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1.United States ambiguousamphibian14,541,921
2.United States Mathas9,117,179
3.United States Cromulent Archer7,245,875
4.Russian Federation RaS7a6,667,460
5. Wycc2205,444,732
6.United States Movie Trailers Source4,639,836
7.Sweden Robbaz4,154,394
8.United States DoctorGTA3,328,746
9.United States Pr1vateLime2,615,501
10.Spain Buck Fernandez2,606,097

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1.United States Cromulent Archer1,349
2.Russian Federation RaS7a1,199
3.Canada NoMiS Plays1,062
4. Airekc Gaming798
5.United States Mathas728
6.Spain ditoseadio641
7.United Kingdom Jonno Zomboid639
8.United Kingdom Number One Geek459
9.United States Drunkonlife399
10. Eckyman393

Latest Let's Plays For Project Zomboid

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
3 days agoFrance TimourEp12: L'as du volant! (Project Zomboid Build 41 Hydrocraft fr)42:55562
2021-06-11 cor955Project Zomboid Mod Guide Entertaining Diversions8:42371
2021-06-05Russian Federation Bardo CrowProject Zomboid Noob Plays #14:17:2940
2021-05-24Australia JaWoodleThe BIGGEST MISTAKE I have ever made! | Project Zomboid Build 41 Gameplay (2021 New Update)30:167,337
2021-05-22 Base ManagerProject Zomboid Nomad ep6 - 2 Cars 1 Guys1:19:3416
2021-05-16United Kingdom DankNSteinLet's play (die in) Raven's Creek (Project Zomboid build 41 modded)2:00:3649
2021-05-15Brazil AndarilhoVisita ao Depósito (Escuro e Perigoso) - Project Zomboid - Parte 2442:107,191
2021-04-27Belgium Indie Game GuidesProject Zomboid 2021 - The Best TRAITS for any Playthrough!11:521,963
2021-04-26United States Accurize2 | Survival Gaming ChannelProject Zomboid || Jocko Willink || Part 448:483,087
2021-04-20Spain Hot Games UnlimitedCupid Pepper vs Summer Jade || Zoo Battle Arena16:435,841
2021-04-09Australia TinyGamezAm I LOST?! (Let's Play Project Zomboid | Build 41 | Part 2)33:2259
2021-03-12United Kingdom The Rugged GamerLet's Play | Project Zomboid | First Look | Episode Two25:2761
2021-03-03United States CG PlaysCG Plays Project Zomboid House In The Woods - Last Stand Accumulator Challenge Episode 242:0753
2021-02-25Russian Federation Rock For DriveКак Rock монтировал lets play Project zomboid в Filmora Video Editor5:47243
2021-02-21United States DrunkonlifeLet's Play Project Zomboid Build 41 - One Month in Raven Creek2:07:081,732
2021-02-14Germany JoeSilverLPSOFORT kürzer treten 🧟 #2 - PROJECT ZOMBOID33:15294
2021-02-13United States Ghul KingRaven Creek Blind Playthrough | Project Zomboid Build 41 | Episode 8 | 202124:124,286
2021-02-12 Gold fishoh yeah i make knives.0:052,319
2021-02-07Russian Federation Kingston MylesКОГДА КУПИЛ PLAYSTATION 5, И ОБ ЭТОМ УЗНАЛИ ДРУЗЬЯ | Project Zomboid Meme #shorts0:2713,314
2021-01-30Germany LaturaProject Zomboid [build41] #02: WIR WERDEN ÜBERRANNT! | German LP26:59395
2021-01-29Canada AubinatorOne Painful Year Challenge - This Dad Plays Project Zomboid 0124:019
2021-01-20Germany Brille 591Project Zomboid | Werden wir überleben? 02 | [Build41] | [Livestream Deutsch]3:30:04114
2020-12-27Germany ShadowWulfLet´s Play Project Zomboid #128 Zombies, Hass und Billigfleisch29:4762
2020-12-11Slovenia Kokoplays MBProject Zomboid: Wilderness Survival - SURVIVE | Build 41 Gameplay #745:53967
2020-12-02United Kingdom Mr Samuel Streamer - Roll1D2Transport Upgrade | Project Zomboid: Journey #334:059,873

Latest Reviews For Project Zomboid

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-04-12United Kingdom MrAtomicDuckProject Zomboid Review - Is It Worth A Buy? Project Zomboid in 20216:2029,058
2021-03-08United States Commander JerseyKirby's Dream Land Soundtrack Review13:051,626
2021-03-06Argentina Norberto Arg1987Project Zomboid - Análisis / Review en Español16:1313,532
2020-12-11United States Kyle GarzaMcDonald’s McRib Review!!!!!!!!12:2942
2020-11-27United Kingdom Gameplay TherapyOK OK WAIT....- Project Zomboid - Ep 1 (Game Review) (Zelter's Grandad)21:35125
2020-10-11United States Youngand RunnnerupFIND SAFE WAY #zombie #gameplay #moreviews ZOMBIE AGE 3 by Youngandrunnnerup1:06445
2020-09-10Japan LOVINSpecial revenge #5 Project Zomboid Build 4136:48141
2020-05-05Russian Federation Cheh_Antosha#17 Project Zomboid Ферма и охота55:1814
2020-04-24Russian Federation Sane4eGProject Zomboid: боль и страдания нубаса4:21:4616
2019-05-31United States Pathfinder PlaysProject Zomboid Review6:3010,471
2018-12-16Russian Federation Andrey GreenyНаглотался я колес в жизний полный нормалдос /06/ Project Zomboid26:1719,576
2018-02-09 Nolan RitchieMutant Discovered in Project Zomboid1:57260
2018-02-07Austria GameAkteProject Zomboid - Test / Review - Deutsch | GameAkte5:334,006
2017-11-06United States Digital JCWProject Zomboid Review (FT Halloween)7:302,628
2017-06-06 Forcemaster2000Dial Vision glasses review7:142,654
2017-04-01 Donald DublinProject Zomboid Review Worth a Buy7:17449
2016-10-18United Kingdom Freaky Old ManProject Zomboid Review31:13213
2016-09-18Canada The Soban NetworkGame Reviews: Project Zomboid13:34872
2015-11-30Germany siverLPProject Zomboid#29 Deutsch10:067
2015-01-21 ausj3w3lProject Zomboid Review18:582,413
2014-08-16Austria ValvoorikProject Zomboid - Meine Faszination [Test/Review/HD/Valvoorik]7:501,517
2014-07-01 ZailinkPZ MOD Review [Crafter Helper] | Listado de Craftings2:31512
2014-06-25United Kingdom Worth A BuyProject Zomboid Review - Worth a Buy?7:17107,305
2014-05-30 The_Gaming_ShowLet's Review | Project Zomboid | Zombie Survival Game19:2696