Latest Channel Activity From Canada

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Canada based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
3 hours agoCanada BurningDogFace2,220Let's Play DOOM 072 - Conqueror20:48
4 hours agoCanada Trekyards54,700MOSS VR - Part 4 (Ending)47:42
4 hours agoCanada BLindiRL3,040Dwarf Fortress - Longdeath Millennium Fort | 154:28:19
11 hours agoCanada Shadow of Neo253No Man's Sky - Cleanup Crew3:23:06
12 hours agoCanada Fortnite Focus1,970,000Players FURIOUS Watching HUMBLE Pro with 100,000 Arena Points DESTROY Everyone!24:22
13 hours agoCanada Ronin Jeremy3,060Wasteland 3 Supreme Jerk Part 8 Finishing tonight. Death to Angela4:05:18
14 hours agoCanada Beat Saber Duo71Beat Saber || Madness - Our House (Expert+ 360) [techbutterfly] Mixed Reality #madness #beatsaber3:50
14 hours agoCanada terry muse1,840Terraria - Fargo's Souls Mod 1.3.9: Champion of Terra2:16
15 hours agoCanada ISAB243,000How Good Is A Super-Buffed Pat Fusty? (Bloons TD 6)18:58
15 hours agoCanada Hera - Age of Empires 236,200How to Hussar44:07
16 hours agoCanada SirCardinal TV16,100NBA Live Stream: Denver Nuggets Vs Los Angeles Lakers Game 2 (Live Reaction & Play By Play)3:02:33
16 hours agoCanada Celtic Warband5,740MLG Imposter Like ALWAYS! Among Us Gameplay2:33:22
16 hours agoCanada Ragnarok Total War879Empire vs 10x Chaos - 2nd Wave | Stream 33:44:53
16 hours agoCanada Iron Seagull26,500What if The Next Expansion Pack is a Winter Resort? ❄️14:08
16 hours agoCanada Stephen Scaccia71,300Chasing Pavements - Adele (cover by Stephen Scaccia)6:00
16 hours agoCanada GRINN20,700WE ARE THE APEX PREDATOR!!! | Grounded #11 | [The ENDGAME] [How To Fight]32:29
17 hours agoCanada shadowspeedy606Winstel at Chicagoland...I WILL be last2:27:15
17 hours agoCanada Hey Jay!1,550Let's Talk Mario & Why Sunshine is Bad - CvC Gaming Podcast1:06:15
17 hours agoCanada MajinPhil15,500EVERY DEATH IN MARIO SUNSHINE = FREE GIFT SUBS24:35
17 hours agoCanada GGBeyond4,97016 Lanes For Iron Ore - Let's Play Factorio 1.0 Deathworld Part 7431:53
17 hours agoCanada Clayton Howe29,200SpongeBob SquarePants Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated Part 1152:00
17 hours agoCanada WatchMojo Español7,390,000¡Top 20 Mejores Momentos del JOKER!23:19
18 hours agoCanada BabaYetu3,890Civ 5 Game 249: Romania 15:37:30
18 hours agoCanada Kephren8,170Medieval Dynasty - How to BOOST FPS and Increase Performance on any PC5:49
18 hours agoCanada Game Mode636Blasphemous3:36:20
18 hours agoCanada Pryme403NBA 2K21 DRIBBLE ANIMATIONS FOR NON-DRIBBLERS!!!3:26
18 hours agoCanada Devonttaie McCarthy4,230Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 36 Million Points Hanger4:00
18 hours agoCanada Goss Boss Gaming5,860🔴New🔴 Fortnite Item Shop | Sunday Sept 20,20209:20
18 hours agoCanada Guillaume Brien2,770Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite12:35
18 hours agoCanada BumpyMcSquigums15,700Let's Play Might & Magic Heroes VI - Ep. 134 - Walkin' On Water!31:26
18 hours agoCanada XenoSupremeCanadian915OMSI 2 Episode 50 (OC Transpo Skin)(Route#12)(Some Old skool)20:02
19 hours agoCanada Pac0 Master3,170Into darkness / Floating Sandbox5:38
19 hours agoCanada emonayman Face of St.catharines ontario on youtube813I wear my face mask to protect my family and the people around me0:39
