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1.United States World of Warcraft205,995,980
2.United States TotalBiscuit64,097,018
3.United States Swifty58,670,074
4.United Kingdom BellularGaming58,369,301
5. World of Warcraft RU45,579,441
6.Canada wowhobbs40,501,060
7.United States Nixxiom35,176,865
8.United States MadSeasonShow32,933,092
9.United Kingdom TheLazyPeon32,872,512
10. Krucial32,463,931

Channels With The Most Videos

1. GitGudGuides4,752
2. TAYAT1 Gaming4,355
3.United States Bué22,879
4.United States Game Guides Channel2,876
5. WCQuests1,941
6.Germany Momental1,882
7.United States FTWItachiPlays1,810
8.Iceland Waifu Simulator 271,645
9.United States TomSan Games1,516
10.United States Dalaran Gaming1,292

Latest Let's Plays For World of WarCraft

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2 days agoGermany MomentalLet's Play World of Warcraft (Tauren Krieger) #1711 - Aufgegeben17:2816100.00%
4 days agoUnited Kingdom FrithgarLet's Play World Of Warcraft #277: Power Hungry Queen!29:39118100.00%
5 days agoUnited States Keith BallardLet's Play World of Warcraft: Blood Elves Co-op Part 5 - Wailing Caverns & Deadmines1:16:1655395.83%
5 days agoGermany AloexisWillkommen - Vulpera Jäger leveln #01 - Patch 8.3 - World of Warcraft | Aloexis16:196566.67%
2020-01-21United Kingdom Forestechoes Piano CornerVulpera Heritage Armor - Vulpera Heritage Armour - Sablo - World of Warcraft0:3683100.00%
2020-01-20United States JohnGamingFuntimeWorld of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.3: Vulpera Leveling Ep 424:4842100.00%
2020-01-20Germany VexanAktenarbeit in Beholder 2 und dann ein paar Daylies in World of Warcraft erledigen 🔴 [German]3:50:172100.00%
2020-01-20United States FTWItachiPlaysUNLOCK | ALLIED RACE VULPERA | PATCH 8.3 | WORLD OF WARCRAFT 🎮🎮🎮16:419100.00%
2020-01-17Australia Ninja Kuma - Let's Plays, Reactions, MemesALL World of Warcraft Visions of N'Zoth Cinematic Reactions | WoW BFA Visions of N'Zoth Reaction18:581,66289.58%
2020-01-16Germany ScrawlDas Tripple L Format: Visionen von N'Zoth! [Let's Play/german] World of Warcraft #00459:018675.00%
2020-01-15United Kingdom TasaranLet's Play World of Warcraft CLASSIC - Part 8 | Its all about the Eggs45:53451100.00%
2020-01-14Germany FredoPlaysWoW Classic Allianz #84 "Morbent Fel" Let's Play WoW Classic Allianz1:01:1518100.00%
2020-01-13 Icy VeinsVulpera Intro Cutscene in Visions of N'Zoth (World of Warcraft Patch 8.3)0:402,50189.66%
2020-01-10Germany PP GamingLet's Play WoW Classic 🌍 [ #130 ] Onyxia Questreihe / Vorquest (1-60) [ Deutsch World of Warcraft ]33:57213100.00%
2020-01-09France World of Warcraft FRNouvelles races alliées : les Mécagnomes et les Vulpérins (VF) | World of Warcraft0:4314,12694.89%
2020-01-09Germany ODiN OnLiNe LpMANTIS - Mists of Pandaria STORY #11 - wow mop deutsch let's play mist 1440p 60 fps1:37:33133100.00%
2020-01-04Germany MorelleNoirLet's Play World of Warcraft: BFA Nachtgeborener Krieger [Deutsch] #136 einer Niederlage13:5815
2020-01-02 Grind This GameLet's Play World of Warcraft Legion #1 - The Battle for Broken Shore38:062,73485.00%
2019-12-29Czech Republic KlindaDavcaWorld of Warcraft #72 | CZ Let's Play - Gameplay1:09:2620190.91%
2019-12-26France Berzerk[FR] Let's play Wow classic (Sulfuron) #86 : (Bonne fêtes à tous !) Parlons poker ;p6:47:17117100.00%
2019-12-21Germany Xhelron⛏⚒ World of Warcraft - Classic - LPT - Allianz #01120:266100.00%
2019-12-19Germany MrMoregameLEVEL UP! + Danke für den retweet Craft! - Let's play World of Warcraft #12317:0785595.59%
2019-12-11United States JAKEL33TWorld of Warcraft: Classic (Let's Play Ep.3) Rogue46:36107100.00%
2019-12-06Germany SchwalbeLet's Play Together World of Warcraft "Classic" - 022 - This is the end. Beautiful friend.13:2115788.89%
2019-11-29United States Warcraft Music and GamingC01E008: The Defias Brotherhood! (Human Mage) | WoW Classic Playthrough1:12:2518388.89%

