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Latest Let's Plays For Kingdom Hearts II

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2019-03-31 BassSinger313 / Aaron VoKingdom Hearts 2.9 (Semi-BLIND) Part 1 "Ain't The Sequel?" (featuring Mellow)24:2299100.00%
2019-03-26 jankanpoKingdom Hearts 2 First Playthrough (Part 5)7:25:582
2019-03-25Germany XioLPLet's Play Kingdom Hearts 2 ~Final Mix~ [Critical/German] - #75 - Ruf ins Gedächtnis25:273
2019-03-24United States Michaela Laws『Michaela Plays』Kingdom Hearts 2 - Part 1257:45494100.00%
2019-03-23United States The D-Pad"Anger Banger" - PART 13 - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix33:04129100.00%
2019-03-20Austria TheUncleWulfLets Play Kingdom Hearts II (Blind, German) - 96 Finale - Licht und Schatten1:17:3311
2019-03-19 Matthew CaddisLet's Play Kingdom Hearts 2 Part 10 - Secrets Revealed11:460
2019-03-16 The GoregrinderLet's Play Kingdom Hearts 2 Part 21: Sora The Electronic Nutcracker54:451
2019-03-06United States Side By Side PlaysLet's Play Kingdom Hearts 2! -2- Side By Side Plays1:04:307100.00%
2019-03-05United States Zach ChaseIt feels good to be back doing this Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 2.8 let's relaxes and chill2:03:079100.00%
2019-03-04 ChristianCKingdom Hearts II Platinum Playthrough (PS4) Session 14:29:086
2019-03-04Austria PixelmatschLPLet's Play Kingdom Hearts 2 #092 - Plakat-Qualen (German/Profi) [Post-Game]31:1318
2019-02-26United States OneyPlaysOney Plays Kingdom Hearts 2 - EP 52 - Shut Up20:1590,82499.33%
2019-02-24 SuperDerek Streams!SuperDerek Streams Kingdom Hearts 2! #125:47:453100.00%
2019-02-21United States Rhodes PlaysKingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix - Part 10 THE END - 2/20/19 Live Stream | Chris Plays3:21:464100.00%
2019-02-19United States ms mewmewThe story begins in Kingdom Hearts II.9 | KH31:36:465083.33%
2019-02-15Germany NyaasuLet's Play Kingdom Hearts 2 [Part 20]1:38:1415100.00%
2019-02-15United States LeonNoteLeon Plays Kingdom Hearts #2 Why so hard I love Jack24:262100.00%
2019-02-14 ShadowCooperGamerX1Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix(PS4) Playthrough Part #151:15:484
2019-02-13 OmnizoaKingdom Hearts 2 Final Boss Battle Reaction Supercut7:2510312.50%
2019-02-12Sweden TalinthLet's Play Kingdom Hearts 2 - Part #05035:101
2019-02-04United States SpiteFireH20Pride Lands Ep. 2 | Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Part 3229:163100.00%
2019-02-03 DeadShadows17Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Playthrough Part 24 (Final)1:49:151100.00%
2019-02-01United States SarahLouWhoSwashbuckling Sora sails the seven seas | Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 2 Part 91:11:48422100.00%
2019-02-01United States cloudchief arcadeKingdom Hearts II Final Mix: Let's Play 62:31:4314

Latest Reviews For Kingdom Hearts II

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2019-02-22United States SuperDerek RPGsKingdom Hearts 2 Full Review! - The Game Collection!10:242,76799.15%
2019-01-25United States Shinta ReviewsRPG Hell: Kingdom hearts 2 (4/4)45:471,13497.62%
2019-01-21United Kingdom MozilloGamesKingdom Hearts II - Retro Retrospective10:3253100.00%
2019-01-19Japan VenoixKingdom Hearts II: Final Mix PS4 Review15:4125100.00%
2019-01-15United States Voodoo Whiskey GamingLate Review of Kingdom Hearts II6:285100.00%
2019-01-07United States Mustached TomMustached Tom Reviews Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix10:374100.00%
2018-12-25Spain Caith_Sith"Si lo compras, tu hijo sabrá que le odias" | Reaccionando a CRÍTICAS NEGATIVAS de KINGDOM HEARTS II19:219,95396.04%
2018-08-14United States Jakejames LugoKingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Review - ROXAS FAULT17:265585.71%
2018-06-24United Kingdom ClempsKingdom Hearts 2 - Clemps49:26117,31498.84%
2018-06-17United States DevilArtemisKingdom Hearts 2 Menu Theme Cover By Devil Artemis0:5216,51898.84%
2018-05-18United Kingdom Trash or Treasure?Is 'Kingdom Hearts II' Trash or Treasure?18:4629694.12%
2018-05-13United States G4ZDTechTVX-Play Classic - Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Review2:0262100.00%
2018-04-02 The DragonslayerBitterBits - Kingdom Hearts 2.5[3]6:21:472
2018-03-05 Puerta al SótanoS.H. Figuarts Sora (Kingdom Hearts II) | Review | Dan Figures #236:293,33698.19%
2018-02-22 King's Row CollectablesKINGDOM HEARTS II SORA S.H.FIGUARTS REVIEW AND COMPARISON12:487433.33%
2018-01-30 EdDaWizS.H. Figuarts Kingdom Hearts 2 Mickey Review10:534,08797.67%
2017-12-18United States D AmazingS.H. Figuarts Kingdom Hearts II Sora Review10:077,67497.86%
2017-11-10United States Unicorn of War - Thomas VaccaroMY BELOVED DUMPSTER FIRE | Kingdom Hearts 2 Review10:301,51098.41%
2017-09-27United Kingdom CaddicarusKingdom Hearts 2 Review (PS4)16:11156,41698.85%
2017-08-30United States Glenn GonzalesKingdom Hearts II.8 Final Chapter Prologue Review7:3810100.00%
2017-07-12United States ReegTheCompletionistKingdom Hearts II Final Mix HD - Trophy Review!7:174,40191.23%
2017-05-17 ComicBookFan 1992Kingdom Hearts II REVIEW thoughts3:035100.00%
2017-04-28United Kingdom PlaytendoGuyKingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Review4:5310
2017-04-06 SuperkenGamingKingdom Hearts 2 Review - Final Mix3:4525875.00%
2017-02-17Australia Jay RPGKingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Final Chapter Prologue Review (Spoiler-Free/PS4 Pro) - Title isn't long eno...7:14265100.00%