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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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1.United States Moopsten166,000,243
2.United States WolfeyVGC98,148,884
3.United States PhillyBeatzU92,721,188
4.Japan もこうの実況81,365,874
5.Japan ライバロリ74,342,669
6.Japan ポケモン公式YouTubeチャンネル71,922,402
7.Japan バンビー71,214,580
8.United States Austin John Plays65,985,354
9.United States The Official Pokémon YouTube channel63,129,396
10.United States pokeaimMD60,723,963

Latest Let's Plays For Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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23 hours ago Cosmic_RejectsGouging Fire | Go`in Raid`n BB Road to 200 | EP.EX15 (Pokémon Scarlet Let`s Play)28:045
1 day agoUnited States Dan SheppardDan Sheppard Plays Pokémon Scarlet - Ryme, Ghost- type Leader - Montenevera Gym Rematch - Part 517:480
1 day ago ToximaeTTVShiny Alpha Hunting in Legends Arceus! (with some full odds on the side) (Push to 1k)4:39:33120
1 day agoIndia SivZ GamingShiny Hunting in Outbreak #25 | LIVE | Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | #Toxicroak #Tentacruel #Grimer1:41:5050
1 day agoUnited States Lionheart Plays🔴 LIVE - 7 Star Meganium Tera Raids - Mightiest Mark || Pokémon Scarlet #shorts3:37:071,053
1 day agoUnited States HM04GamingPokemon Violet - Stream Playthrough - Part 5 - Around Town1:38:0516
1 day ago JollyGamingPandaEvolution Gone Swell! [Pokemon Scarlet: The Teal Mask] Episode 50 - Playthrough21:4940
2 days agoUnited States herbivorehauntsPokemon Violet Playthrough Episode 32 // The Teal Mask ; beating the "loyal" 3!1:09:052
2 days ago GAMewtwo DSMe sale un Vulpix Shiny en Pokémon Escarlata #shinyhunting #shiny #pokemon1:0055
2 days agoUnited States Nu MerickLarry Wants Revenge [PART 36] Nu plays Pokemon Scarlet41:133
2 days ago Ant Physicslet's play pokemon violet DLC indigo Disk part 35 "Ice bird"16:120
2 days ago LucarivyleLet's Play Pokémon Scarlet Part 97 English (April 2, 2024)37:561
2 days agoNorway CitanoLet's Play Pokemon Violet - #105: Chi-Yu, the Beads of Ruins22:246
3 days agoUnited Kingdom Masterath GamingLet's Play Pokemon Scarlet part 42/70: Dendra Says26:028
3 days agoUnited States CodeChibiCodeChibi Plays - Pokémon: Scarlet (DLC) The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero - Part 2 #043:09:460
3 days ago JJOR64Pokemon Scarlet/Violet (Switch) - Online Ranked Single Battles (4/11/24) - Regulation F1:27:4929
3 days agoUnited States LatiosAzurillPokemon Violet: Shiny Vulpix Reaction2:2145
3 days agoUnited Kingdom NeonGlowboxTwitch Livestream | Pokémon Violet: The Indigo Disk DLC Playthrough part 23:32:060
4 days agoUnited States HeyHansDerrota a Meganium 7 Estrellas de 1 Solo Golpe en Solitario2:291,860
4 days agoNetherlands DragonBeazSend Help, Nice Shiny But Creepy Spider! | Shiny Ariados Reaction in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet3:553
4 days agoUnited States NaiLet's Play Pokemon Violet – Episode 6933:541
4 days agoCanada Inked PenguinPokemon Scarlet Playthrough with Giveaways and Pack Battle at 60 Likes5:05:05237
4 days agoUnited Kingdom RyanWasTakenCatching Every Shiny Pokemon but I caught the BEST SHINY ALPHA!0:499,196
4 days agoUnited States PanFro GamesThe Shiny Luck is BACK! Pokemon Scarlet & Violet #shorts0:273,631
4 days agoUnited States ArcheniteskyFestival of Masks - Let's Play Pokémon Scarlet Episode 6917:367

Latest Reviews For Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
5 days agoIndia ApTreX[NEW] How To Play Pokemon Scarlet & Violet On Android 2024 | With Gameplay + Review3:502,549
2024-04-07 ItsSkitty15Is Pokémon Violet worth it? | My thoughts7:581
2024-04-01Portugal KuroBlitzPokémon Paldea League | Review4:14776
2024-03-31Japan DhroneisSprigatito Evolves, Shiny Zygarde, & So Much More | Pokemon Horizons: Episode 45 Review0:4990
2024-03-30India Pokefied😰Double Terastallization!😱 | Pokémon Horizons Episode 45 Review3:101,153
2024-03-20United Kingdom Source GamingRocky Roads to Passionate Friendship | Pokémon Violet & The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero31:26192
2024-03-17United States Phase ShiftPokemon Reminiscencia Review and Download Tutorial2:032,443
2024-03-11United States THATSAplusONETHATSAplusONE vs CybertronVGC! Pokemon VGC 2024 Scarlet and Violet Reg F Tournament Review!1:22:084,148
2024-03-04United States The Catholic Gaming NerdPocket Card Jockey: Ride On! (Nintendo Switch) Video Review12:4166
2024-02-27United States PokéNallPokémon Presents! Black and White Remake?40:0076
2024-02-26 SoupaEptcoPokémon Scarlet and Violet: Post DLC Final Review5:123
2024-02-24United Kingdom SniffpodPokemon Scarlet and Violet- A Step in the Right Direction (my review)43:2419
2024-02-22United States RGT 85Contra Operation Galuga On Nintendo Switch Is A DISASTER9:1356,500
2024-02-20United States Windxd354Sprigatito learns Magical Leaf! Her Backstory Revealed! Pokemon Horizons Episode 40 REVIEW14:27377
2024-02-18Mexico Collectors House oficialUnboxing Review Morty Scale World / Pokemon / gengar10:20246
2024-02-17United States Kyle The Pug👋 HIRE ME GAME FREAK! 👋 #shorts #pokemonscarletandviolet0:28424
2024-02-15Peru AcroBotLiko y Sprigatito se separan 😔 (se reconcilian), y el origen del gato| POKÉMON HORIZONTES 40 REVIEW8:10335
2024-02-11 MyLifeIsAnRPGpokemon scarlet/violet review2:5410
2024-02-10United States YoitzSpitzIs The Scarlet & Violet DLC Good? | A Review & Analysis31:3024
2024-02-07Brazil BitnautasDECEPÇÃO! Bitnautas Review - Pokémon Scarlet9:2054
2024-02-04 Crazy Cap StudiosA Big Step Foward. | Pokemon Scarlet and Violet + The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC Review12:1561
2024-02-03United States (ASH) AlphaSakuraHikoPokémon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk DLC Switch Review #pokemon #pokemonscarletandviolet #vgc0:151,360
2024-02-02United States DavifoosWater Starter Review & Quaxly is 10/100:262,375
2024-02-01Australia ToxplicityPokemon Scarlet & Violet Review - Is It Worth Playing?11:16381