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1.United States Let's Game It Out88,140,085
2.Canada ImKibitz60,895,043
3.Sweden Coffee Stain Studios35,795,759
4.Bangladesh Games Empire31,163,785
5.United Kingdom TotalXclipse26,195,967
6.United States Magentic Wonderful17,024,345
7.United States Markiplier14,784,704
8.Germany Zombey13,704,560
9.Ireland jacksepticeye13,676,138
10. Gronkh11,640,599

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1.United Kingdom Satisfactory Clips Archive8,467
2.Germany Der Mikeintosh1,084
3.Bangladesh Games Empire1,000
4.Russian Federation Coffee Owl Play860
5.Germany SpielbaerLP781
6.Japan 閻魔たこ762
7.Germany NoobLP732
8.Germany BigBauerAndy692
9.Germany HC-Gaming682
10.Germany Luporacer Gaming578

Latest Let's Plays For Satisfactory

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoGermany slarius1Lets Play Satisfactory #360 ich plane und baue ein stück der neuen bahn Linie36:051
2 days agoUnited States Wally1169Chocolate Factory - A Satisfactory Candyland - Let's Play51:4524
3 days agoSwitzerland RoG GamerLets play Satisfactory - Espanol - 259 - Plastico a donde para la bateria1:07:118
4 days agoGermany FritzHugo3Satisfactory Plus Modpack -016-1- 5 neue QoL Mods YES! "H" in der Höhe einstellbar! Schneckenzucht2:18:267
6 days agoFrance AnsyrSatisfactory Let's play : Ep 113 Un plan en plus !1:01:05206
6 days agoFrance RenoLetsPlaySATISFACTORY FR #08 : PLEIN RÉGIME ! 💪🏻32:3459
2024-05-18United Kingdom TotalXclipseMy 100 HOUR Build Ended In Disaster! Satisfactory Lets Play16:0013,092
2024-05-17Germany ChefTryPaySATISFACTORY - Aufbau eines Drohnenzentrallagers - Teil 97 Let`s Play Tutorial Deutsch1:01:0042
2024-05-17France DedeshDGM corp [FR] #4 p1 Les tuyaux et les poutres - Let's play Satisfactory multijoueur40:56148
2024-05-17France GreakPlus de centrales ! - DGM Corp #4 - Let's Play Multi Satisfactory FR28:27592
2024-05-17Latvia PuftySo much progress #shorts #satisfactory #gaming #gameplay0:24158
2024-05-15Ireland SoftwerkerUmbau endlich fertig 🏭 Let's play Satisfactory Plus [E177][German/Deutsch][Early Access]40:0360
2024-05-15Germany The Gaming PhilsSatisfactory Update 8 #041 let's play deutsch - Großer Bau, zu wenig Beton ..29:0633
2024-05-14Germany BlackWarriorLive Let's Play: SATISFACTORY (multiplayer), part 30 [Uncut Twitch-Stream]3:25:148
2024-05-10United Kingdom What Darren PlaysThis factory NEEDED its own RAIL LINE! - Let's Play Satisfactory1:09:2415,959
2024-05-07 Dr Wolf88Deep Dive into blueprint Update 8: Satisfactory Let's Play Ep.76:12:2036
2024-05-07Canada Rayofpandas LiveNewbie plays Satisfactory for the FIRST TIME (Rayofpandas VOD)2:00:46149
2024-05-06Sweden gob1koFinal Factory EXPLORE AN INFINITE COSMOS4:2611,871
2024-05-03France YnaxxSatisfactory Update 8 FR #140 La sculpture de la place Rediff du 05/04/246:15:30180
2024-05-03India Tarun PlayzSatisfactory Live || Tarun Playz1:37:16226
2024-05-03United Kingdom Alice MoriBONUS LIVESTREAM - Let's Play Satisfactory42:4634
2024-05-02Germany Lazy EnjoymentAtomkraft-Recycling-Grundstein, Salpetersäure - Satisfactory #21 (Live Gameplay | Koop | PC)2:46:5979
2024-04-28Australia WildWoofGamingTHE MOST EXCITED I'VE EVER BEEN PLAYING SATISFACTORY! | Satisfactory [Let's Play] (Ep 21)45:56172
2024-04-28France le tigre gamingLe Tigre gaming on fait du satisfactory , saison 2 épisode 1121:2417
2024-04-26United States DekobaI built a CITY in Satisfactory for Heavy Modular Frames + MORE! Update 8 LP 10 (Blueprint Download)25:483,408

Latest Reviews For Satisfactory

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-05-07United States Drawing XaosSatisfactory 1.0 WILL BREAK YOUR SAVE!!6:426,910
2024-05-06Canada Big Daddy KarvixA Honest Review of FOUNDRY Game7:10247
2024-03-13United Kingdom Satisfactory Clips ArchiveQ&A: RCE bridge review stream, when?0:28117
2023-12-24United Kingdom RedcoatVikingIS IT WORTH IT?! | A Review of Satisfactory3:551,593
2023-12-11Canada ScyushiMy First Time Playing Satisfactory (this game is DANGEROUSLY addicting)1:01:30419
2023-11-27 FishyGamerSome insane hypertube trickshots. #satisfactorygame #gaming #shortsfeed1:00274
2023-11-24Ukraine Шостка ПлэйSatisfactory ➽ Серия #2 ➽ Уже не знаю что делать34:3113
2023-11-23Australia Master MacrosSatisfactory Update 8: Grunts Spaghetti world - Review of Coal Build, Road Nework, Steel and Trucks.1:21:35111
2023-10-06Bulgaria kolchoSatisfactory Review (In 60 Seconds)1:001,270
2023-09-30United States Game GraderIs Satisfactory Worth Buying in 2023? [Review] #shorts0:51134
2023-09-28France le tigre gamingsatisfactory , saison 2 ,épisode 4 , on continu l' automatisation17:2813
2023-08-01Spain Nisper_Gamer_tv🤯Satisfactory🤯 (Review Español) Puro vicio de juego!!!5:1074
2023-07-31Russian Federation Michael WiensSatisfactory - A review of the house at the Falls. No Commentary Play.3:476
2023-07-18United States PSAdv ReviewWhat Satisfactory Really Is… #satisfactory #steamgame #funnyreview0:26143
2023-07-08Turkey Old ReviewSTEAM YAZ İNDİRİMLERİ 2023 - PART II24:572,186
2023-06-28 Dad's Gaming AddictionDad on a Budget: Satisfactory Review (Early Access)14:50301
2023-06-14Germany Chaos1699Zuschauer-Map-Review: Beeindruckende Welt von Manuel aka P90Ez15:551,747
2023-05-17United States ChickenSatisfactory is fun but it makes me wish I was playing Factorio instead6:10765
2023-03-26 MrHossieIs Satisfactory worth your time? | Early Access Game Review5:4137,073
2023-03-10Hong Kong Ironic and DeadSatisfactory - 60 second game review0:592,437
2023-03-03Germany Wholesome GamerSatisfactory - Satisfaction Guaranteed - NOT A Game Review!6:34414
2023-01-05 GreatStone GamingGame Review: Satisfactory11:0526
2023-01-03United States Never GuideSatisfactory - REVIEW | IT is STUNNING |11:39108
2022-12-07United States RevieWisdomSatisfactory - REVIEW | IT is STUNNING |11:393,650
2022-11-26 Maximum KrunchKrunch Reviews: Satisfactory2:5833