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1.Japan FINAL FANTASY XIV270,876,591
2.United States Asmongold TV 151,583,207
3.United Kingdom Mekkah Dee111,736,342
4. Mrhappy122785,785,586
5. MTQcapture56,618,191
6.United States Larryzaur52,165,653
7.Germany Desperius FFXIV48,889,606
8.Philippines hungrychad46,042,077
9.United Kingdom Meoni42,252,633
10.United States Xenosys Vex38,114,870

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1.United States Chad Brown8,920
2. FF14 GRANSEEDS5,067
3. Noctis Vieira3,870
4.United States bluezhift3,644
5.United Kingdom Meoni3,480
6. Mrhappy12272,876
7.Thailand PanyapiN Gaming ปัญญพินจ์ เกมมิ่ง2,826
8.United Kingdom TheWytchinHour2,524
9. GEK KO2,468
10. 白井むつき Mutsuki Ch.2,259

Latest Let's Plays For Final Fantasy XIV

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
21 hours agoUnited Kingdom Holden's Game ArchiveFinal Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (206 - 13/06/24) | Lopolden's Extreamvaganza35:020
1 day agoUnited States BradaphraserFinal Fantasy XIV, First Playthrough, Day 50.24:10:132
1 day agoFrance MihawkVODOn ressemble enfin à quelque chose ! [#EP12] [FINAL FANTASY XIV] [LET'S PLAY] [FR]2:28:4711
2 days agoUnited Kingdom LokahXIVFinal Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers - MSQ VOD 27 (Black Mage Role Quest)3:00:430
2 days agoAustralia MapocolopsLord Vauthry & Holminster Switch | Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers - Blind Playthrough [Part 53]4:49:421,279
2 days agoUnited States Loremaster of SotekGaruda Shall Face My Lance! The Realm Reborn Quest Continues4:48:46953
2 days agoUnited States SprintMMOFinal Fantasy XIV Playthrough | Part 9 The Aery56:592
2 days agoUnited States Joshua JerichoFinal Fantasy XIV .24 | A Realm Reborn | No Commentary | Story Focused Gameplay | #ffxiv1:42:362
2 days agoUnited States ZyphreiumLet's Play Final Fantasy XIV Ep24831:572
2 days agoCanada rinimtFinal Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Ultima Thule Side Quests [109]1:11:0222
3 days agoUnited States ElieeyLive(First Play-through) Sprout In The World! | {Full Time Day 97} !lurk !socials9:48:3820
3 days ago SnowDayJBetter Learn RED or DED || Final Fantasy XIV : Stormblood (363)21:3830
3 days ago Panda PalacePanda plays Final Fantasy XIV mission 3 Let it go.42:470
3 days agoUnited States Ishnai CiarfoxFinal Fantasy XIV - Report of a Masked Man? Important? No, go do my chores!2:21:042
3 days agoSweden Silver GreyscaleLet's Play Final Fantasy XIV Online | Pt. 74 "Dynamic Duo"28:190
3 days agoGermany DufterTypFlucht in den Ursprung [Let's Play] Endwalker: Final Fantasy XIV [Part 129]44:500
3 days agoUnited Kingdom WingedAsarathFinal Fantasy XIV - Dragon Quest Crossover 2024 - Seasonal Event Playthrough11:024
4 days ago HATSUCHIFFXIV PlayStation 🎶 Let's Learn Bard Song, NANA TRAPNEST WISH 🍷 Drinking 🍸5:35:1824
4 days ago LoreweaverLORE PLAYS: Final Fantasy XIV Part 103 (4.X Part 5: Kefka, Breaking Brick Mountains)3:34:184
4 days agoUnited Kingdom KalinstarFirst steps into Palace of the Dead | Lets Play FFXIV | WHM Part 511:20:091
4 days agoUnited Kingdom CaptainTurboLet's Play - Final Fantasy XIV (Part 291)23:491
4 days agoFinland MagiKat GamingThe Great Hunt Extreme & Kugane Tower Practice - FINAL FANTASY XIV1:12:3228
4 days agoThailand Alphonse Ch.[🔴LIVE TH/EN] #เล่นไปคุยไป EP 24 ไหลไปตามเควส | FFXIV #Alph_LIVE2:27:3636
4 days agoAustria CaelynxTo a better tomorrow [Endwalker END / First Playthrough] - Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker #8253:0331
4 days agoGermany m00sicianLPNach dem FALL! 💎 83 • Let's Play Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 - A Realm Reborn29:0165

