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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Canada based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
55 minutes agoCanada Ryan Levair113MLB 21 The Show Rtts (3B) Double A Episode 1610:31
1 hour agoCanada That Vegan Teacher66,600@Pancho Thank you for our time together this morning. Thank you for thinking about the animals.7:38
1 hour agoCanada Blk Pig242Train Sim World 2 PS4 Pro, Tank Car Setouts24:56
1 hour agoCanada 39daph vods161,00039daph Chilling With Chat #1332:45:01
2 hours agoCanada dobuMergenl20,600HELLOOO , Chill Stream / VALORANT , GOLD LEAGUE , Chat/2:59:09
2 hours agoCanada Guerrilla Miniature Games92,200Forbidden Psalm Battle Report - MORTSAFE16:46
2 hours agoCanada Regnellahc103For honor KIYOSHIN25:07
2 hours agoCanada ZOMBIESrEMO2,450Zombies are a great surveillance perk - Dead by Daylight0:21
2 hours agoCanada Palach82Я Ухожу!0:55
2 hours agoCanada RJ City4,380Dramatic reading of the theme from Mister Rogers Neighborhood #Shorts0:44
2 hours agoCanada Gvids9,680This Week's New Missions, Sales & More in Red Dead Online3:16
3 hours agoCanada Kenny The Neokid2,020Hungry for splatooon?4:16:39
3 hours agoCanada Skyumi ML3,110❤️‍🔥NEW Starlight Siren Priestess Luo Yi Skin | Mobile Legends0:35
3 hours agoCanada Dethridge3,870#Shorts Assassins Creed Valhalla Troll Box #assassinscreed #valhalla #gaming #twitchstreamer0:44
3 hours agoCanada XenoSupremeCanadian1,050Canadian LSPDFR Episode 109 (Ottawa Police)(Roll in the charger)24:19
3 hours agoCanada Wolfbane's Gaming Den53Vikings: Wolves of Midgard [PlayStation 5] - Side Mission 1: Hunt Wolves31:20
3 hours agoCanada TannerOfTheNorth30,200PLAYER'S CHOICE: Let's Play 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim [Part 9]1:19:56
3 hours agoCanada Blitzwinger2,110,000NEW! Marvel's Avengers Black Panther Skins Revealed + Free to play?14:18
3 hours agoCanada GameEdged220,000Best Be Prepared | The Infected Gameplay | S3 Part 7237:40
3 hours agoCanada NickfxOnPC112,000Creating A MASSIVE Farm on No Mans Land #12| Farming Simulator 19 Timelapse | FS19 Timelapse10:39
3 hours agoCanada W 32170Among us-Ninja and trolled- #Shorts0:54
3 hours agoCanada hab007GE1,820DBD - When You Blind Too Early0:24
3 hours agoCanada Mike Tessier1,370ENDER LILIES : QUIETUS OF THE KNIGHTS - PARTIE 21 -1:04:04
4 hours agoCanada arshaQ2,760حیوان خانگی روبلاکس 😂 | خاله بازی در روبلاکس #18:46
4 hours agoCanada TOXIC MONKEY16,800ZOMBIE ARMY 4 DEAD WAR Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 - (FULL GAME)26:55
4 hours agoCanada Techy1,430,000NEW *GRAVITY GUN* FORTNITE UPDATE! (Grab-Itron)8:01
4 hours agoCanada chorix _631rust 5x!! WIPED!!!1:27:52
4 hours agoCanada Lets time lapse it!94,800Building A $100Million Dollar Farm on Ravenport| Ep#15| Farming Simulator 19 Timelapse10:39
4 hours agoCanada kauzey7,730The Story of Facilitatur and Invulnerable: From Top Preds to Top Hated Ranked Players8:03
4 hours agoCanada KratoZari337*BUFF* THIS IS WHY HORIZON IS GETTING BUFFED IN SEASON 10 #apextuber #10subgoal0:28
