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5. Master John Chief4,367,136
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7. Brady McCormick165
8.United States JarekTheGamingDragon148
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Latest Let's Plays For Halo: Combat Evolved

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day ago NotDriftHalo ce playthrough part 110:400
2 days ago bjfoxHalo CE: Anniversary - A No Commentary Playthrough - Part 959:080
4 days agoFrance Shinro GamingHalo Combat Evolved - Let's Play FR 4K 60 FPS [ Libération ] Ep352:4439
5 days agoUnited Kingdom Lord Spink🔴LIVE - Halo CE Nestalgic Playthrough!3:32:06834
2021-09-18Netherlands Jazzgrass GamingAlphys's Annoying Advice - Undertale #3719:112
2021-09-17 MERGE Gamer#Halo 1 Gameplay | chief help commander from alienship |halo 11:00674
2021-09-14 WumaHalo: Combat Evolved Campaign Playthrough Part 346:234
2021-09-11United States ZeroslashhBLOOPER COMPILATION BONUS EPISODE!!!!! | Let's Play Halo: Combat Evolved on Legendary Ep.1110:049
2021-09-10Canada The Grumpy Old GamersHalo - First Playthrough Part 3 (No commentary)43:032
2021-09-05Australia GamerjoobReacting To The Halo: Combat Evolved Cutscenes For The First Time | Xbox Series X37:309,785
2021-08-29United States CapitalistLet's Play Halo (10 - Final) - Not All Heroes is Sandwiches1:08:5210
2021-08-29United States - ̗̀ Broken Sword ̖́-(LPESHG) Halo CE Episode One: We're Gonna Die57:4796
2021-08-27Germany The AkosomboTop of the Pyramid | Halo: Combat Evolve - Part 8 | Let's Play, Walkthrough, Gameplay43:025
2021-08-24United States RonnieSavage GamingStarting The Fight!.. Halo: CE (1) BLIND ft. Patches Malone30:0355
2021-08-23United States DJKILLZOWN JONES12 Minutes - KLZ Plays Xbox2:36:1211
2021-08-22United States Stelthanator20HALO SAGA- HALO MCC: HALO CE ANNIVERSARY- (4k)Playthrough- Part 10: ENDING FINALE28:3452
2021-08-21Germany StormUndBlackbirdHalo CE - Ruins of Alph ($100 Reclaimers Map Competition Entry)20:00231
2021-08-11 🌸 Hakuru15 🌸WE FINALLY BEAT HALO | Hakuru15 Plays Halo Combat Evolved For The First Time Part 1040:1514
2021-08-10United States SpraynPray1000Halo CE (MCC) Co-op Playthrough part 41:32:454
2021-08-07United States Bad DefaultsBad Defaults Plays Halo Combat Evolved - Part 23:26:18105
2021-08-07 Lunar D8lets play halo 1 combat evolved part 237:550
2021-08-06United States JuiceB0X97Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Episode 512:300
2021-08-06United States TrevLeon[13 | Finale] Halo: Combat Evolved Playthrough (PC) | The Road to Victory47:584
2021-08-03United States GSD_MediaLETS PLAY - HALO CE FINAL2:44:183
2021-07-25Canada OheaoLet's Play Halo: Combat Evolved #7 - The Thing47:113

Latest Reviews For Halo: Combat Evolved

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-09-17United States RadKatzRewind - Halo: Combat Evolved16:0649
2021-09-05 RSG 2Halo Combat Evolved - The Most Influential FPS Game of All Time (RSG Review)17:4096
2021-08-29United States TeamRespawnHow did Halo CE revolutionize FPS? Halo Combat Evolved in Review1:04:211,079
2021-08-28United States GamingWinsEverything GREAT About Halo: Combat Evolved!26:3352,423
2021-07-18United States ThroggyHalo: Combat Evolved | The Birth of Microsoft's Pride & Joy13:49128
2021-06-22 NeatArtitberIs Halo Combat Evolved Any Good? (MCC Review Series)6:465
2021-06-15United Kingdom Scholars of the UniverseHalo: Combat Evolved (Xbox 2001) - A Retro Memories Review4:09588
2021-06-12 LlodgHow Does Halo Combat Evolved Hold Up 20 Years Later?8:046
2021-05-30United States G4ZDTechTVX-Play Classic - Halo CE on the PC: The Review3:52206
2021-05-24United Kingdom MinusInfernoGamingHalo: Combat Evolved Review/20 YEARS LATER! - MinusInfernoGaming6:1517
2021-05-21 TheGamingOdysseyHalo Combat Evolved - Part 9 - Keyes (With Fries101Reviews & RawkHawk64)30:226
2021-05-13Canada KiloFrostHalo 1 Review4:314
2021-04-23Colombia VillaAndroid - Juegos AndroidHALO: COMBAT EVOLVED: TIROTEO - MAPA “CHISPA CULPABLE 343” EN ANDROID | REVIEW (2021) | VillaAndroid13:284,242
2021-04-17United States GamingMagic13Halo: Combat Evolved - A Revolutionary Wonder40:14164
2021-03-14Canada MojoPlaysHalo: Combat Evolved (Retro Review)9:176,574
2021-02-13United States Sacrow GamingShould you play Halo: combat evolved in 2021?15:322,367
2021-02-10United States HALO CODEXG4 Halo Combat Evolved Review 20011:45107
2021-02-08Ireland Adzi GamingA Playstation Fanboy on Halo 1: Combat Evolved - A Retrospective Review5:34234
2021-01-25Canada Lefty1AHalo Combat Evolved - It's Still Amazing5:50170
2020-11-29United States LeGoldSovietHalo Combat evolved Review/Retrospective23:4063
2020-10-26Netherlands k0noareviewsFlawed Masterpiece - Halo: Combat Evolved Review15:21344
2020-09-22United States Dstar01Unboxing: 1000Toys RE:EDIT Master Chief (Mjolnir Mark V) from Halo: Combat Evolved feat. Beztruken23:485,417
2020-09-15United Kingdom MagicalMikeRecently In Halo: Combat Evolved20:5244
2020-09-12 SystemFreezMaster Chief Retrospective | Halo Series Retrospective | Full Version1:00:39232
2020-09-07United States ChallengerApproachingTV[Halo: CE - Jay] Get ready for some MLG game play! (Mostly Lost Gamers)2:48:235