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1.United States PurpleRodri59,412,807
2.United States chuggaaconroy48,516,241
3.Spain Folagor0335,480,173
4.Brazil Geração Power Up29,312,390
5.Canada SmallAnt28,751,626
6.United States Alpharad27,433,444
7.United States MunchingOrange23,218,278
8.United States Super Skarmory19,741,935
9.Canada Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams!18,605,621
10.United States DKOldies.com16,948,547

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1.Spain PhoenixDark10,154
2.Brazil Ventilador Quebrado872
3.United States SeriouslyTheCat672
4.Spain Revenge Killer504
5.United States VideoGamePhenom439
6.Spain La Friki Dimension348
7.United States GameplayArchive328
8.United Kingdom Anoidvern271
9.Germany Jassy666255
10.United States Bryan Blackner252

Latest Let's Plays For Pokémon Emerald

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoPhilippines MC ZouldierPokemon Emerald Playthrough 19: Mossdeep Gym Battle Vs Tate And Liza13:0740
1 day agoUnited States Mount Moon TCGEp. #16 Battling With Steven Against Team Magma! - Pokemon Emerald Let's Play!44:0711
4 days ago RetroLet's Play Pokémon Emerald | Ep. 27: Fortree City & Fly!9:2629
5 days agoDenmark Andre the terminatorLet's Play Pokemon Sigma Emerald Nuzlocke Part 6: 2nd Attempt36:184
5 days agoUnited States GeeVeeLet's Play Pokémon Emerald (Nuzlocke Attempt #2) Part 2232:0774
5 days agoCanada GrieverLIVE: Let's Play! RANDOMIZER Pokemon Emerald: Nuzlocke - 022:43:5033
2024-07-13Austria NinMado | MarkusHeftiges Duell gegen Troy! 🟢​ Let's Play POKÈMON SMARAGD #63 [ENDE]20:42281
2024-07-13United States Retcon_404 Plays GamesScope it Out - Pokemon Emerald | Part 2433:3939
2024-07-13United States SacredAlmightyPokemon Emerald Rogue 2.0 is Brutal on My Mental Health... (HELP ME!)18:462,405
2024-07-12United States Arrquil Livestream ArchivesPokemon Emerald Rogue EX - emi's Full Playthrough7:54:4113
2024-07-12 PlayFramePlus Stream ArchivePokémon Emerald - #1 - My first full Gen 3 playthrough begins!5:57:592,804
2024-07-11United States Alaina Nicolei defeat the final gym leader & see legendary pokemon in pokemon emerald! pokemmo let’s play ep 25!25:47135
2024-07-09United States TrevTheShepLet's get moving! | Pokemon Emerald Harder Randomizer Playthrough Ep 51:16:0423
2024-07-07 NicholadLet's Play Pokemon Emerald Randomizer Nuzlocke! | Ep. 12: The Culprits18:1245
2024-07-06United States J. GoebsThe First Maxie Fight! (Blind Kaizo Emerald Playthrough)28:0538
2024-07-05United States JacobSCPokemon Emerald Rogue 2.0 - First Playthrough!3:23:3237
2024-07-05United States BoltMouseXPokemon Emerald Version Playthrough Part 431:2061
2024-07-02Morocco MasterPoucinePokemon Emerald Rogue V2.0 NEW 2024 Completed GBA Rom Hack : VANILLA & EX Version Download links10:00532
2024-07-02Germany ArcadiaSupremePOKÉMON SMARAGD 💎 #24: Gott, sind die dämlich!33:2778
2024-06-30United States cbiscot2POKÉMON: EMERALD FIRST PLAYTHROUGH - EP. 13 TEAM MAGMA HIDEOUT!12:0017
2024-06-30United States Lies and SlanderPokemon Emerald Let's Play | I Choose You Treeko36:2230
2024-06-29Puerto Rico SoresanCrockxenPokemon Emerald Catch'Em All Let's Play Part 12 #pokemonemerald2:06:3940
2024-06-26United States EnderErik345Pokemon Emerald Playthrough #121:22164
2024-06-18 fate of the blackrose1763pokemon emerald playthrough part 14 going to get the secret golden nugget11:280

