Latest Channel Activity From Canada

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Canada based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
1 day agoCanada DFuxa Plays1,290DFuxa Showcases - Ruinarch Demo45:24
1 day agoCanada chipmunk197127Euro Truck Simulator 2 2020 07 04 12 29 35 07 DVR0:25
1 day agoCanada GameEdged141,000Day Three Improvements | Subsistence Gameplay | EP334:45
1 day agoCanada ScereBro PSNU332,00010 Ways I Killed Abby's Dad in The Last of Us10:27
1 day agoCanada PanAnning707We be trailin'! We be getting Grandfather Clocks! - Oregon Trail 24:46:04
1 day agoCanada dHewlett40,500Our First #TechBandits with Stargate Squirrel Cam2:29:06
1 day agoCanada ClubBBC TV 20203,990bruh moment that Manuel the numberblocks fan exposed his gmail.0:53
1 day agoCanada Le Fun Shark33,800Freaktale all Boss themes11:11
1 day agoCanada The Hidden Object Guru10,800The Messenger!! The HOGuru Stream July 3!2:00:12
1 day agoCanada TheJordude9,620Finally Wrath Blood is Playable | Rotation | Fortune's Hand Deck + Gameplay 【Shadowverse】17:00
1 day agoCanada Jakon7249,600The Future of My Channel - Airsoft1:16
1 day agoCanada NIXNE627New PS5 Studio and How To Track PS4 Play Time6:04
1 day agoCanada oShven548,000FIREWORKS TEAM LEADER *NEW* FORTNITE ITEM SHOP UPDATE NOW JULY 3 2020 (fortnite item shop today)4:17
1 day agoCanada Krojak168,000Krojak Return? - Reminiscing and Big Life Changes1:02:53
1 day agoCanada TheTrueNev84SATISFACTORY, The Non-Series - Episode 10: "Canyon-side Computer Factory & Doggo Ranching!"22:18
1 day agoCanada BluScreen_Jason7,170The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind [#184] - While They Ponder, We Waste Time23:57
1 day agoCanada Hesitated Cobra Gaming2,070Animal Crossing: New Horizons Live Stream Part 242:49:30
1 day agoCanada Fordedge218,000Pro Controller Player / Captain America Skin / Season 3 (Fortnite Battle Royale)6:10:00
1 day agoCanada JoshuaPare82,100Call of Duty Zombies All Map Locations In Real Life On A Globe7:20
1 day agoCanada The Twitch Experience11,500INSANE Sniper Play During Official Match! - TF2 Catch-Up 4 (Highlights)10:42
1 day agoCanada The Lone Wanderer732S.C.O.R.E. Rank 21/100 - Fallout 762:32:08
1 day agoCanada Stopde416,000Full Arsenal Promo Squad Builder on FIFA Mobile 20! Past and Present Arsenal Squad Builder ft Henry!21:03
1 day agoCanada Oathmaster1,730Blood Bowl 2: Play Testing New Teams; Goblins vs Nurgle, July 3rd Stream1:09:44
1 day agoCanada Sin Seer241Fallout 76 EXP and S.C.O.R.E. Farm - Line in the Sand - Bug? Exploit? You Decide.13:22
1 day agoCanada Blitzwinger2,040,000STAR WARS Battlefront 2 - Live Heroes vs. Villains & More! | Blitzwinger2:41:13
1 day agoCanada AH Brandon Anime Reviews27,500Now This Is How You Start A Season! | Fire Force Season 2 Episode 1 (25) Review11:45
1 day agoCanada Gorilla Hook250Summer in Mara Trainer (Cheats) // How To Download Trainer For Summer in Mara1:16
1 day agoCanada Boy123Jim5,000WWE 2K20 Universe Mode | BackLash PPV Matchcard2:56
1 day agoCanada wtfmoses113,000MY OWN PERSONAL CHERNOBYL - GREEN HELL DUO29:53
1 day agoCanada Cypher I Valorant256,000Hiko Destroys a Cheater & his Team (Insane Ace) | Valorant Funny & WTF Moments Ep. 2810:40
1 day agoCanada AGirlAndAGame59,700Can't Let Go | The Last of Us Part II Gameplay Part 1759:52
