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1. stampylonghead322,484,365
2.Australia HappyDays259,054,467
3.United Kingdom ChippyGaming206,075,840
4.United States MrBeast188,458,692
5.Sweden Yrimir153,911,939
6.United Kingdom PythonGB140,181,180
7.United Kingdom Edward124,708,276
8.United States HERO116,918,406
9.United Kingdom Pedguin109,150,002
10.United Kingdom ChippysCouch85,641,661

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1.Iceland Waifu Simulator 272,402
2.United States MabiVsGames1,964
3.United States Gameraiders1011,618
4.United States OVA Let's Play1,518
5.United Kingdom Pedguin1,284
6.Australia HappyDays1,207
7.United Kingdom PythonGB1,010
8.United States Muleskull982
9.Brazil Press Key to Play952
10.Poland Mangetsuu949

Latest Let's Plays For Terraria

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
5 hours agoPhilippines VinCWE'RE RICH AND HUNGRY FOR CONTENT | Terrraria Calamity Funny Moments17:299
23 hours agoUnited States Ritto GamingThe Lost Siblings TRUE MODE! Terraria Shadows of Abaddon Let's Play Ep 12: Modded SoA Playthrough!19:244,504
1 day agoUnited States nojroom vodsNojroom Plays Terraria3:15:130
1 day agoUnited States PixelatedFireballTerraria [Polarities Mod] Let's Play Episode 16: Hit Em' With The Backtrack!31:16130
1 day agoUnited Kingdom ChippysCouchCrafting the Ultimate Hardmode Clickers! Modded Terraria 1.4 Let's Play #1628:1521,293
1 day agoUnited Kingdom PythonGBEXCLUSIVE Master Mode Drops! | Terraria 1.4 Master Mode Let's Play (Episode 7)20:236,187
1 day ago Inferno Skull strikeTerraria lets play ep11:14:063
2 days agoUnited States JonPlaysGamesTerraria | Episode #5: Flying A Kite | Live Let's Play20:2916
2 days agoUnited States ObsoleekTerraria, but I'm the Gambler Class... - Orchid Mod15:242,679
3 days agoUnited Kingdom Neon InfinityCryogen Flamethrower! Terraria Calamity Deathmode Flamethrower Playthrough #2116:2828
4 days agoGermany Wesi OneNeue Erze Farmen - Terraria LP #2016:205
5 days ago Ray the Cat manTerraria a new let's play pt21:26:580
5 days ago GrobeMan Guides & GameplaySEA DUKE! Terraria 1.4 Journey's End, Master Mode Let's Play Multiplayer Gameplay Ep 2551:56683
6 days ago RadiumThis Unknown Item Makes Eternity Mode... EASY? Terraria Fargo's Mod 1HP Eternity Mode Playthrough #421:097,029
6 days agoUkraine shmobusovichПОЧАТОК TERRARIA 1.4 СТРЕЛОК15:204
2021-09-14United States ChaosDragonTVIt Has Skeletron Arms?!?! Modded Terraria 1.4 Let's Play Ep 120:3439
2021-09-14India MrBlaze GamesMaster Mode Reloaded Mod | Terraria 1.4 TmodLoader Alpha | Mod Spotlight2:00155
2021-09-12United States ThermShroom Central - Terraria Calamity Mod Rogue Playthrough [3]11:012,587
2021-09-12 RuinberFREE TERRARIA Steam Gleam Giveaway1:4783
2021-09-12France Linkonito TV[LET'S PLAY] Terraria PC les 3 premiers boss mécaniques5:20:551
2021-09-11United Kingdom GrandSevenMaster Mode "For the Worthy" on Journey Mode! Terraria Letsplay | Ep 126:4520
2021-09-09United Kingdom 0Alkaline Acid0Terraria Let's Play - Livestream - Episode 555:502
2021-09-09United States Infinite PhoenixInfinite Terraria ☝ EP 12 It's Village Time!35:4637
2021-09-08 Binary VigilanteGetting the Master Ninja Gear! - Terraria Let's Play Livestream - E25 | Dedicated Stream Series1:24:2277

Latest Reviews For Terraria

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-09-04 Yellowolfgaming101(Journeys End Console Submitted for review) Terraria Master Mage: The Twins3:5463
2021-08-23 NaruxForAllReview Terraria #ReviewDeJuegos #Gaming #UnboxingGamer #ConsoleGaming1:093
2021-08-01South Africa FlominPlaying Terraria for the first time in 202110:32198
2021-08-01 SmokingEpicTHAT'S QUITE LARGE! | Terraria Terrarium Arcana Mod Review10:0644
2021-07-12United States SuperBeastGNFunny Steam Reviews - Terraria0:502,483
2021-07-09Canada Cut The BS ReviewsTerraria Cut the BS Review0:561,204
2021-07-02Spain ElAlmacénDeXIIITerraria MOD Review: Magic Storage10:16118
2021-06-22United Kingdom ChippyGamingTerraria Workshop was a Mistake... Terraria Meme Review #1713:1280,428
2021-06-21United Kingdom KingCobraThe Terraria Review (And why it's the best game ever)2:2315
2021-06-19Australia BegglesWhat is Outworlder? The NEW 2D Survival Game!2:4857
2021-06-16United States 4keYTerraria - Polarities Mod [Mod Review]8:311,551
2021-06-01United States Stadia Dosage NewsStadia gains SIGNIFICANT support inside & outside Google! | #SDODaily14:321,392
2021-05-17United States Captain Edge GamingTerraria Martian Order Mod Review5:46478
2021-05-16United States ObsoleekTerraria Split Mod Review - Should You Play ?5:0110,410
2021-05-03Spain IndigoAlejandro100 // Alejandro's 15th AnniversaryThe Amazing World Of Gumball Review11:22292
2021-05-03United States LocturnalTerraria... 10 Years Later8:08653
2021-04-21Germany SpielemagazinTerraria Spieletest in 60 Sekunden | Terraria Review Deutsch #shorts1:0029
2021-04-14United States pravculearThe ultimate quality of life mod mod review #shorts0:51939
2021-04-12Indonesia DreadSoulTerraria Split Mod Boss Review + Nohit [Ranked from worst to best]14:0712,136
2021-03-11Viet Nam Chơi Gà GamingTerraria Test&Review:Một số vũ khí cực mạnh và độc lạ trong Mod Thorium và Mod AlchemistNPC !!!!!!!!35:49762
2021-03-04 EternalTalksShould you Buy Terraria in 2021? (Review)8:321,306
2021-02-22United States GitGudWOEbonian Mod Bosses | Terraria Boss Review4:208,865
2021-02-13United States GraywishTerraria Pre-Hardmode (review)12:2622
2021-02-10Thailand AP STPTerraria: Azercadmium Mod - ALL BOSSES6:2833,772
2021-01-22 Katakuri-MorgansGame review: Terraria10:277