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Latest Let's Plays For The Planet Crafter

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3 days agoUnited Kingdom NowtButGamingPlanet Crafter Ep64, No Commentary1:05:1221
5 days agoUnited Kingdom Benny HarveyLIMMY Plays | The Planet Crafter, Dead by Daylight & Improv [2023-05-18]4:08:142,035
5 days agoGermany BenkalypseGlasböden und weitere Arbeiten an der Basis🪐Planet Crafter Lets Play #2230:0732
2023-05-17Germany Nemensis79Planet Crafter (Early Access) Twitch-LetsPlay #Finale 2/459:085
2023-05-12France CElrykLet's Play découverte - Planet Crafter : Terraformation épique et progression au palier deux !19:2937
2023-05-11Germany HelyaLPMehr Tiere wir brauchen ❖ The Planet Crafter #049 [Let's Play German Deutsch]36:00105
2023-05-11Germany Opa Helmi LPPLANET CRAFTER 💫 Wir beleben einen Planeten 🌟 LP 32 ☄️ Deutsch29:5219
2023-05-05Portugal OldCasualGamerPlanet Crafter: Part 6 - Check out these caves, man! #theplanetcrafter #pcgaming26:3334
2023-05-01United States Wally1169The Planet Crafter - Final Rebuild Stage - Miners & Drills & Heaters - Let's Play - Episode 1445:4185
2023-04-27Germany DeBastLErntezeit = Guten Appetit - Planet Crafter - 11 - Let's Play - Early Access (deutsch/german)20:0119
2023-04-24United States GReimer GamingJumpstart the Path to Success with Early Mining! | Planet Crafter S2E624:24266
2023-04-20 BigVladGamingBase update, and exploring the Crater! | The Planet Crafter | BigVlad Plays | Part 3536:0679
2023-04-19Austria FLAIA147 GAMINGWir brauchen mehr Ressourcen - Planet Crafter Early Access Lets Play#92 German-Gameplay1080/6023:1417
2023-04-16France LeonaxLES POISSONS CA C'EST FAIT ! || PLANET CRAFTER LET'S PLAY FR EP 5021:101,112
2023-04-15United States Moose GamingThe Planet Crafter LAKES! I think I may need help?3:0469
2023-04-08United States Grabbin' JoysticksLet's Play Planet Crafter with Willie, Ep 0313:4439
2023-04-05United States TekRiot GamingPLANET CRAFTER HARDCORE PLAY THROUGH - EP361:07:00120
2023-04-05Canada LoocharagamingMaking Some Big Aquariums And Hunting For Rare Larva - Let's Play Planet Crafter Ep 3923:40147
2023-04-01United Kingdom SaraganPlanet Crafters lets play 20233:21:2134
2023-03-28United States Ms. Bella GamesLet's Play - The Planet Crafter Intense - Crater & The End of the Wardens36:1325
2023-03-26 Kage848Best Tree Seed Game doesn't tell you About | Planet Crafter Gameplay | Part 1126:146,254
2023-03-25Germany JinxVikingPlanet Crafter Vol 2 | Lets play | Deutsch1:24:2638
2023-03-25United States Zach's Let'sPlaysROCKETS! - The Planet Crafter - Ep 631:5153
2023-03-25United Kingdom BluewizardPlanet Crafter On the Deck - Latest UPDATES - Story, Drones, Autocrafter - Lets terraform our planet2:55:39120
2023-03-22Germany BoB-macht-den-JoBPlanet Crafter / Stream 13 / Bakterien / Dünger und Mutagene / Let`s Play / Deutsch3:11:2336

Latest Reviews For The Planet Crafter

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2023-03-11South Africa First WeGameBase Review LIVE // Planet Crafter // FirstBlud & Luthius1:47:05704
2023-01-24United Kingdom Bearded SquireGame Review - Planet Crafter (Early Access)9:35177
2023-01-11United States IcerianPlanet Crafter Summary and Review20:5012
2022-12-17Argentina Norberto Arg1987Planet Crafter - Análisis / Review6:02362
2022-11-10United States NateRatesThe Planet Crafter | Real Honest Review4:32176
2022-08-13Brazil Rodrigues Game✅MUDANÇA DA BASE FINALIZADA - PLANET CRAFTER - #42 PT BR 🦋🦋42:3858
2022-07-17United States Frank The TankLet's Be Frank: The Planet Crafter (Early Access Review 2022)6:07484
2022-07-15United States Caligrya's Gameplay VideosThe Planet Crafter, Gameplay and Live Review3:08:314
2022-07-05United States Aiming4GamingDO NOT Watch Simpsons While Terraforming! - The Planet Crafter11:23102
2022-06-13Pakistan Lucy The GamerThe Planet Crafter: User Review8:35230
2022-06-11United States LawodPlanet Crafter Gameplay & Review12:4715
2022-06-10Germany GamersGlobalThe Planet Crafter im Test: Sammeln, Craften, Terraformen (Review, German)6:571,274
2022-06-05 TheSauceSagePlanet Crafter Review - Immersive, fun and very satisfying. - TheSauceSage Reacts12:5137
2022-05-22Ukraine BeStudio Games & MusicPlanet Crafter: SOUNDTRACK review game music11:27903
2022-05-21 AbfielderGamingPlanet Crafter Review - Win a free copy!!7:1199
2022-05-13Sweden Medo Gamingالعيش في الفضاء |اكتشفت مناطق واشخاص تانيين عالكوكب | The Planet Crafter #715:4732
2022-05-03United Kingdom Sim UK Ultimate Realismep20 Secret Base + Hidden Room +ZEOLITE The Planet Crafter Gameplay53:3925
2022-04-26United States NyxsonThe Planet Crafter Review // Is It Worth It in 2022?!9:122,126
2022-04-21United Kingdom the15minutegamerThe Planet Crafter Review | Best Survival Game Ever?12:08366
2022-04-21Germany einzigBARTigWasserfall aus Lava - PLANET CRAFTER Folge 0629:0243
2022-04-18Brazil Smart Gamers!Como Começar? Dicas, Análise (Review) | THE PLANET CRAFTER PT BR7:45431
2022-04-14United Kingdom GuyverGamingTVPlanet Crafter Review12:1724
2022-04-14United Kingdom Sim UK Reviewsep1 The Planet Crafter Gameplay Review First Look Early Access1:08:12293
2022-04-09 Kampa PlaysPlanet Crafter Review - VERY Satisfying! (23 hours played, 100% achievements)2:59767
2022-04-09United States The Many Talented Mr. JeffersonThe Planet Crafter | Early Access Review | Terraforming for Beginners7:1519