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1.United Kingdom Harry101UK140,677,555
2. VEGETTA77746,298,134
3.United Kingdom RainbowGamerPE31,729,732
4.Norway BEAMNG MADNESS29,556,398
5.United States SuperHeroKids23,935,040
6.Brazil Cronosplays23,435,820
7.United States Gadgets Portal20,588,189
8.Australia SMG4 // Glitch Productions19,559,733
9.Spain Mikecrack17,759,134
10.United States PewDiePie17,668,743

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1.United Kingdom RainbowGamerPE209
2. Michael Yanni176
3.United States Gadgets Portal138
4.United Kingdom Harry101UK127
5.United States SpeedGaming123
6.Germany TheOldMarvin1099118
7.United Kingdom NetMoverSitan103
8. Fapmid90
9.Germany Parano.Oya73
10.United Kingdom Shane's Gaming70

Latest Let's Plays For Portal

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
4 days agoGermany Ply LP11 - Portal 1 - eigentlich ist sie böse - Lets Play (deutsch)16:554
6 days agoUnited States VGamingJunkieLet's Play Portal [Part 2] - Oh, My Lovely Companion Cube31:4213
2020-11-19United Kingdom 1st Time"The Best Song Ever" - COMPLETELY BLIND Playthrough - Portal - Let's Play - END36:1582
2020-11-17Ukraine Portal LabПроблемы с PlayStation 5. Как работает обмен приставок на Portal?4:13480
2020-11-13Denmark Sejbo8000 GamingPortal Playthrough ENDING Part 5 - Robot Personality Disorder!27:353
2020-11-13Germany Zwergenfürst LPCHAOS AUF DEPONIA #28 * Doppelter Rufus Portal Zeitreiseparadoxon17:192
2020-11-08Germany TheMCMaffyxTransformers: Battlegrounds Part 13 (DE/Blind/Full HD)-Das Portal nach Cybertron23:0351
2020-11-06United States The D-Pad"Rand House" - PART 1 - Portal: Still Alive2:25:28219
2020-09-22 caramida9UNEXPECTEDLY FUNNY | Let's play: Karoshi Portal32:2076
2020-09-22United Kingdom HarryOwOLET'S PLAY PORTAL - Animated Trailer (Portal Characters)1:0416
2020-09-13United States KILRtvPORTAL plays KILR Gamer || Chapter Seven || "No Way!"33:574
2020-09-09 Brett H.Let's Play Portal | Part 3: Finale!25:483
2020-09-09 ThisisKylePlaying Lab Rat, ThisisKyle Plays Portal: Part 134:494
2020-09-05United States ktshadow14Let's Play Doom Eternal-Part 18-Hidden Portal19:314
2020-09-02 BringItDonPrison Ship Portal - Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time - Let's Play - 1336:3592
2020-08-28United Kingdom NOCKNock Plays | Designed for Danger [Master Portal Quest]34:30128
2020-08-22 Fall Guys Moments*NEW* FALL GUYS "P-BODY" SKIN (Portal) - BEST HIGHLIGHTS and Funny Moments #310:20376
2020-08-19Austria ValvoorikPortal - Weiterspielen?1:08:0846
2020-08-17Germany RPG KurgaDUNKLE GEHEIMNISSE [Gothic Mod] #050 • Geheimes Ork-Portal30:26689
2020-08-16Canada hodge podgeStaxel - Let's Play Ep 497 - PORTAL EXPLORING18:0758
2020-08-16Germany TheZeldajungeGothic 2: Die Nacht des Raben Deutsch ⚔️ #94 [Das Portal des Wassers] Lets Play I Zeldajunge22:464
2020-08-13United Kingdom OfficialStuffPlusFinal Dock Portal | Kingdom: Two Crowns #26 - Let's Play / Gameplay52:141,533
2020-08-11Singapore Qaizher VladislavWarhammer: End Times - Vermintide Co-op Gameplay | Let's Play Episode 31 | Waylaid - Easy | Portal23:452
2020-08-07United States TrancentralAlpha Portal - Full Throttle (Fungus Funk Remix)7:57279
2020-08-07Belgium Sprullex GamingOn croise enfin GlaDOS - Portal : LP #0428:517

Latest Reviews For Portal

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-09-30United States joeyanthologyPortal: Still Great8:4718
2020-08-23United States Joseph R. CarrollPortal is a 3D Puzzle Masterpiece12:046,817
2020-08-18United Kingdom Mr.Rabbit73Portal - Review and Gameplay7:2630
2020-07-13United States MuklukYoutubeWorld Boss Portal Device Review - Is it worth it? - Guild Wars 26:1813,949
2020-07-11United States Smash JTSUPERLIMINAL is 2020's MUST PLAY 'Portal'11:44770
2020-05-26United States UploadVRFree Portal VR Game On Oculus Quest - Cactus Cowboy Portal VR Gameplay12:515,392
2020-05-11United Kingdom Tangociss - LETS GO! ROAD TO 2500 SUBSCRIBERS!Portal Stories: Mel Review! The closest we'll probably get to portal 36:3017
2020-04-25United States GingasVRDesktop Portal - VR Overlay App Review3:191,605
2020-04-22Germany Rocket Beans Let’s Play & StreamsPortal mit Perspektiv-Rätseln | Superliminal mit Simon18:1513,407
2020-03-03United States GGRCPortal Dogs (Nintendo Switch) - Quicksave Review11:1569
2020-03-01United Kingdom Star or ShovelwarePortal Dogs (Nintendo Switch) An Honest Review6:40248
2020-01-23Colombia IvanchoVCuando grandes proyectos se ven truncados. Animo con ese proyecto. DALAS y su PORTAL. IvanchoV10:144,162
2020-01-01United States Etra GamesHow Your Parents Can Play Portal | Review of Design14:33351,420
2019-12-13 Best Buy Canada Product VideosFacebook Portal Mini 8" (with Alexa) and Portal 10" (2nd Gen) review4:4728,378
2019-11-09United Kingdom Gaming with WerewolvesPortal (Godot open source) - Linux FOSS game review8:12139
2019-10-22 L'Impero delle TenebrePORTAL Bridge Constructor PS4 Gameplay & Review24:342
2019-10-16United Kingdom SCREEN STARSPortal (2019) Horror Film Review (Heather Langenkamp)7:13254
2019-10-15India DigitFacebook Portal Plus: First Look1:325,062
2019-08-20United States Critiquing DogeGame Spotlight - Portal5:0899
2019-08-07United States Crimson SinShe-Ra And The Princesses Of Power S3 Finale Ep6 The Portal Reaction And Review27:2610,693
2019-07-18 TTPM Toy ReviewsInside Look at Hot Wheels id Toy Review & Hot Wheels ID Race Portal and Vehicles from Mattel3:5417,224
2019-07-12 Crits HappenCritical Review - Tides of Time - App by Portal Games11:15946
2019-06-17United States LegundoIf Halo and Portal Had A Baby... - Splitgate Review12:20570
2019-06-02Sweden 40splishsplashHALO MEETS PORTAL! Splitgate: Arena Warfare Review5:163,883
2019-05-29 CystemicyanideDauntless - Valve's Portal Monster2:23:4310