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1.United States World of Warcraft487,925,940
2.United Kingdom BellularGaming199,543,221
3. World of Warcraft RU125,462,134
4.United States Nixxiom118,289,219
5.United States hirumaredx109,741,784
6.United States wowcrendor91,955,416
7.Russian Federation mmoboom87,485,786
8.United States MadSeasonShow82,855,838
9.United States Swifty76,487,257
10.United States Asmongold TV70,896,746

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1. GitGudGuides4,733
2. TAYAT1 Gaming4,364
3.United States Dalaran Gaming3,776
4.United States Bué23,526
5.United States Game Guides Channel3,028
6.Spain World of KiddohCraft2,854
7.Germany Craft123542,389
8.Germany Momental2,187
9.United States FTWItachiPlays2,085
10. WCQuests1,925

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Monetization Policy: Stream/Video Monetization Allowed
Last Updated: 2020-11-30 11:15:03 PM

Although Blizzard Entertainment restricts community-created content to "non-commercial" uses, an exception is granted when uploading World of WarCraft video content to "production websites" such as YouTube,,,, or, where you can be paid through a partnership program.

Video content must maintain the "T" rating that has been given to Blizzard products by the ESRB, and similar ratings issued by other rating boards around the world. Content must also be free to view at all times; viewers cannot be forced to pay a fee to view the content.

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