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1.Sweden Paradox Interactive35,544,860
2.Germany ASpec33,642,806
3.United States TheXPGamers12,907,272
4. quill1810,629,604
5.United Kingdom The Spiffing Brit5,621,763
6. Lathland5,156,017
7.United Kingdom EnterElysium4,869,733
8.Sweden ParadoxExtra4,771,560
9. Brad Cypy4,691,817
10. Many A True Nerd4,307,294

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1.Germany Immanuel Can - Thoughtful Gaming1,197
2.Germany ASpec750
3.Germany Horath Drak679
4. ImminentStorm637
5.Denmark Kingtot602
6.Norway kebzero553
7.Netherlands Tokryva513
8.Germany Commandelicious490
9.United States Peri481
10.United Kingdom Shadowfighterpro467

Latest Let's Plays For Stellaris

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoUnited States WaypointAustin Plays Stellaris: Federations (Part 2)1:13:17347
3 days agoUnited States darkprometheus112Stellaris - Federation DLC l Doom World Origin l The High Kingdom of Cyris l Part 111:23:574
3 days ago BogModLet's Play Stellaris Federations as Kitties - Part 1920:5513
3 days agoUnited States TymeroverLet's Play Stellaris Federations | Human Accord | Galactic Doorstep | Ep. 7!27:0618
3 days agoUnited States GenesisKingStellaris Federations Let's Play (Shattered Ringworld Origin): THE SURVIVORS Ep2 Rush To Colonize27:1249
3 days agoGermany Steinwallen – Games & HistoryLet's Play Stellaris - Terraner: 14. Sondersitzung des Koordinierungsrates (ABSTIMMUNG)14:572,337
3 days agoCzech Republic Dr.ZStellaris: Federations CZ - Trpaslíci ve vesmíru 07 (22.3.)41:37125
3 days agoGermany GreiverAngezockt! Stellaris Föderation Deutsch #06 [ Stellaris Föderation Gameplay HD ]39:3932
3 days agoGermany VoxxelStellaris: Federations MULTIPLAYER #09 - Die Zerstörerflotte (deutsch lets play)27:0966
3 days agoCzech Republic Skream QLet's Play Stellaris - We Are Legion 0625:376
4 days agoUnited Kingdom ShadowfighterproLet's Play Stellaris Federations Part 1721:0744
4 days agoUnited States Kourgath223Let's Play Stellaris Federation part 233:3913
4 days agoGermany Pssst Oing - Gaming PowerStellaris deutsch Let's play Federations #10 [Die Vollgasfraktion]23:5019
4 days agoDenmark KingtotStellaris Federations: The Glow #20 (Restart)32:3072
4 days agoNorway CaledornStellaris: Federations - The Great Awakening - The Shroud - EP1734:45154
5 days agoUnited States TheGameCommonStellaris: Federations | Lithoid - Hive Mind | Episode #15 [Mistakes]35:1071
5 days agoUnited Kingdom AlpaxLPGalactic Bureaucracy - Stellaris Federations: The Federation (Star Trek Inspired) Let's Play - 1124:15131
5 days agoGermany DrProof - Imperator der SpielkulturMaschinen aufstand ⭐ Let's Play Stellaris Federations 👑 #014 [Deutsch/German]47:47292
5 days agoGermany Vagrant's PlaygroundStellaris 2.6 Sprösslinge #14 Die stillgelegte Flotte (Lets Play, deutsch)33:478
5 days agoUnited States HaveYouPlayedStellaris Federations Lets Play Part 021:03:2510
5 days agoUnited Kingdom CobrakLET'S CRUSH A GALAXY - Let's Play Stellaris Federations! [Cobrak]2:02:40669
6 days agoUnited States aulddragonStellaris: Federations — Part 17 - Diplomacy and War30:2579
6 days agoGermany Legendarymarvins StrategiekanalStellaris Federations Lithoiden / Steine 05 (Deutsch / Let's Play)27:17308
2020-03-29United Kingdom Ajaxpost PlaysStellaris: Federations | Our Second Star System | Lets Play #0247:5441
2020-03-28United Kingdom OfficialStuffPlusTalking Things Seriously | Stellaris: Federations - Let's Play / Gameplay31:43766

Latest Reviews For Stellaris

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-03-24United Kingdom RepublicOfPlayStellaris 2.6 Federations DLC Gameplay Review30:4915,681
2020-03-22United States MumblesVideosStellaris: Federations Review Must Have DLC? | MumblesVideos Game Review8:4679
2019-11-08 TauskenStellaris Lithoid Species Pack Review3:31173
2019-09-25United States Pixelated SausagePSP #685: Stellaris: Console Edition, DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition24:5979
2019-07-18United States HForHavocFANTASTIC DLC, MUCH STORY | Stellaris: Ancient Relics Review *SPOILERS*5:11365
2019-07-09United States HunterStrangeStellaris Console Edition PS4 First Look37:1256
2019-07-06Germany ASpecSTELLARIS 2.3.3 - Patch Review (Nerfed Grand Herald Edition)21:2338,588
2019-06-10France Mundus BellicusStellaris 2.3 Wolfe et Ancient Relics, la Review17:54581
2019-04-28 Kyro GamingI Have No Idea What I'm doing, Butt i brought Friends! { Stellaris Semi-blind Gameplay pt 11!0:472
2019-03-30United Kingdom Zorf GamingStellaris Review6:47177
2019-03-23United Kingdom SCREEN STARSSTELLARIS PS4 Review12:26395
2019-03-14United States grandw0lfStellaris -- New Horizons Mod: Federation 3.132:23:136
2019-03-02Germany SaintMeranLet´s Play Stellaris Distant Stars aka INTERSTELLAR #7 Gameplay Campaign1:01:3810
2019-02-22United Kingdom Experience KillsStellaris Console Edition Review17:506,006
2019-02-22United States IGNStellaris: Console Edition Review4:48140,835
2018-12-27Netherlands GuyLogicGamingStellaris: MegaCorp - Logic review (Update 2.2)18:29871
2018-12-26Poland ZeroPositiveStellaris - Megacorp Regular Review4:04838
2018-12-07United States Jaames JohnsonStellaris Megacorp Review22:0999
2018-12-07Russian Federation Nerd Commando Game StudiosStellaris 2.2 & Megacorp Patch Review & Guide1:54:355,041
2018-10-09Latvia TheYamiksStellaris "review"8:4041,277
2018-07-11Switzerland Lawrence's BeyondSTELLARIS: APOCALYPSE - Story Trailer REACTION + REVIEW6:055,594
2018-04-05United States Arx StrategyStellaris 2.0 Update Review as Tall Empire17:056,042
2018-02-22United States Praetorian HiJynxStellaris Apocalypse Expansion Review | Late-Game Epicness of Planet Destroyers, Raiding, and Titans7:025,112
2018-02-22Austria DatWulStellaris - Apocalypse [Review/Gameplay]2:35:2499
2018-01-26Spain Estrategia Espacial en EspañolSTELLARIS APOCALYPSE ANALISIS EN ESPAÑOL6:159,664