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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Canada based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
1 hour agoCanada Raiden Guy & Kikyo174It's Like 4:30 In The Morning - House Flipper (7)39:39
2 hours agoCanada Canadian Gaming Dad18LSPDFR Ultimate Callouts #challenger #lspdfr #gtav35:00
3 hours agoCanada minionsoldier7,660SHIP UPDATES : Remember me? I'M BAAAACCK!11:18
3 hours agoCanada Eckogen23,900Eckogen and the Knights' Treasure2:31:42
4 hours agoCanada POV Gaming25BLACK OPS COLD WAR - Ep 1-Nowhere left to run-(Campaign Blind run) No commentary gameplay19:05
4 hours agoCanada Shroud6,490,000SHROUD DESTROYING IN UNRANKED APEX GAMES10:46
4 hours agoCanada TAG TV255,000International News Bulletin Nov 27 @inctvlive9:28
5 hours agoCanada Luckless Lovelocks6,180Brachydios - Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Co-op Part 8 - PS5 4K 60fps Let's Play on Steam26:20
5 hours agoCanada happydudeev166LOL0:13
5 hours agoCanada Snibby4862Crappy Tire Race! Nascar Heat 5 First Impressions Ft. Bitter Jim!6:49
5 hours agoCanada mr0bviouslyinsane36Motorsport Manager - The Underdog Challenge Season 3 - Episode 144:01
6 hours agoCanada Electric Playground Network - EPN57,400VR and PC Gift Guides! Mandalorian! Immortals: Fenix Rising! - Vic's Basement - Electric Playground2:07:13
6 hours agoCanada GawdlikeMatt5,360HAPPY HIPPITY BuRfDaY Streem - Let's Platinum | HITMAN: Absolution [Part 3]5:16:52
6 hours agoCanada Metric Force Gaming2,560Metric Plays Apex Legends | Mi Haffi Mek it | SOLO1:58:51
6 hours agoCanada Relentless Undead27RimWorld : Magic & Might – The Rise of Asgard #4747:14
6 hours agoCanada CBC News2,250,000Face Racism: Workers expose racial discrimination in the oilsands (Marketplace)11:00
6 hours agoCanada Blk Pig138Project Cars2 PS4 Pro, Nose Candy: Fairlady 240ZG GTS-II '7317:42
6 hours agoCanada DanQ8000489,000Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 9 - "Sciropescire"3:14:22
7 hours agoCanada craftygamers4111,400Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity 100% Walkthrough (No Commentary) | Chapter 33:45:00
7 hours agoCanada Smoove Barfour328,000RAPPERS WHO NEVER MISS VS RAPPERS THAT ALWAYS MISS!8:01
7 hours agoCanada Skymy Production45UNE REBELION A CITY 17 : Half life 2 lets play #101:02:10
7 hours agoCanada Troydan Reacts142,000Can you GUESS these NBA Players? Impossible NBA Trivia11:22
7 hours agoCanada ThePoltergust5000396Let's Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent [Finale]: Leap Frog35:33
7 hours agoCanada Financial turmoil explained25,400HYPERINFLATION WHEN ?25:30
7 hours agoCanada Squish Gaming943#3 - Handled With Care || Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity (100%)38:59
7 hours agoCanada Jarmen Kell754Valkyria Chronicles 4 | Ep. 11 | Chapter 4 (The Battle of Siegval - Map 2)27:20
8 hours agoCanada CoolYoshi190713Xenoblade Chronicles Switch Blind Playthrough Part 50. Finishing the Quests in Agniratha!1:03:29
8 hours agoCanada The Review Spot367,000NECA Toys Alien 40th Anniversary Big Chap Bloody Version Figure | Video Review17:56
8 hours agoCanada Video Chums2,990Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin Gameplay | PS4 Switch6:43
8 hours agoCanada ComicIsland163,000Spectre the Definitely-Not-Friendly Ghost (More Pre-Crisis Bronze Age Spectre Adventures!)9:45
