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1.United States VALORANT - Protatomonster46,231,593
2.Canada Shroud45,542,583
3.Canada Back to the game37,688,792
4.United States VALORANT22,918,402
5.United States Valorant Moments - Gaming Curios21,845,902
6.United States ProGuides Valorant Tips, Tricks and Guides19,055,576
7.United States Click Heads14,795,446
8.United States GameLeap Valorant Pro Guides12,933,348
9. Black Valorant en Español12,088,756
10.India sc0ut11,090,879

Latest Let's Plays For Valorant

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoUnited States TeamGetfight - CS:GO & PUBGVALORANT - TOP 20 TENZ PRO PLAYS10:073,802
2 days agoUnited States FlexinjaClimbing to Immortal AGAIN playing an Aggressive Omen on Valorant13:03302,603
2 days agoUnited States VALORANT - ProtatomonsterThese 200 IQ VALORANT Tricks WIN GAMES...18:13486,808
3 days agoUnited States Valorant Moments - Gaming CuriosValorant: Top 50 Most VIRAL Omen Plays EVER..! - Valorant Highlights Moments Montage20:00134,108
3 days ago V-ValorantVALORANT : IRON PLAYS #2 | FUNNY MOMENTS | WTF FAILS10:11145,992
5 days agoCanada Cypher I ValorantThe Best 200IQ Moments & Plays On Valorant! (Incredible) | Valorant Funny & WTF Moments10:412,852
2020-09-16United States BrushVALORANT - These Killjoy Plays Got Me to IMMORTAL 3!8:1312,414
2020-09-16India Anish MaxLETS PLAY VALORANT RANK GAMES | ROAD TO 6K SUBS | !Join !ig !Momop3:59:141,073
2020-09-13Sweden PeakCypher Plays That Will Inspire Your Creative Side - Valorant7:1963,112
2020-09-13United States moeporkOmen Outplays That BEAT Your MEAT — moepork VALORANT10:2865,523
2020-09-12United States The Shady OneLet's Play Valorant: Spike Rush!11:048
2020-09-11Canada Red - ValorantSova PLAYS that DESTROY Immortal Ranks (Pro Arrows) - Valorant10:2240,670
2020-09-10Germany Dhalucard - Lets Play's & GameplayDer letzte Schritt - Valorant34:526,454
2020-09-09United States Valorant ProSINATRAA DOMINATING AS PHOENIX! 29 ELIMS! MVP! [ VALORANT RADIANT ]42:271,187
2020-09-08India Razer Blade 2.0THE ULTIMATE REYNA MONTAGE - Best Outplays & Best 1 Taps | VALORANT1:241,098
2020-09-07United States CrossfireNASTY SOVA PLAYS IN PLATINUM. | Valorant Highlights #15:14143
2020-09-07United States Fishermen Whispers[🎣 ASMR ↪ Valorant] - "🎮 Repeating/Tracing Character Names? 🤷‍♂️ | Let's Play | Gaming | HD"15:10115
2020-09-07 QuemziAggressive Omen and Brimstone plays! (Valorant)8:25836
2020-09-06 DHGamingAggressive Cypher Plays - Funny Ending (Valorant)31:3434
2020-09-06India Tamilan J - GamingTamilan J plays VALORANT | TEAM DBZ | Membership at 29rs | Donate via GPAY6:31:5411,575
2020-09-06Germany WolfpackPandaSURVIVING WITH THE SHERIFF!!! Is it for Everyone? 🤔 | Valorant5:1623
2020-09-05United States FatmanHE PLAYS VALORANT WITH ONE ARM - Amputee's One-handed Valorant Setup Goes Viral - BionicGamer3232:49171
2020-09-05United States SHADOW VALORANTProtatomonster Best Clutches & 200 IQ Plays VALORANT12:2127

Latest Reviews For Valorant

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-09-10India FM YoGiPUBG Ban Meme Review After That VALORANT Stream With FM YoGi LIVE 😎5:28:25558
2020-09-02United States FatmanPS4 PRO FOR ONLY 1$? - (Valorant Console Is Gonna Be Cheap THIS YEAR!) - Only50p Site Review4:25232
2020-09-01United States HikoVIPER AND BREACH MAINS ARE IN TEARS OF JOY! | Hiko Reviews VALORANT Patch 1.0719:06210,441
2020-09-01United States DrZoraHUGE SAGE & BREACH CHANGES - Valorant Patch 1.07 Review17:40670
2020-09-01United States Charla7anTHE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO IMPROVE IN VALORANT - Logic behind VOD REVIEWS by FPS Coach / PRO Player12:425,089
2020-08-24India Xyaa🔴Valorant done, Fall Guys now! | Xyaa | #GameOnIntel3:22:3334,492
2020-08-14India DeadFreezVALORANT GAMEPLAY| NEW CHARACTER REVIEW | DeadFreez1:23:4768
2020-08-11United States CARNAGE GAMING - ValorantValorant Silver VOD Review - Crosshair Placement, Rotations & Playing TOGETHER!9:161,124
2020-08-08United States KillerMillerValorant Pro Play Fundamentals - Importance of Map Control and Early Picks (CoL vs Envy)42:26146
2020-08-05Philippines VonOrdonaYTNew Agent "KILLJOY" sa VALORANT!! (Gameplay Review)1:15:45123,252
2020-08-05Germany aSmooglLohnt sich der Battlepass von Akt 2? | Review & Spotlight | Valorant15:1520,735
2020-08-05 HighscoreHeroesValorant Season 2 BattlePass Showcase! | Waffen Skins und Cosmetics Review15:311,756
2020-08-03United Kingdom Adrian WitkowskiPolps Game review(Valorant)24:5319
2020-07-06United States Cloud9 ValorantVALORANT Pro reviews YOUR VODS! - Strategy, Game Sense, and Economy in VALORANT with PVPX24:286,190
2020-07-06Indonesia The Lazy MondayHEADSET TERBAIK UNTUK VALORANT, Bisa GETARIN KEPALA | Review Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless12:2015,688
2020-06-28India GAMERS QUEVALORANT REVIEW | It is amazing | GAMERSQUE6:2236
2020-06-23Germany Nurok[VALORANT]: TL Nurok - 1.02 Patch notes review13:3918
2020-06-19Canada COGconnectedValorant Review - Intrusive Anti-Cheat System Doesn't Kill Game7:43754
2020-06-19United States Valorant JokerEconomy, Crosshair Placement and Rotations - VALORANT VIPER VOD REVIEW15:005,589
2020-06-19 GAMINGbible[REVIEW] Valorant - A Familiar Hero Shooter Packed With Potential5:02123