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1.United States TouchGameplay40,418,951
2.Canada DeoxysPrime35,204,274
3. Sonic the Hedgehog34,742,409
4.Spain Kratosworld22,696,306
5.Spain Sergindsegasonic21,615,032
6. ArtFenixAsordis18,973,056
7.France Blue Vivacity17,802,055
8.United States AndromalicPlay133715,994,662
9.United States MugiMikey15,500,555
10.United States MobileStar12,855,325

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1.United States MobileStar306
2. MegaSonic Swordsman306
3.Australia SuperSaiyanSonic241
4. 619TheLord204
5. ArtFenixAsordis201
6.France Omniwalk FR191
7.United States Neogaming178
8.United States CodenameGamma170
9.France Blue Vivacity169
10. Sonic Destiny163

Latest Let's Plays For Sonic Forces

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
5 days agoUnited States Android GameplayIce Scream 4,PvZ 2,PvZ Heroes,PvZ HD,Sonic Forces,Sonic at the Olympic,Red Ball 4,Red Ball X37:51870
5 days agoAustralia Marioman 10100Sonic Forces Let's Play: Episode 531:232
6 days agoUnited States Channel PupLet Pup Play Sonic Forces With Friends (Commentary)3:02:03944
2021-06-04United States ktshadow14Let's Play Sonic Forces (Episode Shadow)-Infinite's Origin21:087
2021-06-02 Zeldon SupremeGOD HELP US ALL.../Sonic Forces (PRTFN)45:444
2021-05-28United States SiIvaGunnerSunset Heights (Alpha Mix) - Sonic Forces2:0520,090
2021-05-27Brazil Ricardo GameplaysSONIC FORCES [Playstation 4] - Ao Vivo Ate Zerar - Parte 023:40:23118
2021-05-24United Kingdom The Crimson EmoSonic Forces Japanese Gameplay #8 [Playstation 4]2:116
2021-04-17United States Manuel VegaSonic Forces Play through Part 546:005
2021-04-08 Sonic DestinySonic 2 Forces Edition (Sonic Hack)5:2697,253
2021-04-05Germany RealSonicVideosSonic Forces - Sunset Heights - 21:9 - HDR 600 Test - No Boost Playthrough1:533,076
2021-03-31United States ZonicTHedgehogSonic VTuber Plays - TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue! #VTuber #VTuberLiveStream (Part 2)4:19:58472
2021-03-01 PodFictionAdam's Sonic OC - Pod Fiction Plays - Sonic Forces EP.111:2827
2021-02-19Russian Federation SEGA MD2Quarterback Zavok New Character Special - Sonic Forces Speed Battle - Playthrough18:19222
2021-02-16United States Annoying Orange GamingLittle Apple plays SONIC FORCES!!10:0498,021
2020-12-23Brazil JrgamesCriança gasta R$ 84 mil reais em Sonic Forces - Filho gasta R$ 84 mil reais e mãe culpa Apple4:09184
2020-12-21United States DethMagnetik[THE NEW RECRUIT!] Sonic Forces | Part 124:2796
2020-12-04 license2brealLicense2breal plays WWE Undefeated2:3516
2020-11-09 Sonic TempestSonic Forces (Full Playthrough) - 3rd Anniversary Livestream1:58:4416
2020-11-07United States Emerald MastersThe breaking point - Shadow plays Sonic Forces! - Part 415:088,290
2020-11-05United States Joseph SMASH!!Sonic Forces - Nintendo Switch Gameplay (1080p HD 60FPS)14:0217
2020-10-20United States MadhatterniSonic Forces Full Playthrough : No Commenatary3:06:3711
2020-10-09United States BryceJWbrycejw plays sonic 06 NEW (SONIC FORCES) 1.5k sub special | donation stream2:13:2848
2020-09-29 KashiKakes[KashiKakes]Sonic Forces: "Well it's not as bad as Sonic 06!" (VOD) (full playthrough)3:13:594

Latest Reviews For Sonic Forces

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-05-21Chile Mundos El ErizoSonic Forces REVIEW | ¿El Peor Sonic?14:11323
2021-05-11Canada Stuff We PlaySonic Forces is Not Bad14:181,839
2021-03-20United States TwistedThe Ultimate Critique Of Sonic Forces (Review) - Twisted Reviews18:44143
2021-02-24United States The Silver Ace01IDW Sonic The Hedgehog #37 Review8:472,160
2021-01-20United States The Catholic Gaming NerdSonic Forces (Nintendo Switch) Video Re Review12:1017
2021-01-02United States TooterpSonic Forces is Actually a Good Game!! - Sonic Forces Review!11:282,039
2020-12-23United States Lost ChaosSega Says Sonic Forces Is Now The BEST Sonic Game10:59962
2020-12-12United States Betty PVPSonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom Game Review 1080p Official SEGA15:1028
2020-12-02India Indian GamingWWE Undefeated Official Launched | Hindi | Gameplay | League One | Review | Part 1 |15:294,593
2020-11-01United States Gamer Guys and Gals Reviews (Gamer Guys and Gals)Inertial Drift Review4:3211
2020-11-01United Kingdom MinusInfernoGamingSonic Forces Review - MinusInfernoGaming5:2521
2020-09-25United States FKGamingTVTag with Ryan vs Tom Cat Gold Run vs Sonic Forces8:3013,373
2020-09-20United States MobileStarSonic Forces Reaper Metal Sonic vs Vampire Shadow vs Witch Rouge - New Special Characters Unlocked10:27167,177
2020-09-12Thailand น้องแมวดําตัวอ้วนกลมSONIC FORCES MOBILE REVIEW (ไทย) เจ้าเม้นสายฟ้าสีน้ำเงิน วิ่งไวกว่าเสียงแร็วแรงเต็มพิกัด9:40181
2020-07-24United States Olympus Gaming TVSonic Forces [Review] - The Worst Of The Two Games?4:57189
2020-07-12Brazil Vitroxsy BrasilSonic Forces #FINAL Vs Death Egg Robot59:306
2020-05-16Canada Killer J GamingRMG Rebooted EP 292 Sonic Forces PS4 Game Review12:2263
2020-04-13Ireland WhoKnows WhoSONIC FORCES IRISH FAMILY REVIEW25:0785
2020-04-06United States akmalstoryGame play | Sonic Forces | Full Review11:22445
2020-04-06Netherlands Gamekings VaultSonic Forces Review: Geen revanche voor SEGA10:4133
2020-03-19United States BabyNoobCakesWas It Worth It? | Sonic Forces | PS+Review17:0053
2020-03-04United States Fortunahusky StorytellingSonic forces review8:3711
2020-02-27United States The Golden BoltShadow of the Colossus and Sonic Forces Review - PLUSone (PS Plus March 2020)14:252,554