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1.United Kingdom Harry101UK126,215,155
2. VEGETTA77745,286,561
3.United Kingdom RainbowGamerPE27,672,322
4.Norway BEAMNG MADNESS23,359,602
5.Brazil Cronosplays23,288,326
6.United States SuperHeroKids21,388,333
7.United States Gadgets Portal20,539,259
8.Australia SMG4 // Glitch Productions17,874,443
9.United States PewDiePie17,618,850
10.United States Smosh Games15,201,854

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1. Michael Yanni176
2.United Kingdom RainbowGamerPE171
3.United States Gadgets Portal138
4.United Kingdom Harry101UK126
5.United States SpeedGaming122
6.United Kingdom NetMoverSitan103
7. expertvillage96
8.United Kingdom Shane's Gaming71
9.Germany Parano.Oya68
10.United States IGN68

Latest Let's Plays For Portal

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoUnited States WanderbotsWant To Buy A Darn Portal - Let's Play Astroneer [Automation Update | Co-Op] - Part 531:331,174
3 days agoCanada Luckless LovelocksPortal 1 Live & Complete! - Luckless Lovelocks Streams2:58:24399
4 days agoUnited States ChristovonHoolFinally I Get Cake | Portal Playthrough Part 340:372
4 days agoUnited States IndieGamerRetroLet's Play - Terranigma [Part 29 - Portal, Crysta, Gaia Stone & Finale]33:534
5 days agoUnited Kingdom Conker87🔵 Conker Plays Minecraft – Factory Border & Magical Nether Portal (#77)36:473
2020-06-26United Kingdom NOCKNock Plays | A Minuted Millions [Master Portal Quest]1:30:3944
2020-06-15United States Dude Longcouch[Ending | 05] Portal Stories Mel ADVANCED - AEGIS Core Gets DUNKED ON - Let's Play1:47:1233
2020-06-03 YahboiiQ22Portal 1 chillplay ep 231:535
2020-05-25United States ChortleGamesMy Wife Plays Portal1:16:2045
2020-05-25Germany W.A.C. inc. GamingPortal 3 und wie sich Quill als würdig erweisen kann - LET'S PLAY MOSS #09 [Deutsch - VR - PS4]39:0310
2020-05-22Germany AidariaLpPortal-The Book of Unwritten Tales The Critter Chronicles[Part 16-Let's Play-GERMAN]21:182
2020-05-19Germany Siggi StrangeEnigmatis 3?️‍♀️ Let's Play #14 - Portal-Scherben | Po20:230
2020-05-17Germany Parano.OyaPortal Unity: Systemabschaltung [ENDE] - Let's Play - #1315:1418
2020-05-09Canada Trickster512Portal Stories: Mel - Episode 5 (Let's Play Gameplay)20:59153
2020-05-07United Kingdom xisumavoidHermitcraft VII 910 Massive Portal & Kelp Smelting Battery!22:29621,766
2020-05-01 Kage848Finding Portal Guard Bosses | Savage Lands 2020 Gameplay | E0524:542,744
2020-04-29New Zealand Lack LamerThis Was A Triumph - Ep. 7 - Portal23:086
2020-04-29United States HaydeeTheGameLet's Play - Haydee in Portal, Advanced Chamber 1512:284,614
2020-04-15United Kingdom Rocky RockheadLet's Play PORTAL: PRELUDE | Part 7 - *Internally Screaming With Joy* [END]56:30152
2020-04-14 Razor Lucis Sorku CaelumRazor plays Mari0. (Favorite Nintendo game clasic and favorite Puzzle Portal game)9:1397
2020-04-12 DarkHunter | Mobile Gaming & moreDas Portal und Bossgegner #06 || Let's Play Idle Skilling | Deutsch | German17:55190
2020-04-04United States Game Controller NetworkTHE COMPLETIONIST CHALLENGE | Portal Stream #4 FINALE2:10:241
2020-04-01United Kingdom Skybot GamingDOOM VFR #5 - Opening The Hell Portal25:1314
2020-03-28 Riggy1991Doom playthrough part 32: closing the portal10:012
2020-03-23Canada JckleThe Cake is A Lie | Portal | FULL PLAYTHROUGH1:27:351

Latest Reviews For Portal

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-05-26United States UploadVRFree Portal VR Game On Oculus Quest - Cactus Cowboy Portal VR Gameplay12:513,312
2020-05-11United Kingdom Tangociss - LETS GO! ROAD TO 2500 SUBSCRIBERS!Portal Stories: Mel Review! The closest we'll probably get to portal 36:309
2020-04-22Germany Rocket Beans Let’s Play & StreamsPortal mit Perspektiv-Rätseln | Superliminal mit Simon18:1511,087
2020-03-03United States GGRCPortal Dogs (Nintendo Switch) - Quicksave Review11:1542
2020-01-23Colombia IvanchoVCuando grandes proyectos se ven truncados. Animo con ese proyecto. DALAS y su PORTAL. IvanchoV10:143,966
2020-01-01United States Etra GamesHow Your Parents Can Play Portal | Review of Design14:33301,089
2019-12-13 Best Buy Canada Product VideosFacebook Portal Mini 8" (with Alexa) and Portal 10" (2nd Gen) review4:478,948
2019-11-09United Kingdom Gaming with WerewolvesPortal (Godot open source) - Linux FOSS game review8:12112
2019-10-22 L'Impero delle TenebrePORTAL Bridge Constructor PS4 Gameplay & Review24:342
2019-10-16United Kingdom SCREEN STARSPortal (2019) Horror Film Review (Heather Langenkamp)7:13233
2019-08-20United States Critiquing DogeGame Spotlight - Portal5:0872
2019-08-07United States Crimson SinShe-Ra And The Princesses Of Power S3 Finale Ep6 The Portal Reaction And Review27:268,866
2019-07-18 TTPM Toy ReviewsInside Look at Hot Wheels id Toy Review & Hot Wheels ID Race Portal and Vehicles from Mattel3:549,971
2019-07-12 Crits HappenCritical Review - Tides of Time - App by Portal Games11:15870
2019-06-17United States LegundoIf Halo and Portal Had A Baby... - Splitgate Review12:20517
2019-06-02Sweden 40splishsplashHALO MEETS PORTAL! Splitgate: Arena Warfare Review5:163,877
2019-05-29 CystemicyanideDauntless - Valve's Portal Monster2:23:4310
2019-05-07United States Fealty GamingDid Halo & Portal Have A Baby? | Splitgate | Fealty Thoughts & Review12:46231
2019-05-06United States TheShwantz27Splitgate Arena Warfare Review: Halo Meets Portal, Free to Play Arena Shooter6:20737
2019-05-06United States DreamcastGuyDoes Splitgate SUCK? Halo + Portal = GREAT! (Beta Review)9:077,670
2019-05-06United States TheLividLionSplitgate Review - Halo and Portal Had A Baby | Livid Reviews Beta9:09289
2019-05-01United States The CompletionistPortal | The Completionist | New Game Plus13:26244,248
2019-04-06United States MegamanNGRise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Episode Review - Episode 17A: Portal Jacked6:27702
2019-02-07United States Kinglink ReviewsQ.U.B.E. 2 - Last Look and Review - Not just a Portal Clone7:0079
2019-01-05United States MrAlanCLittle Ceasers Pizza Portal Review & Test W MrAlanC + The Pizza Squad #LittleCeasars @LittleCeasars1:408,556