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Channels: 251338-25.74%
Views: 723,5471,732,707-58.24%
Videos: 499695-28.20%
Duration: 32:23:21:5647:19:29:41-31.04%

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Channels: 7657452.68%
Views: 7,626,9149,852,562-22.59%
Videos: 2,9642,9550.30%
Duration: 216:12:40:15190:05:19:1913.83%

Channels With The Most Views

1.United States ambiguousamphibian70,921,143
2.United States Nurse50,925,142
3.United States Biggest Baddest Beaver44,297,226
4.United States Pr1vateLime43,001,004
5.Argentina KakuGaming33,467,578
6.United Kingdom MrAtomicDuck32,264,027
7.Argentina Arean23,940,652
8. ElDunken21,594,082
9.Ireland Call Me Kevin19,514,284
10. ThatGuyPredz18,278,845

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Russian Federation RaS7a1,899
2.Canada NoMiS Plays1,819
3.United States Cromulent Archer1,677
4. Airekc Gaming1,045
5.United Kingdom Vulrhund1,014
6.Belarus S1ngle Man995
7.United States Drunkonlife960
8.United States Wizard Gaming902
9.United Kingdom Number One Geek881
10.Japan くろふーさん743

Latest Let's Plays For Project Zomboid

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
11 hours agoAustralia Jdebrusk987Speaking of the Devil | Project Zomboid - LP | Ep.120:236
1 day agoSweden LanokirXThe apocalypse stinks! | Project Zomboid - Stream VoD1:34:1418
1 day agoUnited Kingdom Aaron ParadiseA New Start! Project Zomboid Co-op #138:1915
2 days agoGermany MadWarHeadProject Zomboid - #239 | St. 2 - Ordnung auf dem Parkplatz! - [Let's Play] [Gameplay] [Deutsch]23:52134
3 days agoFrance d3viilz#2 : COOP Très belle avancée ! ! [FT Maouu] [FR] Project Zomboïd Let's play1:14:2539
5 days agoUnited Kingdom CrownosFresh Playthrough With Friends - Project Zomboid Gameplay - Ep. 83:41:46104
5 days agoSerbia The Faceless StrategistLet's Play Project Zomboid The Nomad RV Episode 3 Detroit33:016
6 days agoNew Zealand RyconSurviving a Plane Crash in Project Zomboid | Short Survival Series #149:322,906
2024-07-05Brazil Gambarine[EP 04] Tive de abandonar meu lar por culpa do Helicóptero / Project Zomboid PT-BR29:472,450
2024-07-05United States Killzone PlaysCan I Escape from a Mental Asylum as a Schizophrenic in Project Zomboid?49:57484
2024-07-04 AlysscielAlyssciel Plays Project Zomboid SOLO - 100-Day Expanded West Point Challenge EXTERMINATION4:12:47157
2024-07-04United States Bratty Lynn Be GamingFortifying My Survival Haven | Project Zomboid | Episode 1617:15158
2024-07-04Italy ExGoldUn Duro Colpo al Morale... | Project Zomboid Multiplayer ITA Ep#739:31735
2024-07-03Germany TempritscherMilitärkontrollpunkt Louisville: Project Zomboid Twitch Livestream #15220:015
2024-07-01United States Spartan BoomerPROJECT ZOMBOID CONTINUES | Boomer Plays - Project Zomboid | VOL. 2 ISSUE 146:32:2044
2024-06-29Serbia JuggernautLet's Play Project Zomboid 10 Years Later Chapter 2 : Colonel Kurtz #2935:46114
2024-06-27United Kingdom StubbsGaining A New Set Of Wheels | Project Zomboid Spear Run | Ep 148:3115
2024-06-25United States Tribe of MisfitsThe Tribe Plays Project Zomboid, So Should We?2:11:316
2024-06-23Germany mammarosaich ERÖFFNE eine KAMPFSCHULE 🥋 FIGHT SCHOOL SIMULATOR | Die Komplette Demo15:2295
2024-06-23United Kingdom CodFatherOfSoulProject Zomboid Playthrough - "Lucky Episode Number 13!"28:4887
2024-06-22 SnowBeetleProject Zomboid - NoMis Plays' Server of Screams, Ep272:29:1284
2024-06-21United States Kai Dragon MediaLet's play one of the greatest Zombie survival games that exceeds other 10 yr games #projectzomboid4:50:20122
2024-06-20Poland bad-sad🔴[LIVE] 🧟‍♂️Project Zomboid (@NoMiSPlays Server) - First time🧟‍♀️0:0058
2024-06-14Slovenia Kokoplays MBCan We Survive the TOUGHEST Challenge in Project Zomboid?28:416,569
2024-06-08Germany RepeatGamingWarte...WAS?... Farming?! 🧟‍♂️ 34 🧟‍♂️ Welcome to ParadiZe (Tobi)20:176

