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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Canada based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
2 hours agoCanada ikillzthenoobz447Best CS:GO Moments (Episode 101)5:53
3 hours agoCanada oShven827,000🔴 SNOW DANCER SKIN FORTNITE ITEM SHOP Today LIVE! (Fortnite Battle Royale)2:14:02
3 hours agoCanada MyronJohn160Kenyon Martin jr posterized sabonis with a mean dunk😱0:15
3 hours agoCanada BILLSTMAXX164,000Update on my health and a decision for you to make with 2 small engines25:01
3 hours agoCanada Giumtel Overwatch 22Junkrat One Trick Masters to GM0:00
4 hours agoCanada Amazing - Grand Cross32,700Attempting to Clear *NIDHOGGR ALL FLOORS* Demonic Beast! GLOBAL GRIND STREAM!!! Come Hang Out!3:01:47
4 hours agoCanada Star Wars Theory3,310,000Welcome Back to Nerd Theory0:00
4 hours agoCanada Minus Bros.37,600Comfy Cockpit Bed - Super Mario Galaxy 2 with @coffee78 [Part 5]2:26:32
4 hours agoCanada Skiesti22,300SEASON 3 MERCY REWORK | #overwatch #overwatch2 #shorts1:00
4 hours agoCanada Gaming With Cameron2,090FORTNITE LIVE!!!!0:00
5 hours agoCanada iTsGameD2,050WWE 2K16 BEST SHOWCASE MOMENTS1:08:33
6 hours agoCanada Nabstar224TEEN WOLF PLAYS FORTNITE- ROAD TO 1K SUBS17:33
6 hours agoCanada ITS N3GAN7,030TIME TO PICK WINNERS // Vikings: War of Clans0:00
6 hours agoCanada Juno Beach Boy641{vtuber} Chilling on war thunder (15+)1:17:40
6 hours agoCanada Pupsker147,000Top Most Used Secondary Weapon In Warframe!0:27
6 hours agoCanada ThatOneCanadianKidEh6,300"Call of the Dead" First Room Challenge Black Ops 1 - WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT #cotd #blackops10:00
7 hours agoCanada Soaarz2,490My adhd red flag #growyourchannel #tiktok #fypシ #2023 #tiktokvideo #adhd #redflags #shorts #fyp0:16
7 hours agoCanada FeatherGamer5551,920[ENG Subs] Octopath Traveler: CotC | Alfyn's Traveler Story50:21
7 hours agoCanada GTATORONTOCITY6,620GTA V - Online GTATORONTOCITY Luxury Autos Dealership Open 27 (PS5) 4k1:40
7 hours agoCanada TSG Cards2,400MONSTER YG HIT! LOOSE HOCKEY PACKS! TSG MYSTERY BOX - Ep. #618:15
8 hours agoCanada Sprinkled Donuts315,000Barbie Coloring Book Page #coloring #barbie #art #valentinesday0:39
8 hours agoCanada Lady Redacted1,000Fun Time With Ayumi - Let's Have Some Fun!!0:00
8 hours agoCanada DanQ8000508,000NBA 2K23 - My Career - Part 15 - "99 Overall Achieved!"4:02:07
8 hours agoCanada Myst of Darkness2,160A Puzzle Vault & A Zul'Gurub Event ~ WoW Weekly with Myst33:39
8 hours agoCanada General Sniper31,000Okay that was cool 😎 #leagueoflegends #generalsniper #aatroxlol #lolplays #100t0:20
8 hours agoCanada Newfie Bangaa30,100Let's Play Ape Escape 3 FINALE - Stealth Struggle38:48
8 hours agoCanada Kittyarris14,400Anna Frozen Room Tour ✨Disney Princess Bedroom✨ Disney Dreamlight Valley by Kittyarris18:46
8 hours agoCanada Les Jeux d'Ero1,460DEAD SPACE REMAKE PART 6 LIVESTREAM2:21:56
8 hours agoCanada Winged Canvas260,000How to draw a Bun0:49
8 hours agoCanada Chris Ramsay6,980,000You FLASH, You LOSE!! (Magifest Edition)20:21
8 hours agoCanada Namee Park331,000Your Local Teen Mom: Adulting 10 Years Later14:03
9 hours agoCanada Varyk5,080Chrono Cross - Scars of Time (Piano Version)2:41
