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Channels With The Most Views

1. PopularMMOs12,094,813,436
2.United Kingdom DanTDM9,907,554,401
3.Brazil AuthenticGames6,399,447,540
4. stampylonghead5,676,493,850
5.Spain Mikecrack4,456,046,122
6.United States Aphmau4,355,863,260
7.Brazil Robin Hood Gamer3,664,999,827
8.United States Sky Does Everything3,569,653,127
9.United States Preston3,398,567,269
10.United States UnspeakableGaming3,248,630,779

Channels With The Most Videos

1. JeromeASF6,644
2.Germany SparkofPhoenix6,378
3.United Kingdom ECKOSOLDIER4,751
4.United Kingdom ibxtoycat4,097
5. PopularMMOs3,844
6.Germany PietSmiet3,687
7. CraftStones3,540
8.United States iJevin3,517
9.United States CaptainSparklez3,474
10.Canada Bajan Canadian3,423

Minecraft Monetization Information

Monetization Policy: Stream/Video Monetization Allowed
Last Updated: 2020-11-12 1:22:04 PM

Under "Minecraft Commercial Usage Guidelines", you may create, use and distribute videos and streams of you playing or using Minecraft for any lawful reason and you may monetize them under the following conditions:

  • videos are free to view (no paywall)
  • streams are made free to view within 24 hours
  • unique content is added to the video or stream, such as audio commentary or construction of buildings or art
  • advertising or promoting other products or services is prohibited
  • selling physical copies of videos or streams is prohibited
  • broadcasting or distributing videos or streams via television is prohibited

Source: Mojang Terms and Conditions

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15 hours agoIndia The Cosmic Boy 2.050th Episode SPECIAL | COSMIC TOWER | Minecraft In Telugu | Lets Play #50 | THE COSMIC BOY25:3529,499
1 day agoUnited States Fishermen Whispers[🎣 *NOT ASMR* ↪ Minecraft] - "🎮 Parkouring my mind away. 🧠 | Let's Play | Commentary | Gameplay"16:4921
1 day agoUnited Kingdom FrithgarLet's Play Minecraft #34: Lost Underground!29:33218
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1 day agoUnited Kingdom PythonMCMinecraft Survival | Custom Resource Caves! | Python's World 2 (Minecraft Survival Let's Play)20:3121,430
1 day agoSwitzerland KuhnmannMinecraft | Böser Baum | #459 | All of Fabric 3 Modpack | 1.16.4 | Deutsch25:241
1 day agoUnited Kingdom DododoxMinecraft: EternalCraft - A NICE SURPRISE! [7]42:4712
1 day agoCanada GeminiTayLet's Play Minecraft Hardcore - Mining Episode33:4479,743
1 day ago Karina SekretMinecraft PlayStation 4 официальные сервера2:01:1481
1 day agoGermany TobinatorLetsPlayMINECRAFT ☀️ S05E014 • Twitch-Mods nennt man auch "Banner" (KEKW) • LET'S PLAY MINECRAFT24:251,053
1 day agoUnited States MithrandilPlaysTaco Building (Minecraft)1:36:0725
1 day agoFrance GoldawnLet's Play Automastick | EP96 - Affichage 7 Segments (Compteur/Horloge) ! - Minecraft 1.1621:011,637
1 day agoItaly Dextro23Minecraft Pixelmon #196 Diamant in Hülle und Fülle | Let's Play Deutsch PokeCraft31:55267
1 day agoGermany MelideasLet's Play Minecraft - #3 - Das erste Dorf | 1.16 [Deutsch / German]25:2765
1 day agoGermany Studio WinthorMINECRAFT: Das Mittelalter || Mausie Mauer Maues |720|21:291
1 day agoGreece Famous GamesΘα μας φάνε οι αρκούδες στο δάσος Camping Minecraft Famous Games @Let’s Play Kristina17:0519,901
1 day agoUnited States Plantmaster200 Subscriber Special! - Minecraft Survival Letsplay - Episode 20 - Xbox Series X Gameplay22:1731
1 day ago impulseSV21/21/2021 - Hermitcraft Action | Shulker Hunting! (Stream Replay)2:16:1810,392
1 day ago RadioJH GamesThe PPP Plays Minecraft BEDWARS PT2!48:162,465
1 day agoUnited Kingdom PythonLIVEMinecraft Hardcore Amplified | It's Adventure Time! [7/100]2:04:005,634
1 day agoGermany AdamantiosMinecraft ⛏️22 -Grand Theft Turtle- Adamantios32:2244
2 days agoCanada KoldGenerationComment mal partir une survie MINECRAFT! - Let's play : Minecraft HARDCORE 1.17 - S02E0123:05959