19 hours agoCanada KevinGohD141,000I THINK I CAN DO THIS...MLB THE SHOW 20 DIAMOND DYNASTY16:17
19 hours agoCanada Crimson Karma23Pokemon Go Evolved my shiny Porygon0:34
19 hours agoCanada Scyushi190,000Playing on my Trove Free to Play Account ✨ Trove - New Beginning #251:09:33
19 hours agoCanada Stoods122Kill Confirmed On Moscow! Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War!11:11
20 hours agoCanada STOCK INVESTOR13,500MOVIE REVIEW : THE MANY SAINTS OF NEWARK - 2021 - Michael Gandolfini - New Tony Soprano Movie4:44
20 hours agoCanada TheSuperGameStation230I am the IMPOSTER!2:22:54
20 hours agoCanada SINical Threat77Players Unknown Battlegrounds With KoolJosh & DjYoung.2:22:24
20 hours agoCanada blast furnaceHD34,800COLD WAR ALPHA SNIPING MONTAGE!1:41
20 hours agoCanada Whoop1,500Aggressive Nut - Shotgun Plays - Apex Legends3:27:04
20 hours agoCanada SuperGLoad30Battlestar Galactica Ghost Fleet Offensive 6 ...again...33:13
20 hours agoCanada Zoyo Playz197Rdr 2 part 7 - Should i have killed you?18:36
20 hours agoCanada Luckless Lovelocks6,180Rock Dog, Volcana and...! - Spelunky 2 20/09/2020 - A Daily Blind Spelunky 2 Series1:09:31
20 hours agoCanada GameFace13,900The GameFace Game Room Is Complete! | 2020 Video Game Room Tour & Syncoplay Retro Game Stands7:46
20 hours agoCanada Vujo Gaming10,500Habsburg HRE #16 Legacy - Crusader Kings 3 - CK3 Let's Play21:32
20 hours agoCanada PlayingBoardGames3,420The Shape of Water | D&D 5E Curse of Strahd | Episode 9031:59
20 hours agoCanada Yamajac67Incendiary || Yama Plays Gunfire Reborn (004)22:43
21 hours agoCanada Grimmwolf1,140Among Us - But its the Fastest Round Ever0:37
21 hours agoCanada Neco The Sergal54,100Spooky & Dark Silent Hill-like School Level | Solace Dreams (Part 4)24:36
21 hours agoCanada Yawarzah1,750🔴 **HIGH KILL** GAMEPLAY !!! (Call Of Duty: Warzone Live)3:55:09
21 hours agoCanada ZombieBear31913Double Mori Kill with Ghostface!!! - Dead by Daylight - Funny Random Moments9:12
21 hours agoCanada StrayberryFilling4,600photographs0:45
21 hours agoCanada shujinkydink38,600HE HAS NO WAKEUP! Raiden Injustice 2 Gameplay w/Dink!21:25
21 hours agoCanada Locals26,900SBMM hit different4:28
21 hours agoCanada Absoly193Rex dans le fighters pass 2 de smash ultimate?10:21
21 hours agoCanada Matthew the Music Fan 202011,600Here's this little song I made up5:40
21 hours agoCanada Nariva TV1,550Troom Troom Has The WORST Gaming Life Hacks20:47
21 hours agoCanada The Jaded Rabbit915Ed Boon Gives Klues on Future of MK119:55
21 hours agoCanada Something Fawful219Let's Play Ōkami HD (Blind) Part 34: Windy Wonderland20:54
21 hours agoCanada Klutch Simulations34,000THIS CAN'T POSSIBLY WORK, $800K IN CONVEYOR BELTS | Alberta Map | Farming Simulator 1918:24
22 hours agoCanada TiffyMissWiffy3,790Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 How to Find Animals (In The Wild Achievement)1:46
22 hours agoCanada Magiftw7,420Touhou Shoujo Tale Of Beautiful Memories Part 83 (We're Really Weak)12:18
22 hours agoCanada jonogunn25Foam pack lights test (power cell lights don’t look as blue in video)0:16
22 hours agoCanada TheSpadeHammerbroLp's76Let's Play: Tales of Berseria Episode 61 - Katz Korner, Sliding Puzzles & Milla Maxwell1:36:54