1 day agoCanada Game Boomers2,380Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door #631:27
1 day agoCanada Upshall566,000EXPONENTIAL SETTINGS Are The *NEW* Fortnite Aimbot *Fortnite Best Settings*11:00
1 day agoCanada The Mule182Seattle Bicycle Police Tussle With Chazistani Citizens In Downtown Seattle, Washington, USA1:49
1 day agoCanada WatchGamesTV325,000I went ALL IN for TWO of my Dream AWPs!12:30
1 day agoCanada Tiger Uppercut Media92,700WHO'S COMING FOR THE 350M DOWNLOADS CELEBRATION THIS YEAR?! | Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle11:54
1 day agoCanada Gamefromscratch118,000FLAX Engine -- Now with Live C++ Scripting Support!14:14
1 day agoCanada Luka Plays268DARKEST DUNGEON | 1 | RogueLuka1:23:37
1 day agoCanada AwfulTerrible84Persona 4: Golden: Part 09 - Dominatrix Banana Head26:10
1 day agoCanada Vimp Gaming9,860Warcraft 3 Reforged | Friday and Sunday Streams (new schedule)3:56:19
1 day agoCanada Noxious210,000MIRROR, MIRROR, WHO'S THE TERROR? | Core 2021 Standard Deck | Magic the Gathering Arena28:25
1 day agoCanada SLAPSHOTS2,190NHL 20 // Stream de 1h30 WE BACK EN FORCE! (QC/FR)2:43:26
1 day agoCanada Gam1ngNinja534,000HUNGRY SHARK - All Funny Shorts Montage3:43
1 day agoCanada League on Lock - LoL25,500Smeb Top 10 Career Plays | Lol esports6:43
1 day agoCanada Vujo Gaming10,300Sweetrobin Arryn #9 New Lords - CK2 Game of Thrones21:43
1 day agoCanada smudboy21,300Jason Schreier attacks games length (TLOU2); Troy Baker attacks criticism11:05
2 days agoCanada ProHighlights544,000When Pro FORTNITE STREAMERS Play Like BOTS..!11:30
2 days agoCanada SH Games7,060CASTLE MADE OF OUTHOUSES CAMP Fallout 76 Wastelanders "The Outhouse House"5:40
2 days agoCanada JoBlo Movie Trailers2,180,000AN AMERICAN PICKLE Trailer (2020) Seth Rogen Comedy Movie HD3:01
2 days agoCanada Pikasprey Blue102,000Pokemon Storm Silver | PART 112:01:46
2 days agoCanada A I Gaming374Vengeance is on its way to being awesome with latest update.10:24
2 days agoCanada Canucks95,900Train Like A Canuck | Dynamic Stickhandling II2:11
2 days agoCanada Super Nico Maker17,800SO MANY LAVA BUBBLES!7:24
2 days agoCanada TDBarrett1,240,000Beating this guy ranked me up so much, we will be #1 before Madden 21! Day 324:41
2 days agoCanada Skippy 6 Gaming342,000Minecraft Bedrock - EASY CHICKEN FARM 🐔 Automatic 🥚 Tutorial 🐔Xbox , PS4 , Window & Switch6:13
2 days agoCanada SLAPTrain2,090,000FH4 GoPro - 1400hp ZENVO TSR-S Competes In FIRST Drift Adventure ONLINE! Can I Podium??14:44
2 days agoCanada 16 Bit Review1,360Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets GBC Review - 16 Bit Review7:20
2 days agoCanada Jenni Simmer190,000Camping Trip! Roblox Adopt Me!10:46
2 days agoCanada OpalCasts5,670LPL Week 5 Day 5 - TES vs LNG - VG vs ES - English !Casters5:45:10
2 days agoCanada ServerPlug2,960Fortnite Live Stream // First Time Playing since Season 3 // Join up and lets have Fun // 3K Grind47:07
2 days agoCanada TwigerLoL88,000FULL LETHALITY JINX MID DOES SO MUCH DAMAGE!! - League of Legends26:27
2 days agoCanada COGconnected57,900SpongeBob: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated | F.U.N. Edition Unboxing6:05
2 days agoCanada JoBlo Videos423,000WTF Happened to JOHN TRAVOLTA?32:18
