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Channels With The Most Views

1.Canada Shroud10,125,186
2.France GotagaTV1,520,959
3.Canada SomeOrdinaryGamers1,495,919
4.United States TeamGetfight - CS:GO & PUBG1,495,359
5.United Kingdom jackfrags1,414,121
6.Turkey Unlostv1,272,894
7.United States DrDisRespect1,245,906
8.United States theScore esports1,235,019
9.Sweden Anomaly1,183,468
10. TimTheTatman1,129,051

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United States ESPN Esports23
2. HighscoreHeroes21
3.Brazil Ludisz16
4.Poland LeitoIsHere16
5.United States Valorant Moments - Gaming Curios16
6.Germany aSmoogl16
7.Italy Terenas15
8.United States Daryus P15
9.Russian Federation GEN14
10.United States Fatman14

Latest Let's Plays For Valorant

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-04-14Germany DhalucardSCRIMMAGE gegen Team "SCHWEDISCHES SALZ" - ♠ Valorant ♠38:4619,147
2020-04-14United States Z1CKP GamingSneaky CYPHER Plays | Valorant Gameplay - Valorant top plays #TopPlays3:0723
2020-04-13United States NRG EsportsNRG Fam Plays Valorant | ACEU, LuLu, Sizz, JSTN, Frexs | Mizkif & Friends Tournament Highlights14:5024,444
2020-04-13Canada Cypher I Valorant10 MINUTES OF GODLIKE VALORANT PLAYS10:593,212
2020-04-13Sweden 2rgamesSneaky OMEN Plays | Valorant Gameplay8:4233,656
2020-04-13Spain La Taberna de DamNuevos Mazos de Hearthstone y una Horita de Valorant al Final4:57:282,182
2020-04-13Germany rechyyyVALORANT Community Montage #1 | Best Plays & Moments3:144,209
2020-04-13Spain GuiltyBitÑarders May Cry 83 - Opinión mando PlayStation 5: Dual Sense, VALORANT, Hi Score Girl1:03:4961
2020-04-13United States Life is GGVALORANT TOP 20 PLAYS! | Best of Valorant Plays10:1053,587
2020-04-12Germany AnKValorant Best of First Round Closed Beta1:4216
2020-04-12United States MGE GibsBig Brain Breach Plays - Valorant10:5737,082
2020-04-12Serbia flukkz mediaVALORANT BEST PLAYS (TWITCH HIGHLIGHTS)11:4212,753
2020-04-11United States ProtatomonsterVALORANT: Top 10 Plays Episode 3 (Closed Beta)10:4928,915
2020-04-11Hungary Nice Gaming FPS CentralWhen CSGO PROs play VALORANT (shroud, scream, hiko, brax, neo, get_right) Valorant Twitch Highlights12:4597
2020-04-11United States Valorant Moments - Gaming Curios*NEW* VALORANT BEST HIGHLIGHTS! - Valorant Funny Moments #7 (Valorant Best Moments Montage of Plays)11:1910,172
2020-04-11United States FraakartsWhen s1mple the BEST CS:GO Player Plays Valorant!3:2467,906
2020-04-10Canada xQcOWxQc's BEST and WORST Valorant Plays! #211:2575,259
2020-04-10United States Insane Stream Highlights & GameplaysTOP BEST VALORANT PLAYS | 200 IQ Moments & Funny Fails | Ep.24:53245
2020-04-10United States EndlessManiacA SILVER CS PLAYER PLAYS VALORANT!37:102
2020-04-10United States SynotikTOP 10 INSANE VALORANT PLAYS - Valorant Montage5:40211,383
2020-04-09United States Poggers*NEW* VALORANT BEST PLAYS! #3 - Inhumane Speed, Aces, Funny Moments & Highlights!11:444,108
2020-04-09Germany Dhalucard - Lets Play's & GameplayWir mischen die Teams - Valorant31:2111,351
2020-04-09Turkey Alper BiçenVALORANT DROPLU YAYIN -,124
2020-04-08Brazil GameplayrjNOVO controle do PLAYSTATION 5 bate RECORDES e o SUCESSO de Valorant9:23218,389

Latest Reviews For Valorant

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-04-14United States IGNValorant Review in Progress3:5437,501
2020-04-14United Kingdom LCTRgamesValorant: Is It Worth Playing? [Valorant Review Beta]14:374,195
2020-04-09United States DrDisRespectShroud & DrDisrespect Review VALORANT10:21443,755
2020-04-03 Your OverwatchA VALORANT Review from an Overwatch Player's Perspective17:33148,814
2020-04-03United States HikoNEW VALORANT GAME! | CS:GO PRO REVIEWS THE AGENTS (Part 1)27:225,993
2020-04-03Sweden AnomalyIS VALORANT GONNA KILL CS:GO? (REVIEW + GAMEPLAY)10:051,183,468
2020-04-03United States Drift0rVALORANT Gameplay & Review23:58277,998
2020-04-03Germany MaximValorant Review | Project A Reveal11:21231,935
2020-03-23United States ImmortalsVALORANT GAMEPLAY REVIEW | PTERODACTYL CHATS5:381,777
2020-03-06Argentina Malditos NerdsONE PUNCH MAN, VALORANT y POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON | MALDITOS GAMES N°871:41:132,873
2020-03-03Colombia Halo y Ness LOL¿QUÉ ES VALORANT Y QUÉ PLANES TIENE RIOT GAMES CON ESTE NUEVO SHOOTER? | Opinión y review | Halo12:2713,143