Latest Channel Activity From Canada

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Canada based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
19 hours agoCanada GamerGP455GamerGP WWE RAW Gameplay: 25th February 20240:00
20 hours agoCanada Glory 3335,650Candy Crush Saga Levels 766 To 77011:26
20 hours agoCanada PRJV 133,050Capote Pas Autant Vélo0:05
20 hours agoCanada WarFire604701My Fortnite Wins & Fails Montage 24:30
21 hours agoCanada TheDawgar1,030Yakuza 0 pt 10 Club Sunshine4:00:13
21 hours agoCanada Auto Simulation & RC412Subaru STI S209 Gets More Power Forza Motorsport @autosim72:15
22 hours agoCanada Khmerzorz11,640🔴★Greedland , Roguelite sci-fi short game LIVE ✦ 🎮🔥1:24:30
22 hours agoCanada Tums8,300Is This An Abyssal Hunter?7:14
22 hours agoCanada Shevyd122,190Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue - Legacy Collection (PS5) Part 130:00
22 hours agoCanada NotABrand1Trick469Friday The 13th Gameplay #324:10
23 hours agoCanada EternalDreadLord3,090Baldur's Gate 3 - Half-drow special dialogue with Alfira0:29
23 hours agoCanada AK Syed3,570🔴LIVE🔴 | ROBLOX OPEN LOBBY!2:46:49
23 hours agoCanada That dude XD3,020Tiny Fortnite Stream #Live0:00
23 hours agoCanada Survivor2352,060🔴 CODM LIVE STREAM ! STUCK IN GRANDMASTER FOR A WEEK...2:34:39
23 hours agoCanada Professor Curse31514.4 Clash tier 1 - Olaf insane outplay 1vs2 - Triple kill0:57
23 hours agoCanada SuperDan0001,240Death From Above: All Minefields Plus Mission 56:29
1 day agoCanada Rudeboy Gaming TV 🇨🇦4,680AfroSenju channeling his inner Kevin Hart0:50
1 day agoCanada JZS235Where's bro going... #fortnite #gaming #meme #fortniteclips0:16
1 day agoCanada Captain031,590Fujizakura C.C. Back Tee [-23] - Hot Shots Golf Fore!17:22
1 day agoCanada Scyushi203,000Last Epoch Necromancer Man0:00
1 day agoCanada CommanderClownAI70,500What's the Best Chip Flavor? #memes #ai #aipresidents0:35
1 day agoCanada Josh's Gaming Garden49,600Stream Doesn't End Until I Find Popuri in Piczle Cross Story of Seasons!0:00
1 day agoCanada iciewater247TES V Skyrim Breton/Mage Ep 23 (Cont)2:22:54
1 day agoCanada ASIA TV HD CANADA27,100Live-Gurdwara Dashmesh Culture Centre Calgary-24-02-202422:12
1 day agoCanada MsMojo5,210,000Top 10 Darkest Moments in DreamWorks Movies10:50
1 day agoCanada Jamajab Fam3,650*NEW* DISNEY LORCANA: Into the Inklands Illumineer's Trove Opening8:44
1 day agoCanada BK gaming659WE LIVE COME JOIN57:34
1 day agoCanada Krylios65Efficiently farming as Zeta5:13:26
1 day agoCanada Zahkrosis4,019Adeptus Repose | Genshin Impact Part 127720:32
1 day agoCanada TyPlaysHD1,890Gunfight Wars Season 2 - DOWN TO THE WIRE - Ep. 39 - MWIII Edition15:29
1 day agoCanada Kiwi Alchemista3,840This Is A Noscope Right!0:11
1 day agoCanada The Triple S League43,500The Talos Principle 2 - Megastructure: Part 1 Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions | 100% Guide Part 510:05
1 day agoCanada Kirito Solo2150Robert Clan is Back (#1) Nobunaga's Ambition Awakening2:18:18
1 day agoCanada KiryuGamingX5,130Going to watch Demon Slayer The Roar of Victory 🔥🔥🔥0:13