2 days agoCanada Cartooning Club How to Draw2,230,000How To Draw Shadow Jules | Fortnite Season 315:07
2 days agoCanada Loonsloon204The Long Dark: Winter's Naked Embrace (#2)52:59
2 days agoCanada SimplyPressStart61,500Island of Lumos - Harry Potter Inspired Town - ACNH Let's Play Ep. 2222:09
2 days agoCanada Inside The Game621Fight - Knight Squad - Let's Play8:40
2 days agoCanada SoyBomb1,460Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast/PS3) - Blind Playthrough - Part 3 | SoyBomb LIVE!1:57:51
2 days agoCanada Quarbit Gaming12,700The North African Crusades! EU4 1.30 Battle Pope! - Part 27!34:35
2 days agoCanada Mojo's World483This War of Mine: Final Cut - PC - July 2020 #37:22:54
2 days agoCanada MrSoldier1HD39,000Stick around | Modern Warfare Warzone SOLO Season 4 LIVE7:04:56
2 days agoCanada 365 Pro Wrestling2,020JQ Publik vs Tyson Dux vs Pitbull - Apr 21, 2001 HWF11:27
2 days agoCanada BlueFireOwO3,080My Part In All Stars By Team TGT0:09
2 days agoCanada Mike Martins12,400⛔300$ / month property tax HIKE 🔴11:31
2 days agoCanada AznKei122,900GTA San Andreas DYOM: [Jimmy Leppard] The Shadow Ring (part3) (720p)19:07
2 days agoCanada Mixed Reactions205,000The Sinister 6 | Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 (Part 4)4:47:26
2 days agoCanada MrRayhonda24,900Pokemon Sword | Stream Playthrough | Part 141:44:04
2 days agoCanada Back to the game95,700Valorant BEST MOMENTS and FUNNY FAILS | Highlights #8712:28
2 days agoCanada Justin Lynch361WWE 2K20 - Jean Grey VS Scarlet Witch + Television Championship Match6:00
2 days agoCanada Andymatt2751Ace Combat 7 Multiplayer Battle Royal #1224 (Unlimited) - 8AAMs Too Strong4:27
2 days agoCanada Whoop1,480RANKED | RUSHING EVERYONE | PATHFINDER MAIN | Apex Legends |55:52
2 days agoCanada Matsimus310,000Model Making the Challenger 2 Tank - PART 2 | LIVE1:33:01
2 days agoCanada Day Dreamin Dave2,540Fortnite w/ Viewers!2:58:05
2 days agoCanada reddi415,040Playing some Phantom Forces3:59:51
2 days agoCanada Kewlz1,430AFTERNOON VIBES|2K OTW NBA 2K20 LIVE STREAM !Kewlcoins !Jumpshot #DFREC 1,425/1,5003:39:46
2 days agoCanada JaydeXMicky659Let's Play Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition (Stream) 2020-07-0159:12
2 days agoCanada GameDropswithPops Gaming1,960Game Cleared!! What Masterpiece The Last of Us Part II Seatle Day 3 , Santa Barbara Completed4:49:49
2 days agoCanada Sidekix Media391057 Blizzard Rd, Mississauga slideshow4:05
2 days agoCanada Slick Nick1,310The Nostalgic Rise and Fall of Fe4RLess (2013-2019)7:53
2 days agoCanada Mytro_Slaps344Ferrari vs Ford Vehicle Simulator12:41
2 days agoCanada Buster Brad4,880Best of June 2020 | Funny? Yes.33:21
2 days agoCanada Crimson Karma20No no no not the water GTAV0:37
2 days agoCanada SuperNintendoGameboy3,280Mario Paint | Overture - Dragon Quest3:11
2 days agoCanada Snooplax23,100Melee Break The Targets With Unintended Characters Yoshi14:14
2 days agoCanada RepsUp10019,000CNN Reporter in Brazil Gets Robbed During Live Broadcast2:05
2 days agoCanada Dolynny TV7,620Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Joins Phase 2 Skates! Young Stars Tournament Postponed! | Edmonton Oilers News4:46
2 days agoCanada WhiteHawke82,600Hawke n' Friends - Smash Bros6:09:56