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Channels With The Most Views

1. stampylonghead314,507,210
2.Australia HappyDays229,508,093
3.United Kingdom ChippyGaming187,425,044
4.United States HERO154,507,562
5.Sweden Yrimir149,888,326
6.United Kingdom PythonGB135,816,369
7.United Kingdom Edward120,461,475
8.United Kingdom Pedguin102,090,192
9.United Kingdom ChippysCouch66,925,129
10.United States Gameraiders10156,477,938

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Iceland Waifu Simulator 272,381
2.United States MabiVsGames1,896
3.United Kingdom Pedguin1,307
4.United States Gameraiders1011,230
5.United States OVA Let's Play1,226
6.Australia HappyDays1,178
7.United Kingdom Luke Games1,111
8.United States Muleskull955
9.United Kingdom PythonGB950
10.United Kingdom ChippyGaming890

Latest Let's Plays For Terraria

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
9 hours agoUnited Kingdom ChippysCouchCan you beat Terraria Master Mode without Dying? Terraria Hardcode Let's Play #120:502,567
3 days agoUnited States MuleskullLet's Play Terraria 1.4 Episode 53 - Thar Be Pirates51:0576
3 days ago RadiumThese New Bosses are Incredible! Terraria Spirit Mod Expert Mode Ranger Playthrough #319:21522
4 days agoCanada Moxus GamingMaster Mage - Wands, Staves & Thunder Zappers! - Let's Play Terraria - Episode 119:04447
4 days agoUnited States StDiablo GamesANOTHER SURPRISE BOSS ATTACK?? - Terraria (Part 18)19:324
4 days ago TylordCrazy Skeletron Fight! | Terraria Worthy Summoner Playthrough #318:1840
4 days agoAustralia The Gameplay GarageTerraria: Journey's End | Part 9 | Playthrough, No Commentary47:5634
4 days agoBrazil Press Key to PlayTerraria Mobile 1.4 SORTEIO Playstore ► Bug Sacana na Dungeon! #80 #QueroTerrariaMobile27:5315,367
4 days ago NateTerraria Calamity Randomizer really is a calamity53:5513
5 days agoUnited States Ritto GamingOmega Obliterator, 3rd Vlitch Overlord! Terraria Mod of Redemption DRUID CLASS Let's Play #15 (MoR)19:2521,224
6 days agoCanada Pirate Captain DarkLet's Play: Terraria - Episode 77 - THE GOLDEN RELIC TROPHIES21:448
6 days agoUnited States tmoyi am the music man, terraria modded let's play 116:094
2020-11-23 JoJoPuffTerraria 1.4 Lets Play Ep.8:Research ALL Items (100%)(Master Mode)- Boss Time! (Finally)55:039
2020-11-23United States Mast3r ZakThe Exploration Continues |Terraria Let's Play| (Part 2)2:56:16199
2020-11-23Canada LilTerrarianTerraria 1.4 Mobile Master Mode Lets Play #4 - Village Expansion!19:33832
2020-11-23United States MabiVsGamesHow PewDiePie Helped Mabi First Starting Out!6:47202
2020-11-22Australia HappyDaysThis TRICK lets you SMASH bosses in Terraria!39:2989,414
2020-11-21United Kingdom ChippyGamingI got Hunted in Terraria... 1.4.1 Lava Race featuring Elppa!30:55158,491
2020-11-21 ElppaSo I Challenged Chippy to a Very Unique Terraria 1v110:5559,778
2020-11-20United States OVA Let's PlayTerraria Ancients Awakened Pt 1 : Madness!55:33113
2020-11-20 GrobeMan Guides & GameplayMECHA WORM! Terraria 1.4 Journey's End, Master Mode Let's Play Multiplayer Gameplay Ep 1620:211,130
2020-11-19United States WaffleTimeTerraria MAGE ONLY MASTER MODE Play Through with WaffleTime!! :D3:29:340
2020-11-10Austria BaumProductionsHelp! Skelebois! - M10 Challenge - Ep514:327,064
2020-11-09Latvia Magnuz MediaTerraria S10 LP #14 || MOON LORD DEFEAT ||15:369
2020-11-08Russian Federation NimfromesTERRARIA | НУБСКОЕ ПРОХОЖДЕНИЕ | ЭКСПЕРТ РЕЖИМ | С МОДАМИ5:36:452,257

Latest Reviews For Terraria

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-11-13United States ObsoleekTerraria Calamity Mod Review - Should You Play ?6:014,666
2020-11-05United Kingdom ChippyGamingWhere weapons in Terraria REALLY come from... (Terraria Memes) #1110:14220,960
2020-10-20India RosPlayz YTTerraria 1.4 for MOBILE is OUT | Download Now | What's new | Changelog | Review ! ANDROID & IOS |2:04347
2020-10-15United States 4keYTerraria - GaMeTerraria [Mod Review]4:021,195
2020-10-13 RadiumA Complete Playthrough With the Clicker Class Mod! Terraria Mod Review22:252,326
2020-08-26United States Zumwar009: "Master Mode Goblin Invasion" - Terraria 1.4 Multiplayer Gameplay24:0981
2020-08-07Germany LeviathanRogue Stealth, Tips for Rogue and The Final Dawn Review + Interesting Build (Calamity in Depth #2)13:2913,860
2020-07-29United Kingdom Photography GamerTerraria - Review2:59301
2020-07-22United States Maj0r LeeTerraria 1.4 - Review Of A Journey17:1111,045
2020-07-01United States UndernityGamingCalamity Texture Pack Review! | Terraria 1.4 Journey's End!7:0323,559
2020-07-01Australia Good Game: Spawn PointTerraria: Journey's End | Review5:44839
2020-06-21United States CustomzTVTerraria CO-OP Journey's End PART 1 w/ NICK Getting Started46:395
2020-05-24Viet Nam Wind ChipiTerraria Journey's end - Hành trình kết thúc???1:17:49394
2020-05-24United States GamingBoltTerraria: Journey's End Review6:51119,325
2020-05-21United States Inconsequential GamingTerraria [A Four-Hour Review]!3:35:33205
2020-05-18 Dad's Gaming AddictionDad on a Budget: Terraria Review12:011,466
2020-05-16United States GitGudWOZenith - Post Moon Lord Melee Setup/Loadout | Terraria 1.42:24922
2020-05-16United States MabiVsGamesTerraria 1.4 Journey's End Review - The Perfect Ending? - MabiVsGames4:414,031
2020-05-16 AdamChromeEPlaying Terraria 1.4 for first time is like: (Quick 10 minute review)2:484,130
2020-05-01 ElppaMinecraft Terraria Mod Scuffed Review10:23285,952
2020-05-01Australia MTENTERRARIA 1.4 JOURNEY'S END - NEW VANITY ITEMS SPOILER REVIEW /Terraria Community Contest WINNERS7:2377,037
2020-04-14 Jiseng SoGIR Review: Terraria0:51229
2020-04-12Denmark UberDangerTerraria: 2D RPG Pixel art perfection | A structural analysis49:312,648,710
2020-02-03United States Mike BemissTerraria Review by ChallengeYourself.blog10:401,262