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Channels With The Most Views

1.Spain MegaMogwai85,364,341
2.United States Legends of Runeterra81,118,403
3.United States League of Legends67,694,689
4. GrappLr61,952,451
5.Mexico League of Legends Latinoamerica48,040,898
6.United States Swim34,639,417
7. Snnuy28,528,062
8.Mexico Legends of Runeterra - LATAM27,451,532
9.Thailand Inorin16,732,818
10.Brazil RuneterraBrasil15,790,767

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United States HawkTie2,099
2.United States Charlas de Runeterra por Sley1,267
3.Brazil Diário TCG1,219
4. GrappLr1,114
5.Canada Autoalai - League of Legends991
6.Brazil TheMG7959
7. Snnuy910
8. kingnothing2000883
9.Thailand Chun Chou R | icpuaupa | タク882
10.Belgium Ultraman_CCG861

Latest Let's Plays For Legends of Runeterra

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
6 days agoThailand PainSeinLux No use Lux Challenge| The Star Forger Playthrough (Thai) | LOR | Path of Champions58:33114
2023-03-10Germany goodnaTured1988Das beste Deck in Runeterra? 🎮 ANGEZOCKT #03: Legends of Runeterra18:487
2023-03-07United Kingdom UmbraPrimeJinx Would've Helped | Legends of Runeterra | No Commentary4:17417
2023-02-28United Kingdom IDC GamesTop Epic Plays in Legends of Runeterra | The best plays and tricks #10:20589
2023-02-19Indonesia LugarioGame cepat pake Yasuo/Malphite deck - Legends of Runeterra | Gameplay6:1057
2023-02-18 Ryan353Elite Vs Malphite Taliyah | Legends of Runeterra8:0546
2023-02-10Venezuela La Cueva del LoboLegends of Runeterra Leona y Diana vs Malphite y Taliya8:16252
2023-02-07 Puffball PandaMalphite Taliyah Is ROCK Solid! ~ Legends of Runeterra25:211,322
2023-01-28Malaysia Banana GuyThis Deck Is Finally Good!! Taliyah Malphite | Legends of Runeterra20:401,403
2023-01-27United States Liberty1844Malphite is Meta??? | Taliyah Landmarks | Legends of Runeterra34:313,084
2023-01-25Canada Autoalai - League of Legends''I'm not an elusive abuser'' *plays an elusive unit* - LoR Moments8:449
2023-01-19 CarlorRuler's Pentakill, Theshy's Nidalee Top (Top 10 LPL Plays of the Week)9:3765
2023-01-19United States DarkWolf52DarkWolf52 plays Legends Of Runeterra ep 312:5751
2023-01-17 Literally BrandonTHE ONLY LANDMARK DECK YOU WILL NEED | Legends of Runeterra22:0482
2023-01-13Canada Reckless Tempest[Top 16 NA Seasonals] Tryhard Katarina Leona Aggro LP Grinding | Runeterra Ranked Stream4:29:52104
2023-01-10Indonesia NagamasaAzWINSTRIKE WITH LANDMARKS IN MASTER!!🔥 | Malphite + Taliyah deck | Legends of Runeterra24:571,039
2023-01-10Japan こころ みぃ ღ kokoro mii ღ[JP/EN/ES]First Playthrough legend of runeterra [JPVTuber]1:08:4155
2023-01-09United States BUSTPath of Champions Playthrough - Aatrox's Adventure - The Terror of the Depths (Nautilus)38:3829
2023-01-08Sweden softsebby aka Big chungus gaming deluxe HDomg i wicked highhh!!!!! let's play funny league card game aka legends of runeterra (high gaming)1:02:0739
2023-01-03 TouTTo NaRouTTolegend of runeterra :malphite only deck7:5517
2023-01-02Indonesia Jy RANDnaSUS Reached 600 lp with this Deck🔥20:45864
2023-01-02United States Spicy Toast GamingMaster Cloner Tahm Kench Build and Playthrough52:331,156
2023-01-01 AbsoLucianMalphite Slander #legendsofruneterra0:551,825
2022-12-30United States Battle Lore CharactersWho is strongest? | Malphite vs Nautilus0:292,335
2022-12-28United States Kollen - LORBest Of 2022 in LOR (Part 1) | Fails, WTF, OMG, lucky Moments and Highlights in Legends of Runeterra28:501,000

Latest Reviews For Legends of Runeterra

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
21 hours agoBelgium Ultraman_CCGLes Adeptes de Samira ? Review des Cartes "Gloire à Navori" ! [Legends of Runeterra] [FR]15:20538
1 day agoUnited States MajiinBae*NEW* Bandle City And PnZ Predict Support!! - New Cards Reaction And Review9:566,363
2023-03-07United States Game DameMy 4.2.0 Patch Notes Review | Legends of Runeterra12:3815
2023-03-01United States BUSTLegends of Runeterra - Patch 4.2.0 Review - Perspective From a Masters Player47:32108
2023-02-07Serbia NymuelVARIETY UPDATE And New Cards - Patch 4.1 Review - Legends of Runeterra50:3915
2023-02-07 SnnuyBALANCE UPDATE And New Cards - Patch 4.1 Review - Legends of Runeterra55:2153,428
2023-02-07Austria TheLegendXXVIIKEKBye Quietus | Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.1.0 Review & Reaction39:182,047
2023-02-04Indonesia Ahmad_04Mari berbincang dan mereview deck yang gagal di buat | [Legends of Runeterra]22:518
2023-02-02Peru Commodore GamingLegends of Runeterra Review4:133
2023-02-01 SpidzSeasonal Gatekeeper Spidz | Rounds 8 & 9 | World Ender Seasonal VOD Reviews | Legends of Runeterra1:33:4159
2023-01-08Indonesia Airliur123[???] YTTA 3 Review tipis, udahnya gatau, paling LoR5:38:45610
2022-12-31United States Spicy Toast Gaming2022 Year In Review12:52458
2022-12-08Italy theduelist92Sterminatore di Mondi Card Review - Legends of Runeterra ITA Master ELO1:37:28427
2022-11-10Germany ConanssonLoRPatch 3.19 Notes Review - RIWAN Podcast with Jinden and Leer!1:47:1174
2022-11-08South Africa RavistoLegends of Runeterra | Patch Notes Review | Seraphine is Dead | Best Decks for new patch | #LOR10:1031
2022-11-08Canada Reckless TempestWill Seraphine drop from #1 in the charts? | Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.19 Patch Review32:2298
2022-11-08United States WethepplsLegends of Runeterra - Patch 3.19.0 Review - My Thoughts and Opinions18:0570
2022-11-08United States JasensationalBYE SERPAHINE! Patch 3.19.0 Review | Legends of Runeterra42:105,253
2022-10-25Viet Nam Huyền Thoại RuneterraTrải Nghiệm Runeterra | Tập 3 - Review Tướng Seraphine4:072,120
2022-10-23 Jessie Reviews*Legends of Runeterra* is doing something RIGHT #shorts #review0:1683
2022-10-11Italy MeliadorMEGA CARD REVIEW della nuova espansione DOMINION con SouL, Deidara e Pob I Lor ITA3:30:503,003
2022-10-04Denmark Honest Game ReviewLegends of Runeterra better than Heartstone? - Honest Review3:071,371
2022-10-01Canada KrinBitsDIANA Has a Problem with NIGHTFALL || Diana 's #LoR Design Review #Shorts0:556,260
2022-09-28United States eMOEtional[NEW] Patch 3.16 Legends of Runeterra Review!!23:122,310