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1.Canada Kripparrian806,702,115
2.United States Trump608,047,513
3. Trolden477,879,440
4.United States Brian Kibler276,275,347
5.Korea, Republic of 옥냥이 RoofTopCAT228,647,327
6.Canada Disguised Toast189,242,702
7.United States Daily Hearthstone Funny Moments152,482,633
8. Hearthstone126,897,579
9. Rage Orc89,957,932
10.United States Hearthstone Plays86,141,488

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1.Canada Kripparrian3,730
2.United States Trump2,977
3. MKRR Archiwum Live2,975
4. Kolento2,471
5.Brazil Dbraz2,407
6. Game Plays2,392
7. Hearthstone Esports2,169
8. Atagi Kawa2,163
9.Poland Mateusz 'MKRR' Krzesiński2,145
10. Christian Hearthstone2,104

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Monetization Policy: Stream/Video Monetization Allowed
Last Updated: 2020-01-29 9:08:14 PM

Although Blizzard Entertainment restricts community-created content to "non-commercial" uses, an exception is granted when uploading Hearthstone video content to "production websites" such as YouTube, Justin.tv, Blip.tv, Own3d.tv, or Ustream.tv, where you can be paid through a partnership program.

Video content must maintain the "T" rating that has been given to Blizzard products by the ESRB, and similar ratings issued by other rating boards around the world. Content must also be free to view at all times; viewers cannot be forced to pay a fee to view the content.

Latest Let's Plays For Hearthstone

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day ago NicoHDgamingLet's Play Hearthstone (S82) Standard Ranked vs Warlock Beast Food10:078
2 days ago Rage OrcHearthstone Funny Plays 34812:0731,223
2021-02-14Canada KripparrianI INVESTED IN RED WHELP?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds20:17123,418
2021-02-13United States Daily Hearthstone Funny MomentsLET ME Help You Setting Up YOUR OTK | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.177611:4035,747
2021-02-09 Christian HearthstoneI Am A Warlock Now! Control Priest Plays The "Uno" Card! Darkmoon Mini-Set New Decks | Hearthstone14:165,359
2020-12-31United States Dekkster💥 Welp, we found a new OTK and it's pretty cool 💥 - Darkmoon Faire - Hearthstone43:1932,356
2020-12-22United States Slysssa GamingWhen your teammate helps you out FROM THE GRAVE (ft. TwlevewinsHS) - Hearthstone Battlegrounds19:5113,053
2020-12-19United States ScribeLet's Play Hearthstone: Boom Labs (FINALE) - Math Fatigue35:09345
2020-12-13Canada RarranI Need Your Help! Channel Update Video.8:252,645
2020-12-11 Hearthstone Arena and VODsTHIJS PLAYS HIGLANDER DRUID! "BALANCED" TURNS INCOMING!2:10:46442
2020-12-07 Indelacio.co.uk : Lets Plays and Game ReviewsPort Issodun Secrets Lets Play Hellpoint Episode 55 #Hellpoint10:402
2020-12-07Italy MatteoHS GamingCOLPO DI SCENA ''HO VINTO'' cit. | TEMPO ROGUE | HEARTHSTONE GAMEPLAY ITA | MatteoHS8:5310,715
2020-12-03Germany GermanLetsPlayWenn du DIESE Karten ziehst, hast du sofort gewonnen! ☆ Hearthstone18:44119,884
2020-11-21India DracoverseEveryone Plays Lightfang - Crazy Menagerie META | Curator Hearthstone Battlegrounds |19:46139
2020-11-20Canada Control300% WIN RATE Plays with The RUINATION + The HARROWING Combo | Monuments of Power | Controltheboard25:367,774
2020-11-13United Kingdom DanehearthDMH Commentary & Step By Step Plays (Vs Kingsbane)9:1119,295
2020-11-13Germany KatzenSebi Stream-ArchivHEARTHSTONE #16 | Ein neuer Spieler 2020 | Let's Play/Gameplay | Deutsch [Facecam]40:1330
2020-11-10Mexico Hearthstone LatAmUn enfrentamiento en la feria – Revelación de carta de Amazing LP4:323,676
2020-11-10Brazil Hearthstone BrasilUm confronto na feira - Revelação de Card de Amazing LP4:323,184
2020-10-16Russian Federation KelpyПуть к 6 к ► Hearthstone ► Обновление 18.4.2 уже в игре!1:38:1523
2020-10-15Sweden BearAlMightyShadow Sculptor - Hearthstone Card Sounds & Quotes | Galakrond's Awakening0:126
2020-10-13United States Hearthstone PlaysHearthstone - Best of Worst Skill Plays12:4813,120
2020-10-03 Nobbel87The Story of Wolpertinger [Hearthstone Lore]6:4219,195
2020-09-26Italy Magnetic GamesMagnetic sculptures demolition ASMR | Magnetic Games4:5881,000
2020-09-20United States Boss Moves CrewHEARTHSTONE - RANK TO DIAMOND - OTK's - BIG GAMEPLAYS - COME JOIN FOR A MATCH2:52:28140

