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Channels With The Most Views

1.Korea, Republic of 흑운장TV [BLACKTUBE]255,131,044
2. nevake57,395,467
3.Korea, Republic of 이제동TV [JD TUBE]53,611,167
4.Korea, Republic of 도둑밥47,781,976
5.Canada CarbotAnimations40,661,828
6.Chile Pablo Astudillo23,436,343
7.Korea, Republic of 아구 TV22,961,550
8.Korea, Republic of (MUTUBE)와꾸대장봉준18,298,807
9.Korea, Republic of 크랭크14,975,005
10. PomfEtThud14,089,825

Channels With The Most Videos

1. nevake5,963
2. Antinataliz3,769
3.Australia Home of StarCraft3,550
4.Taiwan, Republic of China Hui3,165
5.Korea, Republic of 도둑밥2,797
6.Korea, Republic of 흑운장TV [BLACKTUBE]2,234
7. Honejasi2,123
8. moletrap1,508
9.Korea, Republic of 금새우마왕성1,441
10.Korea, Republic of 이제동TV [JD TUBE]1,367

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Monetization Policy: Stream/Video Monetization Allowed
Last Updated: 2022-01-11 3:16:34 AM

Although Blizzard Entertainment restricts community-created content to "non-commercial" uses, an exception is granted when uploading StarCraft video content to "production websites" such as YouTube,,,, or, where you can be paid through a partnership program.

Video content must maintain the "T" rating that has been given to Blizzard products by the ESRB, and similar ratings issued by other rating boards around the world. Content must also be free to view at all times; viewers cannot be forced to pay a fee to view the content.

Latest Let's Plays For StarCraft

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoCanada Nicholas Petris GamingStarCraft (1998) casual playthrough pt 7 starting BROOD WAR (Episode IV) | My 167th livestream8:03:403
1 day agoUnited States Falcon PaladinSNOW! JAEDONG? Falcon casts YOUR and PRO replays! FME/UMS/FFA - 20236:17:152,740
1 day agoAustralia Home of StarCraft[10.2.23] SC:R 1v1 (FPVOD) RoyaL (T) vs SoMa (Z) Neo Sylphid10:35183
2 days agoAustralia AngarlA New Terran Empire - StarCraft Cartooned | Terran Playthrough [Part 6]1:26:4720
2 days agoUnited Kingdom Doing Stuff and Filming it.Starcraft Original Playthrough | Protoss Campaign; Mission 7-2 - Homeland. (Sneaky Shortcut version)6:441
3 days agoThailand Alphonse Ch.[🔴LIVE] #6 ล้างบาง Protoss | STARCRAFT [TH/EN] #Alph_LIVE2:10:2296
3 days ago IVATOPIABEYOND ALL REASON (BAR) A Let's Play By IVATOPIA Ep 3230:5910
4 days agoUnited States Noxis FlakStarCraft Mission 12: Egression (Zerg Mission 2) full playthrough24:3867
2023-03-09United States NamKraftKCM 2023 S1 W6 S3 @ Sylphid | Starcraft Commentary27:37113
2023-03-09Germany WiihawkStar Revenge 0: Galaxy of Origins - Part 37 - Fawful und die Zerg-Schaben | Let's Play21:50119
2023-03-05 Santouryu3Let's Play StarCraft PT39 - An Illusionist?11:489
2023-03-03Canada Sha AspireSC2: Brutal playthrough - Ep 12:11:555
2023-03-02Israel Eran ArbelDungeon of the Mad Mage˸ Floor 18, Part 102:54:1846
2023-02-27United States The Krimson Dragon's Livestream Archive🐉 2-25-2023 Playstation State of Play & StarCraft Brood War11:55:3214
2023-02-26United States Joe's Starcraft Casty CastsGREAT Zerg vs Protoss - Minchul vs GOLDSCV - Minchul plays an almost perfect game? GG!!! FME!20:13511
2023-02-23Brazil CosmosAmtomStarcraft Classic zerg Noob Commander Version ‐ lOSER8:1029
2023-02-23United States BeoMulfIEM Katowice Rematch(es)! | Kaizi Gaming v AlphaX | WTL Playoffs1:15:05194
2023-02-20 twitch.tv_clipsworld cup of the FAMOUS plays in StarCraft II #starcraft2 #starcraft #starcraft2heartoftheswarm12:290
2023-02-19Philippines FrostyFlakesFrosty's Let's Plays: StarCraft - Mission VIII - Eye for an Eye (No Commentary Run)39:4123
2023-02-17United States DeadKastLet's Play StarCraft! Part 450:0113
2023-02-13Ukraine iliyaSC2StarCraft 2 Alpha 4K 60fps Protoss unit trailer upscale21:2658
2023-02-12Germany Lord RamStarCraft 1 Zerg Kampagne | Video: Einsatz auf der Amerigo4:1141
2023-02-09Russian Federation Esports StorytellerTOP 5 Things that Protoss race had in the alpha version of StarCraft 24:3737,229
2023-02-08United Kingdom Reno277First playthrough. I... kind of know what I'm doing! | StarCraft Day 21:44:486
2023-02-08 WagoLPStarCraft Remastered Dlc BroodWar - 1080p - Let's Play Deutsch - Zerg Mission 10 OMEGA - ENDE VOM LP1:06:2631

