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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Canada based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
45 minutes agoCanada The Lost Library352Battle Brothers Playthrough - REBORN: THE COMPANY RISING AGAIN #529:47
46 minutes agoCanada PCoutcast8,620Let's Play Skyrim as THE ACCURSED ORC | #8 | Sentient Sword and Armor Build1:01:39
1 hour agoCanada Blue gaming95,000سرور اروپا هم جارو شد💪🔥9:06
1 hour agoCanada TannerOfTheNorth32,400Let's Read Kagetsu Tohya [Blind] - Part 61:17:13
1 hour agoCanada StriderZ1,800BONUS: Let's Play A Game - Forza Horizon 517:10
2 hours agoCanada xElusive877Vampire the masquerade bloodhunt Solo #Elusive #BloodHunt0:00
2 hours agoCanada MadT181,200Group Break #5929:11
2 hours agoCanada RunicScotty50Batman: Arkham Knight - Part 38 - Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary)20:26
2 hours agoCanada ChelLife 151,110NHL 22 NEW EVENT + PACKS/CHAMPS2:22:39
3 hours agoCanada santa9632784Lets Play Aliens Fireteam Elite Part 11:45:06
3 hours agoCanada Sprinkled Donuts305,000Disney Princess Makeover as My Little Pony Coloring Book Compilation Rarity Pinkie Pie Applejack15:06
3 hours agoCanada KiryuGamingX2,720Stranger Things 4 is here!!!0:17
3 hours agoCanada Beefy Thiefy52Console Classics - Kirby and the Forgotten Land14:14
4 hours agoCanada WaterGotHim107,000New Laser Sights Apex Legends Season 14 News + Major UI Bug1:44
4 hours agoCanada RepsUp10023,200Ted Cruz blames video games for Uvalde, Texas school shooting0:34
4 hours agoCanada Hoots1,180Casual 2 Dead - Left 4 Dead 2 Modded3:00:12
5 hours agoCanada MJ Canada Channel1,530Mobile Legends, legend to mythic. MAY 273:09:46
5 hours agoCanada Randandestroyer2,940Aurogiri - Update Stream Maeda Keiji Returns! Frozen Fortune OC Charge Bonus 1200oc for 100$ pt 41:01:36
5 hours agoCanada ChakaalStarr114Animal Crossing, FB Episode 512, 2022 1 3 Full Session3:01:26
5 hours agoCanada 2007killa888FIFA 22- Ultimate Team: LaLiga TOTS Upgrade SBC Reward #707 (PS5)2:01
5 hours agoCanada Late Beginnings651Far Cry 5 Part 6 The Wrath We Choose1:46:09
6 hours agoCanada BEAST MODE GAMING53,300| Marvel Future Fight59:47
6 hours agoCanada Dusthound1,700V RISING | Its My Birthday Tomorrow!!!!9:32:15
6 hours agoCanada KratoZari811THIS IS FIGHT CLUB SO DONT TALK ABOUT IT!! #10Ksubgoal #apexshorts1:00
6 hours agoCanada pappa13,300G2 Vs SKT Predictions | Can Faker make it!2:49
6 hours agoCanada Wiggins_tv537Matt Plays Dark Souls II: Episode 7 - Bats in the Belfry2:58:22
6 hours agoCanada R2DH182Can R2DH Survive a Daily Challenge in Wreckfest?4:27
6 hours agoCanada Sathariel Battle5,850Creation of the Moon (Mango Legacy) vs Mowzie's Mobs | Minecraft Mob Battle6:09
6 hours agoCanada Myz2,040Icraft, Minecraft s'il était fait par Apple7:17
6 hours agoCanada Just One Another Channel821King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Part 14: Heart of Midnight - No commentary45:35
6 hours agoCanada OriginalXboxHD401Sniper Elite Original Xbox HD Gameplay #413:12
7 hours agoCanada Youbitubical TV9,080NEW DUNGEON HELP! Season of the Haunted! Destiny 2 The Witch Queen #Larry #Chang #7372:56:26
