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1.United States Let's Game It Out29,829,766
2.Canada ImKibitz18,802,211
3. BAR1 FF12,941,818
4.Ireland jacksepticeye10,847,603
5. Gronkh10,061,569
6.Germany Zombey9,314,456
7.United States Blitz8,740,399
8.United States Markiplier7,426,920
9.Russian Federation Marmok6,852,631
10.Germany SpielbaerLP5,478,452

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1.Germany SpielbaerLP413
2.Germany Division of Space282
3.Germany LegolasGreenleafLP280
4.Germany NoobLP269
5.Germany Luporacer Gaming242
6.United Kingdom TotalXclipse240
7.Japan めがとんTube231
8.Denmark Nilaus217
9.United States Flexible Games216
10.Korea, Republic of 군단Corps185

Latest Let's Plays For Satisfactory

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoCanada GGBeyondHeavy Modular Frame Recipe - Let's Play Satisfactory Update 3 Part 6430:3891
6 days agoUnited States Wally1169Satisfactory U3 Co-op with PhazeonPhoenix, Alnilana, and ITMachinist, Episode 11 - Let's Play, Strea1:35:4844
2020-11-23United States One Last MidnightSatisfactory - FINDING HARD DRIVES - LOOKING FOR GOOD STUFF - E12F25:37189
2020-11-21United States Gmodism Total Nerdery ChannelLet's Play Satisfactory 2020 - DUNE - Aluminium Production Showcase #2314:33167
2020-11-14Germany Ministerium für GamingLet`s play Satisfactory Deutsch S1 E39 Verbesserte Aluminium Verarbeitung12:072
2020-11-13France Micien[LET'S PLAY] Satisfactory - Episode 7 - Rush vers les Tiers 3 et 4 !24:3181
2020-11-11United States Thorgal Daily GamingSatisfactory Let's Play - Automating all of Tier 1-4 - Season 21:01:391,661
2020-11-05Austria Pat LPSatisfactory #39 Vorbereitungen zur Ölproduktion21:431
2020-10-31United States Kokesher3Satisfactory - First Playthrough - Part 67:43:102
2020-10-25 papa snusiNEW TRICK to mass Produce Steel, Satisfactory Lets Play S2 E23, Update 316:27674
2020-10-20Germany LittleWulf GamingSatisfactory [Let's Play Deutsch] #33 - Computer Fabrik, kurzer Status Update, see you soon11:00173
2020-10-18Australia TeaRexLets industrialize this planet! | Satisfactory Playthrough Episode 156:55127
2020-10-14Germany GamesTwoPlayLet's Play Satisfactory #017, Arbeitsflächenvergrößerung WQHD Gameplay deutsch20:432
2020-10-11Germany LegolasGreenleafLPSatisfactory #256 - Vorplanungen für die neue Kabelproduktion41:266
2020-09-29United States Drawing XaosSatisfactory lets play Ep 25 PROJECT SUN VERSION 2.016:14526
2020-09-26Ireland DCD GamingALUminium Sheets| Satisfactory Gameplay | Lets Play S3 Ep 2032:29108
2020-09-22Australia Mister MyKilMASSIVE Iron Factory 1,000 Iron per minute | Satisfactory EP1414:2171
2020-09-20Germany FlufuSatisfactory 090 | Gift und Galle, was für ein Terrain 😎 | German Lets Play Uncut33:554
2020-09-10United States TigerfrostLet's Play Satisfactory (BLIND) - Episode 1061:21149
2020-09-03United Kingdom Thumb CultureTC Satisfactory Lets Play Ar18:2417
2020-09-01Canada Reggie GamesSmoothBrain Plays Satisfactory19:35881
2020-08-29Canada Corey DutsonLet's Play: Satisfactory - Part 2 - Workin' in the mines1:14:043
2020-08-24Germany Edes Lets PlaysSatisfactory deutsch | Auf zur Atomkraft2:53:20281
2020-08-24United States 1 Up NerdcoreSatisfactory - Completing Tier 7 Milestones! (Let's Play Part 20)26:05253
2020-08-23Germany Valdis348Überall fehlen Schrauben 🏭 ✦ SATISFACTORY #16 ✦ Let's Play Together41:1085

Latest Reviews For Satisfactory

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-11-09United Kingdom TotalXclipseSmart Foundations Mod Monday spotlight [Satisfactory Game]4:3813,353
2020-11-02United States The KeanedomSatisfactory Update 3.6 Review16:21102
2020-10-06Canada Nick The HickSatisfactory "Nick's Picks" Game Review1:50:17503
2020-07-19Canada Uncomfortable Game ShortsQuick and Dirty SATISFACTORY Review8:35931
2020-07-13South Africa MarzSatisfactory | Marz Review12:0741
2020-07-06 BluesuitSatisfactory Review - What's It Worth? (Early Access)5:304,647
2020-06-22United States Critiquing DogeGame Spotlight | Satisfactory7:231,379
2020-06-21United Kingdom RedCoatVikingIS IT WORTH IT? | A 5 Minute Review Of SATISFACTORY5:596,309
2020-06-15United Kingdom LCTRgamesSatisfactory: Is It Worth Playing? [Satisfactory Review June 2020]13:1777,169
2020-06-12Australia Ricky SummerFinally on Steam 🏭 Satisfactory | This is NOT a Review35:23312
2020-06-08United States RadikusPrimeLet's Play: Satisfactory - First impression Steam Gameplay review Fist Look27:40872
2020-05-31United States Wally1169Satisfactory Update 3, Episode 105: Overflow Sinks, Base Review, and So Long! - Let's Play42:59491
2020-05-06Ireland DCD GamingSatisfactory Package% Speed Run Review Sub 40m Plan....44:48157
2020-02-17United Kingdom Them Peeps - Short & Sweet Game ReviewsSatisfactory Review - Amazing factory building game3:3310,653
2020-02-12Germany Defender833Satisfactory | Pipes? Pipes! Update 3 in der Review | #Satisfactory4:062,198
2019-07-21France ClemchanClemchan & Ayore & Arawn on Satisfactory - Part 161:45:081
2019-07-12United Kingdom RepublicOfPlaySatisfactory is Excellent! - Early Access Gameplay Review12:1927,895
2019-05-04United States ChipsAhoyMcCoyRaiden's Early Access Reviews: Satisfactory13:58135
2019-04-15Sweden CityLookSwedenSatisfactory Review and First play15:0423
2019-04-02United States Casual JokerCasual Review:First Look- Satisfactory! #filthycasuals #ad2:27:188
2019-04-02United Kingdom Sim UKYou ARE Contractually BOUND to Collect this Specimen | Satisfactory 2#1131:1368
2019-03-28Cyprus MrWoodenSheepSatisfactory Review - [MrWoodenSheep]3:46273
2019-03-28United Kingdom Worth A BuySatisfactory Review (Early access) - Worthabuy?11:29113,782
2019-03-27United Kingdom AshenThis is more than SATISFACTORY! (SATISFACTORY EARLY ACCESS FIRST IMPRESSIONS)13:3564
2019-03-27Germany Maxim3D Factorio?! | Satisfactory Review | Steam Montag [Deutsch]8:59208,956