4 hours agoCanada Pat Wu13So Many Forfeits - Valorant (08/02/2021)2:27:17
4 hours agoCanada oShven662,000🔴 FORTNITE UPDATE OUT NOW *NEW* (Ariana Grande Season 7 Event)3:11:26
4 hours agoCanada Aphosius Gaming189Dota 2 Nemestice Battle Pass 049 | CHANGED THE CHANNEL56:01
5 hours agoCanada TheCampingRusher - Fortnite1,590,000New Update is BIG: Cube Returns, Battle Pass Teaser, Map Changes 17.30!10:48
5 hours agoCanada CHUCKBALLER1,360PLANETSIDE 2 - EMERALD WAR PIGS - 1410:29
5 hours agoCanada MR Halal284,0005 NEGARA YANG MEMPELAJARI BAHASA INDONESIA | MR Halal Reaction7:45
5 hours agoCanada kingxl1018Apex Legends Arenas - Smurfs Need To Not20:20
5 hours agoCanada Sauvesterbot 956,880Rocket League (Boomer Ball Gamemode) LIVE41:27
5 hours agoCanada - Games Walkthrough206,000A Z Run ​​​​ All Levels Gameplay Walkthrough Mobile Games Level 90, 911:26
5 hours agoCanada MAPLE MUNCHER6,300FORTNITE 3070 Ti stream test52:37
5 hours agoCanada SUBWAY SURFERS OFFICIAL Sdxi15,400🎶Subway Surfers Tokyo & New York Music Mixed-up2:18
6 hours agoCanada MegaHarv8,240Attempting Mr. Perfect in Mega Man 10 because I hate myself LIVESTREAM Part 26:03:52
6 hours agoCanada MistaWigglez594How to Dye your Gear | New World2:32
6 hours agoCanada gerdo14,450FAST DAILIES! How I Do My Daily Routine in Azur Lane9:14
6 hours agoCanada RudeGerbil419How To: Install a NVMe SSD in a PS52:17
6 hours agoCanada TheGamerMan1,770God of War | Baldur's Final Stand | Part 26 (PS5)28:39
6 hours agoCanada GJS Gaming6607DTD - Darkness Falls/Sorcery Mod Multi-Player Season One E23:42:20
6 hours agoCanada GenSimpact1,980[ Genshin Impact Animation ] Kazuha Art Animation ~ "Wavering Remembrance"1:52
6 hours agoCanada Barnyard_Vods15Literally Just Shapes and Beats || First Time Playing :DD3:13:47
6 hours agoCanada Zeo Fate18Guild of dungeoneering Ep 1531:40
6 hours agoCanada AfkGang46,500I WAS CALLED A N**** MULTIPLE TIMES...! (OMETV/OMEGLE)**THIS MUST STOP!**20:10
6 hours agoCanada BassGSnewtype Full Spec3,530Super Robot Taisen OG The Moon Dwellers ~All Ranged Weapons~6:43
6 hours agoCanada Gaming with Dragon'sChild56Vigor First play pt2.112:31
6 hours agoCanada Whoopty Doo1,560#PlanetSide2 Scopes Only1:06:45
6 hours agoCanada Hestilar Devantus4,730Dragon Nest NA LB17 Plentiful Gold Trove Nest + maybe gust HC physician POV2:24:35
6 hours agoCanada Mackenzie Turner Roblox1,340,000MY DOLL CAME TO LIFE IN BROOKHAVEN! (ROBLOX BROOKHAVEN RP)12:21
6 hours agoCanada xQcOW1,680,000xQc Plays Friday the 13th with Moxy & Friends!1:00:21
6 hours agoCanada Jenkins163,0004 secret Dota mechanics (that you don't know)9:40
7 hours agoCanada Sir From The 6IX39,500USA vs Spain | Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 | LIVE Basketball Reactions And Play By Play2:48:59
7 hours agoCanada CbassPlays8,580[LIVE] Los Santos Tuners FINALE GTA5 + Prop Hunt! | PS4 PlayStation43:57:25
7 hours agoCanada BeatPlainy256kazuha goes monkey0:44
7 hours agoCanada L2Games440My Girlfriend Plays Watch Dogs: Legion37:45
7 hours agoCanada bewareofbears6,540Monster Jam: Steel Titans 2 | Monster Mutt Husky [Gameplay]8:36