7 hours agoCanada Careless the Stray165The Road To Hell Is Paved With Narration - The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe2:57:28
7 hours agoCanada Autoalai - Valorant48Jinggg realises he's not pressing W - Valorant Moments8:28
7 hours agoCanada roningamin1306World of Warships: Legends_New Favorite / Danae30:54
7 hours agoCanada BLOODYPHANTOM 10194The forest with The bois2:01:33
7 hours agoCanada AesmatvGaming1,280Far Cry 4 Part 2- I Went French Fries , You Stayed Potato3:19:32
7 hours agoCanada FATS (Fat Steven Seagal)4,950#H3H3 Goes Too Far7:21
7 hours agoCanada The Darius Truxton Show1,710What if I told you that you can play with mom again (Pilotwings Part 1)2:23:52
8 hours agoCanada Autoalai - GTAV334PENTA tries to kill Moosebrother IRL by suffocation - GTA V Moments8:38
8 hours agoCanada AK Syed1,780Grand Theft Auto 4 | LET'S PLAY PART 7 | PS3 LIVESTREAM2:38:41
8 hours agoCanada Patrix Raider175Let's hook up with Mr X again2:52:51
8 hours agoCanada Back to the game116,000Valorant BEST MOMENTS and FUNNY FAILS | Highlights #78112:16
8 hours agoCanada Cross Comics715Working on... Day 181:13:40
8 hours agoCanada Jordan Lee1,420🔴𝐋𝐈𝐕𝐄 - 𝐆𝐨𝐥𝐟 𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐡 -- 𝐓𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐲 & 𝐓𝐮𝐧𝐞𝐳 (𝐭𝟏𝟐 𝐁𝐲𝐤𝐞!!!)0:00
8 hours agoCanada Autoalai - SSBU457Riddles takes 3 stocks in 30 seconds - SSBU Moments8:37
8 hours agoCanada AznKei123,700GTA San Andreas DYOM: [TayK] What It Means To Be A Gangster (part5) (720p)15:22
8 hours agoCanada Autoalai - League of Legends70유관DNA - LoL Moments8:44
8 hours agoCanada Green Cactus330,000I saved Herobrine from...8:12
8 hours agoCanada Tech Bachhal14,600Run CHKDSK And Repair Bad Sectors In Windows 10 - 2 Fix How To1:37
9 hours agoCanada Sunny Senpai3,200[Arknights] MB-8 | 2 Op Clear4:57
9 hours agoCanada Ryan Levair156NHL 22 Be A Pro Goalie NHL Episode 210:00
9 hours agoCanada Stew Gas556Fortnite | Zero Builds W My Brother | Live16:33
9 hours agoCanada Autoalai - Genshin381Manly moan - Genshin Impact Moments8:30
9 hours agoCanada ThePartyZebraMaster22So Much Steel: Satisfactory Again Ep 161:01:25
9 hours agoCanada UltraVS487,000CHAOSROID GAIA & CHAOSROID GAIA v2 TagTeam Mode ★Play ウルトラマン FE310:38
9 hours agoCanada SG3,360Sixth Conversation (Post Trail of Hope II) | Peebee | Mass Effect: Andromeda (All Cut Scenes)0:53
9 hours agoCanada Were197412,500Mario Kart GP DX (ARCADE) Part 30 Battle!18:53
9 hours agoCanada SkapeGote30,400The Long Drive: Wasteland Mechanic | Season 4 Episode 03 | 100.0 kms to 150.0 kms1:02:25
9 hours agoCanada Saif Khan7,840THE HARDEST BOSS IN ELDEN RING, MALENIA | Elden Ring Let's Play #192:25:38
10 hours agoCanada Sir From The 6IX43,500Miami Heat at Boston Celtics | Game 6 | Live NBA Reactions And Play By Play3:16:04
10 hours agoCanada LY203 Productions26,800Spear Of Destiny Extreme: Eisenfaust Edition - Level/Niveau 1017:52
10 hours agoCanada ZOMBIESrEMO2,590IT'S MORBIN TIME - Evil Dead The Game0:00
10 hours agoCanada TONY C22NO EPIC ENDING HERE (DESTINY 2)0:21
10 hours agoCanada Sabrina's Games75God Eater Rage Burst - Live - May 28, 20220:00
10 hours agoCanada raocow31,000AtS A13 - Sonic Chronicles - 14 - this is the shield22:49