9 hours agoCanada Doctor Ashley205,000Modern Farmhouse Bathroom with new Bathroom Clutter Kit: The Sims 4 Room Building #Shorts #Shorts281:00
9 hours agoCanada Tall Lanky Guy198DONUT DRAMA | Night in the Woods Part 1329:46
9 hours agoCanada Mista Steal Yo Waifu581How I Decided On The Next Show0:08
9 hours agoCanada R9beats80,100i Made The Shiny Pokemon Nintendo Forgot about...36:16
9 hours agoCanada Maple Simmer3,500First Kiss 💋 Pt 11 House#24 Drifter Challenge (Sims 4)26:52
9 hours agoCanada MacChan17,600Blessings Balance Incoming... Brimstone Nerfed?? | RAID SHADOW LEGENDS10:59
9 hours agoCanada JetEyeMonkey98,800Reliable TOOB0:15
9 hours agoCanada Hold To Reset5,620Gringotts Vault Twelve Statue Puzzles Solutions - Hogwarts Legacy #shorts0:49
9 hours agoCanada The Sweat Slayer15,800NEW Byleth kill confirm? 🤯 | SUB to watch LIVE | #gaming #ssb #shorts0:11
9 hours agoCanada New Scott94,600Maddison Miles vs Chantal Highlights - Pro Wrestling Unleashed - Women’s Wrestling0:52
9 hours agoCanada 606Gaming43,400#642 Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 PLASMA PEA Garden Ops CRRRRRAAAZY MODE22:27
10 hours agoCanada The let's play fox46Ship graveyard simulator part 1530:01
10 hours agoCanada MeleeBro485The Hardest Challenge I've Faced... - Pokemon Radical Red Hardcore Nuzlocke LIVE1:05:19
10 hours agoCanada TheEuropeanCanadian61,200Challenges - 1st Battle Pass of 2023 - Enlisted17:58
10 hours agoCanada The Review Spot425,000Trick or Treat Studios Halloween 6 Michael Myers Sixth Scale Figure @TheReviewSpot18:50
10 hours agoCanada LaserPenguinGames999Marvel Snap 9 Lizard40:12
10 hours agoCanada TheHarryEagle1,060EMT with combo buttons is OP! - PUBG shorts0:36
11 hours agoCanada Iron Seagull33,400IS THAT...?! UPDATE 3 RELEASE DATE! | Disney Dreamlight Valley4:16
11 hours agoCanada NorthWestTrees Gaming8,410NorthLTD: Log Harvester To Oregon | Se1 Ep3818:22
11 hours agoCanada Waligug159,000You Should Know These Unobtainable Stardew Valley Items...0:30
11 hours agoCanada Game Boomers5,260Hi-Fi Rush #41:02:28
11 hours agoCanada JustinAqua96100Gameplay Of Medal Of Honour (PSOne) (Part 7) Levels - 15 - 1642:11
11 hours agoCanada CoolYoshi1907317Pokémon Scarlet Blind Playthrough Quaxly Only Part 14. Our Scamper's Getting Even Stronger!53:01
11 hours agoCanada Dzaran1,290Dark Cloud Part 61 - Future Plans31:16
11 hours agoCanada The SurvivalVis1,090Bringing the Fight to Zorah Magdaros | Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Community Edition #1036:23
11 hours agoCanada ZOMBIESrEMO3,120Who's the Imposter? - Star Wars Battlefront 20:05
11 hours agoCanada ~EPIC GAES: KEEPING THE LIL' GUY, REAL REAL SMALL~258#2023 #shorts / #unreal [ part 7 ]0:08
11 hours agoCanada Gameffine1,030Hogwarts Legacy Day 1 Live Stream | Jaadugar Maglu Bhai Adventures Begins | PS51:51:00
11 hours agoCanada KashmanTV414,000New Supercell Game SQUAD BUSTERS is here!0:00
11 hours agoCanada Scratch Garden661,000100 Days of School - It's Time to Celebrate!!! #100daysofschool #scratchgardensongs #100song0:12
12 hours agoCanada BigfryTV307,000🔴LIVE - SURVIVIN' THE APOCALYPSE IN STYLE!0:00
12 hours agoCanada MajorPunker1,350Un BRAKE syndical #Crash #Fail #1050 #SPVU #Uprising0:32
