Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

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1.United States PewDiePie8,043,675
2. Shaoしゃお7,737,720
3.United States Ventus SGN Plays4,222,395
4.Japan けるにす4,027,945
5.United Kingdom BBC Radio 13,522,236
6.Japan くんひろ2nd2,954,011
7. Melodic Star2,895,237
8.United States oGVexx2,745,709
9.United States BK Brent2,457,705
10.Japan 876TV2,192,776

Latest Let's Plays For Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-07-23Ireland PS4sos21Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet PLAYSTATION 4 Gameplay2:14:4515
2021-07-07Mexico Kaito MeltLet's play SWORD ART ONLINE: FATAL BULLET1:2945
2021-07-07 Ayoo_AstroboyAstro Plays SAO: Fatal Bullet PT228:354
2021-07-02United States KwingsLetsPlaysSword Art Online Fatal Bullet Professor Kwing Co-Op (Nintendo Switch) Ultimate Selects1:39:421,844
2021-06-23United States Queen Kajina KinoshitaQueen Kajina Plays SA0: Fatal Bullet1:03:437
2021-06-03France PAPOUCHE GAMINGsword art online fatal bullet LET'S PLAY DECOUVERTE PS4 PRO / PS5 GAMEPLAY27:084
2021-05-31United States KRYPTO Let's PlayHelping Zeliska I Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet I Episode 6123:337
2021-04-08Germany DarkGirlLPGruppenzwang & Boobs ✥ Part 3 | Lets Play SAO Fatal Bullet2:13:5378
2021-03-26Mexico Uchi Gameplays!!!Let's Play Sword art online fatal bullet Hero PvP #261:20:2962
2021-03-14United States KVCKVC plays Loop Hero part 41:42:444
2021-03-10Chile Carrete GamerSword Art Online Fatal Bullet | Gameplay | Español | Cap 17 | PS443:322
2021-03-03United States Rival Mech BossHelp Has Arrived - Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - Collapse of Balance DLC Part 117:5715
2021-01-29 Michael FalkensteinerLet's Play sao fb spielen ps4 Gameplay [Deutsch/German]1:04:3310
2021-01-03Mexico Sc0rpionKILL3RLoquendo - Let's Play Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet [Parte 2]41:3769
2021-01-02United States Harley Lynn QuinnHarley plays SAO:Fatal Bullet!#24:00:4216
2020-12-31Portugal Colonel RPGHow to fix the bug in APEX's fight - Let's Play Shadowrun: Dragonfall #7925:18195
2020-12-31United States CANNONLOWYLet's Play Sao Fatal Bullet Blind (Eng PC) Part 133 Wrapping Up This Project (Final Thoughts)34:4020
2020-12-28Germany LycosSword Art Online: Fatal Bullet [Series S] - Die Welt der Schusswaffen1:11:3712
2020-12-12 hilariuz07Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet PS4 (Helping newbies)44:2224
2020-11-22 Angel Rose20AngelRose20 plays fatal bullet fun58:3932
2020-11-02 CrazyKuroya *Absolute-_Kirito*SAO FB - Helping them2:02:2160
2020-09-27 Electric -Wind-RAMANSAO is lit.|Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Playthrough #143:3314
2020-09-18United States Cute SnakeWaiting for C.O.D Cold war Alpha29:5911
2020-09-12Australia Shaun __13I'm having issues with continuing sao fatal bullet dlcs... plz help if you can.8:059
2020-08-25United States ProjectstOrmStudioSword Art Online: Fatal Bullet DLC 5 PsS Playthrough Part 02 - The Abyssal Dungeon36:3122

Latest Reviews For Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-12-18United States The Grey CouncilTHE MANDALORIAN | EPISODE 7 CHAPTER 15 LIVE WATCH PARTY AND REVIEW!1:35:29264
2020-10-27United States El Mafioso GamerRoccat Elo X Stereo Unboxing Español7:19146
2020-09-14United States AshTheManSword Art Online Alicization War Of Underworld Episode 22 Review8:046
2020-09-12Canada DatLJGuySword Art Online Fatal Bullet Complete Edition PC Review - Flawed GEM25:5810,290
2020-08-16United States Roisu AkinoSAO Alicization WoU Episode 18 - Reaction and Review22:3378
2020-08-04Philippines Lloyd DaclesIchiban Kuji Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - Asuna Figure (Banpresto) || Silent Review3:51476
2020-07-11Indonesia NJOOOPFirst Time Playing SWORT ART ONLINE : FATAL BULLET (Part 01 :Review)24:2741
2020-02-13United States JimsReviewRoomTaotronics BH-085 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones for $37!? - REVIEW13:08270,821
2019-12-26Germany nitzuhageSword Art Online: Fatal Bullet review7:1147
2019-11-05Spain CeX EspañaSword Art Online Fatal Bullet - Review1:3594
2019-10-08United States Brian SolowSword Art Online Fatal Bullet Complete Edition Review (Switch Version)14:081,895
2019-09-01Brazil Central BankaiSword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - Review / Analise17:505,249
2019-08-11United States Nintendo SphereSword Art Online Fatal Bullet Complete Edition Review Nintendo Switch2:4718,254
2019-06-23Poland XemcioPowrót upośledzonego AI || SAO Fatal Bullet1:23:3977
2019-04-29Germany GametesterSword Art Online Fatal Bullet | Gametester Lets Play [GER|Review|Ep.1] mit -=Red=-12:2714
2019-03-30United States Chi""Anime" Review - Sword Art Online (MOST GENIUS ANIME)21:0834,263
2019-02-01Austria GamerturkGamerturk's Ultimate Review | SAO: Fatal Bullet DLC4 Dissonance of the Nexus - Is it good?11:2115,411
2018-12-08 The Anime GSWORD ART ONLINE ALICIZATION Episode 10 (Review) THE MOST BLOOD EVER IN SAO!!!12:35354
2018-11-21United States DarkBlood Anime DemonSword Art Online Fatal Bullet DLC pre order review6:07252
2018-09-15Belgium JV Anime ReviewsSword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online | JV Anime Reviews8:2343
2018-08-03 Adam WildingAdam Reviews Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet (PS4/Xbox One/PC)10:5429
2018-07-25United States OneManCastWORTH IT! | I Rate | Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet | Game Reviews18:1394
2018-07-15Malaysia GiluluSAO Fatal Bullet Recommended Rank 8-9 Weapon Review16:122,941
2018-07-03Malaysia Bunny GamingSword Art Online Fatal Bullet Review2:19107
2018-06-21United States Wolfdog 107Video game review #2= Attack on titan, SAO fatal bullet, assassin’s creed syndicate, and MGSVgz21:237