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1.United Kingdom Ali-A1,318,041,297
2.United States Ninja1,299,874,424
3.United Kingdom BCC Trolling1,216,144,600
4. Lachlan998,855,449
5.Australia Muselk902,119,810
6. Willyrex833,359,826
7.United States Daily Fortnite Battle Royale Moments653,457,791
8.Australia LazarBeam558,598,693
9.Spain TheGrefg488,578,326
10. Fortnite Funny456,466,028

Latest Let's Plays For Fortnite

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
21 hours agoDenmark Fortnite DTHMNinja Watches Nick Eh 30 Play FORTNITE, Then This Happens... *HILARIOUS*10:28309100.00%
2 days agoCanada ReApEr X1FORTNITE Gameplay -Ep 17 - Teamed Up - Let's Play22:044
2 days agoUnited States Slackers UndercoverFORTNITE Gameplay - Madog Plays - Dancing To Finish That Pass!38:494
4 days agoGermany Dhalucard - Additional GameplayDer Call von Kapuze - Fortnite Battle Royale: Blitz - Deutsch German - Dhalucard13:1647
5 days agoUnited States Fortnite TournamentsNinja Says That Creative Destruction Is Same As Fortnite Just Worst Graphic (They Copied Fortnite)10:128,58094.51%
5 days ago RandomkaiNEU! Gleiter von Z.I.E.L. bei Flush Factory - ROBOTERFABRIK? | Fortnite Nintendo Switch22:0677894.32%
6 days agoMexico Let's Play MiiFortnite フォートナイト Nintendo Switch Temporada 6 - LIVE20:438
6 days agoUkraine ДекимFORTNITE EPIC PLAYS & CRAZY KILLS!!! - Fortnite Best Fails & Funny Moments4:217
6 days agoUnited States Prince Vegeta"Vegeta Time" Vegeta Plays Fortnite With Fans (Live)1:48:416,88596.30%
6 days agoGermany Dhalucard"Duo" vs Squad - ♠ Fortnite Battle Royale: Blitz ♠ - Deutsch German - Dhalucard16:2615,68099.16%
6 days ago RageChroniclesCrushing Squads with Joe and Budget after Duo Tourney | Fortnite Battle Royale9:452
2018-11-07Mexico Cactusyack EstudiosFortnite Battle Royale - let's play en Español #821:01:4672100.00%
2018-11-07Canada TheSmithPlaysWHY FORTNITE'S CUBE EVENT WAS A FAILURE.9:5964,35588.16%
2018-11-07United States Daily Fortnite Battle Royale MomentsFortnite Funny WTF Fails and Daily Best Moments Ep.73810:3726,67097.93%
2018-11-07Spain AlphaSniper97FORTNITE me REGALA la NUEVA *SKIN EXCLUSIVA* - AlphaSniper9711:58281,27096.20%
2018-11-07Italy Ermak ZaneCOLPI IN TESTA CON IL *NUOVO* AK-47, L'ARMA DA HACKER!! — Fortnite ITA11:4152,09798.43%
2018-11-07 Call Of gamingFortnite let's play9:411
2018-11-07Italy Two Players One ConsoleFortnite ITA - NUOVA MODALITA' ACCHIAPPA LA TALPA!!12:06277,98298.93%
2018-11-07Germany MaikderIVFORTNITE Rette die Welt - Die Drifter im Waffentest #281 👻 Let's Play FORTNITE - MaikderIV16:181,30798.48%
2018-11-07Czech Republic WedryHRA NA SCHOVÁVANOU S ČTYŘKOLKAMI! Fortnite /w Baxtrix, Alkan, Erik20:04102,19498.22%
2018-11-07Germany Ben ham82Bin krank aber ne Runde Fortnite geht klar | Abo-Zocken | [PC/PS4/Xbox/Switch] Battle Royale1:52:5117191.67%
2018-11-07United States nextleveltakenFortnite | Squads with ZumbieGirlkilla | PS4 Pro Gameplay 1080p 60 fps28:3340.00%
2018-11-06United States CrimsonSpaceLets play Fortnite: Squad (Gameplay #2) w/ randoms30:371100.00%
2018-11-06New Zealand Somebody's MotherMOM PLAYS FORTNITE 💗 BOOP! BOP! BOP! BOOP! BAZINGA! 💗 FAMILY FRIENDLY STREAM 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦4:05:091,38294.93%
2018-11-06United States xKixAss*NEW HEAVY AR IN FORTNITE | AR PLAYS | FORTNITE PRO? PS4 PLAYER5:59:2829100.00%

