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1.Japan FINAL FANTASY XIV140,060,331
2.United States Asmongold TV 90,478,838
3.United Kingdom Mekkah Dee71,524,399
4. Mrhappy122762,510,893
5.Germany Desperius FFXIV47,560,753
6. MTQcapture45,988,479
7.United Kingdom Meoni38,063,065
8.United States Larryzaur35,029,578
9.Ukraine Zepla HQ32,441,401
10.United States Xenosys Vex24,529,929

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1.United States Chad Brown8,684
2.United Kingdom Meoni3,067
3.United States bluezhift2,692
4. Mrhappy12272,176
5. 白井むつき Mutsuki Channel2,037
6. Andy Daniel1,972
7.Korea, Republic of 사공공사1,671
8.United States Ticks Tricks1,626
9.Korea, Republic of 쿠폼폼 Kupompom1,554
10. SHOGUNG-SS1,545

Latest Let's Plays For Final Fantasy XIV

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
19 hours agoUnited States Studio ChikyuROAD TO CRYSTAL (WHELP TIME FOR ALT)2:37:0620
20 hours ago SnowDayJ FF14The World Turned Upside Down || Final Fantasy XIV : Stormblood (323)20:320
20 hours agoFrance Monsieur Parapluie GamingEST-CE UNE HALLUCINATION COLLECTIVE ? | FINAL FANTASY 14 : Endwalker Let's Play FR #20548:4821
21 hours agoSweden Aron73 GordonLet's play Final fantasy XIV S05E0340:290
1 day agoUnited Kingdom BDizDood StreamsTHE HEART OF ZODIARK?!? |🔮 Day 4 : FF14 Post ShadowBringers Playthrough4:53:515
1 day agoUnited States MonalizaFFXIV raiding and then some Black Desert magnus, hanging out while Shleppy plays Persona 5 💃🏽3:32:431
1 day ago Solitary SaturnNever Surrender! | FFXIV Blind Playthrough (ARR) | Part 3927:1379
1 day ago FlamingGaymer[FFXIV Stormblood MSQ] Can We Find Alphinaud in the Burn or is he finally Gone?3:17:428
2 days ago HATSUCHIPlayStation FFXIV / Drinking + Relax With Lizz5:01:4217
2 days agoFinland MagiKat GamingMy First Variant Dungeon! - FFXIV: The Sil'dihn Subterrane Part 13:09:0966
2 days agoUnited States KimmyDNCFINAL FANTASY XIV ONLINE - FIRST PLAYTHROUGH - PART 62:12:1812
3 days agoUnited States David CramptonSkippy plays Final Fantasy XIV! Part 12:14:0616
3 days ago DiozaelsFinal Fantasy XIV / Starting off at Limsa Lominsa! / Playthrough Part 12:47:4016
3 days agoUnited Kingdom Okaymage ClipsAlphinaud the Moogle Expert0:28106
3 days agoCanada froggy[FFXIV] Short Story Day! | Journey Through Eorzea! | Stormblood Day # 42:05:3624
3 days agoFrance Hagona - ハゴナAlphastice v4.0 - Synced _ Final Fantasy XIV (PS5) _ 7:02" IGT (Chevalier Noir)8:322
4 days agoUnited States CiphergurlLet's Play - Final Fantasy XIV - ARR - Archer - Part 61:00:4117
4 days agoAustralia Shezabubadino『FINAL FANTASY 14』FIRST EXPANSION PLAYTHROUGH!0:000
4 days agoCanada Runewyrd GamingFinal Fantasy XIV - Shadowbringers - A Playthrough Reborn - Bard3:55:0133
4 days ago Sirr TumnusWelp0:16240
4 days agoAustria RinakFinal Fantasy 14 #005 ❤ Wo sind den die SAMEN ❤ Let's Play9:413
4 days ago Liquid EiyaTHIS PLACE IS CREEPY! Heavensward Playthrough!1:13:111,036
4 days agoCanada elehayymeMeeting Hraesvelgr & The Girl Who Glimpsed The Truth - Let's Play FFXIV Heavensward0:000
4 days agoUnited Kingdom 2cavesLIVE: First Time Ultimate - Progging P3 | FFXIV Playthrough0:003
5 days agoUnited States Shadow Wulf GamingFinal Fantasy Friday - FFXIV Heavensward MSQ Pt 4 - 12/1/20230:000

