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Latest Let's Plays For The Ascent

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoUnited States SickdisticDestiny 2 Refined Mystery , The Hidden Refuge , Corsair's Tale , The Envisioned Ascent Triumph3:32107
5 days agoUnited States KRGaming89The Ascent Blind Playthrough Pt. 32 (Final part) the End59:374
6 days agoSweden Side-by-Side GamingGOING HIGHER – The Ascent – Co-op Playthrough Ep. 622:029
2021-09-15United States Gamer's Little PlaygroundThe Ascent All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1440p 60FPS1:46:0112,993
2021-09-13France Gio GTVLet's Play THE ASCENT #07 | LE GRAND FINAL ! - Campagne Coop avec Kamy33bx STEAM FR1:58:127
2021-09-10United States MeleeWizardLet's Play Zelda Classic - Forbidden Ascent: Part 14 (Final)33:22160
2021-09-07United States fhdgwThe Ascent [PC] Gameplay (No Commentary)1:55:0434
2021-08-29United States SReaperGLet's Play The Ascent Co-Op Part 8 - Hunting A Murderer (Feat. VanquishedGoliath)34:4630
2021-08-28Brazil J. FatalisThe Ascent I O Esconderijo de "Gratitude" - Em busca da Cova do Codificador - Playthrough1:30:206
2021-08-27Germany Beards PlayDie Rache an den ROJIN • 05 • Let's Play THE ASCENT51:326
2021-08-26 DaemonCrossThe Ascent - Let's Play Livestream (SOLO) [ENG/TAG]3:23:591
2021-08-26United States SoploxThe Ascent | Playthrough Parte #2 | Xbox Series X|S59:242
2021-08-26 Streaming CrusaderThe Ascent Let's Play Folge 8 Gameplay (Deutsch)42:065
2021-08-26United States TalkBrunchThe Ascent | Lets Play | 08-25-20214:36:583
2021-08-24 Zappko's AdventuresThe Ascent - Let's Play Part 8 - Flamethrower carrying robot spiders!54:5216
2021-08-24United States DJKILLZOWN JONESThe Ascent - KLZ Plays Xbox28:056
2021-08-24United States The GoldenKingPandaTHE ASCENT. Let's Play: Ep23, Unhandled Exception Finale36:042
2021-08-24Poland messerszmitLet's Play The Ascent - Podsumowanie3:320
2021-08-22Singapore Qaizher VladislavThe Ascent Gameplay Playthrough | Let's Play Episode 14 | Kill The Onyx Void Operative32:002
2021-08-21Germany DrProof - Imperator der SpielkulturThe Ascent PC ⭐ Let's Play 👑 #023 [Deutsch/German]25:21413
2021-08-20United States DeadlyCycloneCYCLONE PLAYS: The Ascent (Xbox Series X/GamePass)16:117
2021-08-19United States EverythingNerdom NetworkTHE LONG WAY BACK | The Ascent #3 | Those Guys Gaming36:556
2021-08-17United Kingdom ScottyDGamingThe Ascent, Part 14 / Root Access, The Dealbreaker, Menshen Gate, Last Boss is Ridiculous, Ending1:21:1235
2021-08-17Germany rellihcsTHE ASCENT - LACHFLASH! Lets Play #412:47124
2021-08-17Croatia CROTemplaRThe Ascent - Let's play - Hard - Episode 625:565

Latest Reviews For The Ascent

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-09-21United States Ari JanessianKnow THESE Things Before Haggling a Subaru Ascent! (Car Negotiation Review)6:14772
2021-09-16Canada Corporate GamerCG Mini Review: The Ascent (XBOX Series X)18:533
2021-09-16United Kingdom MinusInfernoGamingThe Ascent Review - MinusInfernoGaming7:3142
2021-09-15United Kingdom This Week In Video GamesThe Ascent review5:4835
2021-09-07United States Shark RThe Ascent RTX 3080 Ti 4K - Review - First Minutes & Character Creation - NEW Game 202124:08155
2021-09-06Germany BlizwarkLive *-* Dämmerkulkt *-*🔴 Quick Review 🤖 THE ASCENT 🤖 Gameplay auf Deutsch | German | Steam Game 2021 | test build5:4667
2021-09-04United States Ninja Nation ArmyNinjago Episodes Reviews. EP162 S13 EP14 The Ascent (TV Review) (10th Year Aniversary)6:076
2021-08-31 ProbablyJacobThe Ascent Review20:4013,966
2021-08-30Germany BoxenbergerSong Of Iron Review - Xbox & PC Exclusive Game - [4k] - Spoiler Free | Gameplay, Graphics, Fun8:47892
2021-08-28Germany IamMrTWas mich an THE ASCENT total BEGEISTERT! - The Ascent Review10:5411
2021-08-26United States KwinnPopThe Ascent 1st Impressions10:472
2021-08-26United States ACGThe Ascent Open World Design Talk - Walking the Walk Game Design Series1:07:0751,695
2021-08-25United States Used Car SalesmanThe Ascent: The Xbox Gamepass Game That Can Until It Can't - The Used Car Salesman Review6:54363
2021-08-24United Kingdom GGZIIThe Ascent Review - A Superb Top Down Cyberpunk ARPG Shooter.11:39344
2021-08-24Brazil TIO JoeThe ASCENT - A melhor CONFIGURAÇÃO com desempenho BOM e Ray Tracing ATIVADO! APU 3400G10:0193
2021-08-22 Gamepro03Elyon: Deep Dive Review1:51:111,058
2021-08-22 PenguinOverdriveA The Ascent Review Nobody Asked For - Cyberpunk Style, Cyberpunk Soul15:5320
2021-08-22India AxiRatorThe Ascent Gameplay Experience Part 1-Hindi-Review(FULL GAME)34:1716
2021-08-20Canada Ludos jeux vidéoThe Ascent : Mission le champion sur Xbox series X en 4k22:0936
2021-08-17United States I do gamesThe Ascent - A review - It's like Diablo with a cyberpunk skin7:40219
2021-08-17Australia Chas RoverStream VOD: Ascended to fully vaccinated! | The End!2:28:214
2021-08-17Ukraine Cheese GhoulThe Ascent/ Огляд/ Елітна картинка (обзор, review)17:4753
2021-08-16United States MRP Media Rebel ProductionsThe Ascent - Review (Xbox, PC)7:5821
2021-08-16United Kingdom Photography GamerThe Ascent - Review10:06533