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1. stampylonghead290,690,791
2. HERO140,016,773
3.Sweden Yrimir136,629,459
4.Australia HappyDays119,514,582
5.United Kingdom ChippyGaming113,347,274
6.United Kingdom PythonGB104,700,834
7.United Kingdom Edward86,871,806
8.United Kingdom Pedguin79,370,609
9. TobyGames51,190,802
10.United States demize38,840,941

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1.United States MabiVsGames1,674
2.Iceland Sunorie Beikon1,629
3.United Kingdom Pedguin1,181
4.United Kingdom Luke Games1,098
5.Australia HappyDays1,012
6.United States Gameraiders101899
7. Zeb869
8.United States Muleskull859
9.United Kingdom PythonGB830
10.United Kingdom ChippyGaming756

Latest Let's Plays For Terraria

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
17 hours agoUnited States MabiVsGamesEye of Cthulhu's FINAL FORM!!! | Terraria Mod Spotlight: Agus15:38158100.00%
1 day agoUnited Kingdom MiNameIsJakeLets Play Terraria! - S2EP5 - Ice Tin19:570
1 day agoUnited States Evil Laugh GamingTerraria 53 - Really Going Into The Dungeon14:118100.00%
2 days agoUnited Kingdom ChippysCouchTerraria #22 MEGALADON (High Dps!) - 1.3.5 Calamity Mod S4 Let's Play19:268,40198.80%
4 days ago GrobeMan Guides & GameplayEp 16: Nematosis! Terraria EXPERT MODE Let's Play/Playthrough (1.3 PC Gameplay, 2018)11:34268100.00%
4 days agoUnited Kingdom PythonGBLet's Play Terraria 1.3.5 | Dungeon & Pumpking Bonanza & CELLPHONE! [Episode 32]22:3716,66099.08%
5 days ago EBLifeof LJLJ Plays: Terraria with Sid1530!! Come and Chill!!4:53:061275.00%
5 days agoUnited Kingdom 11alekonEP.8 | NEW COOL BIOME | THE ULTIMATE LET'S PLAY TERRARIA36:404100.00%
5 days agoGermany LukasTheKiller2Terraria Lets Play - Part 2 - FALLDAMAGE!!!!24:212
5 days agoUnited Kingdom Luke GamesTerraria 1.3 Expert Let's Play - WE GOT IT IN ONE! [53]28:16816100.00%
6 days agoAustralia HappyDaysMOON LORD INVASION! Terraria Super-Modded Gunslinger | 1.3.5 #117:0237,28199.34%
2018-10-13 Call Of gamingTerraria lets play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!9:300
2018-10-09United States FireSpark81Our First Blood Moon Is Crazy Modded Terraria S1 Ep223:1423592.59%
2018-10-07Canada GungnirDefeating The Illuminant Master Boss in Terraria! Spirit + SacredTools Mod Let's Play ||Episode 15||26:021,996100.00%
2018-10-07 Wilddog ZTerraria yoyo only playthrough46:560
2018-09-30United States Gamrboy4lifeDID WE JUST BEAT THE WALL OF FLESH!!! | Terraria Co-op Classes Playthrough (Part 15)11:203
2018-09-30Germany irgendwassifyTerraria Threegether - Der Geier #LPNostalgics1:063100.00%
2018-09-26United States Emperor Haterius]-[ate' Plays With Friends: Terraria [PS4]3:10:24470.00%
2018-09-23United States elementalfact0rTerraria Let's Play 1.3.5 One at a Time - The Struggle to Survive12:39404100.00%
2018-09-23 Wizard GamingLets play Terraria11:380
2018-09-23United States Dead SweptTerraria The Rise of Jew Boi/DexplaysYt43:5819
2018-09-22 lightning comicsTerraria let's play episode 217:301
2018-09-21Canada RayofpandasWE NEED THE GOBLIN TINKERER! - Terraria Calamity Revengence Mode Let's Play - Part 88:5231100.00%
2018-09-19New Zealand Lack LamerTerraria Lets Play Part 47 | The Final Episode!10:157100.00%
2018-09-19 MrScr0ggsNoob plays Terraria!!!2:17:342566.67%

Latest Reviews For Terraria

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2018-08-01United States YetiBrutal Terraria with more RPG? - It Lurks Below Gameplay, First Impressions, Review1:03:375,72795.58%
2018-07-16United Kingdom Bathtub SirTERRARIA IN SPACE | In The Tub with MoonQuest Gameplay [Early Access]19:31151100.00%
2018-06-03 Le Cool PiñataTerraria PS4 Part 6 w/Abstract Albom38:0724100.00%
2018-05-26 The Devil PlayzTerraria : Review Thor's hammer Mod2:3852100.00%
2018-05-06United Kingdom shirlieroxIt lurks below review Game like Terraria - Let's play It lurks below pc game30:198150.00%
2018-04-28Mexico TheAl3x789 YTEl nuevo Terraria?? "review"11:225,21482.91%
2018-04-24Germany TerraForce[Terraria] S.D.M.G (Waffenreview)1:5286198.04%
2018-03-14Australia davo_DAVE'S FAVES - Terraria (Review)10:543,04894.51%
2018-03-03United States ReZo DriZzLeTop 5 Main Reasons Why So Many People ENJOY Playing Terraria! CHECK IT OUT!7:021,91698.01%
2018-02-23 Exxotic YTTerraria Old Walking Stick Review3:513550.00%
2018-01-27United States Maj0r LeeTerraria - The Truth About Console 1.3: A Review13:51180,71994.58%
2018-01-18Ireland LemonUnderscoreTerraria - Never Stops Updating3:3451198.04%
2017-12-19United States MabiVsGamesTerraria 1.3 Console Review / New Bee Happy Shirt Design! | MabiVlog5:5169690.48%
2017-12-18Australia Good Game: Spawn PointTerraria: Console Edition (2013) | Game Review4:056,80993.10%
2017-12-07Mexico Unix Angel GamesTERRARIA - REVIEW - Uno de los Mejores Juegos! - 95/1007:511,189100.00%
2017-11-07 Digitalnugget Gameplayterraria review/DNR2:325
2017-10-17United States Gameraiders101THORIUM - Terraria 1.3.5 Mod Review (feat. Baum & FuryForged)2:5215,05993.56%
2017-08-23United States jackarsnelJack Reviews: Terraria4:4218100.00%
2017-07-06Israel Streviewטראריה - ביקורת - Terraria - Review - Hebrew17:3028,36797.80%
2017-06-21United States CHEESY124 EntertainmentxXMysteriousManXx's "Terraria Review" video (Chipmunk/Fast Version)1:323
2017-05-20United States ThwartedZero571.3 Items in Android Terraria | Retexture/Material Pack Review (Launcher for Terraria) Working 20172:1299,52074.49%
2017-03-28 Andrew TLets Replay! Vlog Review! Terraria! Mass Effect Andromeda!20:338
2017-03-12 TheDarknessthecurseTerraria (PC) - Darkness Micro-Reviews7:2864192.59%
2017-02-22United States Jolts ReviewsJolt and Friends play Terraria [EP1]50:1722100.00%
2016-11-24 MrwhosethebossPS Vita Terraria Review4:4312133.33%