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1.Canada Kripparrian733,791,248
2.United States Trump558,936,091
3. Trolden454,932,156
4.United States Brian Kibler261,817,975
5.Korea, Republic of 옥냥이 (RoofTopCAT)197,929,421
6.Canada Disguised Toast182,795,083
7.United States Daily Hearthstone Funny Moments141,110,337
8. Hearthstone108,991,608
9. Rage Orc84,805,961
10.United States Hearthstone Plays84,040,487

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1.Canada Kripparrian3,245
2.United States Trump2,808
3. MKRR Archiwum Live2,514
4. Kolento2,434
5. Game Plays2,404
6.Brazil Dbraz2,402
7. Atagi Kawa2,170
8.Poland Mateusz 'MKRR' Krzesiński2,033
9. SenilePope1,858
10.Germany Scrawl1,824

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Monetization Policy: Stream/Video Monetization Allowed
Last Updated: 2020-07-11 10:19:39 AM

Although Blizzard Entertainment restricts community-created content to "non-commercial" uses, an exception is granted when uploading Hearthstone video content to "production websites" such as YouTube, Justin.tv, Blip.tv, Own3d.tv, or Ustream.tv, where you can be paid through a partnership program.

Video content must maintain the "T" rating that has been given to Blizzard products by the ESRB, and similar ratings issued by other rating boards around the world. Content must also be free to view at all times; viewers cannot be forced to pay a fee to view the content.

Latest Let's Plays For Hearthstone

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1 day ago Rage OrcHearthstone Funny Plays 30610:2237,191
1 day ago NicoHDgamingLet's Play Hearthstone (S62) Standard Ranked vs Priest Best Coin6:066
2020-06-28Germany MiPo GamesHearthstone - Duell vs Road Blockers Gaming [Let's Play HS Deutsch]1:14:4932
2020-06-23Brazil hartygsHighlander Rogue | Sem Missplays | Hearthstone14:24169
2020-06-19 Christian HearthstoneQUEST Hunter Is Impressively GOOD! Nobody Plays This OP Deck Until NOW! A Masterpiece | Hearthstone13:459,356
2020-06-17Canada KripparrianWHELPS ARE FINALLY OP IN THIS META! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds17:34190,025
2020-06-11 Indelacio.co.uk : Lets Plays and Game ReviewsMore Murlocks 2020 Lets Play Hearthstone Episode 282 #Hearthstone13:244
2020-06-11Canada Rarran2 Tips To Help YOU Get Legend in Standard Hearthstone8:082,399
2020-06-09Germany WolverousNew Hearthstone Battlegrounds Pirate Update is broken AF2:511,720
2020-06-07United Kingdom Westy987Let's Play Hearthstone with Nusser13:521
2020-06-06United States KongGaming YTWrathscales Too GOOD | Noob Plays Hearthstone | DEMON Hunter Gameplay #blizzard #hearthstone11:2219
2020-05-30United States AmazTOO MANY RED WHELPS!!! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds14:2622,752
2020-05-24United States Fishermen Whispers[🎣 ASMR ↪ Hearthstone] - "🎮 Randomized Warlock Build? | Let's Play | For Sleep | Soft Spoken | ZzZ"22:10147
2020-05-24Ukraine Лучшее с СильверомСИЛЬВЕР СМОТРИТ: Hearthstone Funny Plays 297 (Rage Orc)13:2342,317
2020-05-23Germany ScrawlGoldene Überraschungen!! [Let's Play/german] Hearthstone [pack opening] #104612:16542
2020-05-12 demonhead鬼Hearthstone Different Languages ハースストーン31:330
2020-05-01Spain La Taberna de DamMas Mazos de Legends of Runeterra y un poco de Hearthstone5:31:002,911
2020-04-27Italy Gera89Tengo, Shardo o Crafto? Leggendarie di Ashes of Outland Con @VKingPlays | Hearthstone Ita25:2110,270
2020-04-21Germany GermanLetsPlayPaluten & GermanLetsPlay freuen sich über dumme Vögel! ☆ Hearthstone13:33216,180
2020-04-09 Hearthstone ITCombatti il fuoco col Vilfuoco, di Amazing LP | Hearthstone (IT)4:367,058
2020-04-09 Hearthstone PLSpaczogniem i mieczem | Amazing LP | Hearthstone4:366,524
2020-04-08Mexico Hearthstone LatAmFuego vs. Vil por Amazing LP - Hearthstone4:363,117
2020-04-08Brazil Hearthstone BrasilFogo vs. Vil por Amazing LP – Hearthstone4:374,630
2020-04-06United States RegisKillbinLAST TURN BIG SPELL SHAMAN!! Big Plays are a Recipe for Success! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone37:35105,368
2020-04-05South Africa Tales of LuminHearthstone: Descent of Dragons - Galakrond's Awakening - 4 - Showdown in Dalaran1:08:2967