1 day agoCanada Tsubasa Yozora Ch.14,300[EN/粵語]Variety stream- day 716:25:14
1 day agoCanada Whimmy572The diddy was moving that day | Smash Bros Ultimate #shorts0:10
1 day agoCanada LilBranchesCrossing15,400❤️ She Really is THAT Girl... Please Diva... - Animal Crossing New Horizons3:18:15
1 day agoCanada Scrubzah2,310,000STORM HIT OUR HOUSE while playing fortnite.. *power goes out*14:13
1 day agoCanada Pokelawls382,000A Portal Appeared in My Front Yard! - Voices of the Void EP. 341:34
1 day agoCanada Nuxanor741,000Dokibird Just Got Cancelled...26:32
1 day agoCanada Video Gamers Oasis151#7: Podcast Mini-Series: E.S. Lowe's Chess in 30 Minutes: Chapter 2 (Pages 36-40)16:10
1 day agoCanada Walsh Mentality3,580APEX LEGENDS Live Stream (Xbox Series X)1:45:26
1 day agoCanada Albino Rhino4,850Bushwacker Northern Lights Lager : Albino Rhino Beer Review6:35
1 day agoCanada Jon-Bon Zombie257Fallout 41:37:19
1 day agoCanada Jessii Vee3,610,000The Wizard Of Oz Books Are SO DISTURBING! Read If You Dare...10:23
1 day agoCanada AUDIQUA Gaming2,020Vince Yara - In Clouds3:22
1 day agoCanada Only Hard Mode63,700Yakuza Kiwami | Ending Ch 13 Finale The end of Battle on Hard Difficulty Gameplay No Commentary #3536:36
1 day agoCanada TVape54,700You won’t believe the Clouds + Features of the Tronian Milatron - The Budget Beast!0:50
1 day agoCanada Guerrilla Miniature Games117,000How does this Independent Retailer handle 3D Printers in his Business?42:59
1 day agoCanada JK Bros477,000JK Bros React to J. Cole - Might Delete Later, Vol. 1 (REACTION!)8:21
1 day agoCanada Kchewz23,700It Takes Two Walkthrough Gameplay Part 2 - The Shed46:35
1 day agoCanada NerdWithCars7,740Dog bucket list, big Mac day #dog0:26
1 day agoCanada Inside The Game2,410Harley Quinn's Acrobatic Mayhem! - Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League0:36
1 day agoCanada Windows, computers and Technology116,000Windows 11 24H2 might include Hot Patch for updates meaning no more restarts2:52
1 day agoCanada TtarWorld47,000THIS GAME IS TROLLING ME | Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2024 #21:06:02
1 day agoCanada Gaming with Princess1,320Discover Awesome Cc For Male Sims In The Sims 4 Dump!5:45
1 day agoCanada Thrash94Gaming45,6002 MILLION COIN TRADE DAY PART 1 - The Cards and How to Play | NHL 248:24
1 day agoCanada Daizo Dee Von895BOXMAN TANO and the Quest for the VIP Pass - THE 32 SCREEN STOREHOUSE8:17
1 day agoCanada SquishyMuffinz1,380,000This is what GOLD looks like in 2024?! | Road to SSL (EP. 3) | Rocket League19:48
1 day agoCanada Sweep - Clash Royale7,510Sweep vs 4 Noobs in Clash Royale14:05
1 day agoCanada MDreeezy15,800ALL THE FEELS! Pink Floyd - Sorrow (PULSE, LIVE) REACTION!!18:44
1 day agoCanada Brady Huber6,180Cow town eh #calgary #yyc #alberta0:20
1 day agoCanada legorocks9944,600JAKE GUENTZEL TRADE UPDATE: DETROIT RED WINGS & VANCOUVER CANUCKS (Pittsburgh Penguins Rumours)10:21
1 day agoCanada king game 222180C'est parti pour semer | HOBOS HOLLOW X4 E03 S0117:25
1 day agoCanada Austin Farmer454,000THIS COST THE BUSINESS $100,000!? (SURVIVAL BUSINESS)16:52
