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NERF of Tenryu and Shining Cross Coming! FREE SKILL RESET CONFIRMED! 7 Skill Balance - Toram Online
I get the infromation by the live streaming held by asobimo This is really really bad for katana, let's see the future, how katana will survive.....
2019-02-18 5:48:58 AM ● 7,042 views ● 2:42 95.10% liked
My Dual Sword vs Katana Build! Modestia vs Proto Clarity Sword! Solo Battle! - Toram Online
This is a video based on my own build, idk for other tho, this video is only showing my build Here is my build: Dual sword build:
2019-02-15 5:09:11 AM ● 3,377 views ● 10:44 87.50% liked
New Difficult Update: Dark Eidenliebe! Boss fight and All New Equip Drop Info! - Toram Online
New update from toram, valentine event, new difficulty for eidenliebe, DARK! Enjoy Song: _ My Discord Server:
2019-02-14 3:34:29 AM ● 6,357 views ● 3:08 88.97% liked
8 Job and 16 Advanced Job Skill Preview - Avabel Lupinus (Pokebel Online)[JP] Official Skill Preview
Don't forget to pre regist! I will just show about the advanced job in this game, is same as avabel, but only 16 job available...
2019-02-07 8:27:03 PM ● 8,788 views ● 10:09 95.00% liked
Last Event Present, New Valentine Story Event, New Boss: Eidenliebe, New Recipe!! - Toram Online
Today mt is about the valentine event and the distribution of last event reward, enjoy! _ My Discord Server: Social...
2019-02-07 1:43:15 AM ● 7,641 views ● 10:02 96.58% liked
Dual Sword Lv175 DPS Build with Proto Clarity Sword! High Damage! Solo Guignol Ulti! - Toram Online
This is my new dual sword build, i use proto clarity for any boss now, even low def, it's worth, i will try to make it 2slot soon! The build...
2019-02-05 3:44:54 AM ● 2,774 views ● 12:07 90.16% liked
Tips Leveling Exp Potions and How to Use Exp Potion Guide to Instant Level Up! - Toram Online
In this video i show my leveling for exp potion Exp for exp potion doubled if your character is already lv cap, so i recommend at lynx is the...
2019-02-04 7:11:44 AM ● 2,525 views ● 10:02 92.31% liked
How to Detect Fake Screenshot / Photo? Toram Online Follia Xtall is it real or no? `Light Info`
This is just a video to show how you detect fake screen shoot, you can use it at most screen shoot, not only for toram, bill screenshot sometime...
2019-02-03 8:30:49 PM ● 4,811 views ● 1:46 94.34% liked
Mithurna Lynx vs Guignol for Dual Sword! How to Test Which xtall 'Worth' for You! - Toram Online
In this video i show the test of Mithurna Lynx vs Guignol Xtall! And i also show how to decide which one better for your build! _ My Discord...
2019-02-03 3:24:01 AM ● 2,081 views ● 6:52 87.93% liked
Gacha and Ranger Level 43 Floor 6 Gameplay! - Avabel Lupinus (Pokebel Online) [OBT Japan] Android
Just me playing pokebel with lv43 ranger i want to try pvp, but idk how, can someone tell me? xD _ My Discord Server:
2019-02-01 7:43:56 AM ● 4,868 views ● 11:27 87.93% liked