7 hours agoCanada Storm JordanYT1,420Jays franchise S1 EP164 ALDS Game 21:00:41
7 hours agoCanada TheUltimateVillain1,030GTA 5 ONLINE - MAKING MONEY AND GETTING MY DICK SUCKED4:20:00
7 hours agoCanada Dinoracha754Hunting of the monster variety!5:26:28
7 hours agoCanada dGamerHitman198,000Getting the Aether Crystal Camo on The BEST Gun in COD Mobile9:06
7 hours agoCanada OEB Pete2,900Polymega is coming in September 2021 - All the details4:14
7 hours agoCanada Wiggins_tv502Matt Plays Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: Episode 7 - Ashamed of My Words and Deeds3:54:10
7 hours agoCanada Simple499Warframe | Erra & THE Maker Cutscenes9:35
7 hours agoCanada lajeandom574PREVIEW - Strategy & RTS Game Music Pack #12:59
7 hours agoCanada Guillaume Brien9,320Hitman 3 Bonus Mission Landslide13:22
7 hours agoCanada Mr. Sujano45,500Emulator Game Saves: Backing Up / Transferring / Downloading7:46
7 hours agoCanada Rubhen925141,000NEO: The World Ends with You - Susukichi Cervus Cantus Boss Fight (Reaper Form)11:58
7 hours agoCanada IAmStridle1,610the Final Games of Apex Legends Season 99:33
7 hours agoCanada Nintendorak Yamato3,100Judgment Walkthrough Partie 181:07:15
7 hours agoCanada RCGUYRACER Gaming52Fortnite Duos w funeral40:12
8 hours agoCanada Faolon1,320Starbase Someone found us! #Short0:59
8 hours agoCanada Saific Gaming11,100Road To Mythical Glory!3:02:59
8 hours agoCanada 4Scarrs Gaming1,220First look at GRIME on Google Stadia #Giveaway1:19:10
8 hours agoCanada Airyuken14,500Pokemon Unite - NEW Official Japanese Patch Note Translated | More Detailed Version! GENGAR NERFED!13:52
8 hours agoCanada MonsterMatt Gaming4,410Hunting the Souls of Giants | Death's Door |6:43:16
8 hours agoCanada Ragnarok Total War1,270Sylvania Helman Ghorst 3 ~Ain't No Grave~ Total War: Warhammer 2 Mortal Empires4:09:30
8 hours agoCanada TheNorthernAlex159,000Let's Lumberjack ! Career Playthrough2:11:07
8 hours agoCanada GAMINGwithTZ489,000Friday Night Funkin’ - Vs GRASS BLOCK from Minecraft !4:40
8 hours agoCanada spheredalaj1,250グランツーリスモ !!0:46
8 hours agoCanada MeaLynk Stream Archives41Skate. (Part 1)2:57:00
8 hours agoCanada Kaven Adventures128,000Pop IT Fidget Toy Trading 3D In Real life and App!6:16
8 hours agoCanada Relentless Undead59Twitch Stream - July 2 2021 : Forza Horizon 4 Part 4 of 41:01:26
8 hours agoCanada reno97637200Checking Corners #shorts #fortnite1:00
8 hours agoCanada The Spiritual Fish Lad527Skeletor and Da Baby0:16
8 hours agoCanada SpanishFly120314NEO : The World Ends with You - Part 16: Sinking Deep River Backup, Requests43:56
8 hours agoCanada Jay BirdBlu_117646Twisted Metal 4 [PS1] | Opening INTRO3:48
8 hours agoCanada Space Duck26,600When Your Friend Doesn't Have The Red Feather Fan!0:33
8 hours agoCanada Devonttaie McCarthy4,430SMASH REMIX - Pokemon Wars in One Flat Spotted in SMB 1-1 Not Moving This Time!10:45
8 hours agoCanada Malforian420Blood Eagle - Part 1 | Crusader Kings 33:34:55
8 hours agoCanada SBphiloz41,7206-DAY EVENTS THE NEW NORM? - New BanG Dream Update 20217:42
8 hours agoCanada mazijackthe Channel2,440yeet18:21