[TF2] An update about my YouTube channels and the content being uploaded

[TF2] An update about my YouTube channels and the content being uploaded

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If you want to see more than just TF2 content, please make sure to check out my second channel MediEx Plays - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSk5o3oQ45ayPoTMyrxbQNw

So now it's time for the long text version of this video.

As you all may know already; I've been wanting to branch out my content on YouTube and to be able to upload more on this channel than just TF2 and TF2 related videos.
One of the things that I pushed was to consistently stick with these uploaded videos and not be scared if people were unsubscribing from the channel or leaving negative comments about them disliking the game that I wanted to play.

I wanted to always make sure that I was still creating TF2 content here and to inform the audience that I was still making TF2 videos due to the uploaded schedule and the pattern of the type of videos that were being uploaded consistently.
I was also always expecting the videos to not gain the same amount of views as my TF2 videos do so seeing them achieve viewership with something less was all perfectly fine with me.

However; after spending 2 months trying with this, I had noticed something on the main channel that has now changed what I wish to now do on YouTube.

The sub growth on this channel had dropped significantly down throughout this time and resulted in the channel with having a consistent negative growth always happening.
When looking at this in the long time, I realized that if I were to keep going forward with this, I would be doing nothing more than hurting my YT channel and not being able to actually allow it to grow.

So I had a long thought and discussion about it all and what I was going to do now; especially with the fact that I didn't want to stop making non TF2 content and I already had a lot of content recorded already; ready to be edited and uploaded.

And to my conclusion, I've decided to now start uploading all non Team Fortress 2 and TF2 related videos to my second channel 'MediExcalibur2012 Plays' and to turn my main channel into a TF2 focused channel instead.

This will allow me to be able to still make videos for the main account while being able to have a break from making TF2 content with the second channel. And to allow the main account with not being effected by any negative growth anymore and to resume back to how it was in the end of December of 2019.

Hopefully, you can all understand my decision and what I wish to do now here on YouTube. Sometimes life doesn't work the way that you want it to be like but you cannot let that destroy you or your dreams and goals. You need to be able to pull yourself back up and keep moving forward while being able to work around with whatever is happening for you. For the better.

Thank you all for understanding. :)

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