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1.United Kingdom AFGuidesHD63,748,352
2.New Zealand The Gamers Joint27,685,277
3.United States OneyPlays26,108,729
4.United States ProZD23,536,772
5.Canada ★WishingTikal★22,814,595
6.United States Boss Fight Database16,201,054
7.United States Lizz Robinett15,623,684
8.United States Cyberman6515,415,153
9.United Kingdom Now Toons13,916,358
10. BlueKunai Soundtracks13,792,448

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1. Nathaniel Stacy1,066
2.United States Pigginatti917
3. KHInsider749
4.Portugal WCamicase Gaming696
5.Japan ライムゲーム攻略動画685
6.United States LostPredictions443
7.New Zealand The Gamers Joint431
8.United Kingdom Ariel Royalty430
9.United States Medalcore421
10.United States Cyberman65418

Latest Let's Plays For Kingdom Hearts

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoUnited States Zboy896 Twitch Stream ArchiveKingdom Hearts 1 (Unarmored) Let's Play Episode 151:00:312
2 days agoUnited States RichterBelmont12Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 05: Locking the Town1:20:0820
2 days ago AlbearGamesKingdom Hearts - Episode 7 - Jack Skellington Needs Help In Halloween Town2:23:4317
3 days ago Aaron MorganKINGDOM HEARTS All in one pt 20-beginning of aquas playthrough and castle of dreams51:521
3 days ago MeteniteKINGDOM HEARTS🎮#018 - Freundschaft am kriseln? «» Let's Play KINGDOM HEARTS | HD+25:256
4 days ago Sotisha767Sotisha plays Kingdom Hearts (8)1:36:2537
4 days ago fritzsevenKingdom Hearts 1 Part 22 - durch die Strassen von Agrabah [Playstation 2] [HD+] Deutsch24:2112
4 days ago Retro RedKingdom hearts part lets play 8 a return of sorts1:30:5720
5 days agoUnited States Codename: LSDKingdom Hearts Zero EXP Proud Mode Playthrough EP3 FEAT. Spider_Chad_Yu2:20:4414
5 days ago The Viking WeekendKingdom Hearts Playthrough Part 1: Destiny Islands1:08:497
5 days agoUnited Kingdom storm20111#kingdomhearts1 PS2 Playthrough Hades Cup (Time Trial)37:428
5 days agoTaiwan, Republic of China 阿斯 Game TV 懷舊館(PCSX2) playstation2 GAME Kingdom Hearts 王國之心 1080p HD9:3861
5 days agoFinland FinnishDuckLet's Play Kingdom Hearts - Part 18: Phenomenal Dullness31:4723
2023-06-03United States David Blaine's CharizardKingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix Let's Play Ep 7 LIVE2:01:1040
2023-06-02United States MemoriesGamer612[VTuber] Kingdom hearts 1 FM EP 14: Optional stuff & secret bosses (Proud Mode)1:57:1523
2023-06-01 CherryBlossomShinobiKINGDOM HEARTS 1| EPISODE 2| "FIRST PLAYTHROUGH"1:48:006
2023-05-30 Kratos and BOYKingdom Hearts 1 Playthrough: The Final Stretch and Ending of KH11:03:2511
2023-05-30United States G FUEL | i_haskillDemigods and Wizards - Chill KH1 Playthrough1:09:551
2023-05-29Denmark Retro SpilbutikKingdom Hearts - Playstation 2 - Game preview10:371
2023-05-28 C'est MattéoLet's Play KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5 #16 Ursula47:0117
2023-05-28United States Kagato The Final BossUnder The Sea | Kingdom Hearts Playthrough - 43:15:41384
2023-05-28 Megan OsbornMy friend plays kingdom hearts for the first time pt.51:01:168
2023-05-27 Angel DayzerKingdom Hearts I playthrough just for fun part 82:17:260
2023-05-27United States AcedTylerTyler Plays Kingdom Hearts [Finale] | Take This Paper and SUBMIT!48:074
2023-05-26United States The Wilhelm StartonWilPlays Kingdom Hearts I - Episode 01 (©Square Enix ©Disney) [BIRTHDAY STREAM]1:48:237

Latest Reviews For Kingdom Hearts

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-06-01 Sauron Takes OnSauron Takes on the Heartless (Kingdom Hearts Review)31:5911
2023-05-27 Titan Gaming 1346Kingdom Hearts Extras Part 1: Being Under The Sea Is So Hard + Movie Review(No Spoilers) and Updates1:27:2911
2023-04-11Brazil DST GamesOpiniões sobre Reviews ✍📃- Kingdom Hearts#2517:0128
2023-04-01United Kingdom Fuzzy KeyMy First Youtube Review (aka the Watermark incident)18:25171
2023-03-19 The_KingdomKeyKINGDOM HEARTS Review, A Truly Magical Experience22:13147
2023-02-22 NonPerson HumanSean's Game Reviews - Kingdom Hearts5:3927
2023-01-22United States OmarachuKingdom Hearts commercial review - Omarachu1:0199
2023-01-19Netherlands JuanGameswelke kingdom hearts game is het beste?! (review #4)10:5333
2023-01-18United States Ultima Final FantasyKingdom Hearts Review2:20:41127
2023-01-17Germany PastGaming - Spielt1 Minute Retro Review - Kingdom Hearts #shorts1:00151
2023-01-16Canada So I Play GamesSo I Played Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance...16:201,859
2023-01-12 IKOntrollerKingdom Hearts was Iconic [review]22:30205
2023-01-10Australia GRAU Archives - Game ReviewsKINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road ANDROID GAMEPLAY | SQUARE ENIX | MOBILE RPG22:4037
2023-01-10United States GreenWarrior291Kingdom Hearts Review23:1981
2023-01-07 Shadow CritiasKingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep The Novel & The Game Review10:1433
2023-01-04Brazil PxchecoKINGDOM HEARTS ainda vale a pena?11:081,236
2023-01-01United States Cris CrosspointsHow well does Kingdom Hearts 1 hold up? (Final Mix Review /1k Subs)5:36249
2022-12-31United States Bio-Roxas2022 End of Year Review + Vtuber Reveal!!6:542,127
2022-12-31United States Sigsang GamingWhen Worlds Collide | Kingdom Hearts Review23:16408
2022-12-25United States lordpyromonKingdom Hearts: A Masterpiece That Shouldn't Exist21:36270
2022-12-15Germany InoujiKingdom Hearts If Riku Wasn't A Jealous Asshat #shorts0:25299
2022-12-10United States Guitar Arrangers PodcastKingdom Hearts "Simple and Clean" guitar arrangements/covers w/Michael Ibsen (review episode #26)1:32:0835
2022-11-27United States Hameed2HandsomeKingdom hearts 😢😭 goodbye sora #viral #shorts #kingdomhearts #moreviews2022 #gaming #newshorts0:41405
2022-11-08 Retroid PocketRetroid Pocket 3+: Kingdom Hearts(AetherSX2 PS2 Emulator)8:115,041
2022-11-08United States Kyahn ElyMy Heartfelt Letter To Kingdom Hearts7:241,003