Fire Emblem Awakening

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4.United States Nintendo3,246,974
5.United States AbdallahSmash0263,100,552
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1.United States justonegamr738
2. shadowofchaos725377
3.Spain adrianstiles201
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5.United States Tom Fawkes183
6. Suishomaru182
7.United States Bullet Head161
8.Germany ChallengeTime154
9.Germany Sephie127
10. KuroiTTV118

Latest Let's Plays For Fire Emblem Awakening

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
6 days ago NozzivixNozz Streams | Fire Emblem: Awakening - January 12th 20192:45:2347
2019-01-08United States Xenoflux RaidenFire Emblem Awakening ➤ 17 - Let's Play - LET IT OUT - Playthrough Gameplay49:3172798.55%
2019-01-08United States Tzilla DzillaLet's Play Fire Emblem Awakening - Ep 13 - FOR PEACE AGAIN - w/ Tzilla Dzilla41:010
2018-08-10 NightFore[Playthrough] (Citra) Fire Emblem Awakening ♦ Hard ► Part 15 | Challenge Border Pass9:5711
2018-07-06Germany Kari FumikoLet's Play Fire Emblem Awakening #49: Unsere Kinder haben Angst vor Insekten19:4110
2018-06-27Belgium YalordaLP#7 | Fire Emblem Awakening | Episode 68 Future Past 333:2914
2018-03-28 HesitatedCobraLet's Play Fire Emblem Awakening Part 43 A Ladies Man1:03:499100.00%
2017-11-25Switzerland TertLPFire Emblem Awakening [German] #40 Kapitel 24: Die Erweckung [HD+][Lets Play]23:252
2017-10-30United States NB4Fire Emblem Awakening when you voice Robin3:3964100.00%
2017-09-05 NbzLet's Play Fire Emblem: Awakening | Part 54 - Sibling Betrayal24:57535100.00%
2017-08-20Germany Spira's InnDie größte Schlacht, die je geschlagen wurde - Fire Emblem Awakening - 72 ENDE37:161,86398.10%
2017-08-18United States Dry Bowser Gaming CrunchLet's play Fire Emblem Awakening Part 79: Epilouge6:3530
2017-08-03 GetDavedFire Emblem Awakening - Let's Play - 4435:4069296.55%
2017-08-03 Kaka LotTop rpg games | Let's Play - Fire Emblem Awakening English Version Part 7 (1080p) HD: MARTH IS A GI35:410
2017-07-11 Roxas The ToRtErRaFire Emblem Awakening BLIND Playthrough w RoxasTheTorterra Episode #25 FINALE54:2550100.00%
2017-06-14Germany SephieNa na na na na GEROME!!! | FIRE EMBLEM: AWAKENING #55 | Let's Play21:4533100.00%
2017-03-03United States BrettUltimusFIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING Let's Play | Part 2 (BrettUltimus)26:012,35796.85%
2017-01-15Germany ChallengeTimeLet's Play Fire Emblem: Awakening (Part 154 / ENDE): Für eine bessere Zukunft!43:1663896.67%
2017-01-02Australia SpeedsterSpeedster Plays Fire Emblem Awakening BLIND FINALE- My Choice, My Destiny (Endgame)57:292,81597.73%
2016-09-01United States StephenPlaysMorning Mario #239 - "Fire Emblem Awakening"4:186,25599.35%
2016-07-01United States PlasmasterPlasmaster Plays Fire Emblem Awakening Ep. 2: How to Smooth-Talk the Ladies25:3913100.00%
2016-06-08 Tactician ZachLet's Play Fire Emblem Awakening Part 103: Finale 2/243:5317175.00%
2016-02-24Norway MangsFinal Part: Let's Play Fire Emblem Awakening, Classic Hard - "The Tizining"1:02:2318,36497.83%
2015-11-21Germany Eclair1408Let's Play Fire Emblem: Awakening [Blind/DLC/Part 84] - Ein Neuanfang!48:312,671100.00%
2015-09-23Australia BigKlingyFire Emblem Awakening Playthrough: Finale - The New Twelve Crusaders47:5810,056100.00%

Latest Reviews For Fire Emblem Awakening

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2018-04-12 The Catholic Nintendo NerdFire Emblem Awakening (3DS) Review17:064
2017-12-21 obellistFigma Fire Emblem Awakening Lucina figure review8:1470100.00%
2017-09-13 GetDavedFire Emblem Awakening Gets Reviewed24:5263998.65%
2017-06-26 GameKing53Fire Emblem: Awakening Review (3DS) : It saved the Franchise, but how good is it REALLY?9:1073100.00%
2017-03-05 drifterindenial[Review] Fire Emblem Awakening5:31336100.00%
2016-07-19Ireland Mecha GaikotsuMax Factory | 1/7 Cordelia - FIRE EMBLEM: AWAKENING - Anime Figure Review ファイアーエムブレム 覚醒 ティアモ7:0315,28999.11%
2016-05-09United States Super Coin CrewThe BEST Fire Emblem Figure EVER (Lucina Fire Emblem Awakening) Unboxing + Review - Super Coin Crew3:117,38098.76%
2016-04-08Brazil DIGPLAYDIG ANÁLISE - Fire Emblem Awakening [REVIEW]11:033,69999.35%
2016-03-19 Sirmel11Fire Emblem Awakening - Review (Nintendo 3DS)12:161120.00%
2016-03-13Canada Hole 5Conner Reviews: Fire Emblem Awakening10:5910100.00%
2016-03-08United States Tall FoxFire Emblem Awakening Review - Fire Emblem February(sorta) - Tall Fox Reviews16:516,37095.88%
2016-03-07 Gamekings VaultFire Emblem Awakening Review9:0882100.00%
2016-02-19Canada UltimateFloyd1Fire Emblem Awakening Review (3DS)18:0839595.65%
2016-01-06Canada GhaststationThis is what happens in... Fire Emblem: Awakening [FE13 Plot Review]10:42354,77894.51%
2015-10-27United States ArtureliaArturelia Review: Fire Emblem Awakening10:4644100.00%
2015-09-21United Kingdom The Isolated GamerzIsolated Gamerz - FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING Review for Nintendo 3DS6:05147100.00%
2015-09-09 KGRfigma 245 - Lucina (Fire Emblem Awakening) Review13:491,53384.62%
2015-09-02United States Cam-ArtsFigma Lucina Review - Fire Emblem: Awakening/Super Smash Bros Figure4:59978100.00%
2015-09-02 Tyler EdwardsFigma Lucina Review (Fire Emblem: Awakening)6:021,40995.65%
2015-08-02United States RoyboyRoy Reviews: Fire Emblem Awakening - Review14:201,19686.36%
2014-12-30Australia New Game PlusFrom the Vault - Fire Emblem Awakening Review1:3526
2014-11-23 Persion GameFire Emblem Awakening Review5:532
2014-10-29United States Trailer DrakeFire Emblem Awakening: The BEST Dating Sim (Quick Review) - Trailer Drake1:1966,31797.56%
2014-10-11 EnthusiacsFire Emblem Awakening Review5:5210
2014-09-02 TheGamingPilgrimageFire Emblem Awakening Review (Fire Emblem Retrospective Pt 6)19:0127,82894.52%