Latest Channel Activity From Canada

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Canada based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
14 hours agoCanada Sonic The Fantastic834Super Mario: Yossy Island Original Sound Version36:32
14 hours agoCanada WOW INFO6,330{Wow Info Is Live!}46:15
14 hours agoCanada Teaisnt354Oh! | Lethal Company #lethalcompany0:17
15 hours agoCanada Nuklere308completely blind first playthrough | just chillin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯0:00
15 hours agoCanada YumeGipsu32,299「Jellyfish」 Love Live Superstar / 5yncri5e! - Vocaloid Cover (Miku, GUMI)3:26
15 hours agoCanada BendyPlayz250,000BORIS ARE YOU OKAY? #shorts #ayuwoki0:13
15 hours agoCanada hassyboy11_6,760BRO GOT JUMPED 😂💀#fortnite #shorts #youtubeshorts #gaming #trending1:00
16 hours agoCanada PsRowD_YT 🥰😍1,390This is a Very Funny Moment in Fortnite (Victory Royale) #2024 🤤1:00
16 hours agoCanada CHUCKBALLER1,540PLANETSIDE 2 - #228 - EMERALD - TR - COPE ,YEEB & FRIENDS.45:30
16 hours agoCanada TheGroverChanel44Ni No Kuni Ep13 We Are Half Way Up!!28:25
16 hours agoCanada RiceSack1,780Pikachu Wending Machine at the Tokyo Japan Airport0:51
16 hours agoCanada ClipNStyle- lolZz664New R6 szn "operation New Blood" Grind to champ0:00
16 hours agoCanada Scouching7,810The Most UNDERRATED Defenceman in the NHL Draft (Alfons Freij Scouting Report)2:53
16 hours agoCanada Scott's Thoughts68,900LIVE! Heracross Only - Pokemon Crystal0:00
16 hours agoCanada Jobi-Wan1,040Heihachi Wrecks Soulcalibur 2!6:35
16 hours agoCanada AK Syed3,700MORE THAN A SIM | Monster Hunter Wilds - 1st Trailer | PS5 Games | REACTION5:17
16 hours agoCanada NutsPlayGames276,000The EPIC Finale of Garten of Banban 7!13:10
17 hours agoCanada personal hobbies8,820The new Tesla roadster can fly?2:39
17 hours agoCanada ENDYMIONtv252,000Star Wars Acolyte ENDGAME To REMOVE Jedi Order?! + Gina Carano Lawsuit NUKES Woke Disney Lucasfilm23:09
17 hours agoCanada Nutshell Animations8,050,000Moms Be Like… 😤 (Animation Meme) #shorts0:15
17 hours agoCanada R2DH291Will R2DH beet Turns on A Rainy Night on the Nürburgring Nordschleife in Forza Motorsport?29:32
17 hours agoCanada MsMojo5,320,000Top 30 Greatest Oscar-Winning Movie Songs36:46
17 hours agoCanada Scyan10,100Fortnite Season 3’s HUGE Secret…13:16
17 hours agoCanada Infinite Bits263,000Things that Don't Make Sense in Mario Wonder (2)0:43
18 hours agoCanada Zahkrosis4,360Courage is in the Heart | Genshin Impact - Part 141012:54
18 hours agoCanada Jacky's Highlight Videos2,810My First Triple-A Hit | MLB The Show 24 - Road to The Show0:47
18 hours agoCanada PallySilverstar1,260Let's Play Lifeless Planet - Artifacts59:05
18 hours agoCanada kaarlococo1,260Streets of Rage 4 Stage Three Cleared7:19
18 hours agoCanada Nuxanor766,000I Hosted A $1000 Cursed Pokemon R34 Tournament...50:45
18 hours agoCanada Not_Liink62,100Cursed Roblox Avatars! #shorts #roblox0:15
18 hours agoCanada iciewater252TTW Fallout 3 Ichabod Crane (IC) Mod List and Intro (redone)0:00
19 hours agoCanada ProxifyGaming627Find The Skull Kid!! | Twilight Princess HD Episode 23 | w/Proxify11:14
19 hours agoCanada Negoose15,100🔴Dead By Daylight Stream-The DBD Anniversary Is Here!3:15:47
