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1.Japan FINAL FANTASY XIV144,818,695
2.United Kingdom Mekkah Dee32,989,120
3.United States Larryzaur19,925,123
4.United Kingdom Meoni12,956,008
5. MTQcapture7,453,778
6.Philippines hungrychad7,186,412
7.United States IGN6,566,699
8. Mrhappy12276,461,273
9. PlayStation5,708,485
10.France Husky by the Geek5,276,891

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1. Noctis Vieira1,396
2.United Kingdom Meoni1,157
3.Korea, Republic of 사공공사1,093
4.Brazil Sakura Mizrahi914
5.United Kingdom ChannelDotTheDot901
6. Orochimarusama21807
7.Canada Matthia Gryffine774
8. Tonberry Disciple769
9.Taiwan, Republic of China Kuro673
10. Livvy Valnain664

Latest Let's Plays For Final Fantasy XIV

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1 day agoFrance MaelyraLet's Play Final Fantasy XIV #95 Les missions des Mogs30:261
1 day agoUnited States ClobberstompA Peace Amongst Sylphs - Final Fantasy XIV - Episode 3321:4924
1 day agoGermany EisenseeleFinal Fantasy XIV ⚔️ Niederträchtiger Meineid (Maschinist Lvl 56) ⚔️138⚔️ Let's Play ⚔️ FFXIV9:211
1 day agoUnited States Furious GrapeFinal Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) | Rouge | Let's Play |FFXIV in 202132:449
1 day agoUnited States Keith BallardLet's Play Final Fantasy XIV Co-op Part 68 - Manderville: The Business of Betrothal1:19:45366
2 days agoUnited Kingdom CobrakNO ONE WARNED ME ABOUT THE FAE! Happier Times - ALSO THANCRED! - Cobrak FFXIV Shadowbringers23:043,641
3 days agoUnited Kingdom CaptainTurboLet's Play Final Fantasy XIV (Part 149)31:001
4 days agoUnited Kingdom JaYgoismDyslexic guy reads all of Final Fantasy 14's Story! [Pt. 1] - Is it POSSIBLE?!37:404
4 days agoUnited States AssassinFinal Fantasy Xiv Part 92 I The Parting Glass2:14:523
5 days agoGermany Quvades GamingFFXIV Let's Play Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringer Live Letter 66 react teil 21:26:5223
6 days agoUnited States Joshua JerichoLet's Play Final Fantasy XIV .18 - Lord of the Inferno29:120
2021-09-16United States Rudeman53 GamingFinal Fantasy XIV Online Play Through # 4154:149
2021-09-16United States Final PlaysFinal Plays buys a Flying Car! | Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers1:29:5520
2021-09-14 GamerPennyNocturne for Heroes || FFXIV: Shadowbringers Let's Play - Part 171:03:1188
2021-09-14United Kingdom TasaranEpisode 46 | Let's Play Final Fantasy XIV Online 2021 (PS4)46:3225
2021-09-14United States Ungodly GamingzLet's Play Final Fantasy XIV Ep5533:030
2021-09-14United States Arc F2FINAL FANTASY XIV - Xelphatol ft 2 angy healers13:272
2021-09-13 FoxykiteFoxy Plays Final Fantasy xiv =^.^= lets have fun2:36:547
2021-09-12 Tack AngelFINAL FANTASY XIV Alphascape V3.0 BLU Coop14:454
2021-09-11Singapore DragonInWhiteFinal Fantasy XIV Episode 51 Conjurer Class Quest Sylphie's training29:090
2021-09-11Indonesia DocKnoctFFXIV - Helping your newbie friend getting through sastasha be like2:3948
2021-09-10United States Mobyus1FFXIV - Ep.8 - The Sylphs! (8/21/21)3:01:2243
2021-09-09Brazil FLEProject Eve PlayStation Showcase 2021 First Trailer PS54:082

Latest Reviews For Final Fantasy XIV

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
21 hours agoUnited Kingdom CobrakThis Dungeon IS ABSOLUTE CHAOS - Dohn Mheg + Feelsbringer Cutscenes - Cobrak FFXIV Shadowbringers15:472,224
2 days agoUnited States SuperBeastGNFunny Steam Reviews - Final Fantasy 14 Online0:4048
3 days agoUnited States ClobberstompThe Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak - Final Fantasy XIV - Episode 3238:2379
2021-09-09Canada Game & Toy CollectorLong time WoW player trying Final Fantasy XIV (review)26:3745
2021-08-28United States RenfailFinal Fantasy XIV Review - A Realm Reborn12:1626
2021-08-17United Kingdom TsumoroEx-Wow Player, 2 Months Into Final Fantasy XIV Review7:002,382
2021-08-14United States AsmoganAsmogan Tries Out Rival Wings for the First Time!! | FFXIV's MOBA PvP Mode12:04484
2021-08-12Netherlands k0noareviewsan HONEST REVIEW of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood36:41152
2021-08-06Canada KIKI THE RED PANTHERThe Great Hunt グレートハント👈😉| 4K | Final Fantasy XIV | KIKI THE RED PANTHER14:0227
2021-08-06United Kingdom ZaithShadowbringers Endgame BLEW ME AWAY! - Final Fantasy XIV14:4791
2021-08-05United Kingdom ALBSTERZAlbsterz SURPRISED by Asmongold Review Of Final Fantasy ARR32:177,816
2021-08-05United States BwanaBwana Reacts to Asmongold's FFXIV ARR Review - Final Fantasy XIV33:2722,797
2021-07-13United States Auror PhantomFinal Fantasy XIV Online - BENCHMARK Endwalker Expansion 2021 REVIEW (PC video react)10:151,059
2021-07-12United States ZcriptureZIt's definitely worth playing - FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Review17:27397
2021-07-02United States DrammaticahPrimal Lamia! First time TRIAL "The Naval" TITAN | SPROUT TO MAIN LEVEL, Paladin TANK4:5222
2021-06-15 SmugFFXIV Heavensward Review | New Player 🌱11:018,969
2021-06-10 Halcyon Realms Art Book ReviewsFinal Fantasy XIV - Heavensward Art Book Review ファイナルファンタジーXIV アートブック1:26188
2021-06-09 MickyLand Stories -Příběhy z MickyLanduFinal Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers-Dark knight statue- review (recenze CZ )8:37179
2021-05-26United Kingdom MinusInfernoGamingFinal Fantasy XIV PS4 Review/Is It Worth It In 2021? - MinusInfernoGaming6:215,588
2021-05-23 Skycaptin5Final Fantasy XIV Online PS5 Gameplay [Free Trial]20:015,612
2021-05-22United Kingdom Silver MontFinal Fantasy XIV - Death Unto Dawn Patch 5.5 Review8:49644
2021-04-26 Daybo’s AdventuresFinal Fantasy XIV patch 5.5 Diamond chocobo barding review1:4955
2021-04-19United States DeathMonkeyXL GamingFinal Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5 Left Me Hungry5:328
2021-04-15United Kingdom AspectGameReviewsFinal Fantasy XIV : Shadowbringers : Patch 5.5 Review : AspectGameReviews6:3657
2021-04-10Germany SvenetaLet`s Play Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringer #390 Der neue Blanstyr (Plattner)24:352