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Channels: 4,1746,136-31.98%
Views: 11,425,12627,435,133-58.36%
Videos: 11,51915,865-27.39%
Duration: 855:03:16:501173:00:02:29-27.10%

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Channels: 8,3204771,644.23%
Views: 41,795,7941,634,9552,456.39%
Videos: 27,9388093,353.40%
Duration: 2033:21:52:3547:03:05:144,215.66%

Channels With The Most Views

1. Moxsy4,733,419
2.United States Asmongold TV 2,300,473
3.United Kingdom KnightmareFrame1,522,596
4.United States Gsxrclyde1,486,080
5.United States WiLLiSGaming1,399,332
6.United Kingdom Grind Hard Squad1,257,666
7.United States NothingButSkillz1,205,266
8.Canada Pupsker1,204,518
9.United Kingdom Arekkz Gaming981,884
10.United Kingdom Cloud Plays910,890

Channels With The Most Videos

2.United States DaOpa95
3.France Icekei Replay92
4.United States LaserBolt87
5.Brazil Literal Squeeze85
6.Spain Tanchan / Guías77
7.Canada Pupsker75
8.United States KokoRusGame74
9.Russian Federation Darth JERR72
10.Germany shoot2loot71

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1 day agoUnited States shaundon72The First Descendant Playthrough Part 5320:405
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1 day agoSpain ElpachaGamerThe First Descendant #2 vamos a la batalla de interceptación en el vacío caminante de ultratumba54:1213
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1 day agoIndia AK STYLE GAMERFarm Ultimate Bunny THE FIRST DESCENDANT Ultimate Ajax Farm |The First Descendant Ultimate Gley Farm0:00112
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1 day ago WolfvibesLets Play First descendant1:10:060
1 day ago SpookyVigilanteSpookyVigilante plays The First Descendant4:36:2012
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2 days agoUnited States Offbeat!Grinding for Sharen! - The First Descendant1:58:045
2 days agoCyprus THE NORD GAMESОбзор игры The First Descendant на Playstation 51:06:5812
2 days agoCroatia CROTemplarThe First Descendant ❄️Permanent Blizzard Ultimate Viessa Grind - Helping with Void Intercept Bosses5:43:4162
2 days agoUnited Kingdom Xbox GamingThe First Descendant Gameplay (Full Game) Part 5 PlayStation 516:361
2 days agoUnited States TheProfessorCloud#firstdescendant - powering through MSG with Viessa | !profplays | !profbuilds0:0012

Latest Reviews For The First Descendant

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Most Viewed The First Descendant Video on YouTube

The most viewed The First Descendant video on YouTube is The First Descendant: Early Reviews Say It All | Asmongold Reacts with 903,818 views, published by United States Asmongold TV on July 4, 2024.

Most Liked The First Descendant Video on YouTube

The most liked The First Descendant video on YouTube is The First Descendant Is Warframe Confirmed! with 26,327 likes, published by Canada Pupsker on October 28, 2022.

10,000 Videos on YouTube Milestone for The First Descendant

On May 26, 2024, The First Descendant reaches 10,000 videos on YouTube with the release of The First Descendant beta part 9 by United States Gamemaster 648, which has 13 views and 0 likes.