Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Guide Part 6 - Practice Run

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Guide Part 6 - Practice Run

It's time to bring this awsome looking title to the channel! Xenoblade Chronicles 3 seems to be getting a lot of praise which I'm happy about as Xenoblade was looking like a good title so let's hope it delivers.

A heartfelt RPG adventure awaits in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for Nintendo Switch. Join Noah, Mio and their friends as they traverse epic landscapes, battle ferocious creatures and fight to break the never-ending cycle of violence that binds their homelands.

Aionios is a world of natural splendour, and the backdrop to an endless conflict between two opposing nations: Keves and Agnus. Time is of the essence for the people of Aionios, who fight relentlessly to extend their lives long enough to realise a 10-year period of service.

A nation where mechanical technology was developed. Its armies deploy units comprised mainly of combat vehicles – small, mobile weapons operated by soldiers riding them.

A nation strong in ether, a magical technology. Its forces are built around units that specialise in ether combat, and they fight with small, mobile, autonomous weapons that use ether technology.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is an action RPG with a large open world to explore. Unlike previous Xenoblade series entries, which limited the number of active party members to three, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, allows for up to seven party members to participate in battles at once. Which includes the main party of six and one of several different characters that appear over the course of the story. Party members will also gain the ability to change their character class, granting you access to different abilities.

Exploration in Xenoblade 3
Traversing the map is a similar affair to previous Xenoblade Chronicles games, with some new features introduced. the player can turn on a quest navigation line that will mark a line on the ground to follow if they are unsure of how to reach their destination. Take care of Fall damage In Xenoblade 3 as a long enough fall will knock out the playable character and force them to return to the nearest travel point.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Battle system
The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 battle system occurs in real-time and players have the ability to swap between characters in the middle of combat. All of the party members auto-attack with their weapons once in range. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Party members can use abilities called Arts, Some Arts may deal bonus damage or inflict a status ailment, depending on a character's position in relation to the enemy. As a character continuously uses Arts, they will eventually be able to unlock a Talent Art. Talent Arts from different classes are all unique—some will grant a large chunk of bonus damage to a dazed enemy, and others will summon a circular field that gradually regenerates HP to anyone inside the field. In addition to Arts, the Break—Topple—Daze combo will temporarily stun enemies in combat completing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will require us to master all of these aspects of the game.

Every tutorial the player receives in Xenoblade 3 is archived under the Tips section in the options menu. The Training Drills feature allows people to redo any combat tutorial to ensure they understand a specific mechanic.

This Concludes my Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Guide Part 1 - Practice Run
Description section for my first Xenoblade 3 Livestream of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Gameplay.

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