Latest Channel Activity From Canada

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Canada based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
5 hours agoCanada Wired Rabbit402🔴Live | Bloons TD 6 | Collecting Black Borders2:19:14
7 hours agoCanada ImThePuffMan1,290DEAR YOUTUBE! "YouTube Team"0:16
7 hours agoCanada GJS Gaming163Valheim Gameplay! Exploration, Hunting, Upgrades and Preparation for Boss!38:25
7 hours agoCanada Hundo P Games707State of Play - February 25, 2021 | REACTION! | Hype Hideout41:12
7 hours agoCanada Iron Seagull27,600BUNK BEDS COMING TO THE SIMS 4! (NOT a mod)5:06
7 hours agoCanada Strikernofear687SKYFORGE PS4pro February 24 20213:12:30
8 hours agoCanada Fear8,080The Darkness of Boxing - The Boxer11:28
8 hours agoCanada B-tean Screen134Astroid SMP Clips Making A Treaty25:42
8 hours agoCanada CthuLoops5,850V for Vebris - Part 65 - Cyberpunk 207731:15
9 hours agoCanada NicholasA1210145NHL 21 BE A PRO | ITS BACK! #56:19
9 hours agoCanada Jon-Bon Zombie5Undead Labs: This needs to be said..12:02
9 hours agoCanada TheSurvivalVis343Wroggis Out For REVENGE! | Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate G-Rank #218:05
9 hours agoCanada Funky Panda™378,000Swing In Spring 2021 || #SwingInSpring0:25
9 hours agoCanada Flame269Season 2 is HERE in Black Ops Cold War! (NEW Naga, LC10, Apocalypse)11:29
10 hours agoCanada Skippy0330126,000The Tomb | Darkness Falls Mod | 7 Days To Die | Ep 6536:19
10 hours agoCanada PoppiePlays9Sky SC - 9 - We found Mr Sunglasses3:15:29
10 hours agoCanada ColeNL1121,570Let's Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii #20: Cruising Through World 823:42
10 hours agoCanada MaKaveli76,400REKIO'S BIG MAKOVER!! 💄| The Sims 4 : Life With The Pearson's 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 | G7 | EP 8332:34
10 hours agoCanada MGPlays991,290Playing Outbreak. Call of Duty Cold War Zombies1:01:26
10 hours agoCanada Lazy Mammoth2,950FRENZIED GUARD IS AMAZING!! - Frenzied Guard Review (Cold War Zombies)2:11
10 hours agoCanada YOURBOYRECON8,310FARA 83 with NO RECOIL is a BEAST! (Cronus Zen)16:39
10 hours agoCanada Uncomfortable Game Shorts832Helpful Tips I Wish I knew Enter the Gungeon5:42
10 hours agoCanada Metaphor125,000clickbait title about the new warzone season 🤪11:03
10 hours agoCanada rdsca10,900LOIN DE S'EN FOOT : Thierry Henry quitte Montréal le coeur lourd34:33
10 hours agoCanada Top 10 Gaming470,000Top 10 Things To Do If You Spend 100 Days In Hardcore Minecraft10:35
10 hours agoCanada Sloppy Gaming3,100THE VILLAGER LAB! - Sloppy's Creativerse World (122)35:14
10 hours agoCanada JKB54,600Curse of the Dead Gods Review | MUST PLAY!8:55
10 hours agoCanada AcousticHarmonia4,400Space of Silence, Flashes of Fear - Part 16 -🌱Hey! Pikmin [Citra/HD]20:31
10 hours agoCanada WoolieVersus172,000Get Into: Guilty Gear Strive Open Beta (FOR GLORY)1:44:59
10 hours agoCanada Dzaran1,070Cold Fear Part 10 - Not Again...30:22
10 hours agoCanada DavidParodyPlays743,000Opening Pokemon Cards Until I Pull Charizard...CRAZY VMAX HIT?!6:26
10 hours agoCanada Gavin Tsang619Spooks in Total Chaos (Doom 2 Mod) #Shorts Edition0:59
11 hours agoCanada ZMDE Animations2,100,000My Girlfriend Was Kidnapped By Her Boss11:06
