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1.Brazil Coisa de Nerd11,170,632
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3.Brazil Febatista7,051,460
4.Spain Gona896,506,730
5.Ireland jacksepticeye6,417,426
6. H2ODelirious6,075,853
7.United States Warner Bros. Pictures5,494,469
8.Germany GermanLetsPlay5,388,764
9.United States kootra4,530,677
10.Poland skkf3,266,899

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1.United States ZeRoyalViking71
2.United States kootra68
3. LeftForNova36
4.United States Warner Bros. Pictures30
5.Netherlands MrSmartDonkeyLP22
6.Czech Republic Thomas19
7.Czech Republic Kea18
8.Russian Federation BioAlienR18
9.Ukraine Tau Ri18
10. Dopelives16

Latest Let's Plays For Rock of Ages

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-06-28Germany GameplayerinRock of Ages #01 – Felsen, Physik und jede Menge Chaos [Deutsch] [Lets Play]19:1872
2020-06-08 Pure PlayStation TVRock of Ages 3: Make & Break Open Beta Trailer | Pure PlayStation1:2521
2020-06-03United States TenMoreMinutesRock Of Ages Let's Play: Rock & Rubble - PART 2 FINALE - TenMoreMinutes Twitch VOD1:52:58153
2020-04-18Brazil Press Key to PlayRock of Ages 3 ► O dia em que virei uma Pedra (E UM QUEIJO!) - Versão Alpha31:086,479
2020-04-10Germany GermanLetsPlayPaluten & GLP spielen zum ersten mal Rock of Ages 3! ☆ Rock of Ages 314:15421,289
2020-04-06Germany StefanDumm, dümmer, Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break (PC Beta Gameplay)19:441,226
2020-03-10 PlayStation EuropeRock of Ages 3: Make & Break | Gameplay Overview Videos | PS44:422,636
2020-03-07United States DJ SterfRock of Ages 3: Make & Break - Alpha Footage - March 7, 202046:361,860
2020-01-15Spain Gona89¡TODOS LOS MODOS DE JUEGO! | Rock Of Ages 3 ALPHA23:1656,390
2020-01-13Spain DMMRock of Ages 3 | Alpha cerrada + REGALO KEYS16:1191
2020-01-10Canada BlueFire - MMOs Coverage and Games ReviewsRock Of Ages 3 Closed Alpha Let's Play Ep 1 Modus Games - BlueFire - MMOs Coverage and Games Reviews42:46554
2019-12-23United States Gamer SectionRock of Ages 3 Closed Alpha Announcement Trailer Sign Up Now!1:359
2019-12-18United States worthplayingvideosRock of Ages III: Make & Break [Switch/PS4/XOne/PC] Closed Alpha Announce Trailer1:3316
2019-12-18 EurogamerGermanyRock of Ages 3 - Closed Alpha Announcement1:3339
2019-12-18United Kingdom xSelphie1999xHDGamingRock of Ages 3 I Closed Alpha Announcement Trailer I Action Strategy I PC PS4 Switch XBox One1:366
2019-12-18France PlayscopeTrailersRock of Ages 3 • Closed Alpha Announcement Trailer • PS4 Xbox One Switch PC1:35480
2019-09-07Germany FudoD GamingRock of Ages #06 // Am Ende allein [Ende]38:141
2019-08-15 OnPSXRock of Ages 3: Make & Break - Announce Trailer | PS41:1111
2018-03-29United Kingdom Sorceror NobodyNobody Plays Rock of Ages Ep. 7: It's finally the weekend33:432
2017-11-21United States Marshmallow MattSTORM THE CASTLE!! | Rock of Ages #128:0714
2017-10-05 Vappyvap88[Vinesauce] Vinny (Pre-Stream) || Scorn Alpha Demo, Rock of Ages5:47305
2017-09-22 TheLoneGamerCOME ESORClZZARE S4T4N4 A COLPI DI PALLE (fine) | Rock of Ages 1 - ep. 05 [ITA]34:11119,643
2017-08-16United Kingdom Good Natured GamerChild Friendly - I own: Rock of Ages18:0422
2016-12-21Germany Debitorder SCHNELLSTE Stein der Welt | ROCK of AGES12:5329,085
2016-10-28United States PhantomSavageRock of Ages - PART 7 - The Basterd Brothers | PHANTOMSAVAGE29:192,027

Latest Reviews For Rock of Ages

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2018-01-22United States Thee Drunken BastardsRock of Ages | Let's Play & Review22:0011
2016-11-05 Matticus VideoMusical Review: Rock of Ages5:3414
2016-06-09United Kingdom GameTrailers ArchiveRock of Ages - GT Review3:02247
2015-05-21Spain slobulusROCK OF AGES (PC / PS3 / 360) || Sección Indie || Análisis / Review en Español8:126,683
2014-05-09United Kingdom Sheepdog GamingSheepdog's Unfair Review - Rock of Ages16:49290
2013-09-07 Shadsilvson11Tom the Movie-Hog Reviews: Rock of Ages (2012)8:241,172
2013-07-07United States Emer PrevostReaction & Review | Rock Of Ages14:314,200
2013-06-27United States Kylo SpencerRock of Ages SPILL AUDIO REVIEW36:4119,391
2013-03-30United States The Darkman 430rock of ages and chernobyl diaries review2:547
2012-11-27 Entertainment WeeklyRock Of Ages': EW Critics Lisa Schwarzbaum and Owen Gleiberman's Review | Entertainment Weekly3:55207
2012-11-01United States Zueljin GamingZueljin Reviews - Rock Of Ages11:36107
2012-10-24United States The EscapistROCK OF AGES (Escape to the Movies)5:1213,039
2012-10-01 Common SenseRock of Ages: Movie Review2:23519
2012-09-05United Kingdom ACEV1Rock Of Ages Review & Thoughts Gameplay Commentary5:2628
2012-06-23 Tim ChatenRock of Ages Movie Review2:309
2012-06-19United States The Reel GenoThe Reel Opinion 6_19_12 Rock of Ages Review.mpg2:3018
2012-06-15 Beyond The TrailerRock of Ages Movie Review: Beyond The Trailer5:5628,218
2012-06-14 Jeremy JahnsRock of Ages movie review3:22156,285
2012-06-13 Chris StuckmannRock of Ages - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann4:5340,676
2012-06-05 DuelReviewDuel Review #242 - Rock of Ages Game8:4896
2012-05-29 CGRundertowCGRundertow ROCK OF AGES for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review3:316,776
2011-11-06 jimmy0brienLOH Sonic Generations and Rock of Ages Reviews3:2310
2011-09-23United States 80s ComicsClassic Game Room - ROCK OF AGES for Xbox 360 review5:5241,748
2011-09-19United States IGNIGN Reviews - Rock of Ages Game Review3:3055,964