My Most Anticipated Game! New Insane Medieval Combat Game! - Mordhau Gameplay

My Most Anticipated Game! New Insane Medieval Combat Game! - Mordhau Gameplay

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Mordhau (2019)
Duration: 17:51
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Today I am playing Mordhau, a game that I have been anticipating and looking forward to for a good while. I used to love Chivalry, but always saw some issues in the combat. This game took some inspiration from Chivalry and tweaked the system to make a wonderfully feeling game. It is intense, it is strategic, it is skill based, it is insanely fun. I absolutely loved trying it for the first time! I recorded two different games, this is my first round where I was still trying to get a hang for it. Keep an eye out for my second video where I managed to be the top of my team. This game is incredible, I have been playing it a good bit since recording as well, and I hope you all enjoy watching!

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