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Dual Sword Stats: Str n Agi or Agi n Str? Which one better? (For Damage Explanation) - Toram Online
Still about dual sword, too many question about dual sword lately, because of the new dual sword lv4 skill release, so i tried to answer one...
2018-12-16 12:56:24 AM ● 4,799 views ● 10:03 92.37% liked
Reflecting 14M Damage Boss with Dual Sword Saber Aura! Will it Kill Boss!? Bug!? - Toram Online
If you saw my post before, there i said bug in the screenshot, but many of comment said it's not bug, because saber aura i didn't die, but actually...
2018-12-15 4:08:18 AM ● 6,573 views ● 2:27 91.86% liked
For Dual Sword sub Weapon: Which one better!? 3rd Anniversary vs Lil Empress! - Toram Online
Because dual sword still a hot topic, so i make this video I already did a test of this long time ago, but with different weapon, i think people...
2018-12-14 9:16:15 PM ● 2,083 views ● 1:31 90.57% liked
Can Saber Aura prevent Regretless Death!? `Light Info` - Toram Online
We know saber aura can prevent death But can it prevent a death from Regretless skill? _ My Discord Server: Social...
2018-12-13 4:22:50 PM ● 2,807 views ● 1:57 90.43% liked
New Release: Level 4 Dual Sword Skill Review! Full Explanation from What I Know About - Toram Online
I show what i know in about the new level 4 skill in this video! I can't make it fast, because some test and i almost forgot something and the...
2018-12-13 3:38:28 AM ● 6,459 views ● 10:07 92.86% liked
Arewzo Lv 170 Katana / Mononofu Build [Ongoing Build] Updated! With Garyou Now!? - Toram Online
This is my new updated build Actually it's not complete yet, but because many of you comment and pm me to share it, so i share it now, well yeah...
2018-12-12 6:08:37 AM ● 4,216 views ● 7:48 91.24% liked
Open Beta English! All Weapon Review! - Rangers Of Oblivion [EN] Android Hunting MMORPG Gameplay
This game has a really great graphic, it has so good gameplay, where you can hunt monster with your friend in party! Download link:
2018-12-10 4:00:53 AM ● 2,460 views ● 14:22 95.24% liked
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Korea Release! Story as the PC one! - Blade And Soul: Revolution Android MMORPG Open World Gameplay
This game is an old mmorpg open world from pc, now they released it on mobile! It has same story and better graphic like pc! All feature is almost...
2018-12-09 12:47:21 AM ● 752 views ● 12:28 96.30% liked
New Secret Boss: Lv170 Perro! There Tamable Monster like the Boss! How to get there?! - Toram Online
This boss is another secret boss, after defeating the boss, there is a place where there is monsters you can tame, that monster looklike the...
2018-12-06 9:43:06 PM ● 5,999 views ● 5:03 96.43% liked
New Xmas Event! New RAID Boss and Normal Boss! Noeliel the Ice Statue with 2 Xtalls! - Toram Online
This event has 2 same boss, but 2 version of the battle, there is RAID version and Normal version! Only that interesting in this update tho _...
2018-12-06 6:59:11 AM ● 3,313 views ● 10:03 93.81% liked