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Hi my name is Cody Menz and welcome to my channel! I've been creating videos since 2011 for video games and also in-depth guides on my websites. Currently I mostly live stream World of Tanks here on YouTube. If you are looking unedited gameplay from someone who has been helping players learn WoT and other games for several years this is the right spot. Although World of Tanks is my main game I also dabble with World of Warships, Overwatch, Battlefield 1, World of Warplanes, and Dreadnought!

Stop by a live stream and ask any questions or request me to play a certain tank, ship, etc. Unlike other live streams I first and foremost am here to chat with viewers while also kicking butt at whatever I am playing. I play the tanks, vehicles, characters, etc. that you want to see me play the majority of the time.

You can also follow my websites ( for more in depth guides and video analysis for World of Tanks and ( for World of Warships.

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World of Tanks
World of Tanks: M103 Ace Tanker | 3X M103 Platoon Ruinberg
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