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1.United States PrinceofMacedon26,041,035
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5.United States Pixelated Apollo3,457,422
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8.Australia LegendofTotalWar354
9.Russian Federation Сергей Шкайдуров300
10. ColdMeat247267

Latest Let's Plays For Rome: Total War

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3 days agoCroatia JakiRi123Rome Total War: Troy - Hittites #247:2618
6 days agoSlovenia YourTotalWarMasterRome Total War Julii Campaign Playthrough 182:24:3241
2021-04-26Germany Tante GünnaLet's play ROME Total War REMASTERED: Scipionen (Kampagne | D | HD | Sehr Schwer) #2131:532,967
2021-03-12Portugal NazebazeI NEED YOUR HELP (Rome: Total War)1:2331
2020-11-10United States Gudea TWThe End - Let's Play Chivalry Total War (Bohemia Finale)48:55603
2020-10-24Korea, Republic of SnabbChrisCrossing the Alps || Numidia #20 || Rome: Total War22:28178
2020-08-10Spain Eruen GameplaysRome Total War - Campaña Julios - Episodio 107 - A defenderse a golpe de onagro20:3248
2020-07-21France KingHugoGaming[FR] Let's Play Rome Total War - Faction BRITANNIE - Campagne Courte42:0217
2020-07-13Germany JoeSilverLPLet's Play: Rome Total War - Julier Kampagne #32 (German Deutsch schwer)36:2557
2020-06-30United Kingdom DTDGamerALL OUT WAR!! | Let's Play Rome Total War: Carthage Playthrough #22:58:03211
2020-06-30Norway Andy's TakeLet's Play Rome: Total War in 2020 Part 436:0828
2020-05-17United States BlueMatonaVICTORY! - Brutii Episode 44 - Let's Play Rome: Total War48:591,826
2019-11-21Germany StrategosaurusLet's Play Rome || Total War //Athen// #21 [Sehr Schwer] | Finale37:173
2019-10-11Germany Alduin OffiziellLET'S PLAY Rome: Total War | S01E025 | Unsichere Zukunft [ENDE]24:08136
2019-10-01United Kingdom Console & PC GamingRome Total War II Emperor Edition Let's Play #139:37159
2019-09-05 Mantas BeniulisLet's Play Rome Total War Part 949:193
2019-08-08United States OldTotalWarriorLet's Play Rome Total War as Red Brutii Part 28 Victory37:48191
2019-07-15United Kingdom The Digital NerdTDN Let's Plays Rome Total War Part End - The Battle For Rome42:334
2019-06-21United Kingdom MELKORSpartans Only Challenge!!! Rome Total War Let's Play #136:018,073
2019-01-20Canada AramazonLet's Play Rome Total War Vanilla (2)3:17:1365
2019-01-17Netherlands MrSmartDonkeyLPSELEUCID SURPRISE - Pontus - Rome: Total War - Ep.20!1:00:132,253
2019-01-04Germany GrimselTotal War Rome 2 | Lusitaner | Battle #226 | German23:471,017
2018-11-27United Kingdom Feral InteractiveFeral Plays ROME: Total War on Android1:11:19148,484
2018-08-30United States JoeblivionLet's Play Rome Total War | 10 | Rome Total War Greek Cities39:2719

Latest Reviews For Rome: Total War

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-04-30Slovenia YourTotalWarMasterTotal War: Rome Remastered Review (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly)25:291,936
2021-04-28United Kingdom MELKORTotal War Rome: Remastered: MELKOR'S REVIEW14:2814,388
2021-04-28United States Gudea TWA Full Review of Total War: Rome Remastered22:2317,275
2020-12-15Russian Federation Сергей ШкайдуровIII. Rome Total War Дом Сципионов. XXIII. Подавление восстания в Пергаме. Штурм Иерусалима.1:47:2997
2020-10-17United States AdmiralPriceThe King of the Classics ft. MELKOR | Total War Retrospective37:508,414
2019-10-28Switzerland GONATION EntertainmentROME TOTAL WAR: Barbarian Invasion Mobile Gameplay und Review in Deutsch/German19:322,233
2019-10-23United States Greed ReviewsRome. Total War | Тот, кто правит Римом - правит Миром [ОБЗОР]24:1657,612
2019-05-25United States PowerhouseRome: Total War - Pow3rh0use Review15:531,164
2019-02-03Australia SalokinRome Total War Review14:4413,668
2017-12-31Germany SaintMeranEuropa Barbarorum Rome Total War Campaign Let´s Play Roman Empire #1051:06:0836
2017-12-06 Bruticy - Mobile Game Guides / Gameplay / ReviewsBarnacules Quick Splat FAST game review! [Bruticy]5:20164
2017-10-18United States TaureorShould you buy Rome: Total War? Review and buyer's guide9:056,968
2017-06-13United States EverythingApplePro E A PNew iPad Pro 10.5 Review vs iPad Pro 9.7 - Its Amazing!12:081,153,723
2016-11-22United Kingdom Pocket GamerROME: TOTAL WAR | AppSpy Review3:33101,506
2015-02-20Croatia Seth KiparisRome Total War Barbarian Invasion Review - Seth Kiparis8:125,483
2015-02-09 Prince MachiavelliRome Total War II: Wrath of Sparta Review Take II4:05148
2015-02-04 Order 66 Gaming TVRome Total War 2 Review and Playthrough Part 120:3939
2014-08-25 GameStarRULRome Total War - Test / Review (Gameplay) GameStar5:467,788
2014-03-04 Gabhack5Total War: Rome 2 Beasts of War DLC Review39:5484
2013-10-06United States thehistoricalgamerStatus Update - Rome Total War 2 Review - and More2:30417
2013-05-15United Kingdom Lord RexasaurThe Last Ever Rome Total War Online Battle REVIEW - Viriathus Battle #323:2074
2013-01-22United States stanburdmanThe Best Video Games EVER! - Rome: Total War Review (PC, Mac)10:51368,913
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