Latest Reviews For Pokémon Emerald

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-05-16United States BrianycusI Played Pokemon Emerald for the First Time29:032,511
2024-04-04 gokusondbzQuick Reviews: Pokemon Emerald For Gameboy Advance0:15469
2024-04-04United States Phase ShiftPokémon Glazed Review! Download tutorial included on related video. #pokemon #pokemoncommunity0:5311,782
2024-03-24 MYSEPokemon Emerald Playthrough Campaign Review2:352
2023-11-27United Kingdom Bithe7011My Pokemon Emerald reveiw #pokemongame #pokemongame #pokemonemerald #charmander #review #gaming0:2087
2023-10-28United States ZactoshiThe Battle for Terapagos in Pokémon Horizons.8:0155,888
2023-09-05 leinad jpcQuiero a mi Esrrrrruuumisshh y review Pokémon Quetzal - HackRom GBA Capítulo 322:178
2023-08-21Spain ChronicaYa la review de Pokémon Rogue Emerald GBA con 8 GEN y Mapas Aleatorios estilo Minecraft¡ #pokemongba0:111,943
2023-08-11United States Catalina CaldwellAnd after review, I still don't know what i'm doing for most of this stream [Pokemon Emerald Rogue]2:48:4812
2023-08-09Chile Joseto1305Pokemon Esmeralda Retro Review en Español - Vale la pena jugarlo en 2023?6:17733
2023-08-08Costa Rica Churly-PuikFINAL UPDATE Pokemon Emerald (link to full review in description)53:5272
2023-06-03United Kingdom Ed R GamingPokémon Emerald - Gameplay Walkthrough - Review!!!9:5840
2023-04-19Indonesia F_A_P GamingReview gameplay Pokemon Emerald version #gameplay #games #gaming #gba #gbaemulator #review #pokemon0:573
2023-03-16United Kingdom It'sChrisPokémon Rom Hack Review -Pokémon Emerald Party Randomizer Plus9:026
2023-02-17 EN Vtuber Callidora LambrosMinute Romhack Review: ROWE #shorts0:556
2023-01-20Canada Ether x SocialPOKEMON EMERALD CREST || NUZLOCKE w/LoneAzn32:43184
2023-01-05 BruniyPokemon Emerald Team Sky, but it's only MandJTV saying "Sky!"0:5531,937
2022-12-29 NotKingOfGamesrahulcast #1: Intro and review of spy x family (pokemon emerald rogue)1:16:4221
2022-12-21 ErisIs Pokémon Emerald still GOOD in 2022? PokéMMO Hoenn Review #pokemon22:111,087
2022-11-30Netherlands EnarTogoPokemon Emerald Enhanced Review8:419,733
2022-09-25Spain AlekzNUEVO REMAKE DE POKÉMON ESMERALDA - Pokémon Ultra Delta- Fangames Reviews20:001,703
2022-06-16 Vulk HylanPokemon Emerald Review4:152
2022-05-01 The Moth Queen EffectPokemon Emerald Review6:555
2022-04-19United States No BananaProfessor Banana is in the lab!!!! | Pokemon Emerald Review17:0732
2022-04-17 BlindKungFuMasterConcurso Panini Reviewers - Manga Pokemon Emerald - BKFM1:1297

Most Viewed Pokémon Emerald Video on YouTube

The most viewed Pokémon Emerald video on YouTube is Can He Find The FAKE Pokémon Emerald In Time? with 16,860,479 views, published by United States DKOldies.com on May 23, 2022.

Most Liked Pokémon Emerald Video on YouTube

The most liked Pokémon Emerald video on YouTube is Can He Find The FAKE Pokémon Emerald In Time? with 948,943 likes, published by United States DKOldies.com on May 23, 2022.

10,000 Videos on YouTube Milestone for Pokémon Emerald

On January 13, 2013, Pokémon Emerald reaches 10,000 videos on YouTube with the release of Pokemon Emerald Part 62:team rocket would've been kick my ass by evilaways, which has 16 views and 0 likes.

100,000 Videos on YouTube Milestone for Pokémon Emerald

On February 6, 2022, Pokémon Emerald reaches 100,000 videos on YouTube with the release of May and Winona! Pokemon Emerald Doubles Edition Hardcore Nuzlocke by SleepySlowbro, which has 91 views and 4 likes.