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1.United States DenkOps43,409,937
2.United Kingdom Bestintheworld43,242,855
3.United Kingdom ElementGames38,597,823
4.United States UpUpDownDown37,164,550
5.India Mr Creeper HD32,092,509
6.United States EspacioNX29,153,924
7.India 2K Eater24,380,518
8.United Kingdom ThisGenGaming21,282,032
9.United Kingdom Super Gaming Family19,897,472
10.United Kingdom Gore and Perkins18,409,770

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1.United States dankwrasslin experience4,739
2.United States Walkman 12862,373
3.United States brandon lee1,708
4.Canada Justin Lynch1,304
5. Q2RAW GAMING1,197
6.United States Ice Chilled Gaming1,040
7. jared50709899
8.Russian Federation Alexander Smith800
9. BladeDJK796
10. DDG xHDx742

Latest Let's Plays For WWE 2K18

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-02-17 deutsch mezenWWE 2K18 seth rollins& dean ambrose vs bruan strowman& dolph ziggler8:321
2024-01-25United States Poetically Christian with Derrick StephensBlind Preacher Plays (90s Royal Rumble) - Childlike #christiangamer #blindgamer37:0944
2023-12-19 Cheeseface615WWE 2k18 My personal Universe Mode Part 143 NXT American Alpha Vs Heath Slater & Rhyno58:3534
2023-11-15United States TheDanielChannelWWE 2K18 MyPlayer Ep 2 : Ace West vs Dolph Ziggler Smackdown LIVE PS4 LIVE Gameplay3:47:2470
2023-11-05 King Blackarot / Xavier(Gaming & Chatting) Blackarot plays WWE 2K18 (no mic) ((it broke lol))27:4420
2023-11-01 panicman10WWE 2K18_2023 Panicman versus Roman Reigns Harley quin part 4 Let's play1:00:0017
2023-10-17 Waylon MercyChad Gable (American Alpha) WWE 2K18 updated tag team moves0:050
2023-10-10 GBD GAMERWWE 2k13 on Android Snapdragon 778G|Wii Emulator |#wwe2k13 #wwe2k23 #games #wwe2k18 #dolphinemulator9:01152
2023-09-30 CoreyThemaanCoreythemaan plays Wwe2k1857:187
2023-09-22 SScop GameplaysWWE 2K18 - Braun Strowman vs Dolph Ziggler Squash Match | Gameplay PC5:3511
2023-09-06 best Nintendo switch game in world (sg)Wwe2k18 my career mode Robert yap vs Dolph ziggler episode 3119:5759
2023-07-29Ireland ClassicGameTimeWWE 2k18 PS4 Vs WWE 2k15 PS311:01333
2023-07-25 Jesus ValentinWWE 2K18 here is request of big poppa pump again ihope this helps.6:3576
2023-07-15 Underground VagosWWE 2K18 - Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho - TLC 2K1810:4529
2023-06-17United States TechUtopia PlusSamsung S23 Ultra Dolphin MMJ 4K test WWE 2K18 Wii Gameplay 2023 I Snapdragon 8 GEN 22:36137
2023-06-02United Kingdom THE SOUTH PARK ALIENWWE 2K18 - #24: Gallows & Anderson vs. American Alpha (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match)8:3231
2023-05-27 djdmassey playsDJDMASSEYPLAYS's Live PS4 Broadcast WWE 2K 4 WAY LUCHA Battle4:432
2023-04-19Pakistan WaZGaar KHaiLWwe 2k18 | skyline emulator | Nintendo switch0:30816
2023-04-05India Vines T.vWWE 2k18 Triple H vs Dolph Ziggler Match on Payback with Hindi Commentary7:29278,127
2023-03-14United States Brandon SilasWWE 2K18 Tornado Tag Team Match The Hype Bros vs American Alpha4:342
2023-02-11Indonesia tito nadianLET'S PLAY WWE W2K TLC MATCH : AMERICAN ALPHA VS THE USOS7:25129
2023-02-05India FACELESS SHADOW2k18 Gameplay TAMIL #2k18 #wwe #wwe2k22 #wwe2k18 #wwe2k22gameplay #undertaker #jonhcena #plastation56:1539
2023-01-05Ireland BroGameTime WWE 2k18 PS4 In 202310:251,032
2023-01-04India RealAK GamingJohn Cena VS Baron Corbin VS Aj Styles VS Sami Zayn VS Kevin Owens VS Dolph Ziggler - Battle Royal10:4381
2022-11-17India pro vishal ogI am back guys lets play some Wwe2k1844:1313

Latest Reviews For WWE 2K18

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-01-24India Gaming Talkies TamilStone Cold Steve Austin vs Goldberg | WWE | WWE 2K18 | WWE Games | Stunner Compilation | Games13:0573
2022-05-29Austria Walter ViewtWWE 2K18 Review34:3715
2022-01-10 EliEli2xJust a little fun match review of (WWE2K18)15:2631
2021-11-30 MGT - Max Games TechWWE 2K18 - REVIEW | Switch OLED handheld gameplay31:2224,017
2021-09-25 Japperz ChannelNintendo Switch WWE 2k18 Review 2021 (WWE and AEW Superstars)1:12:531,909
2021-06-22United States MetrObelisk RadioHell In A Cell 2021 Was ABSOLUTELY POINTLESS (An Off The Cuff Review)8:471
2021-06-13 Beast SlayerECW One Night Stand su WWE2K18! RVD vs Cena "Review"7:28168
2020-09-28 Wade CuevasWWE 2K18 - PlayStation 4 review2:012
2020-08-04 The ZombrosWWE 2K18 review2:3115
2020-07-24Australia JTEShould You Buy WWE 2K19 OR WWE 2K20?5:4415,574
2020-04-05Netherlands Gamekings VaultWWE 2K18 Review: frustratie voert de boventoon19:0770
2020-01-03United States R.B.I. VidsMovie Review In Quotation Marks EP 19 Stuber (WWE 2k18)25:0725
2019-10-28United States Cody's Extreme Scene TVGaming Edition - WWE 2K18 for Nintendo Switch35:29149
2019-06-13United States KnightWWE 2K18 Review13:1627
2019-02-23Spain Chickenwar46(E&R OFFICIAL) REVIEW WWE 2K186:375
2019-01-15United States Dashon & Amanda Walton - Carpe Diem NetworkWWE 2K18 - Dashon Walton's #CYBERFAMDAY Review18:08176
2018-12-06India Arpit thisWr3d WWE 2k18 mod download with full review | wr3d mods5:351,562
2018-11-26 Vex City*NEW* Brandon Huge superstar gameplay+review[WWE 2K18]7:0022
2018-11-18Uruguay TheMathyasFTW¡REVIEW!💪| NUEVO WWE 2K18 para ANDROID PPSSPP 2022 | [TheMathyas]9:41680
2018-10-04United States RoshuGamingWWE 2k18 Xbox One Review6:2465
2018-09-30 NationalWrestlingShootersANNOUNCEMENTS FOR THIS WEEK!!! REVIEWS WWE 2K18 & WWE 2K199:4126
2018-09-10United States TheSkullKlownWwe2K18 PS4 Review34:5579
2018-08-21Germany AnimEEboyLive WWE 2K18 Summerslam 2018 + Review #AnimEEcore1:57:3667
2018-07-29India The MightyShadowWWE 2K18 "REQUEST YOUR MATCHES" | 🔴type !wwereview | STAY. AWESOME.1:08:3098