnant (New Game+) #end2:15:3119
2023-11-02United Kingdom KraftiumFate Samurai Remnant has Really Surprised Me (Mini-Review)15:043,791
2023-10-30United States Gamer SectionFate Samurai Remnant #shorts0:12171
2023-10-28United States The Gamer's EncyclopediaGame Review Under 30 Second: Fate Samurai Remnant0:46207
2023-10-26Brazil Nerd com OrgulhoFate/Samurai Remnant - Review9:5812
2023-10-25Brazil AlehBGamerFate/Samurai Remnant - Análise / Review - Vale a Pena?8:291,145
2023-10-23United Kingdom The4thSnakeFate/Samurai Remnant Review8:0910,901
2023-10-23Canada Chris GildartFate/Samurai Remnant is a must have | PvC Mini Review12:531,176
2023-10-23Brazil República DGFate/Samurai Remnant vale a pena? Review/Análise10:0138
2023-10-19 NyatsumeFate Samurai Remnant Review playing on Steam Deck26:42117