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1.United States Let's Game It Out19,728,968
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4. Gronkh9,765,086
5.Germany Zombey8,432,423
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1.Germany SpielbaerLP371
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3.Germany NoobLP242
4.Japan めがとんTube231
5.Russian Federation Coffee Owl229
6.Germany LegolasGreenleafLP225
7.Denmark Nilaus217
8.United States Flexible Games203
9.Germany Luporacer Gaming191
10.Korea, Republic of 군단Corps185

Latest Let's Plays For Satisfactory

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoUnited States TigerfrostLet's Play Satisfactory (BLIND) - Episode 9535:3031
1 day agoUnited States SwizzlestickHyper Tube Hub | Satisfactory (Update 3) | Let's Play Ep 4430:3428
1 day agoGermany FlufuSatisfactory 071 | Die Modularen Motoren sind am start 😎 | German Lets Play Uncut33:403
2 days agoAustralia SimidiomSatisfactory Let's Play 0732:0628
2 days agoUnited Kingdom ConflictNerdDylan Plays... Satisfactory: Update III (#15)1:00:222,356
2 days agoGermany Early Access GameplayGießerei - Stahlrohre und Stahlträger! Satisfactory 15/01 [Gameplay/Lets Play Deutsch/German]32:4590
4 days agoGermany Edes Lets PlaysSatisfactory deutsch | TEchstufe 7 grinden | Ausbau der Fabrik2:57:50134
4 days agoGermany KenneDeinePixelSatisfactory Update 3 deutsch #65 ■ ERHÖHTE STAHLPRODUKTION [german Gameplay | Let's Play]35:46212
5 days agoGermany Valdis348Die große Stromkrise von 2020 🏭 ✦ SATISFACTORY #9 ✦ Let's Play Together45:4376
2020-07-31United States ManBearPugSatisfactory alpha gameplay live part 51:13:522
2020-07-29Sweden ToffeBacklinKÄRNKRAFTEN STARTAR #15 - Satisfactory Lets Play Update 329:54757
2020-07-27United States 1 Up NerdcoreSatisfactory: Exploring & Collecting Slugs! Let's Play Part 1847:29257
2020-07-27United States Gmodism Total Nerdery ChannelLet's Play Satisfactory 2020 - DUNE - This Facility Turns Meat Into Fuel! (Meat Liquidizer)6:01197
2020-07-25United States CohhCarnageCohh Plays Satisfactory - Episode 4733:351,283
2020-07-23Germany SkaldenwolfSatisfactory lets play 🛠 - #003: Automatisieren und Kontrollieren (2020)13:0519
2020-07-21Germany MitschpielenSatisfactory Deutsch let's play Multiplayer #022 Stahl 2.030:5416
2020-07-16 Something AwesomeSulpher! Satisfactory Part 2451:2614
2020-07-15United States DannySuperNoobTHREE IDIOTS DO ANYTHING BUT BUILD A FACTORY | Danny Plays Satisfactory11:23118
2020-07-15United States CDNThe3rdRalph And Clara Are FULL Of Surprises! | Satisfactory Ep.419:578,767
2020-07-14United States Impossibum PlaysSatisfactory - The Automation Revolution Is Happening! - Let's Play Gameplay #239:2324
2020-07-12Germany Zwerg TubeSATISFACTORY 🚧 [Stream|020] ENDE25:15146
2020-07-04United States Dare KSFIRST AUTOMATION - Satisfactory Update 3 Lets Play Ep 133:2315
2020-07-01United Kingdom ASMRplaysASMR: Satisfactory - Part 3 - Chainsaw!45:48151
2020-07-01 SalvnerSalvner Plays Satisfactory - "Automation" (Part 2)26:03406
2020-06-28United States TazkarSatisfactory Base Tour22:2643

Latest Reviews For Satisfactory

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-07-19Canada Uncomfortable Game ShortsQuick and Dirty SATISFACTORY Review8:35211
2020-06-22United States Critiquing DogeGame Spotlight | Satisfactory7:231,037
2020-06-21United Kingdom RedCoatVikingIS IT WORTH IT? | A 5 Minute Review Of SATISFACTORY5:593,472
2020-06-15United Kingdom LCTRgamesSatisfactory: Is It Worth Playing? [Satisfactory Review June 2020]13:1746,575
2020-06-12Australia Ricky SummerFinally on Steam 🏭 Satisfactory | This is NOT a Review35:23301
2020-05-31United States Wally1169Satisfactory Update 3, Episode 105: Overflow Sinks, Base Review, and So Long! - Let's Play42:5981
2020-02-17United Kingdom Them Peeps - Short & Sweet Game ReviewsSatisfactory Review - Amazing factory building game3:3310,214
2020-02-12Germany Defender833Satisfactory | Pipes? Pipes! Update 3 in der Review | #Satisfactory4:061,857
2019-07-21France ClemchanClemchan & Ayore & Arawn on Satisfactory - Part 161:45:081
2019-07-12United Kingdom RepublicOfPlaySatisfactory is Excellent! - Early Access Gameplay Review12:1920,017
2019-05-04United States ChipsAhoyMcCoyRaiden's Early Access Reviews: Satisfactory13:58135
2019-04-15Sweden CityLookSwedenSatisfactory Review and First play15:0423
2019-04-02United States Casual JokerCasual Review:First Look- Satisfactory! #filthycasuals #ad2:27:188
2019-04-02United Kingdom Sim UKYou ARE Contractually BOUND to Collect this Specimen | Satisfactory 2#1131:1360
2019-03-28Cyprus MrWoodenSheepSatisfactory Review - [MrWoodenSheep]3:46206
2019-03-28United Kingdom Worth A BuySatisfactory Review (Early access) - Worthabuy?11:2994,742
2019-03-27United Kingdom AshenThis is more than SATISFACTORY! (SATISFACTORY EARLY ACCESS FIRST IMPRESSIONS)13:3561
2019-03-27Germany Maxim3D Factorio?! | Satisfactory Review | Steam Montag [Deutsch]8:59202,508
2019-03-26United States Saddamo De BeersSatisfactory Review Early Access ( Factorio 3D like )5:57262
2019-03-24Germany Onkel BenSATISFACTORY • 01 VOM BIOGENERATOR ZUR MEGAFABRIK! - Angezockt German Gameplay Deutsch | Onkel Ben42:5062
2019-03-22United States BwanaSatisfactory: A Quick Review3:519,222
2019-03-21Canada JustinMyOpinionSatisfactory Review... It's very satisfactory8:32544
2019-03-15United States BrothgarSatisfactory Is it good? Early Access Preview Review12:3523,419
2019-03-12United States WinterStarcraftLet's Play Satisfactory - Full Walkthrough Gameplay & Review Live Stream (Pre Early Access)6:41:1615,803
2019-03-11Netherlands DoubleYouTeeSATISFACTORY ► Lets Try REVIEW ► Building Gameplay22:1650