Whispers of a Machine

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1.Sweden Raw Fury585,529
2. Joshiball44,670
3.Canada Luckless Lovelocks40,563
4.United States Gamer's Little Playground21,100
5.United States Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon13,684
6.Denmark ZenBear12,440
7.United States 123Pazu11,717
8. Dodger's Twitch Streams (unofficial)11,524
9.United States The Gaming Discourse10,694
10. wolftooth9,346

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1.Italy Andrea Pannocchia20
2.United States 123Pazu19
3.Romania Stantin Gaming16
4.Germany FireFox16
5.Singapore Rambling Thunder14
6.Germany Sunny's Plays Place13
7. Joshiball13
8.United Kingdom Game Fanatic13
9.Denmark BU4U Gaming13
10.Sweden Andreas Peahc12

Latest Let's Plays For Whispers of a Machine

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-03-10Italy Day-Glo BuffaloLet's Play Whispers of A Machine (Blind) - Part 0531:1815
2020-09-06Sweden Andreas PeahcLet's Play! Whispers of a Machine part 9 (The End)29:498
2020-06-10 LampertLet's Play Whispers of a Machine [Blind] Part 7: Free Church of EPOS39:495
2020-02-27Canada Corey DutsonLet's Play: Whispers of a Machine - Part 6: A bad speedrun as the emotionally manipulative cop2:07:272
2020-02-03Denmark BU4U GamingWhispers of a Machine | Gameplay / Let's Play | Part 1329:0130
2019-08-18United States childofthe80s1981#WhispersOfAMachine LP (with commentary) Part 101:02:0511
2019-06-11United Kingdom ReformistTM"Sci-fi Murder Mystery" Whispers Of A Machine Gameplay PC Let's Play Special Feature20:302,153
2019-05-26Denmark ZenBearLet's Play: Whispers Of A Machine ► Maja's Murder | #242:131,656
2019-05-23Romania Stantin GamingWhispers of a Machine QHD | FULL GAMEPLAY WALKTHROUGH Playthrough Let's Play (No Commentary)3:26:42535
2019-05-18Germany eplaytvdeLet's Play mit Benny | Whispers of a Machine #32:33:501
2019-05-17United States Wretch PlaysWhispers Of A Machine | Live Stream Ep.5 (Finale) | Baby Blues [Wretch Plays]50:05131
2019-05-07United Kingdom The 1ntegerLet's Play Whispers of a Machine Walkthrough Part 21:09:00147
2019-05-02Germany LeondaGarboIRGENDWIE wie ein ERNSTHAFTES MONKEY ISLAND in der ZUKUNFT ❗💻 Whispers of a Machine Part 520:2043
2019-04-27Canada Luckless LovelocksThe End - Whispers of a Machine Part 12 END - Let's Play Blind Gameplay Walkthrough41:521,452
2019-04-21Canada MaterwelonzWhispers of a Machine First Look - Nordic Sci-fi Noir Investigations - PC Let's Play Gameplay45:442,206
2019-04-18United States PositronQuick Look - Whispers of a Machine25:16185

Latest Reviews For Whispers of a Machine

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-12-07United States Robert- The Rooster (bobby)Jones cane sugar soda warheads extreme sour black cherry soda review3:0448
2020-10-16Sweden Andreas PeahcDrink Review! iQ Fuel Hydrate Mango/Pineapple. Mini CwtP11:4637
2020-07-14 Redneck GamerDrink Review: Venom Energy Drink + Mango2:1843
2020-06-07Ireland Monday MadnessMadness Reviews | Whispers Of A Machine "Not Enough Of A Good Idea"8:4313
2020-05-08United States BabyNoobCakesWas It Worth It? | Kathy Rain & Whispers of a Machine | Twitch Prime Review12:2746
2019-04-22United States Noisy PixelWhispers of a Machine Review - Noisy Pixel4:111,982
2019-04-17United Kingdom The Geek ShowWhispers of a Machine - VIDEO REVIEW13:26378
2018-03-17United States The Edumicator1-MINUTE REVIEW | ORIGINAL NEW YORK SELTZER | Sparkling Water | Watermelon0:55115