Latest Reviews For Project Zomboid

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
4 days agoIndonesia Joe HarsaOnce Human Gameplay: The New Survival Game BETTER than Undawn?!20:31151
2024-04-30United States NyxsonWhy PROJECT ZOMBOID is the GEM of PC Gaming7:055,762
2024-04-28Spain PedrogaProject Zomboid El juego de supervivencia de zombies más hardcore del 2021 #projectzomboid0:34441
2024-04-03Malaysia Firebyte Average bike mod enjoyer #projectzomboid #modded0:22538
2024-03-30United Kingdom MaxPSVRStarship Simulator Review17:19919
2024-03-29United States KhealymeThis Is How You Died17:0039
2024-02-11 TheUniverseWithinArtGame to Play! Project Zomboid Review18:4960
2024-02-10United States The Suited BirdI've NEVER! Felt This Way About A Game! [Project Zomboid Review]3:54246
2024-01-23Australia Skill IncarnateBeer Factory | The Business Of Brewing1:05:09657
2024-01-20United States Vocally Lost GarageBACK ON THAT PROJECT ZOMBOID GRIND1:18:1627
2024-01-13 Heavy metallxProject Zomboid 2024: Ultimate Beginner's Mega Guide & Comprehensive Review41:26675
2024-01-02United States Milquetoast ClaireProject Zomboid 12.21.23 Update Review (Zleigh Ride)42:45631
2023-12-30 SnipittyTeaProject Zomboid Game In Review26:22680
2023-12-24Denmark BB Steam ReviewProject Zomboid Steam Review - A funny review!0:183,886
2023-12-24United States SuperBeastGNFunny Steam Reviews - Project Zomboid0:453,429
2023-11-21United States EmberDragonGames5 Awesome Mods! Bikes, Armored Vehicles and More for Project Zomboid11:11496
2023-11-19United Kingdom Savvy GadgetzProject Zomboid - Base Constructor - Pier review in Louisville2:02:1830
2023-10-30United States Chief BalupaALL HOPE IS GONE - Project: Zomboid Review25:561,038
2023-10-30 GamesearTHE best Zombie Survival game ever made - You Should Try Project Zomboid12:58474
2023-10-05Spain Yosu GameplaysPROJECT ZOMBOID es ¿REALISTA? ¿Que tal en Roleplay? Review5:33947
2023-10-04United States NerdarchyVast Grimm: Würm Hole #11 Sci-Fi Horror RPG Actual Play Campaign1:57:55386
2023-09-30United States Game GraderIs Project Zomboid Worth Buying in 2023? [Review] #shorts0:54141
2023-09-27United States heyzomsProject Zomboid - I'm Gonna Live Forever!35:51222
2023-09-10Czech Republic PixelKidZoneRiver Tails: Stronger Together (2023) Windows / PEGI 3 / Everyone27:4620

Most Viewed Project Zomboid Video on YouTube

The most viewed Project Zomboid video on YouTube is 300 Days of Project Zomboid - The Movie with 9,328,359 views, published by United States MadMavn on August 26, 2023.

Most Liked Project Zomboid Video on YouTube

The most liked Project Zomboid video on YouTube is puedo ESCAPAR del HOSPITAL con la PIERNA ROTA!?!? - Pillows Random Scenarios with 224,453 likes, published by Argentina KakuGaming on January 6, 2023.

10,000 Videos on YouTube Milestone for Project Zomboid

On August 24, 2016, Project Zomboid reaches 10,000 videos on YouTube with the release of [Coop] Project Zomboid. #28: Дела домашние. by Russian Federation Epic Type, which has 1,793 views and 76 likes.

100,000 Videos on YouTube Milestone for Project Zomboid

On December 9, 2022, Project Zomboid reaches 100,000 videos on YouTube with the release of ALICEMARE EPISODIO 3 : TROVIAMO LA CHIAVE DEL TERZO MONDO! by Italy OldBoy Gamer, which has 10 views and 1 like.