Latest Reviews For StarCraft

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-03-09United States KoshITS LIKE STARCRAFT FOR MOBILES - IRON MARINES // Mobile Game Reviews8:0375
2023-03-06United States Bower's Game CornerCodex : Card -time Strategy Review13:0976
2023-03-03United States The Gaming Saloon NetworkThe Gaming Saloon Reviews "Transformers Armada Ep. 33-36"32:223
2023-02-26 moletrapOld school is back! - ASL 15 Qualifier Review/Groups Preview13:5564
2023-02-15 ИП ГусьStarCraft обзор. Review.0:16531
2023-01-26United States CloudyEmeraldFood review! Carl's Junior NEW Burger- is it good?! Also some StarCraft2:18:3720
2023-01-24Peru Remastr TVFast Review: Heroes y Silencio (Nuevo MOD de StarCraft hecho en LATAM)8:152,261
2023-01-21 GraymonsutaToonami Game Review - StarCraft1:3010
2023-01-10United States DeathgunSHOULD YOU PLAY STALCRAFT? - 500+ HOUR REVIEW!!11:1114,295
2023-01-08 onur dursunStarcraft Review10:035
2022-11-18 Lorerunner Stream ArchivesNox Review Stream, Part 4 Final53:14135
2022-11-18 Entropy WinsEpic African Clearing Game: Partial CA Review10:067
2022-11-01Peru FanTaSy¿Cómo era STARCRAFT en la NINTENDO 64?10:391,959
2022-10-27Belarus Атомный Плей БойZ ★18★RU☭ENG★ Обзор и впечатления от игры ★ Review & My impressions from the RTS43:0827
2022-10-14 MochrieTV HotSGRAND MASTER Sgt Hammer Replay Review - Guide is OUT now23:22169
2022-10-10Zimbabwe Captain BenzieIs This The Best Mobile Strategy Game? | Iron Marines Invasion Review16:447,947
2022-09-17Australia RetrovieWThe Hive REVIEW | Steam Release | RetrovieW |11:5924
2022-09-16 OrthranusMBB Review2:03:273
2022-09-12United States NotParadoxThis Anub Player has been climbing with a 65% winrate, will it continue? Replay review40:143,756
2022-09-06 RedGunnerguyMap review1:24:2319
2022-08-17 Talking About GamesSLA Industries 2nd edition review pt 19: The Thresher Consortium10:4530
2022-08-03 MasterZhou模玩测评第6期:电游周边测评-星际争霸-神族士兵 Starcraft Protoss Zealot Action Firgure 1998 Review4:3613
2022-07-28Canada TychodragonStarcraft Series Review: Blizzards Timeless Classic18:3227
2022-07-17United States KielanStarship Troopers Game - Starcraft meets Starship Troopers26:1410
2022-07-07Bosnia and Herzegovina MaxyGameSongs of Conquest Review by SsethTzeentach | HE SAID WHAT!?32:01622