The Last of Us Remastered

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Latest Let's Plays For The Last of Us Remastered

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1 day agoBrazil NATAN STEMP#5 Live The Last Of Us Remastered PT1 (Playstation 4)2:06:3523
1 day agoGermany ZockArenaThe Last of Us | Erbarmungslos scheint der Weg | 🔴 Live | #2740:243
2 days agoUnited States Game PayneThe Last of Us Remastered Playstation 4 Final With End Credits4:54:1412
2 days agoUnited States MikeStonerUpUrsBILL! | The Last Of Us Remastered Blind Playthrough #2 (PS4)1:24:3111
3 days agoUnited States BrokenhornFinishing the Left Behind DLC56:520
3 days agoUnited Kingdom GetCarterGamingLAST OF US PART 1 REMASTERED (PS4) First Ever Playthrough Part 5 - A Poor End for Tess29:5015
3 days agoUnited Kingdom Cop3sTHE LAST OF US Remastered - FIRST PLAYTHROUGH (PART6)! - Final Part including DLC3:32:4146
4 days agoCanada GameXTHE LAST OF US - Uncut Playthrough - No Commentary - March 16, 202311:00:442
4 days agoUnited Kingdom Gamer Nurse GaleTHE LAST OF US | PART 1 | GROUNDED DIFFICULTY | STEALTH PLAYTHROUGH | PS5 4K HDR43:3334
4 days ago BervikPlaysGamesThe Last of Us, Grounded| Loud & Aggressive Combat - Pt. 61:30:4041
6 days agoUnited States Michael ReinertLets Play Live The Last of us Remastered part 22:26:451
6 days agoUnited States No Spoilers GamerThank God For the Stair Master0:344
2023-03-13United States XVPlaysXVPLAYS - The Last Of Us: REMASTERED (EP. 02)1:23:063
2023-03-12United States Sky Titan Media Gaming"I would do it all again, baby girl"...12:411,177
2023-03-12Mexico Profe Gamer y YucaThe Last of Us™ Remastered. Tess is infected and sacrifices herself to help Joel and Ellie escape...3:031
2023-03-12 RaypandaLe passé touchant d'Ellie ! 🥰 [Let's Play The Last of Us Left Behind] #146:1852
2023-03-12France MyoDeeperTHE LAST OF US PART 1 REMASTER #8 (let's play FR) TLOU1:06:1046
2023-03-10 PYRAMID AESIR By Angel WarriorUn estremo sacrificio - The last of us REMASTERED [PS4 Playthrough Gameplay ITA Episodio 5]39:135
2023-03-10 Kizuna31Local let's player does much better!9:190
2023-03-10 captzachevilLP TOLU Remastered DLC [5] The wrap up38:300
2023-03-10 FORT__IN__BRAS1 vs 9 COMEBACK | I finally got myself a PLAYSTATION 5 and this was one of the first games3:181,834
2023-03-10Brazil Stock gamesThe Last of Us Remastered - FINAL!!! (No Playstation 4)1:34:2930
2023-03-09 Evil predator 14Début let's play the Last of us remastered (#1]51:357
2023-03-09Indonesia Just Story GameNo Commentary No Game Play No Playthrough Just Story | The Last of Us Remastered Part 12:41:072
2023-03-08United States CaptainGamesalotWHERE'S THE SPRINT BUTTON?! - CaptainGamesalot Plays The Last Of Us Remastered #144:2750

Latest Reviews For The Last of Us Remastered

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-03-12United States LIGHT SPEED STREAMMy review of When We are in Need.5:428
2023-02-25Indonesia Gamer Grinder#PS5 #SHORTS #TLOU1 Stealth & Aggressive Gameplay (GROUNDED | 4K|60FPS) You Better Be Alive Joel #10:36249
2023-02-19Pakistan RayarozenThe Last of Us Remastered Review - RAYAROZEN GAMING7:282
2023-02-14Australia Zac in the game1 Minute Reviews - Top 10 Games11:0621
2023-02-05Brazil BetoKenji™THE LAST OF US REMASTERED | Gameplay Sem Comentários via Playstation 4 - Parte 18 FINAL ÉPICO22:1159
2023-02-02United States Cbrmango VodsCbrmango's The Last Of Us Left Behind DLC Twitch Vod From February 1st2:07:192
2023-01-23United States HealtoDeathThe Last of Us HBO Episode 2 Review20:42683
2023-01-19India KryMAXThe Last Of Us Full Gameplay Walkthrough - No Commentary 4K10:04:332
2023-01-16United States Purrmaid PlaysThe Last of Us- HBO tv series review- Episode 13:3546
2023-01-11United States SaiyaRan GamingThe Last of Us on HBO Reviews Are In!0:4626
2022-11-09 McDogThe Last of Us™ Remastered | review4:436
2022-10-26Guatemala Daz_Cat18¿¿Vale la pena The Last Of Us?? / Review Gatuna 🐈🎮8:21134
2022-10-21Pakistan Multi OP GamingThe Last of Us Remastered PS4 Pro Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Review30:0013
2022-10-06India OnE GamerZTHE LAST OF US I ZOMBIE BITE I #shorts0:191,301
2022-09-23India Firdaush GunnyThe Last of Us Remastered - PS5 Gameplay Stealth kill23:266
2022-09-07United Kingdom Classic Game ReviewsShould You Buy The Last Of Us Part 1? (Review)12:122,996
2022-09-04United Kingdom Worth Your TimeIs The Last of Us Worth Your Time?16:5130
2022-09-03United States The CompletionistIf You Liked The Last Of Us, Play These Indie Games!29:0674,812
2022-09-03Australia Riskit4theBiskitUK's CMA Trying To Block Xbox's Activision/Blizzard's Acquisition Deal! TLOUR Reviews 100???3:06:31544
2022-09-02 Migz Alternate RealityWHY DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG!- The Last Of Part 1 (Review/Walkthrough)1:08:4288
2022-09-02India தமிழ் விளையாட்டரங்கம்Last Of US Remastered - தமிழ் Pt247:1448
2022-09-01 New Level ArgentinaTHE LAST OF US REMASTERED REVIEW 4K8:4819
2022-08-25United States Dashing DavidIs The Hate For The Last Of Us Part 1 Really Justified?12:112,866
2022-07-26United States Wrath3094My Honest Opinion... - The Last of Us Remastered (Blind) Review9:494
2022-07-23United States Robbie FazleThe Last of Us Remastered Review PS4 / Robbie Fazle / Critique10:2132