19 hours agoCanada DailyDrivenExotics3,960,000MY DREAM JUST BECAME REALITY! *KOENIGSEGG JESKO*31:35
20 hours agoCanada Jay BirdBlu_1172,009🔴LIVE | Jay Plays... | Minecraft [PS4] | v.1.21.0 [Tricky Trials] ||1:13:08
22 hours agoCanada Captiankirk games1,170saints row kinzie kensington confident0:52
22 hours agoCanada Sathariel Battle19,600How many Rooms can Guling sentinel go through before dying3:34
22 hours agoCanada Poké Daxi550,000I Played Pokémon GO's BEST EVENT EVER, but was it good?25:50
23 hours agoCanada Jarvis Phan8,860Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! - Vengaboys - Instrumental Cover - Yamaha Genos - Synthesizer #vengaboys0:33
23 hours agoCanada macelharen130StarSector - Seventh Campaign (chapter 47)59:44
1 day agoCanada ThatOneCanadianKidEh7,380MOB OF THE DEAD BLACK OPS 2 ZOMBIES - ROUND 100 CHALLENGE9:22:13
1 day agoCanada McDizzle Gaming5,330INSANE HELLDIVERS 2 LEAKS! Helldiver Specializations, Upcoming Warbond and More!8:46
1 day agoCanada stefanodimera04759Kiryu remembers Ryuji Goda Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth0:44
1 day agoCanada Assassin Rylles204,0005 MAN M6 QUALIFIER ASSASSIN JUNGLE ONLY4:40:11
1 day agoCanada TheUltimateVillain13,980FAVORITE WESTREN SHOW #rdr2 #reddeadredemption2 #gta5 #gta6 #lmao #haha #hehe #hilarious #shorts0:08
1 day agoCanada Glory 3336,960Candy Crush Saga Levels 791 To 79611:24
1 day agoCanada Juno Beach Boy1,220When the fox engaged the Two wheel stats #youtube #warthunder #vtuber #lol #anime0:14
1 day agoCanada StarStalker2833,600FINAL Dragon Slaying Day in Dark and Darker!7:47:56
1 day agoCanada That dude XD3,400Playing Fortnite With Subscribers! *Live* | BR, Creative, Zonewars, Fashion Shows, Ranked & MORE!3:50:53
1 day agoCanada Khmerzorz19,570Live streaming, Welcome evryone !! Thank you for passing by3:31:37
1 day agoCanada Survivor2352,290🔴 MAKING A COMEBACK TO SNIPING II ROAD TO 3K SUBS...3:31:40
1 day agoCanada My Game Backlog Progress300Dishonored - The Knife of Dunwall - The Surge - Low Chaos52:02
1 day agoCanada BananasRock409,000Kyle HATES PEE! 😱🤣 #southpark #game #shorts (Season 13 Episode 14)0:45
1 day agoCanada Kiyoon29,300Is this Hidden OP?!? #kiyoon #tft #teamfighttatics0:11
1 day agoCanada EnioHabev789Creator Update - June 14th, 20243:32
1 day agoCanada MC OLDSCHOOL264oldschool dmz episode 122:42:58
1 day agoCanada The Flourishing2,160Magic The Gathering - Decks Revisited - White Weenie - Pauper6:20
1 day agoCanada Vexed Mum181lets do a little FAFO shall we.2:53:30
1 day agoCanada Josh's Gaming Garden52,700You Choose What Cozy Game I Play Next! Giveaways + Charity stream for Make-A-Wish! 🌠0:00
1 day agoCanada Xposed439,000MASSIVE SIDEBET WIN ON BLACKJACK! #shorts0:29
1 day agoCanada Evil Tazz741Assassin's Creed Odyssey PS5 - Part 16 - Perikles's Party55:55
1 day agoCanada Gaming at GreenDragonCVR208Xenoblade Chronicles e220:00
1 day agoCanada JD1,360,000Guess the CUTE PLUSHIE Impostor in MM2!20:01
1 day agoCanada SuperVideos Entertainment5,210The Walking Dead Universe LIVESTREAM (SuperVideos DEAD TALK Q&A)0:00
1 day agoCanada Esidi75,5007 Most Used Legends by Apex Predators in Apex Legends0:56
1 day agoCanada TVape57,400Your New Go-To 510 Battery? 🔋 Tronian Nutron0:27
