Latest Channel Activity From Philippines

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Philippines based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
16 hours agoPhilippines TECH-NICK PH4,260TNC Predator vs BOOM Esports | SEA DOTES | ONE Esports SEA League Dota 2 Highlights17:37
17 hours agoPhilippines Ez Dotes7,000IG vs RNG - OGA Dota PIT Season 2: China - DOTA 2 LIVE - BO32:57:37
21 hours agoPhilippines whatoplay610,000Top 15 Free Android Games of 2020 So Far | whatoplay13:18
1 day agoPhilippines BastieGaming55Duo/Squad WIPE OUT KILL MONTAGE #5 (Rules of Survival : Battle Royale)13:23
1 day agoPhilippines EverydayWeebGaming3,140YAKUZA 0 Gameplay Part 33 No Commentary45:27
1 day agoPhilippines Jaeger TV10,900JAGER ACE - Rainbow Six Siege Türkçe14:30
2 days agoPhilippines Mandagar Gaming6,090Samurai & Ninja Rerun - Looney Tunes World of Mayhem1:49:44
2 days agoPhilippines CB Zero PH7,640GTA Online Fleeca Job Heist Setup Scope Out12:46
2 days agoPhilippines PickyManta4,360Roblox10:01
2 days agoPhilippines CtG7,600Who has the Best Immortal? Part 1: Artanis [Starcraft II Co-Op]25:53
2 days agoPhilippines D.A.R.K2,490Fresh Brews | Minecraft Dungeons #418:32
2 days agoPhilippines Imcjtee Reveñge10,600WARAP! LET'S FIND BASES TO RAID!1:25:49
2 days agoPhilippines Patrick So1,820Torpedo Range USA lp36:23
2 days agoPhilippines Gaming Bystander128Little Witch Nobeta VS Little Bear Monica Phase 20:57
2 days agoPhilippines trismack9,080Neon Abyss Gameplay | PC HD 1080p605:01
2 days agoPhilippines KYO QUIJANO1,850,000surprising our bestfriend with NINTENDO SWITCH!11:19
2 days agoPhilippines Mr. Razzie Binx294,000ROAD TO MASTER [NAKA DEPRESS]10:22
2 days agoPhilippines PTV730,000National Greening Program sa Caraga, pinaigting pa2:06
2 days agoPhilippines Cantobotz1,320How to Open Jasmine Bakery Safe - The Last of Us Part II1:30
2 days agoPhilippines Faviso624,000Astronomia Coffin Meme in Minecraft Part 383:52
2 days agoPhilippines NicDroid5843 GUYS AND A LOT OF BOMBS - GMod Melonbomber10:11
2 days agoPhilippines Kristian PH1,510,000OKAY NA LAHAT WAG LANG TIYANAK | Exorcist Legion VR (Tagalog)13:41
2 days agoPhilippines Korbito Playz45,600RLCraft - Minecraft Mod EP4 (tagalog)1:04:05
2 days agoPhilippines Henrick Paking Gaming22,600Basic: How I Edit My Videos3:24
3 days agoPhilippines BlackThorne 20012,720Grand Theft Auto V [PC] EP.45 (Rampage: Hipsters) Gameplay10:15
3 days agoPhilippines Vampirina!!!437Dancing | Vampirina!!! Compilation2:38
3 days agoPhilippines Kanijoe Jenkins262,000Tips Paano maging MYTHIC sa SOLO?? | Paano Tumaas ang Rank mo sa Solo?? | MLBB12:59
3 days agoPhilippines Møchi18,400Sorry about this--0:16
3 days agoPhilippines Kurt Dexter N. Rodriguez205Konosuba Dungeon RPG's Opening Video Streamed0:21
3 days agoPhilippines MyogiWarrior345,000Initial D Arcade Stage Version 3 - Bunta Fujiwara + IDASv3 CREDITS - Chase Cam6:06
3 days agoPhilippines L1 SPARKY96Alpha Point - Insurgency Sandstorm Cinematic3:17
3 days agoPhilippines Akizuki-334[Priconne R] Tanabata Swordsman's Journey: Special Mode 3-Turns (Full Auto)7:37
3 days agoPhilippines WhattaGameplay66,100Oddbods Turbo Run - Vampire Pogo Part 1016:31