Latest Reviews For Final Fantasy XIV

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-11-18 Psybear_tv"The Best Raid I've Ever Done" - WoW Player Reviews Coils Blind MINE23:334,073
2023-11-16United States Ready Check RaideoFinal Fantasy TCG Beyond Destiny Set Legend Review Ep 1211:31:428
2023-11-14United States Andy DenceTrailer Review | Dawntrail Viper Class | Final Fantasy XIV11:2041
2023-11-14United States Rudrose EntertainmentOpus 21 Set Review Fire/Ice/Wind feat. Eureka | Final Fantasy TCG2:16:58663
2023-11-12Canada JonborgVAHaysoos Review: One Piece Chapter 1098 "The Hardships of Kuma"20:538
2023-11-08Viet Nam ChickeNooBSeven Knights All Heroes Review #sevenknights19:2712
2023-10-31United States AlpacaLips FFXIVNEW Mounts, Minions and Weapons - FFXIV Patch 6.51 Review4:29349
2023-10-25Japan KureejiiKUREEJII REVIEWS KFC × Final Fantasy 14 Collaboration 【FF14】17:0694
2023-10-25United States Fun Fan GamersIsland Sanctuary: Quest Review in Final Fantasy XIV (FF14)3:3613
2023-10-14France At0miumVODC'ÉTAIT DIVIN | Final Fantasy XIV Online - GAMEPLAY FR43:312,564
2023-10-10United Kingdom AspectGameReviewsFinal Fantasy XIV : Endwalker : Patch 6.5 : Review : AspectGameReviews9:3467
2023-10-05United States Scion StormHypeCheck - Daily Gamer News/Whose Going To Comicon?/ 10/5/202317:461,561
2023-10-04United Kingdom CobrakTHALEIA 6.5 ALL CUTSCENES! (Blind Reaction) - "This Was PERFECT" - FFXIV Myths of the Realm1:20:242,064
2023-10-03Denmark Caetsu Chaiji Ch.FFXIV 6.5 Spoiler Free Changes and Features Review Stream1:17:11911
2023-10-02United States Eagle Falcon6.5 patch notes reviewed by sleepy red mage main1:06:2912
2023-09-26United States WeaponsCIReaching New Heights - Let's Talk About It: Heavensward Final Fantasy XIV43:39452
2023-09-23Estonia SywoI Played An MMORPG That Respects Your Time9:277,491
2023-09-09 SpookyRobinsonFFXIV YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE #28:58299
2023-08-09United Kingdom demeternoth💕☠️Short Review of Endwalker ☠️💕 #Twitch #endwalker #finalfantasyxiv #ffxiv #shorts0:0310
2023-08-01United States The Gaming Résumé🌱 Sprout Reacts to the Ending of Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers 5.0 & REVIEW| This is peak FF!1:28:227,697
2023-07-30 VANTAGLOWHOGWARTS in FFXIV - FFXIV Housing Reviews: EP 109:41105
2023-07-28 Eros is LostChannel Review Season 1 [001-020]51:2028
2023-07-28United States EmoTempestFinal Fantasy TCG Dawn of Heroes | Set Review: Ice24:3762
2023-07-27United Kingdom RoaminFoxWHY ALL FFXIV ZONES AND LOCATIONS SUCK! (VERY BAD)1:00139
2023-07-27United States AngelusdemonusSUB2r BNC Performance Glasses - Product Review4:17152