8 hours agoCanada xQcOW934,000xQc Reacts to Uncommon Twitch Clips Compilation 1910:56
8 hours agoCanada tmntkiller2301Rainbow Six Siege2:22:55
8 hours agoCanada DangerouslyFunny988,000He Was Crushed With 10,000 Balloons in People Playground13:08
8 hours agoCanada Justin Gaming51Resident Evil 2 Remake1:51:39
8 hours agoCanada Adam381712,000RIP SANITY! [YTP] Gaston Hates Being in Lockdown | REACTION5:09
8 hours agoCanada MrWoofless1,710,000A NEW SKYBLOCK WORLD (Cosmic Sky Automation #1)1:30:01
8 hours agoCanada Kever M.3,760Mario Party 6 Live Stream Final Round Solo Mode Full Playthough Completed Everying :))2:53:26
8 hours agoCanada Yahweasel1,390Starseed Pilgrim — Exploring the Itch Racial Equality bundle5:24
8 hours agoCanada Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams!345,000Best of Pokemon Stadium ▶ Part 39:57
8 hours agoCanada Super Hopped-Up938Final Fantasy VII Remake (Part 53) - Super Hopped-Up27:00
8 hours agoCanada New Scott37,400My Live Reaction - Iron Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Weigh In’s3:11
8 hours agoCanada prettyboyajey488Making a return to Fortnite? Look listen I can explain... New content coming to my YouTube channel12:17
9 hours agoCanada Spectrum Gamer Family700Totally Reliable Delivery Service!54:51
9 hours agoCanada UnoriginallyChrisLPs8,610DA VINCI || Part 91 || New Horizons1:44:58
9 hours agoCanada ASAR TITAN SUPER SAIYAN GAMING25Agents Of Mayhem PS4* Walkthrough Part 1 [720P] #LIT #AGENTSOFMAYHEM34:25
9 hours agoCanada Demoize515🔥 SS2 GRIND WE LIT!!🔥 | #RoadTo1kSubs | !donate !twitch !twitter🔥1:18:52
9 hours agoCanada Russel Vandevrie2,890Ridley vs Ridley vs Ender Dragon (Minecraft Steve Spirit Board)13:24
9 hours agoCanada PopCross Studios199,000Colouring BIO-MECH CHARACTERS from my Subscribers (Community Speedpaint)21:04
9 hours agoCanada xAxrian24Dat boi |Watch Him Rollin | Grand Theft Auto V Music Video0:29
9 hours agoCanada Budget Gamerz286Xbox Series X | Call of Duty Black Ops6:06
9 hours agoCanada RekiWylls1,000Mana Khemia - Episode 04 | Final Fridays (100% Walkthrough)1:08:43
9 hours agoCanada Anthnwam8,280The Master Of Kyushu || Ep.3 - CK3 Japanese Sengoku Mod Shimazu Lets Play24:28
9 hours agoCanada Squad Gaming1,590Battlefield V - Lots Of Outfits Return + FREE Epic Head Gear Login Reward (Black Friday Sale)2:17
9 hours agoCanada Ascendant Nomad36,100The State Of The Meta in Beyond Light | Destiny 214:31
10 hours agoCanada See Jane Go TV126,000Doctor Who Series 8 Christmas Special "Last Christmas" (Jane and JVs REACTION 🔥)22:55
10 hours agoCanada Something To Do With Growing453Making Compost (November-End Update)8:29
10 hours agoCanada RebeccaEmilyVIPER341Ghost Recon Wildlands - Operation:Robin1:45:08
10 hours agoCanada Orange Juice Gaming1,780,00024 Hrs of Black Friday Deals & Ghost Parade 🍊10:07
10 hours agoCanada Sick Nasty Mixes576Ohtani Goes Legend in the World Series | Game 1 | March to October18:27
10 hours agoCanada Nintendo Tonight4,670Did Nintendo's ENTIRE 2021 Lineup Just Get Leaked? - Nintendo Tonight Ep. 201:30:47
10 hours agoCanada Renigade68488LINEAGE OF MAGIC [Part 37] Fate/Stay Night Blind1:05:10
10 hours agoCanada JaganX13,700[Epic Seven] Operator Sigret Initial Thoughts - Cleavers' Dream Girl32:42
10 hours agoCanada CthuLoops5,380Fabrosi's Big Day - Part 190 - Pathfinder: Kingmaker42:37
10 hours agoCanada Mastermax888153,000The Walten Files MP4 Videos - Max Reacts 15811:48