Latest Reviews For World of WarCraft

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2020-01-16Australia Dave Talks Video GamesShould you play World of Warcraft Classic? (Impressions / Review)10:5225100.00%
2020-01-06Netherlands Gamekings VaultWorld of Warcraft Legion Review15:592
2019-12-29 Lord of the WarcraftWorld of Warcraft 2019 Year Review9:3133100.00%
2019-12-28Spain Raeven - CCA Entertainment🔥 Review muy serio de WoW Classic™ | Simulador de campos de arroz10:103,70391.69%
2019-12-12United States The Vaniverse GamingWoW Classic Review: Was It More Than Nostalgia?11:241,35789.39%
2019-11-07United States Thac0 GamersWorld of Warcraft Classic | First Impressions | Is It Worth Playing? | Gameplay & Review 201930:0156393.94%
2019-11-05Switzerland Lawrence's BeyondWORLD OF WARCRAFT: SHADOWLANDS - Cinematic Trailer REACTION + REVIEW + INSIGHTS17:4113,26495.93%
2019-10-15United Kingdom dodgykebaabWorld of Warcraft Classic Server Review22:4146,44877.43%
2019-09-14Russian Federation ИгроманияИзучаем World of Warcraft Classic — «За мной хант занимал» (Рецензия/Review)8:0465,45380.12%
2019-09-06Germany 4PlayersWorld of WarCraft Classic Test / Review: Das bessere WoW?6:4310,25292.37%
2019-09-05Malaysia GRM AdrianWorld of Warcraft Classic: Putting The MMO Back In MMORPG8:102,56696.05%
2019-09-03Netherlands GamekingsWorld of Warcraft Classic Review: Kopen, budgetbak of slopen?11:132,39097.14%
2019-09-02United States DreamcastGuyWhy WoW Classic is Great but NOT PERFECT? - Review After 100 Hours!!12:0438,02686.56%
2019-09-01United Kingdom MetalGearGlennWorld Of Warcraft Classic Review7:275,04680.29%
2019-08-30 XGNNieuwsalarm met Endboss Reviews: World of Warcraft Classic, Joker en nog veel meer!5:07460.00%
2019-07-01Ireland MadSkillzzTVBfA PATCH 8.2 IS IT ANY GOOD? Review of the Bad & Good...So Far | World of Warcraft11:399,91596.22%
2019-06-18United States The Balding PlebsHOW MUCH MONEY!? World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition Breakdown and REVIEW!15:00216100.00%
2019-06-17United States Everything Twitch [Asmongold]Asmongold Reactions "Will WoW Classic Be Successful? A Review" by MadSeason35:4973,35791.48%
2019-06-17United States MadSeasonShowWill WoW Classic Be Successful? A Review21:31341,46398.04%
2019-06-04 Hotted89ALLCRAFT #77 -WoW Classic Beta review ft.Shroud, Preach Asmongold, Swifty, Esfand, Hotted & Rich1:50:42164,52892.37%
2019-05-24Sweden Hampsh - Mobile GamingWoW Classic | Review - First Impression | WILL IT BE GOOD? What Changed? |6:321,14991.07%
2019-05-22United States pReview'dWorld of Warcraft - Cinematic Safe Haven - Reaction/Review/Rating12:272,15196.52%
2018-12-31United Kingdom Thete GamingWorld of Warcraft Review of 2018 - Not Exactly a Vintage Year35:192,36399.25%
2018-11-12United States LuxeleyWorld of Warcraft BFA Patch 8.1 Shadow Priest Changes and Review16:4317,89987.00%
2018-09-25Germany GameStarWorld of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth im Test / Review - Schwächen trotz starker Story11:4193,99393.57%