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1.United States PhlyDaily616,779,372
2.United States Steel Guru142,527,960
3.United Kingdom DOLLARplays72,211,273
4.Russian Federation Freeman Project67,655,026
5.Russian Federation FallFire46,413,271
6.Russian Federation Omero44,966,362
7.Serbia Dita39,551,770
8.United Kingdom The Mighty Jingles37,331,914
9.United States GameSpot Trailers34,385,903
10.Canada TheEuropeanCanadian27,440,677

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1.Canada TheEuropeanCanadian4,598
2.United States PhlyDaily2,330
3.Russian Federation Omero1,784
4.Russian Federation Freeman Project1,727
5. ZetRoX1,425
6.Brazil Deimos Rabugento1,310
7.Korea, Republic of kesik123's Naval Thunder1,170
8.Russian Federation УКУС1,089
9.Iraq Hunter1,062
10.Russian Federation FallFire1,035

Latest Let's Plays For War Thunder

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2022-09-15United Kingdom CharedeGamingHighlights July 2022 War Thunder Part 2 | Ep 10 | Charede Live6:501
2022-09-10Iraq HunterZuni Heavy Rocket & Bullpup AGM || F-4C Phantom II (War Thunder)20:4312,442
2022-09-03Germany JChris2403Lets Play War Thunder AF#76 - Frankreich 3.7 Air Force: Wie hässlich soll diese Mustang sein? JA!21:37319
2022-09-01Canada Juno Beach BoyWe went on war thunder to vibe 2 Vtuber plays War thunder55:5134
2022-08-03 theWEREWOLF packYTWar thunder I need help with something2:15:192
2022-08-02United Kingdom DOLLARplaysWAR THUNDER "SECRET" GAMEMODE NO ONE PLAYS16:16311,479
2022-07-23United Kingdom The Gaming ArchaeologistWar Thunder (Help me! Dumbass!)0:091
2022-07-10Turkey Sâf-i CevherWarthunder Oynanış Tekrarlar - Warthunder Gameplay Replays #59:3622
2022-06-30United States GameV(PS5) BATTLE OF MIDWAY | Next-Gen ULTRA Realistic Graphics Gameplay [4K 60FPS HDR] Call Of Duty15:465,762
2022-06-23United States AronanWar Thunder Helping a comrade!1:01119
2022-06-07 TankensteinRewind Is Coming To War Thunder Replays In Danger Zone Update - Content Creators Rejoice!3:302,162
2022-05-25 Eric PlaysWar Thunder | Lets Play Ger- GB!48:2937
2022-05-16United Kingdom NoobcakeI come to help you | shorts| War thunder0:30606
2022-05-14 k0rn262WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED 🫣 #warthunder #trending #recommended #guijin #playstation0:1875
2022-05-11United States Dan Zeal🔴LIVE - Dan Zeal Plays Pain Thunder2:44:4041
2022-05-10 Republic of gamersWar Thunder PlayStation 5 - 3D audio really helpful0:3032
2022-05-09United Kingdom ChrisTV Gaming(WAR THUNDER) Chris Plays German Things!!!59:3524
2022-05-07United States Timetomine32Because Thunder Show Cant get Console Replays Here0:5011
2022-04-10Russian Federation vanoabsentИграем War Thunder #LetsPlay #WarThunder #vanoabsent42:088
2022-04-09United States Steel GuruTeammate will ALWAYS help...in War Thunder0:5263,671
2022-03-25 Reggie KoestoerWar Thunder Sim VR - Zero Problems: Trying To Help0:411,453
2022-03-08United States Knee High CaliberKHC Plays "War Thunder" - Midway Recon Screen (No Radio)(No Talking)(Full Flight)26:2023
2022-03-01United States Father and Son Gaming🔴War Thunder live, Lets Play🔴1:13:29117
2022-02-13Germany ToJay TV83) Von Latrobe Valley via "Alpin National Park" to Sydney (YLTV via YMBT to YSSY)1:38:557
2022-02-08 Green ZoroarkGreen Zoroark Plays WarThunder With Low BR Tanks2:39:0933

Latest Reviews For War Thunder

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2022-09-18 BungleGET THIS P-51 BEFORE IT GOES AWAY!! | P-51D-10 REVIEW [WAR THUNDER]3:53281
2022-09-15 TankensteinSu-25K Frogfoot FULL Review - Should You Buy It? [War Thunder]10:008,674
2022-09-06 Tims VarietyA129 CBT Mangusta In War Thunder : A Basic Review10:194,410
2022-08-28Canada TheEuropeanCanadianSubstandard - Object 248 Review - War Thunder10:233,907
2022-08-20Korea, Republic of kesik123's Naval Thunder[War Thunder Review] Kronshtadt:Non-realized Soviet dream4:36937
2022-07-31 ShadowSnipe8Ersatz M10 review War Thunder10:0014
2022-07-29United States ConeOfArcadeShould You Buy: T29? | WAR THUNDER1:39834
2022-07-17United States EnderWolf Xwhen your internet is a bigger opp than the enemy team #shorts0:1539
2022-07-04Russian Federation VikingSpiritsWar Thunder J35A #shorts review0:59215
2022-05-16Thailand PhuMiA-10 Late บรื๊ดดดดดดดด [ War Thunder Review ]24:10157
2022-05-10United States JBRiderThe Vehicle Everyone HATES to Face | EXTREMLY SURVIVABLE 30MM PUMA IFV - War Thunder Gameplay17:333,168
2022-05-03Russian Federation userneluserWar Thunder ЛУЧШИЙ В СВОЁМ ЖАНРЕ Xbox Series S 1440p 60 FPS12:113,747
2022-03-29 Herrman Thee GermanWar Thunder Winds of Change Update Review (Rant Warning)8:08437
2022-03-18United Kingdom Rebel 404War Thunder: P51 D5 Quick Review4:49201
2022-02-16United States ItzRainyBoyGerman KV-1C 756 (R) Premium Review10:0754
2022-02-05United States Ace1000ks1975War Thunder Leopard 2K Review32:0720
2021-11-19Poland BlacksmithEnlisted: Modern Warfare Review13:563,447
2021-11-06United States jackarsnelJack Reviews: War Thunder15:406,686
2021-10-31United Kingdom DOLLARplaysDOZER WITH PARKINSON... (War Thunder)10:54204,851
2021-10-08Canada SonOfFudgeWar Thunder Fudge Reviews #13 - Sd.Kfz 251/224:2876
2021-08-31United States SportshotBetter Than The BMP-2M? | War Thunder BMD 4 Guide / Review15:27760
2021-08-21United Kingdom The Onyx RebellionWar Thunder - M4 Sherman 76 Review25:0214
2021-08-06United States transnistrian border terrorist[WAR THUNDER] A6M6c 'review'7:4977
2021-07-07 RubyFoxSd.Kfz.251/10 'Sigmund' | Skin Review #1 | War Thunder23:1516
2021-06-10 [Animo]Gaming_[War Thunder] PC Game - Review Beberapa Tank USA41:0093