10 hours agoCanada Thrash94 Gaming22,600BIGGEST PACK OPENING OF THE YEAR RIGHT NOW - NHL 215:27
10 hours agoCanada MIKER PHONE6,500YTV (2005) - Animé-nia 3 Commercial Break #193:18
10 hours agoCanada KevKild1,160Payday 2 - KevKild's V2 Build Showcase and explanations50:32
11 hours agoCanada Skippy0330117,000Vintage Story Place for The Temporal Base | The homestead | Episode 2831:33
11 hours agoCanada MaKaveli75,900VAUGHANS BIRTHDAY!🎉🎂 / VI'S FIRST LOVE?❤ | The Sims 4 : Life With The Pearson's 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 | G7 | EP 4448:27
11 hours agoCanada Coouge51,7003637 - Tekken 7 - Coouge (Zafina) vs Mongbat (Eliza)22:50
11 hours agoCanada staycation330,000Titanfall 2 PS5 Gameplay & Impressions11:25
11 hours agoCanada Gloom5,280,000Trying the Best Tik Tok TREND Challenges10:48
11 hours agoCanada Metaphor62,900DESTROYING SOLOS WITHOUT A SCOPE ON MY KAR98K! #FaZe5 (Warzone Loadout & Gameplay)10:11
11 hours agoCanada Skryux217Spider-Man Miles Morales - Competitive Spirit Trophy Guide0:59
11 hours agoCanada A Knight's Night!154,000Meanwhile at EA Headquarters...0:31
11 hours agoCanada Seraph39High Voltage | Moonlighter #1823:11
11 hours agoCanada That's Awkward ASMR2,190ASMR | PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Sounds - Next Gen Relaxation!28:01
11 hours agoCanada Mango Seven32,300How Hard Can Landy Hit? 4700 ATK 350% CD 100% CR! EPIC SEVEN9:31
11 hours agoCanada The Canadian Viking782Back To My Roots PvZ BFN Compilation w/Light12:28
11 hours agoCanada Spencer G6,910🔴ZOMBIES ROUND 100+ NUKETOWN!!🔴1:29:33
11 hours agoCanada Smash37,800SMALL CHILD DESTROYS ENTIRE UNIVERSE - World Of Light FINALE Part 213:57
11 hours agoCanada Ilserwin108DESPERATE SURVIVAL : Warhammer 40k Dawn of War Shenanigans part 2912:39
11 hours agoCanada AzzyLand12,800,000Makeup Transformations You NEED TO SEE !6:29
11 hours agoCanada WoolieVersus165,00013 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (35) Remembrance: Natsuno Minami 37%45:37
11 hours agoCanada Top 10 Gaming390,000Top 10 Scary Dragon Pokemon9:55
11 hours agoCanada Cetus26Imperator Rome as Carthage Part 21 - The War with Rome Begins24:35
11 hours agoCanada Copycat88,400The Worst Thing About Every Mario Game13:45
11 hours agoCanada Jamicon855Grounded - Part 10 The Pond Part 215:38
11 hours agoCanada The Salty Gamers2,200How to Lose a game of Among Us0:41
12 hours agoCanada Ultimate Sims Guides19,600Are THESE The NEW SIMS PACKS for 2021? 😍 *i hope so* #TheSims4 #TheSims 😁✨✨9:33
12 hours agoCanada ms834N62those wings will stay broken1:54
12 hours agoCanada CSR2GamerKing4,390csr racing 2 | nsb and scb | v2.17.04:06
12 hours agoCanada ARipeBanana5,650SCP: Secret Laboratory - Bloody Business (Ft. TinyyTonyy)15:55
12 hours agoCanada Airyuken9,690Genshin Impact - The Traveler Can Do Venti's Elemental Burst With Ninguang's Help1:38
12 hours agoCanada Lads-upon-Fire631We'll Mech It Somehow - Brigador Up-Armored Edition2:58:25
12 hours agoCanada Total Timewaster76,400[0] Mod Overview & The Plan | RimWorld 1.2 [REDACTED]1:18:02
12 hours agoCanada Joshua Henry35Breath of Fire:Dragon Quarter (PS2)-Stop killing me! I'm just trying to get some new equipment [13]2:41:35
12 hours agoCanada Legend198,000SPELLBREAK SURPRISED ME (Spellbreak Gameplay)11:36
12 hours agoCanada Rarran10,7005 Tips to Get Legend in Hearthstone from a Rank 1 Legend Player!8:28