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1.Spain Folagor0337,075,915
2.United States TFS Gaming19,143,426
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4. Pokeli12,700,802
5.United States Johnstone11,641,707
6.Canada Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams!9,357,741
7.United States Gumbino9,247,894
8.Brazil Pedro Araujo7,167,541
9.United States Smosh Games6,933,891
10.Australia UnlistedLeaf5,643,638

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1.United States thesacredlobo618
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3.Netherlands Meikitamemo215
4.Spain Folagor03185
5.United States pokeaimMD174
6. Duran161
7.United States HappyAnimaidCafeManager160
8. midArranged129
9. GameLoc121
10. Purple Wokey120

Latest Let's Plays For Pokémon Gold and Silver

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day ago TASVideosChannel[TAS] GBC Pokémon: Gold Version by CasualPokePlayer in 2:52:21.832:54:293,345
2021-07-08Germany Benedikt WernickeSkip and GO Lets play Pokemon USGS s2 #1027:044
2021-06-30United States TiKevin83 SpeedrunsGBC Pokemon Gold Glitchless TAS in 2:52:21 by CasualPokePlayer - TASBot Console Verification2:55:21854
2021-06-21United States MajorLeeGamingPokemon but Every Trainer PRO PLAYS ME and is Actually GOOD || GSChronicles Nuzlocke 0519:0828
2021-06-19Netherlands SiIvaGunnerEcruteak City/Cianwood City (Alpha Mix) - Pokémon Gold & Silver3:2118,727
2021-06-19Germany MiMsuDie BRITEN sind LOS! 🤣 • Pokémon GS Chronicles Nuzlocke20:5517
2021-06-17United States OmegaKyro【LIVE 🔴】Playing Pokemon Gold Version | GAMEBOY -【PlayThrough】PART 17 / FINALE1:29:4534
2021-06-05United States aDriveShortsPOKEMON GS CHRONICLES NUZLOCKE! A BRAND NEW LETS PLAY! #Shorts0:594,066
2021-05-02United States NallexThey call me the Dragon Tamer! | Pokemon OR/AS Deltalocke | Part 635:0120
2021-04-27Austria NussKoma9Geschmeidige Trainingskämpfe | Pokémon Heart Gold Randomizer Nuzlocke #9 (Deutsch)20:2819
2021-04-22United States Sprouse Squad#Lets Play #SprouseSquad #Pokemon Sprouse Squad Plays Pokémon Gold47:121,088
2021-04-01United States chichukiPokemon Silver Playthrough EP4: Ruins of Alph!33:1023
2021-03-31United States LeifEricsonDiscord Played Gold (Twitter Plays Pokémon II)1:39:08115
2021-03-27Brazil FabioManoel1977Let's go Play Pokemon Silver Playthrough Português Brasil PT-BR9:363
2021-03-25United States Mr. Game & BeardWhat A Loser | Pokemon Gold & Silver Finale26:312
2021-03-04Chile Pokerus Project💫 POKÉMON GOLD & SILVER ✨ | Ruins of Alph (Prog Metal Cover) || Pokérus Project8:06180
2021-01-25France Rom'sPOKEMON SILVER MOON #14 J'essaye de battre le conseil 4 | Let's Play Rom hack HD FR24:35260
2021-01-22 Steven Z KILLERSteven Z KILLER Plays Pokemon Silver (Nuzlocke Randomizer) TIME TO BEAT RED!!! - THIS IS THE END!!!1:17:55539
2021-01-10United States SmkGaming051st Encounter SHINY Gyarados - 1st Encounter Shiny Pokemon0:591,997
2021-01-04Germany LETSPLAYmarkusPOKÉMON SOULSILVER # 08 🌏 Kais komische Käfer-Kombo!29:5713,045
2020-12-20 Waldemir Old GamesPokemon - Versão Ouro (GBC-BR): 4 - O 1º ginásio/ Falkner e a insignia de brisa/ As ruínas alph32:583
2020-12-04Portugal Colonel RPGRenegade is best - Let's Play Mass Effect #7029:34102
2020-12-03Germany Best of Tortoisegamer TVYouTube Shorts ♻️ ☠ Let's Play Pokémon Gold HIGH END GAMING Clip 50:1514
2020-11-25Jordan قناة ألعاب فيديوروبلكس بت نادر ROBLEX bet rare6:13500
2020-11-20Canada HateBreeDResizing and Playtesting a new duel map for ZenSports "Pigeon Classic" duel tournament for charity!35:3371

Latest Reviews For Pokémon Gold and Silver

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-04-02United States PokeRefTyphlosion Gen 2 Best Moveset - Typhlosion Best Moveset Moves Pokemon Gold Silver Crystal5:281,538
2020-11-26United States Lumiose Trainer ZacPokémon Original Series Anime Review26:15161,918
2020-09-12Germany Pokémon ChallengesWhy Pokemon Gen 2 Is The Worst In The Series24:16587,175
2020-07-16United Kingdom The Dark AuthorSnow On Mt silver Written by Anonymous narrated by The Dark Author +Review25:58132
2020-06-19United Kingdom Higher Plain GamesThe Sojourn - Game Review | Puzzle | Cerebral | Hidden Gem10:3759
2020-05-04United States BowserGalaxy10Pokemon Gold Part62: Fighting Strength10:014
2020-04-06Netherlands Gamekings VaultPokémon Silver Review: Even leuk als vroeger?6:0714
2020-03-11 rojoentrenadorPokémon Oro|Plata|Cristal Ost Ciudad Carmín música1:31102
2020-03-07United States Mr WiiPokemon Gold and Silver Game Boy Color Review - Mr Wii Reviews Episode 378:0975
2020-02-16United States SilverPokemon Scale World Johto Region Set Unboxing & Review27:189,421
2019-11-24United States Betty PVP'Look Great' Green Skin: Dungeon Master Game Review 1080p Official Super Planet11:5013
2019-05-03United Kingdom JammoPOKEMON GOLD AND SILVER (Gameboy Colour) 1999 - GAME REVIEW10:44183
2019-02-21 Jlink Master ArchivePOKEMON GOLD GBC REVIEW0:3612
2019-01-19 Tama HeroPokémon Gold Silver and Crystal (Nintendo GameBoy Color) - Retro Game Review - Tamashii Hiroka34:01422,833
2018-06-01Venezuela Marcos DestroyerPokemon Gold Beta 1997 | A Brief Review / Una breve review17:2416
2018-06-01United States Sir TapTapPokemon Sprite Reviews #2 | PKMN Gold Space World 97 demo (& Pokemon Quest First Look!)2:33:19642
2018-06-01Canada Stuff We PlayPokémon Gold and Silver Spaceworld Demo Analysis6:041,449
2018-05-31 Cyber ManorSanju | Official Trailer | REACTION & REVIEW5:2611,024
2018-01-08United States FezPokemon Gold GB Playthrough23:3260
2017-10-29United States chichukiViz Media Pokemon Books Review10:26127
2017-10-06United States DestructoidPokemon Gold (3DS) Review - Destructoid6:489,825
2017-09-25United Kingdom SuperSorrellRare Pop Vinyl Hunting Vlog - Pokemon Gold & Silver on 3DS, Comics, New DC Animated Movie + More!!12:26654
2017-05-04Netherlands Fabulous ReindeerPokémon Gold and Silver (and Crystal) Review - FabulousReindeer14:55122
2017-01-26United States Bigmetroidfan12PokeMon Gold Version and Silver Version review9:1217