Talking about band camp be like... 🤔 #Shorts #gaming

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Team Fortress 2
Let's Play
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So one of the boys went to band camp and I got punished for asking...

Nenai Slumps plays Midnight Mercenaries from Game Jolt for PC. This game stream clip of Midnight Mercenaries Gameplay / playthrough was livestreamed as a "Let's Play" or LP by Nenai Slumps.

Midnight Mercenaries is a twin stick shooter fan game inspired by cult classic FPS, Team Fortress 2! Its gameplay is inspired by the top-down shooter indie game Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, but adds its own twist on the mechanics based around the different TF2 characters' individual quirks!

Hey, I'm Nenai Slumps, a Virtual Youtuber or VTuber, more specifically an independent/indie demon VTuber! If you wanna get more specific than that I'm a male vtuber or male virtual youtuber/streamer. I fall under the category english(eng) vtuber, meaning I speak english as opposed to japanese. My Channel is mainly focused on gameplay videos and let's play video game streams! I've generally stayed away from first person shooters and AAA games, but I have been getting more into fast paced boomer shooter recently! 😜 I also like playing indie games and retro games when I can. 😏

#indievtuber #vtuber #vtuberen #malevtuber #hotlinemiami #teamfortress2 #midnightmercenaries

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