12 hours agoCanada Cross Comics737Verse of the Week Feb 5th - Feb. 11th6:14
12 hours agoCanada 진케이 JIN K8,230파엠 인게이지 22장~2:49:47
12 hours agoCanada Hey Jay!17,900Has Monster Hunter gotten too easy? - XP Hunters Podcast 21:57:31
12 hours agoCanada LegendzofSleepy261Elden Ring PS5 Live 25 Last Quests Malenia's Defeat3:15:44
12 hours agoCanada SebastienRTeller6,940If You Allow Yourself To, You Will0:53
12 hours agoCanada Fort_Master547Game Theory: Sonic BROKE His Own Lore! (Sonic Frontiers) - @GameTheory Reaction18:52
12 hours agoCanada Jackson Wardell282I'm dead: Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance (Game Cube) episode 3330:40
12 hours agoCanada Matbob14,600Luigi's Mansion 2 [#23] - LES FRISSONS DE PEUR26:33
12 hours agoCanada Knight Knowledge9,350Shelldiver Full Boss Battle ENDLESS DUNGEON4:13
12 hours agoCanada CrystAAHHL96,800Teaching My 6 Year Old Niece Nanako Dance Moves!0:41
12 hours agoCanada Poké Daxi364,000My Noibat Community Day, IN 60 SECONDS!0:59
12 hours agoCanada Daily VG Music405[Daily VG Music #1342] Memory Eater Theta - Deep Labyrinth3:50
12 hours agoCanada JoBlo Movies2,370,000Shred 2 | Full Sports Comedy Movie (HD)1:33:57
12 hours agoCanada Gaga Player One523HI-FI RUSH - Le bureau de Rekka - LET'S PLAY #251:07
12 hours agoCanada MWG Studios431,000Mechanicum vs Death Guard Horus Heresy 2.0 Battle Report Ep 901:35:52
12 hours agoCanada The Relentless Undead67Hades (with Tammy) - Stream Episode #5 : Tammy Birthday Stream3:06:27
12 hours agoCanada Infinite Bits72,900How to get on Peach's Castle with 0 Stars0:36
12 hours agoCanada PCoutcast9,550Magic Apples | HammerHelm (2023 Run)36:44
12 hours agoCanada Aquasition187[S1P2]An Enigma! Mega Man X5(PS1)41:03
12 hours agoCanada ReboundLeader93,100Apex Legends: Revelry Launch Trailer REACTION!!!5:22
12 hours agoCanada MrWestTek6,920The Quad Explosive Railway Rifle - Fallout 769:41
12 hours agoCanada QuinBoBin234,000My Final HOLLOW KNIGHT Steel Soul Video11:46
12 hours agoCanada iPlayKreatorB300OSIRIS: First Impressions - Somebody's Got To Play it! #Osiris_Roguelike #osirisgaming #gaming12:28
12 hours agoCanada Rexsi155,000TYR WITH REGROWTH + RELIC DAGGER IS SO TROLL LMAO - Masters Ranked Duel - SMITE16:14
12 hours agoCanada 50mMidas100,000Super Bowl Ad vs Breaking Bad Real0:54
12 hours agoCanada VGam1ng191,000ZIPPLEWRAITH (Hybrid Dragon) - School of Dragons8:04
13 hours agoCanada Watch It Played311,000Top 10 Hottest Board Games of the Month, & WHY!13:03
13 hours agoCanada ForgeWolf G45No Man's Sky Chill play Episode 6 part 221:06
13 hours agoCanada Anthnwam15,300This One Goes Out To All Of You || Ep.4 - Kaiserreich Pacific States Gameplay16:23
13 hours agoCanada MrSpecies74,230Colony Survival new version released !! pt. 14 Shortages !!44:35
13 hours agoCanada VarsityGaming1,270,000Raiding Osama Bin Laden's Compound18:03
13 hours agoCanada CrasherPlays&Reacts20,700PEELED DELPHOX & MR. MIME ARE CURSED!! POOR ARTICUNO!! #shorts #pokemon #pokemonshorts0:53
13 hours agoCanada Die Gamerz1,160Jett is Low...X2 Jett is Very low....! | Valorant #valorant #valorantclips #shorts0:43
13 hours agoCanada Nick Eh 306,670,000Courage went UNDERCOVER in Nick Eh 30's fashion show!36:41