11 hours agoCanada TenZ451,000HOW TO DO THE *SECRET* JUMP ON SPLIT !!! | C9 TenZ9:41
11 hours agoCanada Sherlou Games2,110Among Us Live stream playing with viewers (2021)0:04
11 hours agoCanada DannyzReviews4,950Nvidia RTX 3060 is a HUGE Disappointment, AMD's RX 6700XT and RX 6700 To Be Released Soon!6:32
11 hours agoCanada Somrug13Gayjoob Already Fucked Up The New Battle Pass Season5:05
11 hours agoCanada Paulie Esther85,600Dead By Daylight| More chapter 19 DLC teasers! First LGBT+ character? Magnum Opus?12:15
11 hours agoCanada The Rod Pedersen Show1,960RP Show LIVE | Feb 25, 2021 | Ft. Former NHL Goalie Eddie Lack and TSN1260's Jason Gregor!2:04:59
11 hours agoCanada Doncon The Hater1,970I FELL FOR ALL HIS TRICKS 😡 - GUILTY GEAR- Strive - BETA24:40
11 hours agoCanada OEB Pete2,050Ghost'N Goblins Resurrection - A Game Designed for the Modern Gamer?24:51
11 hours agoCanada Scrubz Mazar8,430How much money can we make off this NBA Hoops Premium Cello Pack? 🤔 - #Shorts0:59
11 hours agoCanada J Dog th3 Wise44,100The SA-58: Juice Cannon Still Slays - Escape From Tarkov14:06
11 hours agoCanada YouAlwaysWin2,910,000OMG, We Found the Survivors! (Generation Zero - Alpine Unrest DLC)(Ep 3)40:27
11 hours agoCanada Marc Norris2,210Good Night, Knight Gameplay - Hack-and-Slash Zelda-like Adventure on Steam16:41
11 hours agoCanada 606Gaming35,000ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE CHANNEL & Thank You For 3500026:24
11 hours agoCanada McWhoopin Games49Cities Skylines Episode 36: Hippie Commune and Organic Farm Pt 136:56
11 hours agoCanada Marukage Plays91Planet Coaster Ep.61 (Touching Up)30:52
11 hours agoCanada Graeme Games43,900Reverse Robin Hood - Pikuniku - PART 4 (ft @SuperPawsitive)31:30
11 hours agoCanada Daryl Marcelino23Genshin Impact Ch 65 Lantern Rite Festival Requests Finale2:52:56
12 hours agoCanada MemesVerse25,300GTAV ONLINE MEMES 88:30
12 hours agoCanada Rido150,000MUY MALAS NOTICIAS PARA COD Mobile | ES HORA DE REACCIONAR9:02
12 hours agoCanada Yes Guy Gaming5,350JOFA HEAD HITS TO THE HEAD!!! || EA Sports NHL 21 Be A Pro Enforcer Gameplay Episode 120:30
12 hours agoCanada quinnybagz27,000500 DAYS IN HARDCORE MINECRAFT WORLD TOUR!32:42
13 hours agoCanada Sean Awesome46Another reading1:58
13 hours agoCanada RigorMortis9996,090Castlevania Bloodlines - Reincarnated Soul - Piano cover with sheets2:26
13 hours agoCanada MWG Studios376,000The Wargamer that BROKE Dave22:06
13 hours agoCanada staycation387,000Outriders Gameplay and First Impressions59:11
13 hours agoCanada Canuck Clay5,950Canucks talk: Chatting with Andrew Walker of Sportsnet 65042:03
13 hours agoCanada Hami Km20,200UFC 4 w/EyZed 😂🔥 اینم از ایزد حریف میپذیرم10:31
13 hours agoCanada CynanMachae37Lethal Weapon Shark Dupe% in 52.0161:16
13 hours agoCanada KIKI THE RED PANTHER16,100Does Escherian Stairway Exist? | Mistery | KIKI THE RED PANTHER7:35
13 hours agoCanada Jaypin8852,800Sonic 1: Tokyo Toy Show Remake (v0.6.2.1) :: Walkthrough (1080p/60fps)1:39
13 hours agoCanada Game Slayer95Upgrading My House In The Sims 41:50:33
13 hours agoCanada GamingMemoirs446Tak and the Power of Juju Full Blind Part 3 (The 🐑 )30:09
13 hours agoCanada Brycemase1,950The World Ends With You [Blind] #30 | One Final Game33:18