1 day agoCanada MistaH1N13,0202x Trophy Mirror Carps | Bear on Fire! | Feb 24, 20247:41
1 day agoCanada AH Brandon Reviews63,400Yamada Spends the Night & Asks for a Rubber in The Dangers in My Heart Episode 20 👀8:01
1 day agoCanada StaticGroupLive3,500Saturday Morning Heroes | For the King 2 | Episode #133:21:35
1 day agoCanada hassyboy11_6,670REVENGE 😈😡💀🔫#fortnite #shorts #youtubeshorts #gaming #trending1:00
1 day agoCanada HardcoreGaming263Tekken 8 Homework Learning !!!2:37:52
1 day agoCanada SuperVideos Entertainment4,990TWD: Premiere Opening Minutes SNEAK PEEK BREAKDOWN | Walking Dead The Ones Who Live6:24
1 day agoCanada RiceSack1,740Night Walk in Jinxi City in Jiangxi China1:00
1 day agoCanada Kittyarris15,800STORE REFRESH + Decorating ✨ Disney Dreamlight Valley3:11:04
1 day agoCanada Coffee ASAP 2.0323C'est VRAIMENT LUI le ROI des Pals sur Palworld6:25
1 day agoCanada Tall Lanky Guy608A MACHINE HORROR ANTHOLOGY | Unsorted Horror1:25:22
1 day agoCanada Nutshell Animations6,610,000The WHITE Crayon A vs B (Animation Meme) #shorts0:30
1 day agoCanada Zaranyzerak25,200Z is Still Woefully Behind on Marvel Stuff5:20
1 day agoCanada YouAlwaysWin2,960,000AFTER THE WAR: BREAKTHROUGH ZOMBIES1:04:32
1 day agoCanada Captain Oats4,690Does my butt look fat0:24
1 day agoCanada Top Ten23,200Rihanna With Superman Suit4:06
1 day agoCanada Typical Gamer14,200,000Typical Gamer Sigma Moment0:22
1 day agoCanada BoogardMG11,600The Most Annoying Characters In TEKKEN 829:57
1 day agoCanada Tiny Town Gaming1,200Dragon Boss Round 2 ! Ark Survival Ascended Ep 4425:44
1 day agoCanada The Curliest Fry387PokeMMO - Part 6.5: Technical Difficulties32:33
1 day agoCanada Hanna Plays1,750💫 Pokemon Alpha Sapphire - 【Full Game, Long Play】 - 1080P, Full HD Texture, No Commentary5:39:30
1 day agoCanada RunicScotty422Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora - PART 55 - Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary)20:35
1 day agoCanada Marukage Plays340Vampire Survivors Ep.251 (Engineer)17:40
1 day agoCanada ShatteredCiv312Pacific Drive. A Few Hours In... I'm Liking It!2:33:46
1 day agoCanada Dota Chronicles1,220NEW Evil Eye Legendary - Merge Arena4:38
1 day agoCanada ShadowSlayerX519New Patch (for me)! Pokemon KAIZO Ironmon!1:43:06
1 day agoCanada launders157,000CS2’s Next Competitive Map54:35
1 day agoCanada Payneblade25,000[One Punch Man World] - New Banner OFFICIALLY announced & it's my favorite character Atomic Samurai!8:40
1 day agoCanada radurader18Horizon Forbidden West_2022030612332759:59
1 day agoCanada michaelalfox48,400$400 Achievement | Balatro51:29
1 day agoCanada SolarFlare405I don't care about the quality I carried this game happily5:33
1 day agoCanada Strider14,800🔴FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS 🔴 GRANNY 4? 🔴 OMFOGF 🔴 JOIN FAST!!! 🔴 SUB = NO ADS0:00
1 day agoCanada ZubatLEL171,000I love distraction builds [Dead by Daylight compilation]13:14
1 day agoCanada Sajee427Since when did they get a whole new form?! #shorts #pokemon #pokemonlegendsarceus0:33
1 day agoCanada AesmatvGaming5,890Anniversary Update Is Here - ( 4th Playthrough )5:18:34