Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) | Complete OST | Visualizer

Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) | Complete OST | Visualizer

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Duration: 2:49:56
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Release date: 23rd Dec 1998
Console: Sega Dreamcast
Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega

Track Times:
Introduction 00:08
Welcome to Station Square 01:57
Strain 05:10
Chaos 0, 2, 4 06:08
Azure Blue World (Emerald Coast) 08:30
Windy and Ripply (Emerald Coast) 12:43
Big Fishes at Emerald Coast 15:52
And...Fish Hits! 17:42
Hey You! It's Time to Speed Up!!! 19:13
Twinkle Cart (Twinkle Park) 19:43
Pleasure Castle (Twinkle Park) 21:48
Twinkle Circuit 23:41
Fakery Way (Twinkle Park) 25:59
Run Through the Speed Highway (Speed Highway) 27:05
Goin' Down!? (Speed Highway) 29:02
At Dawn (Speed Highway) 29:33
Choose Your Buddy (Slap Bass Version) 32:10
Theme of Chao 34:12
Letz Get This Party Started (Chao Race Entrance) 36:37
Join Us 4 Happy Time (Chao Race) 40:41
The Dreamy Stage (Casinopolis) 43:08
Blue Star (Casinopolis) 45:19
Dilapidated Way (Casinopolis) 46:52
Challenge for Another Aim 48:59
Theme of Dr. Eggman 49:54
Egg Mobile (Egg Hornet) 52:23
Mystic Ruins 54:26
Windy Hill (Windy Valley) 56:47
Tornado (Windy Valley) 58:29
The Air (Windy Valley) 1:00:09
Fight for My Own Way 1:03:00
Snowy Mountain (Icecap) 1:05:05
Limestone Cave (Icecap) 1:07:09
Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy (Icecap) 1:08:58
Invincible...No Fear! 1:11:24
Choose Your Buddy (Finger Bass Version) 1:12:23
Mt. Red: A Symbol of Thrill (Red Mountain) 1:14:23
Red Hot Skull (Red Mountain) 1:16:07
Heartless Colleague (E-Series Targets) 1:21:06
Sand Hill 1:22:29
Sadness 1:25:37
Theme of Tikal 1:26:50
Tricky Maze (Lost World) 1:30:10
Danger! Chased by Rock (Lost World) 1:32:37
Leading Lights (Lost World) 1:34:12
The Past 1:35:58
Fanfare for Dr. Eggman 1:37:28
Tornado Scramble (Sky Chase) 1:37:53
Funky Groove Makes U Hot!? (Options) 1:39:23
Egg Carrier: A Song That Keeps Us on the Move 1:41:07
Zero the Chase-Master (Eggman Robot Zero) 1:45:09
Sky Deck a Go! Go! (Sky Deck) 1:47:04
General Offensive (Sky Deck) 1:48:43
Theme of E-102? 1:51:26
Crazy Robo (E-101ß) 1:55:52
Bad Taste Aquarium (Hot Shelter) 1:58:22
Red Barrage Area (Hot Shelter) 2:01:59
Danger is Imminent 2:04:43
Sweet Punch (Hedgehog Hammer) 2:05:53
Militant Missionary (Egg Walker & Egg Viper) 2:06:55
Mechanical Resonance (Final Egg) 2:08:09
Crank the Heat Up!! (Final Egg) 2:11:12
Chaos 6 2:14:11
Calm After the Storm (Egg Carrier: The Ocean) 2:16:04
Unbound 2:18:09
Open Your Heart 2:19:19
Perfect Chaos Revival! (Perfect Chaos) 2:24:28
Good-bye 2:26:09
Will You Continue? 2:27:27
It Doesn't Matter 2:27:58
My Sweet Passion 2:32:26
Lazy Days (Livin' in Paradise) 2:37:33
Believe in Myself 2:41:35
Unknown From M.E. 2:45:27

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