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1.United States Let's Game It Out41,582,092
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4.Canada ImKibitz23,173,733
5. BAR113,983,742
6.Thailand BROKEN Gaming13,099,394
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1.Germany SpielbaerLP518
2.Russian Federation Coffee Owl472
3.Germany LegolasGreenleafLP345
4.Germany NoobLP336
5.Germany Division of Space335
6.United Kingdom TotalXclipse303
7.Germany BigBauerAndy290
8.Germany Luporacer Gaming262
9.Germany Faebss260
10.Denmark Nilaus232

Latest Let's Plays For Satisfactory

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
3 days agoUnited Kingdom Man Of The AntzAll About The Alcad! | Satisfactory - Part 12 (Live Stream)4:22:25139
3 days agoUnited States Keith BallardLet's Play Satisfactory Multiplayer Season 2 Part 31 - Let's Finally Do Trains1:00:01443
3 days agoGermany SauerländerLPSatisfactory [MP/Update III] -141- Brauchen Verstärkte Eisenplatten [Gameplay/HD/Let's Play]26:3810
4 days agoUnited States Hey, Folks!Satisfactory - A satisfactory hour long rant! [HFLP 2021-G4E2]1:07:021
4 days agoUnited Kingdom Gamester4lifeSatisfactory - Tutorial/Let's Play - Episode 14 - Finding Water!!29:269
4 days agoDenmark NilausReady for late-game by UNLOCKING Tier 7-8 | #15 | Satisfactory Update 4 | Lets Play/Walkthrough32:333,919
5 days agoUnited States Drawing XaosSatisfactory lets play Season 2 Ep 5 Hard driving around the world23:38550
2021-04-10Australia Dan PSATISFACTORY - U4 VANILLA PLAY THROUGH - EP#531:061,262
2021-04-07United Kingdom TotalXclipseFeel the Power! Let's play Satisfactory update 4 - Ep.1514:234,508
2021-04-06Germany FlufuSatisfactory Update 4 Staffel 3 #008 | Ein Fest für eine Platte 😎 | German Lets Play Uncut26:281
2021-04-06United States Wally1169Satisfactory U4 Co-op with PhazeonPhoenix, Alnilana, and ITMachinist, Episode 31 - Let's Play, Strea1:43:4946
2021-04-05Germany derGeyer_spieltLet's Play Satisfactory #71 Der Cateriumzug40:561
2021-04-04United States SeeShell GamingSatisfactory: Tier 3 Coal Generators Ep357:49603
2021-04-04Germany HeartStyleDie Wracks an den höchsten Punkten #25 Erkundung - Let's Play Satisfactory #206 [Deutsch/HD]28:0914
2021-04-04United Kingdom vsbmeza3Default Colors for FOUNDATIONS and PIPES in Satisfactory and How Colors Work4:05890
2021-03-31France K&F StudioEnfin Autonome En Energie | Satisfactory #Ep7 [ Lets Play FR ]38:1745
2021-03-31United States Nine2Five StudiosContainer Addict - Let's Play Satisfactory Multiplayer #2621:5818
2021-03-26United States GMODISMLet's Play Satisfactory 2021 - DUNE - Getting Nuclear Power! #3231:3280
2021-03-19France Micien[LET'S PLAY] Satisfactory - Episode 10 - Petit tracteur diesel29:0368
2021-03-16United States One Last MidnightSatisfactory - Update 4 - Trying it out some more!1:59:29547
2021-03-12India ChankyKangLets Play Satisfactory EP1 | Satisfactory13:23800
2021-02-24 Shadenight123Shade plays Satisfactory - The Emperor Protects Part 32:44:380
2021-02-23Sweden JensenOfcSatisfactory MODDED Early Access Gameplay (Let's Play) - Unlimited Copper & Iron Ingots EP15🏭26:2510
2021-02-20 Maniac MaxSatisfactory! Utopia Alpha 2000 Hour World Tour (SPECIAL) (Saturday Sunday Funday Gamedays!)1:11:52549
2021-02-19United States Heuntz GamingSatisfactory | Let's Play | Making Omega Screw Factory | Part 2226:4815

Latest Reviews For Satisfactory

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
5 days agoCanada RyenikenSATISFACTORY | An Honest Game Review | Lose temporal awareness as you shoot stuff into space!4:4037
2021-03-21United Kingdom vsbmeza3Should you buy Satisfactory? Is it worth it? [2021]5:341,484
2021-03-19 Maniac MaxSatisfactory: Update 4! Moar Power+Tier 8 Review! (#8)36:56200
2021-01-20United States NoNoNoahA Logistical Apocalypse!! -- Game Grind -- Satisfactory (Game Review)13:1917
2020-12-31Germany Psychic LPSatisfactory - extending the factory1:50:2110
2020-12-04United States RoboKastWhy Satisfactory Is So Awesome9:54150,368
2020-11-19United States DSS cookieMy Honest Review On Satisfactory6:0013,278
2020-11-18India Sai Overseas Educational ConsultantsLive - Client Review About Satisfactory Services of Sai Overseas | UK Spouse Visa Approved1:34244
2020-11-13Spain ZeroGameplay/Review # 112 - Satisfactory [1080p60FPS] 📋34:2519
2020-11-09United Kingdom TotalXclipseSmart Foundations Mod Monday spotlight [Satisfactory Game]4:3816,845
2020-11-06United States Game AdvisorShould You Buy Satisfactory? Is Satisfactory Worth the Cost?9:533,709
2020-11-02United States The KeanedomSatisfactory Update 3.6 Review16:21117
2020-10-06Canada Nick The HickSatisfactory "Nick's Picks" Game Review1:50:17546
2020-09-16Spain MediaMarkt España🎤 Review en español del Lavalier RØDE, un micrófono PEQUEÑO y de GRAN calidad 🎤4:561,214
2020-07-19Canada Uncomfortable Game ShortsQuick and Dirty SATISFACTORY Review8:351,529
2020-07-13South Africa MarzSatisfactory | Marz Review12:0745
2020-07-07 Ekonom RandomMenjelajah Planet Luar Angkasa dan Membangun Pabrik, Beautipul! Review Satisfactory (Early Access)24:5917
2020-07-06 BluesuitSatisfactory Review - What's It Worth? (Early Access)5:305,248
2020-06-22United States Critiquing DogeGame Spotlight | Satisfactory7:231,699
2020-06-15United Kingdom LCTRgamesSatisfactory: Is It Worth Playing? [Satisfactory Review June 2020]13:17100,747
2020-06-12Australia Ricky SummerFinally on Steam 🏭 Satisfactory | This is NOT a Review35:23319
2020-06-08United States RadikusPrimeLet's Play: Satisfactory - First impression Steam Gameplay review Fist Look27:40886
2020-05-31United States Wally1169Satisfactory Update 3, Episode 105: Overflow Sinks, Base Review, and So Long! - Let's Play42:59560
2020-05-06Ireland DCD GamingSatisfactory Package% Speed Run Review Sub 40m Plan....44:48159