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Channels With The Most Views

1.Canada Blitzwinger175,487,282
2.Germany Felix von der Laden61,877,004
3.Russian Federation Луномосик46,696,552
4.Turkey TT Studio News40,576,075
5.Mexico SUPER SLICK SLIME SAM33,654,596
6.Brazil Papai RG32,982,999
7.Brazil BETO GAMER31,325,429
8.Brazil NandaPlay27,883,308
9.Spain Las Aventuras de Dani y Evan27,787,236
10.United States Gadgets Portal26,428,125

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Brazil Pleno News1,503
2.Germany Siemens826
3.Poland MMOPLAYA757
4.Viet Nam HNT Channel629
5.Canada Blitzwinger611
6.Brazil Let's Play MMOs338
7.Brazil Portal BRX319
8.United States GaLm255
9.Brazil Papai RG234
10.Turkey TT Studio News228

Latest Let's Plays For Portal

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoUnited States Dare KSPortal Blind Playthrough Ending - The Great Escape24:36121
5 days agoUnited States VGamingJunkieLet's Play The Cake is Alive - Somehow Worse Than GLaDOS!? Attack of the Cake Bots!21:295
5 days agoUnited States AwesomeMattGLet's Play: The Turing Test (005)1:11:5928
2022-05-18Ukraine Vasia StytsШВИДКИЙ ФІНАЛ ЧИ НЕ ТАК?! | Проходження Portal #340:0220
2022-05-18 Murasaki Ringo Vtuber Clips & CompilationsPonXtal - Sakamata Chloe plays Portal [Hololive]39:2810,991
2022-05-09United States HalfmanTaking directions from a window 98 computer! | Portal playthrough | Full Game2:03:18704
2022-05-09 ZeBubblesPortal - Full Game Playthrough (No Commentary)1:30:110
2022-05-05United States LiteWeight GamingThe Cake is a Lie - Portal: Pt. 2 - First Play Through - LiteWeight Gaming1:52:375,315
2022-04-20United States asears16Blue Portals Playthrough: Episode 5: Timed Tests (FINALE)21:5310
2022-04-19Russian Federation ИгроманияОшибка CD Projekt, PlayStation vs Xbox, Госдума против Twitch, Valve и Portal 3 Новости ALL IN 19.046:2985,496
2022-04-17 PawofthewildPortal 1 Letsplay - Ep 4 - End40:088
2022-04-15 MagromancerPC Let's Play Portal Any% Achievement Run!4:49:301
2022-04-14United Kingdom NightmareModeGoLet's enjoy Statik // FULL PLAYTHROUGH3:12:17101
2022-04-09Germany Yolandi und Hieooo zockenlet's play PENUMBRA: TWILIGHT OF THE ARCHAIC ♦ #03 ♦ Alte Bekannte20:565
2022-04-06Germany Strolli[FINALE/ENDE] Finale gegen GLaDOS🎲 - PORTAL #05 [German]19:0322
2022-04-03Georgia GamerMWe control the Portals in Portal and solve puzzle with the help of it. Back to FFD, and STOP CURSING57:184
2022-04-02United States Jekyllstein GrayJekyllstein Gray Plays 100 SUB SPECIAL-Portal Oneshot (Or, Jekyllstein Finally Finishes Portal)4:06:351
2022-04-02Germany Rob FlynnPortal2:44:2679
2022-03-31United States Rex Family GamingPC Legends- Portal #1 - RyanRex plays with Portals!22:174
2022-03-30Australia MapocolopsThe Aperture Labs Experience - Portal | Uncut Full Blind Playthrough2:39:4260,652
2022-03-30United States Premium PoppyPortal - Part 5 (HELP)12:214
2022-03-29United Kingdom CircuitTheWorldTerminating Testing? | Let's Play: Portal Stories Mel #7 (Chapter 4: Organic Complications)41:01106
2022-03-29Croatia PlayStation PortalAll-new PlayStation Plus - PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now come together - 3 PS PLUS TIERS3:4510,450
2022-03-27 Afraid MonstersLet's play Portal! Ep 1 (Commentary) | Birthday Special | Afraid Monsters11:4932
2022-03-26Australia BallzyPortal Bridge Playthrough 110:044

Latest Reviews For Portal

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2022-04-06United Kingdom CircuitTheWorldWhat Have We Done?? | | Let's Play: Portal Stories Mel #8 (Chapter 5: Intrusion) END GAME + REVIEW1:05:09143
2022-03-27United States Knowledge BaseFacebook Portal Plus - Smart Video Calling 15.6� Touch Screen Display with Alexa - Black Review1:473
2022-03-25Russian Federation userneluserPortal ЛЕГЕНДАРНАЯ ГОЛОВОЛОМКА Xbox Series S 1080p 30 FPS16:362,774
2022-02-24United States HamsterBombPortal 1 & 2 | Playing with Myself9:1090
2022-01-24Singapore DaddyF2PMORE New Armaments Coming Soon! BANNER REVIEW | World Flipper4:531,033
2022-01-15United States Technology News LiveFacebook Portal+ (2021) review: Quirky traits hinder an otherwise excellent experience | Android Ce14:567
2022-01-11United States Shawn K The KingSoko Bunny Review / First Impression (Playstation 4)13:2996
2022-01-07Brazil Portal BRXGabinete Galax Andromeda: Review Super PC Gamer Portal BRX19:33891
2022-01-01United States Silent ComedianToo Long Didn't Review: Portal3:275
2021-12-14United States Your Exclusive CartManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Review | Robust Help Desk Platform6:579
2021-12-08United Kingdom SCREEN STARSPortal Runner (2021) Sci-Fi Film Review6:4863
2021-12-06Philippines MarkThony Official VlogLTO Reviewer Tagalog | New Portal 2021 | with audio voice | part113:491,187
2021-12-03Croatia PlayStation PortalAmazing New Indie Space Combat Shooter | CHORUS PS5 Gameplay12:44371
2021-12-02United States One Stop Co-op ShopDune: House Secrets | Review | With Mike6:012,235
2021-11-16United States The Gallant GoblinThe Yawning Portal Inn: Beds & Bottles Review - WizKids D&D Icons of the Realms Prepainted Minis6:171,464
2021-11-06 9YK3Unpacking Gameplay | GTX 1650 | Dell XPS 15 | Xbox Game Pass Games8:152,063
2021-11-03United States Mr Saint JakeBattlefield Portal: Reviewing New Gameplay and Details3:26:4876
2021-10-28Spain Asif Raza Mir VlogsFacebook Portal Go Review Portable but Strictly for Facebook Lovers4:3186
2021-10-28United States EngadgetFacebook Portal Go review: Portable, but strictly for Facebook lovers7:1426,055
2021-10-27Indonesia UzeMingNEW UPDATE REVIEW EVENT HELLOWEEN PKXD 2021 - PK XD INDONESIA16:391,882
2021-10-11United Kingdom Trusted ReviewsTrusted Reviews Awards 2021: Our TV and Audio winners revealed!6:57449
2021-09-16United Kingdom finleykilmartinPortal Review #SHORTS0:241,315
2021-09-09 EternalTalksPortal REVIEW 2021 | Worth Playing in 2021?5:09344
2021-09-03India Gyan ExpertAadhar Card New Website Launch🔥 | uidai new website my aadhar new portal | Review Aadhar New Website8:21657
2021-08-27United States 1_Up_BoisThe Beginning: Portal Review - CR6:132