3 days agoPhilippines Tier One Entertainment70,700Top Tier Plays: Dexie | League of legends: Wild Rift12:00
3 days agoPhilippines JohnJen563Short clip of Part 2 Armenia Tour1:30
3 days agoPhilippines Gilbert Plays ☆ #1 Gaming Channel3,740PNR 922 LSI Train Spotting Vlog | Gilbert Plays12:29
3 days agoPhilippines KUYA JOP PH CASTER120,000Neon Esports vs New Esports | Grand Finals | Bo5 | Asia Summer Championship2:49:28
3 days agoPhilippines SlyTheMiner116,000Mega Dropper Parkour #02 : Minecraft Minigame (Filipino)13:22
3 days agoPhilippines Edward Fordan595BanG Dream GBP JP [New Event Collab]2:04
3 days agoPhilippines Hack and Slash14Ben 10 Power Trip! - Announce Trailer | PS40:24
3 days agoPhilippines Lolmanster612LEVEL REQUEST 86 GEOMETRY DASH READ DESC48:11
3 days agoPhilippines Rappler697,000Philippine Coast Guard press briefing | Tuesday, June 3057:01
4 days agoPhilippines Drakkard Plays1,570The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 - Step up your game!1:37
4 days agoPhilippines BRG Collective577bintana //cosimo2:46
4 days agoPhilippines Mr. K836Pubg Mobile #2 | "Anak ako ni Napoleon at ni Heneral Luna"21:43
4 days agoPhilippines Drizzly Dark Reiu182Punishing: Gray Raven Pain Cage Lucia New S Rank Vs Lucia/Unknown Structure Alpha3:20
4 days agoPhilippines Etriuswimbleton3,420Arcaea - Trappola Bewitching Future 10 Attempt (Difficulty 11/13)2:20
4 days agoPhilippines Jay zel1,160#Jayzel SINO MAS? (JOWA CHALLENGE) AND HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY SAMIN13:37
4 days agoPhilippines Kazukiyan Gaming33,200On The Spot 1st Use EZREAL on | LEAGUE OF LEGENDS WILD WIFT ALPHA TEST9:15
4 days agoPhilippines XFreezerBunnyX109,000Build Showcase 🛠️ & Winners Announcement 🏆 | The Sims 4 100K Build Challenge25:55
4 days agoPhilippines Zeynel XD517Sofia Mills - Coffee Breath (cover by Lyle)1:19
4 days agoPhilippines Eat Bulaga!2,300,000Juan For All, All For Juan | Eat Bulaga | June 29, 20205:18
4 days agoPhilippines Ruzu110KingRuzu zen mode 20 to lvl 30( 1,150,196 ) part 237:51
4 days agoPhilippines JBGamingExp1,870SEKIRO SHADOWS DIE TWICE (DARK SHINOBI) - Gameplay Walkthrough PART 3 | #FILIPINO PC55:10
4 days agoPhilippines CestlAbby1,060The Last of Us: Part 2 | 4 - To the TV Station3:25:48
4 days agoPhilippines Danchovies Gaming111FF XV Ep. 21 - Chocobo Joyride17:31
4 days agoPhilippines MarcTheLoneGamer3,850MORTIS: Skyrim Mage Roleplay Episode 68 "Volskyyge"55:24
4 days agoPhilippines JollySly10,000Scrap Mechanic Survival #10 (Filipino)15:42
4 days agoPhilippines zeDz Valentine27SPIDER-MAN PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough PART 24 - Hide and Seek.33:46
4 days agoPhilippines GLOCO923,000Valorant Agents VOICE IMPRESSIONS5:24
4 days agoPhilippines Estib PLAYZ116,000RLCRAFT - MINECRAFT MOD EP5 (TAGALOG)1:09:50
5 days agoPhilippines Burrito Gamer X490This Cursed Video will Be Deleted in 6 hours (Actually Maybe No)0:35
5 days agoPhilippines Lupon WxC61,000Nigma vs Team Secret Game 2 (BO3) | Beyond Epic EU/CIS Playoffs1:43:57
5 days agoPhilippines Kardel89,600EG.ARTEEZY SPECTRE - RANK 1 MMR - DOTA 2 7.27 GAMEPLAY31:46