Latest Reviews For Fortnite

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
6 days agoFrance DjackBy9DÉBLOCAGE DU SKIN "C.I.B.L.E." SUR FORTNITE ! (Skin Traque Review)7:1627,42398.01%
2018-11-07United States A1GetdismoneyFORTNITE - New Sanguine Dusk Outlander Review (Twine Peaks Save The World Gameplay)14:1022,42899.00%
2018-11-05Australia BigMarioFan100BMF100: Captain Toad Reviews: Fortnite!7:42140100.00%
2018-11-04United Kingdom LitanahDOUBLE AGENT EVELYNN in Fortnite Save the World Gameplay Review | Blockbuster Event Soldier Hero14:5733395.24%
2018-11-03United States FuriousNEW Mythic Hero Review Calamity - Perks , Stats , Bonuses and Abilities | Fortnite Save The World8:0259100.00%
2018-11-02United States The Salvaje CartelFORTNITE STW: CRANKSHOT IN-DEPTH WEAPON REVIEW!6:3629100.00%
2018-11-01United States CronicGamerzFORTNITE - BALLOONS OUT NOW - FLY FLY FAR AWAY - REVIEW AND GAMEPLAY4:123,72396.47%
2018-10-24 MiAh The KingWHAT IS HAPPENING? / Fortnite Pt. 222:353100.00%
2018-10-20 SirFrenchyNEW SPIDER KNIGHT REVIEW - Fortnite Battle Royale2:00:1710780.00%
2018-10-19 JudahMerp Games Songs And MoreFortnite Funko Pop Review5:580
2018-10-19United States OrbitGuyFortnite Sanctum Skin and Moonrise Gameplay Review!7:328583.33%
2018-10-18 Adrian The Boss Vlogs And The BlackbearFORTNITE REVIEW #26:201
2018-10-17 MakeUseOfDoogee S70 and G1 Gamepad Are the Best Way to Play Fortnite Mobile5:31506100.00%
2018-10-16 TechEpiphanyRyzen 7 2700X & GeForce RTX 2080 - Fortnite: Battle Royale 4K - Benchmark Test - RTX 2080 Review11:18107100.00%
2018-10-15Mexico Samy Moro¿EL mejor FOrtnite para roblox con avatar Anthro? Strucid Review nuevo juego de roblox13:132,27596.27%
2018-10-14Denmark LokeHansenFortnite Vindertech Disintegrator - My Best Perks - Max Level Sunbeam13:041,92398.72%
2018-10-10United States WolverineChillingFortnite Pubg Mobile Controller Unboxing & Review8:0773100.00%
2018-10-08United States Family Review Show🔴 Luke's First Time Playing Fortnite! ☠ 2 Noobs Playing Together!1:11:5119897.14%
2018-10-08India Tech MMDell G7 Unboxing & Review For PUBG and Fortnite8:3731,97797.62%
2018-10-07United States Sonny DanielNEW "Hay-Man" SCARECROW SKIN, GLIDER & EMOTE REVIEW - Fortnite Before You Buy9:271,289100.00%
2018-10-03United States NightShadowXOBowler Weapon Review | Mist Monsters & Bosses Perk Build | Fortnite Save The World14:0654100.00%
2018-10-03United Kingdom PlayStationGrenadeFortnite Battle Royale | Season 5 Review (Easter Eggs, Memes and Story Recap)17:2819,96698.33%
2018-10-02 SlackerKite[Podcast VOD] Mr Video Games - Telltale Shutdown, Fortnite Crosplay, Total War review bombed1:07:2150.00%
2018-10-01 Grimy GamerBEST Fortnite MOBA GAME! Champion Review Iva | Battlerite Royale Gameplay10:02173100.00%