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Channels With The Most Views

1. stampylonghead324,353,075
2.Australia HappyDays274,514,076
3.United Kingdom ChippyGaming253,206,102
4.United States MrBeast213,029,198
5.Sweden Yrimir150,391,178
6.United Kingdom PythonGB142,435,893
7.United Kingdom Edward126,724,401
8.United Kingdom Pedguin107,009,905
9. DM DOKURO94,497,561
10.United Kingdom ChippysCouch91,333,949

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Iceland Waifu Simulator 272,603
2.United States MabiVsGames1,960
3.United States Gameraiders1011,692
4.United States OVA Let's Play1,688
5.United Kingdom Pedguin1,274
6.Australia HappyDays1,228
7.Denmark Koogun1,164
8.United Kingdom PythonGB1,089
9.Brazil Press Key to Play1,073
10.United Kingdom ChippyGaming1,033

Latest Let's Plays For Terraria

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoUnited Kingdom PythonGBWORMING our way through Terraria Hardmode! | Terraria Calamity Mod Let's Play (Episode 27)24:294,543
1 day agoUnited States Crytec NBOMB[6] BIG Time Skip +Rod Of Discord+ Base Change PLANTERA TIME!| Terraria Squad Updated Playthrough3:15:1336
2 days ago Tsukino Diana Ch.[Kirby 64] It's my birthday, so let's play my favorite game!2:03:25192
2 days agoUnited States Layton DaltonTerraria 1.4.4 lets play LIVE building a train station ABIGAIL ONLY SUMMONER PLAYTHROUGH7:22:3546
2 days agoCanada TheRazZPlayTerraria Playstation Water Walking Boots Seed! How-To Find The Water Walking Boots!4:42136
3 days agoUnited Kingdom That Ifrit Guy3 Idiots Play Left 4 Dead 2 - 05 - Death Toll: Part 226:303
3 days agoCanada IcestarSUNDAY NIGHT STREAM: Terraria Let's Play#1 - Just Starting Out! (And I Did A First Face Reveal!)1:32:3621
3 days agoGermany Dennis WölflCorruption Fishing | Let's Play Terraria Journey Mode (Research them All) #2543:227
3 days agoJapan えもちゃん&みっしー【テラリアMOD紹介】最新版便利MOD詰め合わせ!これだけは絶対に入れたいMODを厳選して紹介 tModLoader 1.4 Alpha対応MOD【Terraria】10:18100
4 days agoBrazil SrbatataskyLive 12 - Terraria modo mestre, culpa de mamãe.40:4810
4 days ago gaia_chaos_19Terraria coop playthrough #20:004
6 days agoCanada KrymzonPiranhaThe QUICKEST Method for Achieving Supreme Helper Minion | Terraria 1.42:0117
6 days agoUnited States ThermTerraria, but I fight with SONGS...21:2715,489
6 days agoUnited States StrangeBroJimExploring the dungeon - Terraria - Part 12 - First Playthrough4:13:491
2022-05-19Canada Kel B ShobraTerraria Drunk world Co-op #8 Operation : Ocean Drain !22:5612
2022-05-19Germany Poolitzer LP - Der IndiekanalDer Boss Skeletron | Lets Play Terraria #06 deutsch german31:50123
2022-05-17Netherlands SiIvaGunnerUnderground (Alpha Mix) - Terraria2:1215,021
2022-05-16Canada Jay BlueeTerraria Split Spirit Playthrough part 1!1:20:4830
2022-05-15United States SuperAfroGamesSuperAfroGames Plays Terraria: A Painful Beginning! (w/ TheMultiGamer202) PART 114:5621
2022-05-15Ukraine Spinwin4ik МихаилВОСКРЕСНЫЕ ТЕРРАРИАНЦЫ |TERRARIA STREAM| Calamity Mod + Thorium Mod! |2022г|2:32:44133
2022-05-14Germany Wesi OneExtra Leben - Terraria LP #452:2225
2022-05-14Canada Kirky PlaysYou Can Skip This Video - Terraria - Calamity Mod Revengance Mode Part 4626:0220
2022-05-13Germany TobSENTERRARIA: SEASON 1 #018 - Arena für die Wall of Flesh [German/2K] | Let's Play Together46:1825
2022-05-13 JustinoLPTerraria - Deutsch - #04 | Ist da etwa die Hölle??21:2455
2022-05-12 lucion04the constant summoner playthrough #81:13:4724

Latest Reviews For Terraria

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
3 days agoUnited States iMThatOnlyBeast13Noobs Play Terraria In 2022! [Funny Moments!]1:0015
4 days agoIndonesia MOISPUNimble Jungle of Coins + Zamamudo! - Review Map Terraria Indonesia 5#21:08629
2022-05-18United States Duke FishronCopper Shortsword but OP??? TRUE COPPER SHORTSWORD Mod Review1:1225,137
2022-05-14United Kingdom Couch CoopTerraria Local Co-op Split Screen Review Patches 1.4.1-
2022-05-08Spain MiyuGODTERRARIA Review | Obra Maestra 2D | Edición: Salvar las Abejas30:3415,755
2022-05-08Denmark UberDangerModded Terraria: A Video Essay55:24708,311
2022-04-12Russian Federation userneluserTerraria НЕУЖЕЛИ ТЕПЕРЬ ИГРАБЕЛЬНО Xbox Series S 1080p 60 FPS10:454,111
2022-03-23 toasteryogurtterraria - a VERY in depth review (Vegas test)2:2615
2022-03-18 Dusttin BowermanTerraria but it's In Stardew Valley - Corekeeper Review6:54204
2022-02-05 EthanallWhy terraria is so special. (Terraria Review)1:0891
2022-01-23United States Inferno lhHow To Get A Mod Menu For Terraria Mobile! (TL Pro Review)16:399,356
2022-01-04United States RyuuseiRyuusei - Anniversary Trailer (Year-In Review)1:072,027
2022-01-01 ladophilTerraria em 47 segundos! #Shorts #Review0:4732
2021-12-24 JohnDuoAnother Anime Mod Review (Demon Slayer Mod)6:474,728
2021-12-18United States Captain Krowe ShowSteam Sale Saturday: Terraria Review1:5116
2021-12-11 demonukeTERRARIA JOOST MOD REVIEW! | demonuke16:5514
2021-12-01United States ObsoleekShould You Buy My Microphone? - FiFine K658 Mic Review4:10667
2021-11-29Mexico JEXUXActualizacion De Terraria || Ya Disponible || Android+zelda6:04673
2021-11-22 Foolish_HexTerraria Deerclops review10:184
2021-11-18United States beaverracNEW Terraria 1.4.3 UPDATE! - Reaction and Review! - New boss, pets, weapons and more!13:47100,934
2021-10-31Germany ChaosjutzHERO's Mod | Terraria Mod Menu | Works Only on Steam17:28107
2021-10-18United Kingdom David ChattawayCommunist mod makes TERRARIA 10000% times funnier!! |Terraria mod review|5:25219
2021-10-12 ʏᴀɴ-ᴅʀᴇʏAll staffs review|Terraria17:3615
2021-10-04United Kingdom ChippyGamingWhat if Terraria had Terrible Mobile Ads? Meme Review #1912:55139,052
2021-09-28United States Sonicraft118A Review of Terraria: Journey's End12:00149