13 hours agoCanada Distractions Media308Dimensions Episode 27: Accidental Slip15:21
13 hours agoCanada LMG Clips262,000Linus forgot Yvonne’s birthday…2:23
13 hours agoCanada Indurok1,730AN UNSATISFYING ENDING | AER: Memories of Old #12 [END]14:35
13 hours agoCanada bainz5,160All Ferris Wheel Dates - Persona 5 Strikers8:32
13 hours agoCanada GGBeyond5,860Mass Production of Solar Panels - Let's Play Dyson Sphere Program Part 3728:08
13 hours agoCanada XenoSupremeCanadian1,010House Flipper Ep 2237:56
14 hours agoCanada Shauny71881,070Highlight: Monster Sanctuary - Casual Playthrough part 10 (Post game)5:24:40
14 hours agoCanada Kro325,000I Fight The *NEW* DEATH STAR And Here's What Happens! - TABS Unit Creator10:44
14 hours agoCanada Pupsker25,700Warframe 25K Subscriber Q&A! Fulltime Youtube Ahead!11:31
14 hours agoCanada VaporTheGamer748,000Vapor Reacts #1248 | FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE REACTION #12113:26
14 hours agoCanada Ravencraft Prime16Black Desert Full Gameplay Nova Playthrough No Commentary Part 111:01:21
14 hours agoCanada Corey Dutson34Let's Play: Unforeseen Incidents - Part 3 - We're not dead!2:38:20
14 hours agoCanada JV's Galactic Adventures3,680FIRST TIME Watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer SE02 EP17 "Passion" REACTION!20:16
14 hours agoCanada kathacro924TERRARIA XBOX 360 Episode 2 [Unpleasant Topaz Staff]14:31
14 hours agoCanada The Recruit Du80Ace combat 7: fires of liberation 皇牌空战7:解放的战火2:54
14 hours agoCanada CarlQcMtl1,410NOUVEAU NEW Money Glitch Argent Tres Facile 150 000$/sec SnowRunner Ps4 Ps5 Xbox pc 25 Février2:03
14 hours agoCanada QuinBoBin61,700My First Boss Fight In ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD [3]18:04
14 hours agoCanada MrSpecies74,010Lumberjack Simulator Career Mode pt.1 making money now!!34:38
14 hours agoCanada Bigga Diddy571BIGGA DIDDY Thoughts on The 2021 NBA ALL STARS AND SAYS WHO IS THE BIGGEST SNUB7:59
14 hours agoCanada Nevroze323Super Mario 3D World - LET'S PLAY #32:48:27
14 hours agoCanada Hera - Age of Empires 251,600War Wagon & Siege ULTRA Push Defense31:17
15 hours agoCanada gopensgo2911,960Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Cinematic flight of singapore in 4k2:53
15 hours agoCanada Average Gamer2,220Why I don't invest in American Companies (a few reasons)4:17
15 hours agoCanada rooflemonger91,300Chizuru returns to The King of Fighters after a long Hiatus! Just who is she!? Trailer Breakdown8:22
15 hours agoCanada citizenhamid1,950کویین هم مسلمون شد😁😅 | Rogue Queen clash of clans9:40
15 hours agoCanada Ronin Jeremy3,210Let's Play BG 3 , Tired of waiting for patch, Dwarf Fighter Part 1 until patch 4.1:57:28
15 hours agoCanada INVICTUS Stream5,500Ghosts of Saltmarsh: These Unfathomable Depths - Part 101:48:26
15 hours agoCanada BekoMon295Filling up the Survey and talking about Guilty Gear Strive20:50
15 hours agoCanada MistaH1N1729Akhtuba Pond | 18Kg Wild | Ep 5524:23
15 hours agoCanada trubeleafer247Calgary Flames vs Toronto Maple Leafs (Feb. 24) / POST GAME PUCK TALK!10:05
15 hours agoCanada Mokibo435MONKEY BUSINESS | Phasmophobia46:02
15 hours agoCanada RockaPeteDX6,750Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [Part 37] Return of Princess Ruto!15:58