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Halloween Event Chapter 2: Jeila The Witch! (With Story and BGM) - Toram Online
I just done the event right for this video But runalyn provide me information and the mats about the event, so i already prepared, idk where...
2018-10-18 10:56:23 PM ● 98 views ● 10:59 100.00% liked
Toram Cooking and Plant update (Harvesting and Cooking Version!) + Take A Bite Part 2 - Toram Online
i know it's a bit late to explain this, that's because I'm too busy irl, so sorry xD This is one of toram update before We can harvest and cook...
2018-10-17 4:16:55 AM ● 1,792 views ● 6:37 100.00% liked
New Big Update for Toram Land! Plant and Cooking! (Plant only) Part 1 - Toram Online
In this video i only show about planting because i don't have ingredients for cooking, i will show tomorrow / later _ My Discord Server:
2018-10-12 7:17:39 AM ● 2,360 views ● 6:32 95.00% liked
High Difficulty Boss Event: Usasama The Necromancer! with Glory Gem and All Drop! - Toram Online
This boss is actually easy, depends on the tank Well i was tried to kill the gespecter, but it's really hard, i don't think need to kill it xD...
2018-10-11 2:31:40 AM ● 1,397 views ● 6:31 96.58% liked
Runalyn Giving SRD to Random Person at Ornlarf!  - Toram Online
Doinf srd when no one in pt realize it And at the end they just.... Quiet xD _ My Discord Server: Social media slow...
2018-10-07 3:36:30 AM ● 2,712 views ● 8:09 92.63% liked
Duo Ultimate Adventure: Scrader Ultimate! With Katana Duo! First episode of series! - Toram Online
I will do new series, i will duo ultimate boss with runalyn, start from this first, scrader! Scrader lv125 Ultimate Dark element Hp 6.600.000...
2018-10-05 7:52:43 AM ● 1,099 views ● 4:11 94.74% liked
A Fact About Quick Aura!  `Light Info` - Toram Online
Just for who don't know Maybe next light info about chronos drive _ My Discord Server: Social media slow respond My...
2018-10-04 7:27:08 AM ● 3,350 views ● 2:39 90.68% liked
Harvest Moon Online!? Bahasa Indonesia Only?! - NatureVille [ID] Android Farming Game Gameplay Beta
This game background almost same as Harvest Moon! But this can be online! Well this is for indo and chinese only for now.. Untuk indonesia bisa...
2018-10-03 12:23:18 AM ● 511 views ● 14:11 94.12% liked
How to do Auto Attack (Normal Attack) Cancellation! And Explanation about it! - Toram Online
Dual sword has special auto / normal attack, it has about 6times attack, with this speciality, can make us in a danger situation and make it...
2018-10-02 6:37:34 AM ● 2,286 views ● 6:00 94.37% liked
Low Level Char trying To Get Rank! Don't judge People By Level! XD - Toram Online
Just trying to get rank by lv30 _ My Discord Server: Social media slow respond My social media: Line: arewzo Facebook:...
2018-09-30 8:58:40 AM ● 2,569 views ● 7:55 90.48% liked