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1.United States Cinemassacre8,631,064
2.Mexico Marco Hayabusa4,708,035
3.United States TempestWay4,289,825
4.Spain MovieGames3,809,651
5.United States GameGrumps3,690,429
6.United States IGN3,025,683
7.Peru Pepe El Mago2,860,876
8. GBelair2,533,298
9.United Kingdom outsidexbox2,455,029
10. GameSpot2,426,796

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1. SoundDreamer671
2.Russian Federation Scorpion Fantom200
3.United States Gamechive182
4. IoVonYuki162
5. rightword144
6.Mexico Marco Hayabusa144
7.United States IGN140
8. Kagerasimaru124
9. CallMeSugarMilk119
10.Azerbaijan 2nd Channel117

Latest Let's Plays For Ninja Gaiden

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9 hours agoCanada JEFF SINNERJE DOIS RESTER CALME! // Ninja Gaiden Σ - Let's Play FR // Épisode 459:402
10 hours agoItaly Lelex TubeLet's Play Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Remastered #2 [BLIND RUN - PS5] NINJA GAIDEN MASTER COLLECTION55:5523
15 hours agoGermany ChristinAngel3000NINJA GAIDEN MC Ps4 [Ger] - 25 min. Game Voting für Teil 1 , 2 oder 3 !!25:4918
1 day agoUnited Kingdom 2 old 4 gamingNinja Gaiden Master Collection PSVita/Nintendo Switch Graphics Comparison4:041,538
1 day agoFrance Waines10[LP] Ninja Gaiden Black [2] L'attaque du Village !34:287
2 days agoUnited States SpongicXSpongicX Plays Ninja Gaiden Master Collection Part 83:32:1525
3 days agoSpain AxelSanGoAxel plays Ninja Gaiden Sigma - Part 15:26:28102
3 days agoUnited Kingdom The Geek ShowNinja Gaiden, Magnificent Trufflepigs, Moonlight Sculptor & More44:2624
4 days agoUnited States Babble Bros PlayLet's Play Ninja Gaiden Sigma (Master Collection) part 440:141
4 days agoPortugal FaKir🔴 NINJA GAIDEN: MASTER COLLECTION - Ninja Gaiden Sigma - Playthrough #53:00:4519
4 days agoGermany Punisher 1987Ninja Gaiden Σ2 Sigma Hard Modus PS4 Deutsch First Playthrough #12 Zurück im Dorf Hayabusa Let'sPlay22:3136
4 days agoUnited States DisBearity - Strategic GamingNinja Gaiden Sigma | Destruction of Hayabusa Village | Part 143:503
4 days agoUnited States angry_playstation_nerdLets play Ninja Gaiden E Sigma gameplay1:22:510
5 days agoNorway KuroHixNINJA GAIDEN Σ Let's play #4.511:170
5 days agoUnited States DominatorzCrewNinja Gaiden Sigma 2 Master Collection - Master Ninja Playthrough Chapter Challenge3:07:36193
6 days ago Mighty_Avenger: The MultitaskerDESTRUCTION OF ALMA!! Ninja Gaiden Sigma Playthrough Streaming! Pt.34:05:4018
6 days agoCanada TannerOfTheNorthLet's Play Ninja Gaiden Master Collection Until I Get a Game Over1:04:20331
2021-06-13 Marcus ScottNinja Gaiden Σ Playthrough10:341
2021-06-12United States xXBluey312XxPS5 NINJA GAIDEN MASTER COLLECTION NINJA GAIDEN 1 Playthrough PART 21:34:158
2021-06-11United States MegamanNGNinja Gaiden: Master Collection – Ninja Gaiden Sigma Part 1: Chapters 1-238:36219
2021-06-11France MrQuotyNinja Gaiden: Master Collection | Découverte Gameplay FR18:48669
2021-06-10Brazil Zaptroxix2Ninja Gaiden Sigma First Playthrough - Master Collection 20215:44:1551
2021-06-10United States SegaSaturnSNKNINJA GAIDEN Σ2 Master Collection Scrubby Gameplay Playstation 5 4K 60fps4:5024
2021-06-10Finland Yuni GamingThe Way of the Ninja! - Ninja Gaiden Sigma Gameplay / First Impressions (PS4)34:05586
2021-06-10United Kingdom BamalamNINJA GAIDEN Master Collection | PS5 | Live Gameplay Reaction1:41:30754

Latest Reviews For Ninja Gaiden

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14 hours agoPortugal BenchARTNinja Gaiden Sigma 2 | MX130/GT 940MX | 2GB GDDR5 | Performance Review8:5549
16 hours agoCanada Chris GildartPvC Mini Review | Ninja Gaiden Sigma9:47242
2 days agoUnited States AntDaGamer*ADG EntertainmentNINJA GAIDEN: MASTER COLLECTION REVIEW | Is Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Worth A Buy4:461,106
4 days agoThailand CONSOLE GAMER STATIONNinja Gaiden: Master Collection รีวิว [Review] – ไตรภาคของต้นฉบับ “เกมหัวร้อน”9:0412,167
5 days ago SteveburtoNinja Gaiden Collection PC | Quick Review: TWO Sepukku's Committed!10:3913
5 days agoUnited States SwrinnyNinja Gaiden Master Collection Review & Tag Missions Difficulty (SWITCH PS4 STEAM XB1)10:201,547
2021-06-12United States The OuterhavenNinja Gaiden Master Collection Review3:3336
2021-06-12India GamingBoltNinja Gaiden: Master Collection Review - The Final Verdict11:5440,521
2021-06-11United Kingdom Obsessive Compulsive GamingNinja Gaiden Master Collection (REVIEW - PART 1) I have a black belt...I bought it on e-bay13:3922
2021-06-11United Kingdom Nintendo LifeNinja Gaiden: Master Collection Nintendo Switch Review - Is It Worth It?7:1430,418
2021-06-11 tetsuo9999Ninja Gaiden Master Collection - quick PC port overview/review10:02550
2021-06-10 Lior Bar-ElNinja Gaiden Master Collection Nintendo Switch25:54238
2021-06-10Philippines MorphyNinja Gaiden: Master Collection | Nintendo Switch Review9:07850
2021-06-10United Kingdom MamushiNinja Gaiden Master Collection Gameplay - First Impressions3:2361
2021-06-10United Kingdom GrimlockePrimeNinja Gaiden Master Collection (Sigma No Spoiler Review)11:3492
2021-06-10United States YT GamerzNINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection Nintendo Switch | NINJA GAIDEN Sigma 2 Switch Gameplay #ytgamerz24:19185
2021-06-10Spain Fran SagaAsí es NINJA GAIDEN Master Collection en Switch | Gameplay Sobremesa y Portátil | Review31:434,860
2021-06-09United States Noisy PixelNinja Gaiden Master Collection Review - Noisy Pixel5:584,103
2021-06-09United States Nintendo SphereNinja Gaiden Master Collection REVIEW Nintendo Switch GAMEPLAY | PC STEAM PlayStation 4 Impressions10:113,703
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2021-06-09 Pure Play TVNinja Gaiden: Master Collection PS5, PS4 Review - The Ultimate Package | Pure Play TV5:363,614
2021-06-09 FextralifeNinja Gaiden Master Collection Review: Is it Worth It? DLC Gameplay Impressions6:4661,421
2021-06-09United Kingdom God is a GeekNinja Gaiden: Master Collection review | PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch6:086,974
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2021-06-09United States DestructoidNinja Gaiden: Master Collection | Destructoid Review6:2916,958