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1. AFGuidesHD29,967,827
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5. BlueKunai Soundtracks15,688,528
6.United States OneyPlays15,677,138
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1.United States andyvhb794
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3. Cloudshin448
4.United States Medalcore435
5. KHInsider426
6.New Zealand TheGamersJoint411
7.United States The Gamer DMCX408
8.United States J4TFOI405
9. Basileous Productions393
10.United States Pigginatti319

Latest Let's Plays For Kingdom Hearts

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
5 days agoFrance At0miumVODLA VÉRITABLE ORGANISATION XIII | Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - LET'S PLAY FR #151:19:201,017
2020-05-27 Ko&Bros"Not Very Tasty!" (Let's Play Kingdom Hearts part 35)20:325
2020-05-25United States Thabeast721Thabeast Plays Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Mix part 14:26:041,023
2020-05-24United States Vandalia1998Still at the Colosium (Let's Play Kingdom Hearts Final Mix 48)1:00:185
2020-05-22United States HoraudKingdom Hearts Final Mix - That's Not Clayton - 625:373
2020-05-20Australia Marioman 10100Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Let's Play: Episode 1534:203
2020-05-15France banadone 13Lets play Kingdom Hearts PS4 Partie 2 : Hercule et Agrabah4:44:2264
2020-05-14Germany HeXenkingTVKingdom Hearts - Castle of Dreams Aqua Playthrough in 4K - BBS #328:5736
2020-05-13 Media Hunter ReviewsMedia Hunter Plays - Kingdom Hearts (PS4) Proud Mode Finale41:20104
2020-05-11 Tech & DesignHow to get KINGDOM HEARTS VR Experience for FREE on PS4 | PlayStation | Free Game10:2542
2020-05-08United States NonemanLet's Play Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix | Part 2326:004
2020-05-07Australia GAME UNDERKingdom Hearts -GAME UNDER- Part 16: Agrabah16:321
2020-05-04 RPG KingdomkidChocolate Monster-Let's Play Kingdom Hearts Union Cross Part 12550:028
2020-05-01United States Ungodly GamingzLet's Play Kingdom Hearts Ep1728:512
2020-04-29United States Sonic RiderLegendKingdom Hearts 3 (PS4) Playthrough: Re:Mind (DLC) Limit Cut (3rd Half) Beginner Mode11:508
2020-04-26United States GoldTheWriterGOOFIN WITH GOOFY!!! | Let's Play Warhammer: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX PS4 LIVE1:11:3414
2020-04-20United States HD PLAYGROUNDKingdom Hearts x Back Cover - Full Movie - Xbox One X [4K]1:02:30168
2020-04-19 Link9852's Journey through gamingLet's Play Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of Memories: Pt.146:194
2020-04-17France iplay4you3103Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Let's Play - Bonus : Sephiroth12:1315
2020-04-16 AlphaDeath Let's PlayKingdom Hearts 1.5 First Play Through2:17:484
2020-04-15United States EXP StoryGamerZKingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix | Ventus' Story | Blind Play | Part 53:41:013
2020-04-13United States LinkadenKingdom Hearts [Blind] Part 1: First Time For Everything36:239
2020-04-09United States HarlepinTotally Traditional Kingdom Hearts Playthrough Part 1328:565
2020-04-03Germany Cinétastic CécileLet's Play Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD [German/4K] Part 50: Der Geheimcup30:050
2020-04-03United States Gamerpercy456Riku's Story | Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Reverse/Rebirth - Part 2 ENDING Playthrough1:21:088

Latest Reviews For Kingdom Hearts

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-05-24Australia GameReviews AUDisney: Twisted Wonderland Android Gameplay JP | VISUAL NOVEL | RHYTHM GAME | KINGDOM HEARTS UNION22:3585
2020-03-08United States Otakus & GeeksKingdom Hearts Keyblade Umbrella Review3:216
2020-02-28Hong Kong CardOtakuDesuNendoroid: Riku (Kingdom Hearts) Unboxing/Review12:1070
2020-02-20United States EdDaWizKingdom Hearts Diamond Select Hercules Figure Review8:32536
2020-02-20 Game Rating ReviewGaming News Show: Kingdom Hearts, PSVR, XBox Sound and Video Game Movies!!!8:4724
2020-01-30Netherlands Gamekings VaultKingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Final Chapter Prologue Review13:1217
2020-01-24United States Native ResolutionKingdom Hearts • In-Depth Review36:1243
2020-01-09Canada The Review SpotDiamond Select Kingdom Hearts Maleficent with Heartless Statue | Video Review ADULT COLLECTIBLE17:041,237
2020-01-05United States Kelly EdenBring Arts Sephiroth REVIEW (Kingdom Hearts)12:3910,003
2020-01-05United Kingdom Higher Plain GamesKingdom Hearts VR Experience - Review3:4282
2019-11-25 CeruleanNightKingdom Hearts Final Mix (PS4) -- Livestream 4 (11/25/2019)1:53:1721
2019-11-08 Jt playskingdom hearts dream drop distance: reviewing the past16:111
2019-10-03 NinjaGirlSakura1Kingdom Hearts-Diamond Select Figures Review14:12254
2019-09-20United States Claic YuzoltAre Riku & KH Sephiroth Worth Your Lapis? Kingdom Hearts Review - [FFBE] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius22:1912,906
2019-09-07Japan VenoixKingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep ~ A Fragmentary Passage ~ PS4 Review7:5218
2019-08-27United Kingdom Inspired ChampionKINGDOM HEARTS 1 (Final Mix) Chapter 3: Wonderland World (Alice In Wonderland)3:21:52107
2019-08-16United Kingdom Taste My Game FaceGuns Vs Games, Kingdom Hearts & Assassins Creed Odyssey DLC | Taste My Game Face 1081:37:569
2019-06-23United Kingdom SpartanUrukPlay Arts Kai Kingdom Hearts Sora Figure Comparison Review14:162,890
2019-06-18Germany OzomaLpLet's Play Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep [Deutsch] Teil 6 Trugbilder20:487
2019-05-19 MCB the PS2 GamerPS2 Review: Kingdom Hearts11:421,780
2019-05-13United States pstoyreviewsPaul vs Shannon Disney Kingdom Hearts Series 3 Figural Keyring Unboxing | PSToyReviews9:3225,320
2019-05-11United States The CompletionistKingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance | The Completionist18:00208,462
2019-04-12United States SuperDerek RPGsKingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - The Game Collection Review!10:282,684
2019-04-10United States InfiniteComboReviewsKingdom Hearts UX Review - It's Canon20:51799
2019-03-24United States ingeniousclown GamingShould You Play Kingdom Hearts? - A Retrospective Review39:3252,434