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1.Japan FINAL FANTASY XIV61,528,864
2.United States Thamriyell3,942,696
3.United Kingdom Mekkah Dee3,053,665
4.Sweden Ashe102,906,807
5. PlayStation2,525,975
6. MTQcapture2,117,651
7.Faroe Islands Huskybythegeek1,937,763
8.Germany Desperius FFXIV1,794,393
9.United States IGN1,570,705
10.United States Noclip1,410,556

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1.Korea, Republic of 사공공사1,065
2.Canada Matthia Gryffine805
3.United Kingdom ChannelDotTheDot639
4.Brazil Sakura Mizrahi476
5.Singapore Jin Yuan459
6. Aurora Gamer452
7.Sweden Ashe10436
8.Germany Quvades Gaming419
9.United States The Home GAM3R418
10.United States Thamriyell408

Latest Let's Plays For Final Fantasy XIV

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
4 days agoUnited States Porterhause Mod ReviewsPorterhause Plays - Final Fantasy XIV: The Great Hunt33:2222
5 days agoUnited States Game KiwiFinal Fantasy XIV - Let's Play - Episode 68 "The Sabotender Shimmy"30:189
2020-05-16Germany Dhalucard - Extra ContentErnste Themen - Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers2:06:585,888
2020-05-12Germany zaaap!Mein Schwert für Eure Dienste! ✨ Final Fantasy XIV #26512:52221
2020-04-23United States Ungodly GamingzLet's Play Final Fantasy XIV Ep2126:110
2020-04-22United States Reactavlogger55Chillaxin' And Streaming Final Fantasy XIV1:48:5112
2020-04-09Canada Matthia GryffineLet's Play Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers - Episode 149: Cid's Nightmare (Resistance Weapon)1:04:1879
2020-04-08Germany Quvades GamingFFXIV|Let's Play Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Event Wundereiersuche 2020 Phase 212:1510
2020-04-06Italy Jade FantasyFinal Fantasy XIV - Playthrough (ITA) Speciale - Hatching-tide 202028:4692
2020-04-03Germany Greg's RPG HeaveNLET'S PLAY Final Fantasy XIV #02 ~ Wir legen Ravana, den Primae!3:25:244,794
2020-03-31 lordmonsRUMOR Alpha de Shadowlands Chegando? Final Fantasy XIV 40% Desconto e Alpha Ashes of The Creation11:082,088
2020-03-27United States Supermassive GamingFinal Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers (5.2.1) - Lancer - Part 531:075
2020-03-19United States Ravensleet45Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Alphascape V4 09:108
2020-03-15 SilverianI'm playing Final Fantasy XIV online (Quests Sylphie's Trials and Leia's Legacy)1:00:401
2020-03-14Australia DudeGoBackPrimal Wind | Final Fantasy XIV - Ep 301:01:088
2020-03-09United States hammackjLet's Play: Final Fantasy XIV: Paladin Playthrough Episode 6 - My Feisty Little Chocobo1:52:263
2020-03-01Malaysia GRM AdrianFFXIV: Patch 5.2 Echoes of a Fallen Star Playthrough4:10:41919
2020-02-24United States SnimpyBirdy Plays // Final Fantasy XIV Gunbreaker Job Quests #05 (Level 70)27:1013
2020-02-22United States BlazeFinal Fantasy XIV 5.2 Story Playthrough (Part 4)32:367
2020-02-19United States The Amaria ShadowI am Shadow, I Am Light | Let's Play Final Fantasy XIV LIVE- Part 032:17:355
2020-02-16Germany ChristinAngel3000FINAL FANTASY XIV Ps4 [Ger] - Kleine Schritte , große Reise !!! #02 #FINALFANTASYXIV #Livestream2:24:5331
2020-02-12United Kingdom JonnyJonny plays Final Fantasy XIV - Episode 12 | Final Fantasy XIV gameplay online1:51:5117
2020-02-11Brazil Sakura Mizrahi「FINAL FANTASY XIV」Main Scenario 5.1 PART 115 - Finding Good Help16:137
2020-02-09United Kingdom Mithrie – Gaming Guides and TutorialsFFXIV 5.1 1412 Story Part 5: Finding Good Help59:57128
2020-02-08United States PyroFalkon's Let's Play ExtravaganzaFinal Fantasy XIV - Valentione's Day Test10:2140

Latest Reviews For Final Fantasy XIV

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-04-26United States Skylent GamesBIG NEWS! Final Fantasy XIV Fixing Early Game Leveling Squish! Worth Playing Now!? | SKYLENT9:454,880
2020-01-07United Kingdom Final Fantasy UnionFinal Fantasy XIV: A Decade In Review (2009-2019)11:5933,798
2019-11-13Netherlands Pyroxius GamingFinal Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is it worth playing?12:47656
2019-09-09United States RPGFanFinal Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers - Video Review13:581,529
2019-09-02Netherlands NintenDexFinal Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers - Impressions From a New Player6:28305
2019-08-24United Kingdom Silver MontFinal Fantasy XIV - Shadowbringers: Review9:503,642
2019-08-07Sweden LanokirXFinal Fantasy XIV - Shadowbringers - Job Actions | REACTION & REVIEW27:25402
2019-08-04United States RurikhanShould You Skip A Realm Reborn ? - Final Fantasy XIV16:408,873
2019-07-16Mexico Mapache RantsRESEÑA Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers | Mapache Rants8:422,430
2019-07-13Malaysia GRM AdrianFinal Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Expansion Review25:5412,520
2019-07-12United States IGNFinal Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Review4:34331,526
2019-07-12Spain Billybo10KShadowbringers REVIEW - FINAL FANTASY XIV is THE MMORPG to play! - Billybo10K15:081,718
2019-07-12United States Easy AlliesFinal Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers - Easy Allies Review9:0569,592
2019-07-11Netherlands GamekingsFinal Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Review14:521,199
2019-07-08Spain Vandal.netANÁLISIS FINAL FANTASY XIV: SHADOWBRINGERS (PC, PS4) ¿El MEJOR Final Fantasy?6:5111,674
2019-07-02United States DreamcastGuyThe GOOD and BAD of Shadowbringers! - Final fantasy XIV Review12:3135,847
2019-07-01United States Ser MedievalWhy I Love Final Fantasy XIV Review (Shadowbringers) - 🌒But Can't Play It (In-Depth MMORPG)27:4320,841
2019-05-04United States shadowofchaos725Final Fantasy XIV PUG adventures: PLD gets carried through o10s10:30334
2019-04-03Switzerland Lawrence's BeyondFINAL FANTASY XIV: SHADOWBRINGERS - Full Trailer REACTION + REVIEW12:2613,859
2019-01-22United States Work To GameFFXIV Patch 4.5 Review [Spoiler(ish) Free] [Let's Discuss] [Review]17:153,561
2019-01-20United States RRPGReviewsRRPG Final Fantasy Retrospective - Episode 9 (Final Fantasy XII & Ivalice)2:03:537,943
2018-12-08 True ReviewTrue Review's Final Fantasy XIV Guide To Not Being A ****14:443,052
2018-10-17United States GeekGamer7Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age: An In Depth Review21:4795
2018-08-10Australia WellPlayedRathalos comes to FINAL FANTASY XIV7:4210
2018-06-24 Echo SixFinal Fantasy XIV (as of Stormblood) | Reviews 2017-18 (#6)13:14222