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1.United States ambiguousamphibian37,603,581
2.United States Pr1vateLime9,746,165
3.United States Mathas9,480,896
4.United States Cromulent Archer8,557,208
5.Russian Federation RaS7a8,354,922
6.Ukraine SEEJAY5,848,644
7. Wycc2205,567,802
8. Bazar du Grenier4,308,149
9.Sweden Robbaz4,193,108
10.Ireland Call Me Kevin4,115,566

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1.United States Cromulent Archer1,465
2.Russian Federation RaS7a1,391
3.Canada NoMiS Plays1,119
4. Airekc Gaming827
5.United States Mathas743
6.Spain ditoseadio664
7.United Kingdom Jonno Zomboid655
8.United Kingdom Number One Geek605
9.United States Drunkonlife481
10.United States Pr1vateLime457

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2 days agoSlovenia Kokoplays MBI'm BLIND! Can I Survive in Project Zomboid?23:226,355
2 days agoUnited States RetromationOWEN PARRISH, MOST STUBBORN MAN ALIVE!! | Let's Play Project Zomboid | Part 1932:192,116
3 days agoUnited States CohhCarnageCohhCarnage Plays Project Zomboid - Episode 528:104,102
3 days agoUnited Kingdom IslandPotato - Survival GamingBattling Encumbrance! | Let's Play Modded Project Zomboid (Cherbourg) | Ep34 | Build 41.5625:341,249
3 days agoUnited States Accurize2 | Survival Gaming ChannelWATER SHUTOFF || Killing Sean Hilton || Part 6 || Project Zomboid32:031,992
3 days agoUnited States TymeroverThis Is Colby's Story | Let's Play Project Zomboid Zombie Survival | E.02 | Fire Station!23:586
3 days agoUnited States MathasRESCUING DEAN | Mathas Plays Zomboid MULTIPLAYER Part 738:183,081
3 days agoGermany LeFtiProject Zomboid - [Fortgeschritten #13] - Harter Hund du - {LeFti} | Lets Play | DE19:2512
4 days ago TriminacClearing the Louisville Hospital! (Project Zomboid 3rd Playthrough [Modded] #9)3:07:162
4 days ago QynoaQynoa plays Project Zomboid #3226:091
4 days agoUnited States SofaSoftZ-Apocalypse but make it Lo-Fi & Chill | Project Zomboid30:513
4 days agoGermany MadWarHeadProject Zomboid - #002 | St. 2 - Zu viel Beute, zu wenig Platz! - [Let's Play] [Gameplay] [Deutsch]24:36100
4 days agoGermany TolfusEin Traumauto ohne Benzin - 007 🧟 Schmackocalypse Episode 1 🧟 Project Zomboid27:24140
4 days agoUnited Kingdom HDRcadeHDRcade Project Zomboid Public PVP/PVE Server (Alpha test)1:42:2618
4 days agoAustria ValvoorikPROJECT ZOMBOID | MULTIPLAYER | BUILD 41 *06*57:2912
5 days agoGermany TommyKay VODsTommyKay Plays Project Zomboid Multiplayer With Chat - Part 133:15:06593
2022-01-17Canada EhTomic GamingProject Zomboid TIPS! - Tips To Help You Survive Longer In Build 414:1197
2022-01-17United States Strippin[Strippin] Project Zomboid : If I'm mankinds last hope. Gulp. (Dec 30 2021)5:57:551,111
2022-01-16Canada YoungSquidooProject Zomboid VTuber Let's Play | EP 3 BAD DAY29:2229
2022-01-15United Kingdom ThisChapGamesI Made Jake Paul in Project Zomboid...7:1413
2022-01-15Philippines Morphy The Voice Acting VTuberwhen you get bit in your first playthrough of Project Zomboid6:301,219
2022-01-15Germany ShadowWulfLet´s Play Project Zomboid | S2E4 | Todesfalle: Haus23:0134
2022-01-15United States SergeantMuricaProject Zomboid: Walking Dead Style Part 33:58:15111
2022-01-15United Kingdom FallenShogun GamingThe 8 Youtuber Project Zomboid Battle Royale | FT Spiffing Brit, Noobert and Kokoplays20:51911

Latest Reviews For Project Zomboid

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3 days agoUnited Kingdom Obsidian_GamingTvProject Zomboid Review 20223:2735
3 days agoSouth Africa DeathmilkGamingProject Zomboid Review* 2' clock in the Morning in just 2minutes*1:489
2022-01-15Indonesia MohpoeUlasan Game Project Zomboid - Review Kelebihan & Kekurangan Game8:2226
2022-01-08Colombia Primera PersonaQue es PROJECT ZOMBOID ? Analisis y Review en Español8:06647
2021-12-29Spain DAN HUNTERSony Xperia PRO-I REVIEW en ESPAÑOL con un mes de USO11:285,020
2021-12-13United States JT_JETProject Zomboid // Online b41multiplayer // 32 player coop // Hard Mods // PVE Survival // Review /9:3987
2021-12-07Canada BezobrznicProject Zomboid 41.56 | Base Review & Gameplay with Moded Survivors | (Ideas for Multiplayer)28:51252
2021-11-15 Dad's Gaming AddictionDad on a Budget: Project Zomboid Review (Early Access)10:17209
2021-09-20 MrRockyChips GamingProject Zomboid Review (Is it worth it in 2021?)2:2867
2021-09-16United States Papa Cheddar GamingPost Apocalyptic Survival With the Last Human on Earth! - Project Zomboid31:01173
2021-09-03United States Game AdvisorShould You Buy Project Zomboid in 2021? Is Project Zomboid Worth the Cost?9:0812,807
2021-06-25United Kingdom Photography GamerProject Zomboid - Review8:026,101
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2021-05-24United States MiriviewsGame Review - Project Zomboid v40.4318:21211
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