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1.United States Let's Game It Out45,212,147
2.India Village Cooking Channel38,280,590
3.Canada ImKibitz26,786,049
4.Thailand RUOK FF25,773,671
5.United States NaSa Li22,963,028
6. LoanNguyen Spa Đà Nẵng20,572,691
7.United States SSundee15,807,712
8. BAR113,983,742
9.Taiwan, Republic of China Crazy Welding13,873,551
10.Thailand BROKEN Gaming13,099,394

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1.Germany Der Mikeintosh738
2.Germany SpielbaerLP558
3.Russian Federation Coffee Owl525
4.Germany BigBauerAndy463
5.Germany NoobLP462
6.Germany LegolasGreenleafLP394
7.Germany Division of Space379
8.Japan スクイード369
9.United Kingdom TotalXclipse348
10.Germany Luporacer Gaming318

Latest Let's Plays For Satisfactory

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13 hours agoUnited Kingdom TotalXclipseMy Gorgeous Aluminium Plant | Satisfactory Let's Play Ep.3420:45420
16 hours agoCanada GGBeyondHard Drive Hunting to the North - Let's Play Satisfactory Update 4 Part 10229:5145
19 hours agoGermany MinenarbeitThermaler Raketenantrieb 🚀 Let's Play SATISFACTORY U4 Deutsch27:2823
21 hours agoGermany Tschuki TVSATISFACTORY TUTORIAL Let's Play: 23 - StromUpgrade und Storage1:05:1779
1 day agoUnited States Mr.LunarioHe Can Die | Satisfactory | BLIND | Part 2524:341
1 day agoUnited States GlidercatLet's Play Satisfactory s01 e0347:58109
2 days agoFrance 119 Minutes👬 #44 Satisfactory [FR/BROUDAFF/SLAN] Let's Play / Découverte Multi - Update 432:53100
2 days agoUnited Kingdom Blood ClawLets Play Satisfactory - Part 1636:5420
2 days agoGermany KenneDeinePixelSatisfactory deutsch #181 ■ IF/ELSE/K.I. [german Gameplay | Let's Play]34:36157
3 days ago BendrichSATISFACTORY - Let's Play #6 [FR] multi " Placage Intellligent !! "32:432
5 days agoUnited States AwesomeMattGLet's Play: Satisfactory - Multiplayer (016) w/ Sidian1:11:5110
2021-07-19United States Drawing XaosSatisfactory industrial espionage Satisfactory lets play Ep 1920:31504
2021-07-12 Binary VigilanteSatisfactory Update 4 Let's Play | Hub & Smelter! | E0122:21103
2021-07-11United States Keith BallardLet's Play Satisfactory Multiplayer Season 2 Part 55 - I Guess We're About Done1:09:10405
2021-07-10Germany Eaz LPLivestream HEUTE ab 19 Uhr0:529
2021-07-10Germany MelideasSatisfactory - Anfang der Stahlproduktion [Update 4 | Gameplay | Deutsch]28:17126
2021-07-07Russian Federation SMBDY PLAYSSatisfactory || Стрим || SMBDYPLAYS отправился на завод2:00:05645
2021-07-07Australia Dan PSATISFACTORY - U4 VANILLA PLAYTHROUGH EP#1415:44952
2021-07-05Germany derGeyer_spieltLet's Play Satisfactory #74 Wir fangen mit der Uranproduktion an44:576
2021-07-05Switzerland CinéLudikSatisfactory - Des cadres modulaires lourds fusionnés ! [Let's play / Episode 28/x]21:2810
2021-07-03Germany RugenwareSatisfactory 🛠 Meine Visionen für unsere Fabrik! Update 4! Deutsch [21] Lets Play 🎮16:1631
2021-06-27France Dave The PsychoHARBINGER, ENTRANCE & DESCENT - Zero Caliber: Reloaded | Part 5 Playthrough | Oculus Quest 2 VR13:4959
2021-06-25France K&F StudioUn Moyen De Transport Fantastique .. HyperTube | Satisfactory #Ep11 [ Lets Play FR ]49:0037
2021-06-23United States HalfmanFloor 1..3...50..99..300 | Satisfactory Let's Play | Episode 51:02:45972
2021-06-18United States Nine2Five StudiosThe Biggest Inhalers - Let's Play Satisfactory Update 4 Multiplayer #5321:5919

Latest Reviews For Satisfactory

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
3 days agoUnited States SpeletonsTwo Men Desperately Try to Make a Factory | Satisfactory Ep 1 | Speletons1:28:402
2021-06-30United States NyxsonTVSatisfactory Review // Is It Worth It in 2021?!8:572,357
2021-04-17Germany Tschuki TVSATISFACTORY - Interview with Community Mgr. SNUTT - U4 Review and Plans [kind of German Subtitles]1:32:341,027
2021-04-12Canada RyenikenSATISFACTORY | An Honest Game Review | Lose temporal awareness as you shoot stuff into space!4:40162
2021-04-10Philippines Kurt Dexter N. RodriguezNew York City Gallery Holds Katsuhiro Otomo Tribute Exhibition2:012
2021-04-02Canada Average GamerSatisfactory 30 Second Review0:3112
2021-03-25 BATTSatisfactory Review: Is It Worth Getting? (2021)...7:2414,647
2021-03-21United Kingdom vsbmeza3Should you buy Satisfactory? Is it worth it? [2021]5:344,958
2021-03-19 Maniac MaxSatisfactory: Update 4! Moar Power+Tier 8 Review! (#8)36:56378
2021-03-14India Sai Overseas Educational ConsultantsClient review about satisfactory services of #SaiOverseas1:41262
2021-02-11United States GBmax64My new power plant. (Satisfactory)2:08:391
2021-01-20United States NoNoNoahA Logistical Apocalypse!! -- Game Grind -- Satisfactory (Game Review)13:1950
2020-12-31Germany Psychic LPSatisfactory - extending the factory1:50:2110
2020-12-04United States RoboKastWhy Satisfactory Is So Awesome9:54213,098
2020-11-28Japan 閻魔たこ【Satisfactory】サティスファクトリーを遊ぶ Ep.351【プレイ動画】16:5043
2020-11-19United States DSS cookieMy Honest Review On Satisfactory6:0013,780
2020-11-13Spain ZeroGameplay/Review # 112 - Satisfactory [1080p60FPS] 📋34:25165
2020-11-09United Kingdom TotalXclipseSmart Foundations Mod Monday spotlight [Satisfactory Game]4:3823,708
2020-11-06United States Game AdvisorShould You Buy Satisfactory? Is Satisfactory Worth the Cost?9:534,930
2020-11-02United States The KeanedomSatisfactory Update 3.6 Review16:21120
2020-10-06Canada Nick The HickSatisfactory "Nick's Picks" Game Review1:50:17569
2020-09-16Spain MediaMarkt España🎤 Review en español del Lavalier RØDE, un micrófono PEQUEÑO y de GRAN calidad 🎤4:563,243
2020-09-11Switzerland IronGun007Satisfactory Steam Release - Early Access Short Review4:38189
2020-07-19Canada Uncomfortable Game ShortsQuick and Dirty SATISFACTORY Review8:351,729
2020-07-13South Africa MarzSatisfactory | Marz Review12:0747