10 hours agoCanada BoyBrandxn171THIS ENDING GOT ME ROLLING!!! | SUPERHOT #VR FINALE12:51
10 hours agoCanada reddi4118,900How to get the UFO Belt in Samsung Superstar Galaxy Event | Levels 21 - 31 Walkthrough6:42
10 hours agoCanada 👑 The King StacksAMillionaire Life Vault 💸1,320Chrome Web Store Ends with Honey 🍯 🦡 🐝 🍈4:07
10 hours agoCanada Blitzwinger2,140,000JEDI Fallen Order 2 | JEDI Survivor Trailer | Release Date | Live Reaction1:14:41
10 hours agoCanada rememberxmonta819no cussing nick eh 30 stream bo41:11:55
10 hours agoCanada BillyVisuals28,9003 reasons to AVOID this Adidas Shoe!0:58
10 hours agoCanada inFAMOUSJakey7,970[Counter Side] Best ways to farm credit in Counter Side | Global Server Tips3:49
10 hours agoCanada FrenchOverlord24,700Touken Ranbu Warriors - Stream Playthrough #34:33:01
11 hours agoCanada Cracked Screen Productions1,130SmackDown 05/27/2022 NO SPOILERS PLZ!! live reaction2:26:41
11 hours agoCanada ThunderEgg8,140Things that could get you BANNED in the new BAN WAVE - [Genshin Impact]10:15
11 hours agoCanada SKizzleAXE192,000MW2 Teaser Trailer is 😵, PS5 & Xbox Drops MASSIVE News - Free Game, Star Wars, PS5 God of War, COD10:31
11 hours agoCanada Canadian Gamer952The Gentlemen's Club Livestream - Episode 5 (feat. special guest Frank Caves)2:18:56
11 hours agoCanada Force Hammer Gaming1,340Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition (Online Matches #13)1:06:37
11 hours agoCanada Shadow of Neo304No Man's Sky - Call me Ishmael0:00
11 hours agoCanada Retro Zen58,200Learn (2) Jaggle: Beating SUPER MARIO MAKER 2's REQUESTED Levels!4:29
11 hours agoCanada Chumbles Productions8,200BRUISER NIDALEE IS FINALLY BACK! OLD SCHOOL NIDALEE TOP - League of Legends23:28
11 hours agoCanada I AM DESTRUCTION1,4801 Week Before The COLLISION Event! (Fortnite with @Jay Bird & Unb4xnned)5:56:27
11 hours agoCanada KenShuMC79Medieval Dynasty Bloodgrue City Empire Ep. 009, with KnTST Clan community.1:33
12 hours agoCanada SolosRevenge299Should I Stop With The Videos?0:10
12 hours agoCanada JEFF SINNER1,590LE QUATRIÈME BOSS! GRIOCKENSPIEL! // Cadence Of Hyrule - Let's Play FR // Épisode 716:05
12 hours agoCanada Chronic XII3,360MW SND MFsssss38:09
12 hours agoCanada Team Ganesh Gaming413Minecraft Dungeons Solo Game #Minecraft #Live #TeamGaneshGaming42:56
12 hours agoCanada Eckogen52,000Arknights Summoning on Shining & Weedy Banner2:28
12 hours agoCanada itsCrossy29,000That kid who packs up 15 mins before the bell1:39
12 hours agoCanada Small Potatoes Gaming1,150LIVE🔴More SET 7 PBE with my wife! TFT Live Stream!0:00
12 hours agoCanada Hakiboy_Qc91***LHNHL*** (21H15)(Series) Game # 3 Vs Flames de Calgary34:36
12 hours agoCanada yellowyugo1,070How are we catching Entei? | Pokémon Colosseum Live39:32
12 hours agoCanada Maple Syrup Gaming and Tech13,000LET'S PLAY KAO THE KANGAROO on Nintendo Switch2:23:33
12 hours agoCanada Simple Smile632Roller Champions | DAILY STORE UPDATE-5|27|20221:41
12 hours agoCanada Riverrain123102,000How To Crawl in Minecraft Bedrock!2:28
12 hours agoCanada Tsar Bucks473,000🔴LIVE - I LOVE THE QBZ! I LOVE THE PPSH! I LOVE THE MP40!0:00
12 hours agoCanada KHGhost540Its done! its 100% baby | Resident Evil Revelations | PS50:14