Latest Reviews For Final Fantasy XIV

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
4 days agoUnited States NewfableReading, Reviewing, & Running the FFXIV TTRPG2:26:268
6 days agoUkraine Zepla HQSecretlab x FFXIV Chair Review & Memorable Assembly17:327,560
2024-06-05Ukraine ZepLIVEIS IT FIXED? | Zepla reviews FFXIV Dawntrail BENCHMARK IMPROVEMENTS Part 22:01:563,193
2024-06-02Canada JonborgVAHaysoos Review: One Piece Chapter 1116 "Vegapunk Calls out the Roger Pirates"20:304
2024-05-31United States EchoGBA(STREAM) TOP Post Raid Footage Review: Phase 5 Delta27:306
2024-05-29Brazil Moogle's CaveStreat Attire | Review 🧥 #FFXIV0:41279
2024-05-28Denmark Caetsu Chaiji Ch.FFXIV Hangout Stream! Reviewing your Clips and giving advice!4:07:54694
2024-05-24United States The Balding PlebsDo NOT Buy! Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail Collector's Edition Breakdown and Review!11:00787
2024-05-19 Nuabutcher[Weekly Conversation: Peristiwa Rangkap Informasi Aktual] Ep. 36 Review Comifuro 192:31:0942
2024-05-18 HeroGirlsVTWhat I learned playing 500 hours of A Realm Reborn34:514,256
2024-05-16Korea, Republic of Jaicy Choi[파이널 판타지14] - v7.0 흑마도사 스킬 리뷰(+요시다 PD 코멘트) / FFXIV v7.0 Dawntrail Black Mage(BLM) Skills Review5:153,343
2024-05-13 Jrocks26FFXIV 300 Hours in... Our Thoughts?? Heavensward Review!19:412,487
2024-05-09United States Digital FoundryFinal Fantasy 14 Arrives on Xbox Series X/S + PS5 Update - DF Tech Review39:5587,797
2024-05-06United States Ryder29So We Finished FFXIV A Realm Reborn! What did we think? A Beginner's review of FFXIV26:0144
2024-05-05 TheSuperSmash97Final Fantasy 14 Review8:26491
2024-05-02 GorDovahkiinLA ESTAFA DEL RATE EN LOS MMORPGS #mmorpg #rpg #gaming #game #arpg #pc #analisis #reseña #review0:352,140
2024-04-30United Kingdom GRIMREAPERSAGEFront Mission 2 Remake 3 Min Review3:01104
2024-04-22United States The Game Club"Raubahn is the GOAT!!!" - Reaction and Review - FFXIV ARR Ending (w/timestamps)54:25342
2024-04-21United Kingdom RoaminFoxNO BS Dawntrail Benchmark and Graphics Update Review | FFXIV1:201,173
2024-04-18Canada Hey Jay!Noob reviews FF14 ARR in 2024 | FF14 Journal 519:561,810
2024-04-16United States AlpacaLips | FFXIV TVWatching A review after you bought something #ffxivmeme #shorts #ffxiv #ff14memes0:146,189
2024-04-14Canada Tux Hat LinuxFinal Fantasy XIV - Dawntrail Benchmark review and thoughts.11:21120
2024-04-11United States g00nstarnew ff14 player reviews stormblood #ffxiv0:41453
2024-03-31United States Game8 | News & ReviewsSquare Enix on Using AI0:46397
2024-03-26 ArtharsFF14This monitor makes mechanics so much easier to solve - BenQ MOBIUZ EX321OU Review9:466,259

Most Viewed Final Fantasy XIV Video on YouTube

The most viewed Final Fantasy XIV video on YouTube is FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers – Warrior Training with 11,865,685 views, published by Japan FINAL FANTASY XIV on June 17, 2019.

Most Liked Final Fantasy XIV Video on YouTube

The most liked Final Fantasy XIV video on YouTube is About my mom. with 263,598 likes, published by United States Asmongold TV on June 17, 2019.