5 days agoPhilippines Snivinerior34,000Wonderbolt for a Day Conclusion | My Little Pony Game: Episode 1012:51
5 days agoPhilippines Kazuki Tech32,900How To Add Your Domain On Your Cpanel Hosting and Connect Domain On It6:26
5 days agoPhilippines JD Ros8,810TLOU2 Glitch - The Birthday Gift1:26
5 days agoPhilippines Jes Play Games384Tactical Way to Beat Abzu and Abzu Shoat in HARD MODE - Final Fantasy 7 Remake Boss FIght - PS45:25
5 days agoPhilippines doreimOnde22,300ASPHALT 9: LEGENDS - Rimac C_Two - Multiplayer Legends League - Touchdrive9:35
5 days agoPhilippines Itz Cross Sans664Dealing with Intrusive thoughts compilations Sanders sides1:03
5 days agoPhilippines Wslasher11,300Greymon Evolution with Brave Heart | Digimon Adventure 20200:57
5 days agoPhilippines VonOrdonaYT730,000MGA IMPOSTOR sa BILLIONAIRE CITY51:27
5 days agoPhilippines Furukon Rhythm Gaming1,330[Muse Dash] Irreplaceable feat.夏铜子 Master Full Combo 100%1:50
5 days agoPhilippines John Fleer37,700Devil May Cry Pinnacle of Combat VERGIL TEASE & MORE! [2nd Beta] 2020 | Yunchang Games | Android7:32
5 days agoPhilippines LandChit58MCPE#1 NEW |Lets Play|29:27
5 days agoPhilippines FunDrey29,000Sana, The Harem Protagonist of TWICE11:38
5 days agoPhilippines Ujimasa Hojo227WC3 Classic: Lost One Draenei Tent1:51
5 days agoPhilippines Aries4,970NEW COMMUNITY UPDATES (PUBLIC TEST SERVER release date) | Call of Duty Mobile13:04
5 days agoPhilippines Daj Gaming2,570Gawing Webcam ang Mobile Phone nyo sa OBS STUDIO [TAGALOG]11:26
5 days agoPhilippines Jammy Cruz150,000BEST!!! LASAGNA TASTE TEST PH (CHEESY & MEATY!! You're welcome) | Merienda Time12:00
5 days agoPhilippines Rysek38Freya.com5:58
5 days agoPhilippines Builderboy TV85,200THE BEST WAY TO LEVEL UP FAST IN THIS JOJO GAME! | STAND UPRIGHT | ROBLOX6:05
5 days agoPhilippines Sean YT256SEASON7 THEME SONG IN CALL OF DUTY MOBILE3:25
5 days agoPhilippines eliteONE45,300Si Mary at Ang Lihim na Hardin Episode 15 (Tagalog Version)19:22
5 days agoPhilippines PeenoisePlays179,000PEENOISE PLAY SCP CONTAINMENT BREACH - PART 7 | HORROR GAME (TAGALOG)11:04
5 days agoPhilippines The Donkeypits176EMPTY AS HELL | Let's Play Zombie Army Trilogy: Back to Berlin - Part 512:16
5 days agoPhilippines aik lariosa414Every Giant will fall - Rend Collective cover + Spontaneous worship singing time9:17
5 days agoPhilippines GracenoteTV54,300I Will Wait (Piano Version)4:46
5 days agoPhilippines WetzkieGamer33,600Reacting to my Deleted Videos (3 years Special)12:32
5 days agoPhilippines OfficialTish948Left 4 Dead 2 Crunch Time Expert Mode w/Crawn,WorryVer & BestPlayer40:08
5 days agoPhilippines YellowBee Craft1,370,000Monster School : SIREN HEAD ATTACK - Minecraft Animation11:09
5 days agoPhilippines Kimchi YT194,000NINAKAW ANG DREAM CAR KO *PORSCHE 718 SP* (SUMBONG SA KAPATID) | GTA 5 RP11:04
5 days agoPhilippines Ocey1,590Red Alert 2: [YR] - Soviet World War 3 [Rise of the East Teaser]0:20
5 days agoPhilippines PaoLUL724,000PAG TUMAWA KA, BALIBAG KA!19:00
5 days agoPhilippines a v a l q n c h2,910W.I.P for upcoming glmv0:51
5 days agoPhilippines KingHans511Shadow of The Colossus PS4: Colossus Quadratus Boss Fight #26:27