22 hours agoCanada rooflemonger82,100Android 16's new and improved B assist in DBFZ Season 3.5 is crazy good!7:18
22 hours agoCanada Dante Ravioli398,000Among Us with the lads23:19
22 hours agoCanada Spyda Gaming1,250WWE 2K BATTLEGROUNDS Campaign LIVE!1:13:20
22 hours agoCanada Mtashed452,000Everyone Loves this Exotic: BUT I HATE IT (Destiny 2)11:08
22 hours agoCanada JoBlo Movie Trailers2,200,000THEN CAME YOU Trailer (2020) Kathie Lee Gifford, Craig Ferguson2:29
22 hours agoCanada Infinity Venture321Valorant GTX 1650 4GB & i5-9300H - ( Acer Nitro 5 ) FULL GAMEPLAY11:49
22 hours agoCanada Babu's Game Room155No Healing/Items Challenge 2: Koga Conquest | Let's Play Pokemon Red Ep. 25 | Fuchsia Gym22:37
22 hours agoCanada AcousticHarmonia3,370You've Been Hacked Again! - Part 1 -📱Watch_Dogs 239:15
22 hours agoCanada Gamefromscratch125,000PEEK is AWESOME!16:00
22 hours agoCanada DJAK47 Tha Hustler986Charlotte vs. Natalya | WWE 2K Battlegrounds | New York Battleground5:36
22 hours agoCanada DeadlySlob239,000Hunted By Wolves - DayZ19:26
22 hours agoCanada WaterGotHim26,500Legendary Event Skins 'Aftermarket' Collection Apex Legends Season 64:55
22 hours agoCanada Freddy05 - Video Game Reviews25Among Us36:22
22 hours agoCanada Tyler Mcknights Gaming Channel230Red dead19:31
22 hours agoCanada Akabane10120,600Halo 2 (PC) MCC 07: Hunter no Hunter30:53
22 hours agoCanada Indurok1,640GIVE ME SOME HEALTH | Halo: CE Anniversary #916:14
22 hours agoCanada Wujooz Blazeman Gaming614SNEAKY TANKS - Vorazun Weekly Brawl [SC2 Direct Strike]28:47
23 hours agoCanada Pikasprey Blue103,000Mario Party 2 | w/Dylan and Andrew1:57:53
23 hours agoCanada Collinity318Library of Ruina (Early Access RPG Card Game) - Gameplay/Longplay HD Part 082:02:30
23 hours agoCanada DEE BATCH12,000AMD Talks Poor PS5 Yields | PlayStation 5 Real Pictures Revealed | Sony Address PS5 Pre-Orders6:45
23 hours agoCanada Techy439,000MY GIRLFRIEND STREAM SNIPED FASHION SHOWS for 24 Hours8:02
23 hours agoCanada GimikiGamer2,270GHOST OF TSUSHIMA Gameplay 10 Livestream 1080p PS4 Pro | Yeah I know, I'm SUPER BEHIND!5:32:12
23 hours agoCanada Dxwny1,380I WON The RUSH 1v1 EVENT IN NBA 2K21! HOW TO WIN RUSH 1v1 NBA 2K21! BEST JUMPSHOT + BUILD 2K21!11:31
23 hours agoCanada Top Shelf Hockey14,000NHL Trade Rumours - Habs, Islanders Barzal Offer Sheet? Caufield to Sweden + 20-21 Season Update14:58
23 hours agoCanada Vimp Gaming10,400Warcraft 3 Reforged | Custom Maps & Next Weekend Stream Prep4:55:31
23 hours agoCanada Astranox22,900Last Rider Krau in RTA! (ML Krau is so FUN! :) 🔥 Epic Seven34:12
23 hours agoCanada ColeNL1121,560Let's Play Tales of Symphonia #89: Forcystus21:21
23 hours agoCanada Nobody1,280[Stream Archive] Squid Game Saturdays - Random Weapon PBs and Golden Fishing2:35:00
23 hours agoCanada YouAlwaysWin2,880,000SPARK OF THE DOWN LOW (Call of Duty Zombies Map)27:48
23 hours agoCanada SimulationForTheNation11,600🔴 Saving the Farm! | SIX ASHES - by GB Modding| Farming Simulator 19 - Live Stream with webcam!1:33:31
23 hours agoCanada WildG204161Check this out0:04
23 hours agoCanada Nicovald457,000Why I Left Camp Minecraft...13:34
23 hours agoCanada FaolonPlays194Among us With Murderous Friends!!!!1:33:18