Halo Infinite Multiplayer Preview Xbox Series X Gameplay 4K

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Preview Xbox Series X Gameplay 4K

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Halo Infinite
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Here is my new Halo Infinite multiplayer preview gameplay on Xbox Series X in 4K. I will regularly upload Halo Infinite gameplay and always make sure that the gameplay videos are impressive and are of good quality. My "No Commentary" recordings were all recorded with a 4K capture card. Have fun watching! If you like it, I'll be happy about a like! More Halo Infinite gameplay is coming!

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I'll be putting up a lot of tech preview and beta gameplay up to the release and after the release I'll be playing Halo Infinite regularly and always keeping you guys up to date. I'll be playing both Multiplayer and Campaign from Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X and sharing the gameplay in 4K with you guys.

Please keep in mind that this gameplay is from tech preview and does not represent the full finished game. I am sure that the small bugs will be fixed by then. I can only thank my colleagues at 343 Industries for giving us such a great game. As a programmer, it is very important to do alpha and beta tests, as you can quickly find undetected bugs and fix them quickly.

Full Halo Infinite multiplayer playlist:

Game Title: Halo Infinite
Platform: Xbox Series X
Game Mode: Multiplayer

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2021-09-14Halo Infinite Multiplayer Preview Xbox Series X Gameplay 4K

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