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1.United States Cinemassacre8,744,679
2.Mexico Marco Hayabusa5,237,473
3.United States TempestWay5,152,497
4.Spain MovieGames3,817,645
5.United States GameGrumps3,705,783
6.United States IGN3,350,754
7.Peru Pepe El Mago3,126,276
8. GBelair2,662,453
9.United Kingdom outsidexbox2,457,022
10. CallMeSugarMilk2,300,047

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1. SoundDreamer658
2.Italy Master Ninja Ryu333
3.United Kingdom Phorus1987217
4.Russian Federation Scorpion Fantom181
5.Mexico Marco Hayabusa180
6. rightword143
7.United States IGN142
8. Kagerasimaru141
9. anouar hanzo122
10. Video Games Music Zone111

Latest Let's Plays For Ninja Gaiden

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-09-15Ireland MrJreapersNinja Gaiden Sigma: Wind Blows Gentle Leaf's (Livestream #5)2:39:3512
2021-09-12 Mighty_Avenger: The MultitaskerDEEP DOWN BELOW!! | Let's Play: Ninja Gaiden Sigma II(FINALE!) Playthrough Streaming! Pt.102:12:4318
2021-09-06France Waines10[Let's Play] Ninja Gaiden Black [17 - BONUS] Arcade, Costume, Mode Difficile !28:3010
2021-09-06United States blindmetalgamerNinja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge Playthrough: Part 12:47:231
2021-08-31United States Digital Phantom ZXYaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (The Re-Playthrough): Part 7 - FINAL BOSS38:5410
2021-08-29United States MetalSmasherGamingSunday Longplay - Ninja Gaiden Shadow (Game Boy)26:31179
2021-08-25Germany PixeltypRetro mit Alex #06 | Etwas 8 Bit Liebe verteilen u.a. mit Ninja Gaiden | Let's Play3:15:4215
2021-08-22United States Kats9tails GamingNinja Gaiden Black | Complete Playthrough | No Rage Required | 4K 60FPS8:39:0425
2021-08-21United States EdoKotobaNinja Gaiden Sigma 2 | Blind Playthrough - FINALE2:24:5514
2021-08-20 Zack PainLet's Play Ninja Gaiden Σ2 - Épisode 18 : Archidiable30:3413
2021-08-17 NicoHDgamingLet's Play Ninja Gaiden Sigma (Master Collection) Chapter 11 (2of2) - The Military Supply Base24:4432
2021-08-16United States GodSaw GamingNinja Gaiden Sigma Playthrough Part 13 Final2:12:595
2021-08-01Spain DarthKafka[LEYENDO] REVISTA PLAYMANIA No. 272: El Terror que viene, Hades y más9:31112
2021-08-01 Just a Regular GamerLet's Play Ninja Gaiden sigma 2 Part 6 Finale58:222
2021-07-29Brazil Vintage RetrogamesNinja Gaiden (XBOX clássico) VS Ninja Gaiden Sigma (Playstation 3): comparação lado a lado22:2066
2021-07-25France Game Movie LandNINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2 fr - FILM JEU COMPLET2:09:5813,049
2021-07-24Brazil 1UP LongplaysNinja Gaiden (SNES) Longplay44:3814
2021-07-22 sigmaroidLet's play Ninja Gaiden Sigma Steam partie 2/41:58:006
2021-07-22Spain PlacebogamesNinja Gaiden Sigma 2 Capítulo#17 Final "Sangre Envenenada"31:463
2021-07-14United Kingdom BurningSoul Will-O-WisperPS3 Glitch ⚔️ Ninja Gaiden: Sigma (NINJA 外伝) 🎮2:317
2021-07-11Canada Working As IntendedBIRDS SUCK: Let's Play Retro Games Part 204 (Ninja Gaiden)41:5318
2021-07-09Spain AxelSanGoAxel plays Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (Hard) - Part 12:29:2667
2021-07-06Brazil Kozma GamesNinja Gaiden para Master System COMPLETO até o FINAL! (Gameplay em Português PT-BR)1:15:19131
2021-07-05 PrinceWatercressLet's Play Ninja Gaiden Shadow, Longplay26:576

Latest Reviews For Ninja Gaiden

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-09-11United States GrenadehNinja Gaiden Master Collection Sigma 2 Review (PC)39:243
2021-08-07United States AustinSVWhich Versions of the Ninja Gaiden Games Should You Play? All Ports Reviewed + The Master Collection27:3163,951
2021-08-03United States Brian SolowNinja Gaiden Master Collection Review (Switch Version) & Thoughts on the Netflix Castlevania Series21:4835
2021-08-02 Dani PlaysNinja Gaiden: Master Collection - Review | Nintendo Switch6:0260
2021-07-30United States OglesTanuki Justice - A Modern Retro Classic! (Nintendo Switch Review)6:4676
2021-07-26 KyoKusagani1998Wild Fang / Tecmo Knight REVIEW - Pseudo Ninja Gaiden Arcade Sequel!11:26114
2021-07-19United Kingdom Games FreezerWithin The Blade | Nintendo Switch | Gameplay | "Ninjas Are Cool"29:462
2021-07-11Philippines mayabreaNINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2 Gameplay Review13:114
2021-07-10 VictoryNYCTOONAMI Game Review: Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection [HD] (7/10/21)1:0164
2021-07-10United States JuniorToonami - Ninja Gaiden Master Collection Game Review (HD 1080p)1:012,518
2021-07-10Ecuador Paliza Land TVNinja Gaiden: Master Collection│Análisis Review en español Nintendo Switch #Ninja Gaiden14:01774
2021-07-10Spain MARCAGaming Review: Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection4:21197
2021-07-06Canada kintipsKintips Boxing Ninja Gaiden Trilogy Sigma Razors Edge Nintendo Switch Tecmo Koei PHYSICAL Edition1:1620
2021-07-05 Skycaptin5Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge Xbox Series X Gameplay [Ninja Gaiden Master Collection]21:181,008
2021-06-30 RhakimdarGit Gud or Die Trying! Ninja Gaiden Master Collection Discussion/Review18:4922
2021-06-28 Ser YasNinja Gaiden Master Collection Review The Lazy Return of the Cult Series5:342
2021-06-26Indonesia Player DuaReview Ninja Gaiden Master Collection di Nintendo Switch Indonesia | #PlusMinus10:162,659
2021-06-23United Kingdom Obsessive Compulsive GamingNinja Gaiden Master Collection (REVIEW - PART 2) Ninja's have small pee pee's because of steroids12:3923
2021-06-22Portugal BenchARTNinja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge | Intel UHD 620 | Performance Review7:46146
2021-06-20 tetsuo9999Switch Port Review Series - Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (Master Collection)19:00509
2021-06-19Canada Chris GildartPvC Mini Review | Ninja Gaiden Sigma9:47808
2021-06-17United States AntDaGamer*ADG EntertainmentNINJA GAIDEN: MASTER COLLECTION REVIEW | Is Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Worth A Buy4:462,019
2021-06-15Thailand CONSOLE GAMER STATIONNinja Gaiden: Master Collection รีวิว [Review] – ไตรภาคของต้นฉบับ “เกมหัวร้อน”9:0419,987
2021-06-14 SteveburtoNinja Gaiden Collection PC | Quick Review: TWO Sepukku's Committed!10:3922
2021-06-14United States SwrinnyNinja Gaiden Master Collection Review & Tag Missions Difficulty (SWITCH PS4 STEAM XB1)10:206,794