Latest Reviews For Hearthstone

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-07-01Italy VKingPlaysLA D I S I N S T A L L A Z I O N E! Leggiamo le Recensioni #2! | Hearthstone Ita27:385,618
2020-06-21Italy AttrixREACTION alle VECCHIE CARD REVIEW #5 | Hearthstone ITA14:3622,169
2020-06-17 Zeddy HearthstoneDo BUFFS actually do anything? A review of ALL Hearthstone Buffs! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone17:022,037
2020-06-11Netherlands Gamekings VaultHearthstone: Rastakhan's Rumble Review: "Een groot troll-fiesta!"20:547
2020-05-04United States TrumpTop Custom Cards of the Week #70 - I Know A Guy Meme-a-Ton Special | Card Review | Hearthstone12:16172,317
2020-05-02Romania Mobilissimo.roKillerul lui Hearthstone? Legends of Runeterra Review (Limba Romană)7:38818
2020-04-09Spain Mogote MogoteroHearthstone - Cenizas de Terrallende - Apertura de sobres - Review cartas41:3812
2020-04-07United States ChumpAshes of Outland Card Review | Hearthstone1:20:0912,412
2020-04-06United States SchitJustWorksALL NEW DEMON HUNTER CLASS! | ALL Demon Hunter Cards & Hero | Hearthstone Demon Hunter Class Review27:2253
2020-04-06 MarkMcKzAshes of Outland Meme and Combo Card Review! | Hearthstone5:403,272
2020-04-06United States The Mana PoolThree Dorks Review Ashes of Outland, Part 3 - Warlock, Warrior, Neutral | Hearthstone1:29:4238
2020-04-06United States Brian Kibler(Hearthstone) Paladin, Shaman, and Rogue Card Review - Ashes of Outland38:3550,808
2020-04-05Finland Old GuardianAshes of Outland Budget decks theorycrafting and card review (Hearthstone)11:412,917
2020-04-04Germany ScrawlRuinen der Scherbenwelt Card Review! Die Neutralen! [german] Hearthstone33:39341
2020-04-03France Solary HearthstoneLA GRANDE REVIEW HEARTHSTONE #4.2 ► PRÊTRE, MAGE, PALADIN, CHASSEUR DE DÉMON et NEUTRES1:35:597,115
2020-03-30Thailand LilightHSLilightHS | EP.RW 3 Review Card Ashes of Outland Full | Hearthstone ไทย | AoO3:06:184,310
2020-03-29Canada RarranAshes of Outland - Warlock Review | ZOO WARLOCK MIGHT BE BACK? | HEARTHSTONE8:29416
2020-03-27 zalaeAshes of Outland - Card Review With "The Boys" (Crane and Gallon) | Zalae Hearthstone3:02:4737,396
2020-03-27Russian Federation XopoПОЛНЫЙ ОБЗОР КАРТ ДОПОЛНЕНИЯ РУИНЫ ЗАПРЕДЕЛЬЯ HEARTHSTONE | Xop0 | Ashes of Outland full card review2:01:3692
2020-03-26 Christian HearthstoneAll Ashes of Outland Cards⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review In Less than 20 Mins | What Do You Think? | Hearthstone18:251,397
2020-03-26Netherlands Thijs HearthstoneHearthstone NEW Expansion: ASHES OF OUTLAND! Thijs Does a FULL CARD REVIEW Of All The Cards So Far!1:25:5323,791
2020-03-25Canada KripparrianASHES OF OUTLAND FULL CARD REVIEW! - Hearthstone1:00:54213,791
2020-03-25United States RegisKillbinTHE FINAL REVIEW!! ALL THE REMAINING CARDS REVEALED! | Outland Review #10 | Hearthstone45:05100,649
2020-03-23Italy Poly4 MANA 12/12??? - CARD REVIEW #5 [HEARTHSTONE ITA]27:379,494
2020-03-18United States WarshackDemon Hunter Cards Are Busted! - DH Card Review - Ashes Of Outlands Hearthstone12:182,300