Yoku's Island Express (Part 8)

Yoku's Island Express (Part 8)

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j47ZivnCXo0

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This game is legitimately genius. To articulate all the reasons why it is amazing, would take a long thesis. But I can present some of it's facets to you in a simple way and you should be able to understand that it is a worthwhile purchase.

Even if a platforming game mixed with a pinball game doesn't sound exciting to you, trust me, there is still a high likelihood you will like this. This game mixes platforming and pinball in such a way which has the best elements of each, without any of the negative aspects of those genres. The game requires the player to go back and forth from each playstyle in a way that feels organic, and in a way where the player never gets bored. To not get bored in a game that takes roughly 7 hours to complete, that is an astounding feat of game creation.

The art and music in the game are world class, and could stand on their own in a gallery of fine art. This might seem like hyperbole, and maybe most museums wouldn't agree with my assessment, but they are stuck in the past, and anyone who doesn't appreciate the effort put into this art isn't looking hard enough.

This is an incredible game.

The game runs perfectly smooth at 4k 60fps in Linux through the Steam built in Proton.

Just try the demo. I guarantee you that if you have the money to spare, you will spend it on this game after experiencing the demo. The demo will get you roughly 5% through the game. It is enough time for the game to put hooks into the player. You will be reeled in.

I thank you for reading my review. :) I hope that you have a good day and a good night. :)