Latest Reviews For Hearthstone

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
4 days agoUnited States TrumpFinding Mankriks Wife is OP?! Forged in the Barrens Review #1 | Hearthstone13:59132,316
5 days agoUnited States RegisKillbinA NEW VANCLEEF!! Good Handbuff?? New Core Set cards & reworks! | Core Set Review #2 | Hearthstone21:5873,676
6 days agoUnited States WarshackNEW Hearthstone Game Mode Mercenaries & Core Cards!18:093,422
2021-02-17 Zeddy HearthstoneHow was I so wrong? A review of my ABSOLUTE WORST predictions ever! | Darkmoon Races | Hearthstone14:3312,719
2021-02-10France Meinnhart Hearthstone FREnsemble Fondamental et format classique - Grosse review de la news Hearthstone21:452,586
2021-01-21Finland Old GuardianDarkmoon Races mini-set card review (Hearthstone)11:411,212
2021-01-20United States AlliestraszaFULL MINISET REVIEW! Darkmoon Races [Hearthstone]54:0416,737
2021-01-20United States Brian Kibler(Hearthstone) Darkmoon Races Mini Set Review1:11:1643,332
2021-01-20United States Hearthstone MathematicsThe Best Cards from The Darkmoon Races: Hearthstone Community Compendium. | Mini-Set Review8:0126,907
2020-12-15United States Slysssa GamingWHAT'S NEW?? FULL PATCH REVIEW - Hearthstone Battlegrounds24:488,674
2020-12-14United States Firebat19.2 Battlegrounds Patch Notes REVIEW43:2233,562
2020-11-29United Kingdom Toasty GamingHearthstone Because You Asked53:4356
2020-11-28Italy VKingPlaysPer NOI l'Avventura Finisce QUI! DUELLI | Hearthstone Ita20:543,940
2020-11-26United States MarkMcKzIs Hearthstone Dead? Dying? On a Ventilator? In a Coma? In a Box? With a Fox?3:5544,059
2020-11-18Poland Scorpion 77Intro do gry Hearthstone: Obłędny Festyn Lunomroku (ver. 1)1:012
2020-11-14United States PTBNLMadness at the Darkmoon Faire: The Worst Set Review Ever ft. Sleepy Jon and Convicted Flasher Jamie2:24:25107
2020-11-13Italy AttrixDRAGO FORTISSIMO per il WARRIOR! | FOLLIA ALLA FIERA DI LUNACUPA #741:1910,994
2020-11-12Canada KripparrianKRIPP’S DARKMOON FAIRE FULL CARD REVIEW! - Hearthstone55:5587,495
2020-11-12Belgium OliechLA GRANDE REVIEW SOMBRELUNE #3 : chasseur, prêtre, mage, paladin et chasseur de démons1:04:138,658
2020-11-11Canada RarranDarkMoon Faire Card Review 7! Priest is looking GROSS and NEW SHAMAN LEGENDART Hearthstone16:501,693
2020-11-11South Africa The Gareth WoodsMORE new cards! Darkmoon Faire Care Review part 88:1072
2020-11-10Italy Poly1 MANA 6/6 CON RUSH - CARD REVIEW!! [HEARTHSTONE ITA]30:116,327
2020-11-04Romania Rdu HearthstoneHUGE CHANGES! In-Depth Patch Review [BG]23:2032,116
2020-10-08United States ShacknewsUnbox & Review: Hearthstone Scholomance Mystery Box7:3974
2020-08-28 The Dice TowerHearthstone App Review - with Tom Vasel9:072,126