Latest Reviews For Minecraft

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3 days agoMexico TheDuran82CALAMAR BRILLANTES 1.17 REVIEW MINECRAFT Snapshot 21W03A10:581,646
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4 days agoUnited Kingdom ItsMrSquawkGlow Squids Are They Good? I Minecraft Snapshot 20w03a Review6:32322
4 days agoIndonesia Wielino SHTMap Subscriber Ter Epic - Review Map Minecraft #225:36163,028
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2021-01-15Argentina Masters NoxsNuevo Servidor 2021 RubyNet No Premium con Mod Pixelmon 8.1.2 Review Español20:11100
2021-01-14Indonesia xSana ChannelPlayer Minecraft Wajib Coba !! Buat Mecha Keren Kalian dan Banyak Mode Loh - Astracraft Indonesia18:37123
2021-01-14United States SquirrelStampedeMinecraft Minifigures Melon Series 22 Review Mattel14:2023,002
2021-01-13 ANTONIcraALEX'S MOBS MOD - Cienpies GIGANTE, Sopa do MACACO, Ranas y +! - Minecraft mod 1.16.4 Review ESPAÑOL17:22112,355
2021-01-08 Skycaptin5Minecraft Bloom Gameplay Ending & Atrium 15 Flowers1:03:1510,041
2021-01-04United States AlexIsModdedAdding new weapons to Minecraft that allow me to spam bees for 8 minutes8:1391
2021-01-03Indonesia Kyle ZefanyaIRON GOLEM NGAMUKK!!! MEMBANTAI MARKAS PILLAGER! - Lego Minecraft 21159 The Pillager Outpost Review14:4476,559
2020-12-28 The True Gingershadow10 NEW DEVIL FRUITS ADDED & MORE! || Minecraft One Piece Mod Review (Mine Mine No Mi Mod)36:4222,817
2020-12-28Canada AshnflashLEGO MINECRAFT The Bee Farm (21165) - 2021 Set Review10:298,566
2020-12-27United States 1 Man 1 GameMy Year In Review 2020 [Minecraft Bedrock Edition]8:46524
2020-12-24Mexico Bowser KingMinecraft Pe Review FNaF Sister Location Addon (Dany Fox) Para todas las Versiones 1.16.209:1898
2020-12-24Spain SQLTOPMods para minecraft ¬.¬ Mo´ Creatures - Alex´s Mobs 1.16.4 - Mod Review13:01188
2020-12-24Japan Naozoohレゴ マインクラフト 廃坑の探検 21166 / LEGO Minecraft The 'Abandoned' Mine Speed Build & Review9:5711,852
2020-12-23United Kingdom AvomanceBest Minecraft Seeds Tours and Reviews | This survival seed has EVERYTHING you could need very close25:274,369
2020-12-22 BlueDawgoI HAVE THE BEES | Lego Minecraft The Bee Farm Set Review!7:0748
2020-12-21United States StealthMinecraft Farmer Life Review/ Showcase! (FREE MAP) Community Celebration!!!11:5717,217
2020-12-20 GWPunchมายคราฟมอดสัตว์ในเทพนิยาย! (ม้าทะเล หนอนยักษ์ โทรล!!) | Ice and Fire Mod #220:25163,793