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1.Japan FINAL FANTASY XIV131,851,905
2.United Kingdom Mekkah Dee29,022,759
3.United States Larryzaur18,202,724
4.United Kingdom Meoni11,509,563
5.United States IGN6,367,180
6. MTQcapture6,219,974
7. Mrhappy12275,355,634
8.France Husky by the Geek4,558,350
9.United States Work To Game4,550,610
10.United States Thamriyell4,308,306

Latest Let's Plays For Final Fantasy XIV

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
7 hours agoCyprus SorrowhFINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn - Starting from Scratch - Part 6 (no commentary)33:0057
14 hours agoUnited States CaffeineInjectedWoW Player Plays Final Fantasy XIV in 2021 : Leveling a Paladin11:3929
15 hours agoUnited States Ticks TricksFFXIV - Meals for Miners6:102
1 day agoUnited States Ungodly GamingzLet's Play Final Fantasy XIV Ep4632:081
1 day agoFrance MaelyraLet's Play Final Fantasy XIV #74 Nabriales l'Ascien27:522
1 day ago JayBee ThreeFinal Fantasy XIV - From A Realm Reborn To Endwalker, A White Mage's Journey. Part 2047:434
2 days agoUnited States Rudeman53 GamingFinal Fantasy XIV Play Through #12 (Beauty is only scalp deep)39:0013
2 days agoUnited States Keith BallardLet's Play Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Co-op Part 53 - Vidofnir1:30:50368
2021-06-12United States hammackjFinal Fantasy XIV: Paladin Playthrough - 91 to 98 - Full Stream1:55:525
2021-06-12Germany EisenseeleFinal Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers ⚔️ Kampf im Morgengrauen ⚔️ 133 ⚔️ Let's Play ⚔️ FFXIV ⚔️ Deutsch1:26:4554
2021-06-11United States FightinCowboyFriday Night Fights - Chivalry 2 & For Honor3:29:0015,924
2021-06-11United States Soldier_1stClassHelping My FC Unlock Eden Normal Raids! Live On Twitch!0:3391
2021-06-11United States Jolteon WilburnJolty Plays Final fantasy 14 Realm Reborn #3652:49:011
2021-06-06 Stefan OrtizDR837-_- Plays4:19:221
2021-06-06 Sniper2015Final Fantasy 14 Xiv Story Modus PlayStation 4 PS4 German Deutsch1:40:484
2021-06-02United States samirtheknightFinal Fantasy XIV | Stormblood MSQ First Playthrough FINALE | Part 33 - A Requiem for Heroes4:26:521
2021-05-28Germany Quvades GamingFFXIV|Let's Play Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Patch 5.55 Wiederstands Waffen ilvl 535 Fertig30:2425
2021-05-28Ireland Foley PlaysFoley Plays Final Fantasy XIV for a bit1:12:124
2021-05-26United Kingdom MeoniFFXIV: 5.55 Main Storyline Playthrough (SPOILERS)2:16:474,809
2021-05-25Brazil VoxelPREVIEW/COMPARAÇÃO - COMO ESTÁ FINAL FANTASY XIV NO PLAYSTATION 5? - 4K / 1440p / 1080p22:004,145
2021-05-24France PlayStation FranceFinal Fantasy XIV: Endwalker | Bande-annonce cinématique - VF | PS5, PS46:021,361
2021-05-23United States xXGhostStalkerFinal Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Part 102: Alphinaud the Artist1:49:331
2021-05-17 HarukoZ GoalZFINAL FANTASY XIV (HarukoZ GoalZ) Gameplay - Help in Southern Thanalan35:474
2021-05-14United States CaliOnFire GamingFinal Fantasy Fridays | Helping GoonHouse Progress Through Shadowbringers Main Story3:29:5540
2021-05-12 Blackfiredm GamingFinal Fantasy XIV Raubahn Needs Our Help2:522

Latest Reviews For Final Fantasy XIV

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-05-26United Kingdom MinusInfernoGamingFinal Fantasy XIV PS4 Review/Is It Worth It In 2021? - MinusInfernoGaming6:2160
2021-05-23 Skycaptin5Final Fantasy XIV Online PS5 Gameplay [Free Trial]20:011,281
2021-05-22United Kingdom Silver MontFinal Fantasy XIV - Death Unto Dawn Patch 5.5 Review8:49541
2021-05-05United States ClobberstompDancing One - Fantasy XIV - Episode 2925:5749
2021-05-03Canada KIKI THE RED PANTHERP.O.P | Free | WTF | LOL | Final Fantasy XIV | KIKI THE RED PANTHER2:21:0011
2021-04-19United States DeathMonkeyXL GamingFinal Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5 Left Me Hungry5:327
2021-04-10Germany SvenetaLet`s Play Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringer #390 Der neue Blanstyr (Plattner)24:350
2021-03-27 comicbookfan gamingspawn #27 review3:243
2021-03-26United States Heather StackSixty Nine Shades of [NUDE] WvW Pep Rally Guild Wars 23:22:1918
2021-03-05United Kingdom AspectGameReviewsFinal Fantasy XIV : ShadowBringers : Patch 5.4 Review Extra : AspectGameReviews17:5317
2021-02-13Philippines charmie nieveraROS - Rules of Survival Tecno POVA | charmie nievera35:59282
2021-02-08Ukraine Burzum GamesРодимая Дотушка 2к бомжи)8:3539
2021-02-05United States Work To GameFFXIV Bozja Blue Mage & Sky Steel Tools | Is It Worth it?22:583,831
2021-01-04United Kingdom MeoniFFXIV: Tea Time With Meoni & Fran - 2020 In Review1:15:362,144
2020-12-19United States Ticks TricksFFXIV - For Fair Love9:245
2020-12-11 JMulls Gaming5.4 STORY SPOILER REVIEW! | Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers27:17116
2020-12-11United Kingdom The Geek and HermitFinal Fantasy XIV: Matoya's Relict Annotated Guide10:42300
2020-12-01United States Ginger PrimeFFXV Is It Worth It Now? | Xbox Series X Gameplay Impressions11:137,014
2020-10-30Reunion Plava StationIntro Review 20200:29328
2020-10-24United States Ultima Final FantasyShadowbringers (Final Fantasy XIV) Review2:01:3772
2020-10-19United States Lehua SuperfinaI'm a Black Mage, I make things go BOOM | FFXIV | I play with a CONTROLLER23:2789
2020-10-17United States Gloomshot - Black Desert OnlineDaily Final Fantasy Xiv Online Moments: HOW NOT TO CASTRUM13:27144
2020-09-28United Kingdom TehsnakererPlaying: YIIK Made Me Think2:37:21350,475
2020-09-18United States NoblePlaysFinal Fantasy XIV | New Player First impressions, is it worth it?6:46532
2020-08-23United States the Nathan NAPALMFinal Fantasy XIV Live with the NAPALM3:43:56323