1 day agoCanada Captain Oats5,100That's my Nuka Cola0:11
1 day agoCanada Dragonfury999823Mass effect 3 PART 16 - Ardat Yakshi monstrosity1:12:28
1 day agoCanada Toronto Ultra85,300NEW FASTEST TTK Close Range Meta in WARZONE SEASON 4!0:40
1 day agoCanada UpATree4,320Streaming StarCraft's hardest race4:18:49
1 day agoCanada Scyushi203,000I played 7 Steam Games you've 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘣𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘺 never heard of (AGAIN)18:57
1 day agoCanada Codmemenation6,650Subscribe for Daily memes 😂#dailymemes #memes0:16
1 day agoCanada Canadian POP! Collector577#Shorts Funko POP! San Diego Comic-Con 2018 - Black Bolt and Lock jaw #Marvel #sdcc #Inhumans0:31
1 day agoCanada Fluffykins Gaming171Princess peach showtime episode #9 Behold the spectacle of Kung Fu fighting18:44
1 day agoCanada UnseeablePlays5,320She Found Diamonds in Minecraft2:19:33
1 day agoCanada GeekVerse Podcast Network1,790Blue Beetle Animated Show In The DCU Announced : DC Alliance 2220:00
1 day agoCanada legorocks9946,900It's Looking TERRIBLE For Jonathan Huberdeau Right Now…9:02
1 day agoCanada Pants are Dragon275,300Viego Iron to Diamond #1 Viego Jungle Gameplay Guide Build & Runes League of Legends Season 143:09:38
1 day agoCanada SystemCollapse147,000ATM9 To The Sky - Draconic Evolution Energy Core - EP1133:02
1 day agoCanada Prestonality2,720New Fallout Stuff | Variety Gaming & Tech Talk | Live Everywhere2:16:43
1 day agoCanada BW Hockey1,920REACTING To NHL Goals By Unexpected Players! - VIDEO REACTION9:56
1 day agoCanada Psychlych1,520Testing custom mechanical keyboard I made for my friend9:30
1 day agoCanada GAMINGwithTZ589,000Brawl Stars Rank Up Skibidi Toilet ( All Episode )33:21
1 day agoCanada Kchewz51,200OPTC 10 ANNIVERSARY! SUPER THANK YOU SUPER SUGO-FEST! PART 1 #onepiece #onepiecetreasurecruise #optc0:50
1 day agoCanada The Real Golden Boy79Overwatch 2: Its Easy Once We Get it Moving9:12
1 day agoCanada Tech TRX183,000Spatial content will get higher quality! #visionpro #visionos2 #wwdc240:57
1 day agoCanada Inside The Game8,760Cory Talks Nostalgia and Graphics in Star Wars Outlaws0:35
1 day agoCanada Video Gamers Oasis170Chess in 30 Minutes - Miniseries: 023 │Game 4: PONZIANI OPENING #chess21:11
1 day agoCanada Anton Petrov1,320,000Mind-blowing JWST Images of Supernova Remnants Reveal Something Important14:23
1 day agoCanada Barooq Nation410Dragon's Dogma 2 - The Caged Magistrate2:31:03
1 day agoCanada SmallAnt3,020,000Portal but I softlock myself on every chamber32:32
1 day agoCanada BlueFire - MMOs Coverage and Games Reviews887Wuthering Waves Let's Play Ep 31 Full Release - BlueFire MMOs Coverage & Games Reviews0:00
1 day agoCanada SomeOrdinaryGamers3,730,000I Found A Disturbing Cult Website On Deep Web 209...55:41
1 day agoCanada Droids Finest429Fell Seal Part 3935:50
1 day agoCanada Swift212,000Everyone is pulling GOLDEN TICKETS with This Pack!7:28
1 day agoCanada Fighting Game Playthroughs14,400Marvel VS Capcom 2 - Morrigan/Ruby Heart/BB Hood - Expert Difficulty Playthrough19:38
1 day agoCanada Bakeneko Gaming362【 Danganronpa 2 】Goodbye Despair (part 33)59:51
1 day agoCanada Super_Puff17NHL 24 Rage Quit, after 2 month9:57