Latest Channel Activity From Canada

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Canada based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
7 hours agoCanada BumpyMcSquigums14,600Let's Play State Of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition - Part 2 - I Forgot About The Car!32:16
11 hours agoCanada santa9632764Lets Play Far Cry 2 Part 31:12:50
12 hours agoCanada TheJordude8,720This Deck is STILL OP (Spellboost Rune) | Rotation | World Uprooted Deck + Gameplay 【Shadowverse】13:55
12 hours agoCanada The1stGiant Gaming128Fortnite 41 winning as Deadpool53:05
13 hours agoCanada ChrisBeBallin4,020Canadian Fat Bike Street Ride Adventures During Lockdown || GoPro Helmet Cam [1440p/60fps]33:23
13 hours agoCanada magicboy3262726Back on bo4 PS4 PRO short stream30:18
13 hours agoCanada ZeroQuatroMidia25,400ZeroQuatroLive - Som para YouTube (Dicas, equipamentos e Q&A)1:55:33
14 hours agoCanada Pillbawks4,260Chilling out in Animal Crossing :)3:37:00
15 hours agoCanada oShven335,000REDUX SKIN *NEW* FORTNITE ITEM SHOP UPDATE LIVE April 6 2020 (fortnite item shop today)2:05:45
15 hours agoCanada AccusingPenguin116Some Good Old Warzone2:56:25
15 hours agoCanada Matthia Gryffine1,720Let's Play Persona 5 (OG/Live) - Night 15: 4/6/20201:16:27
15 hours agoCanada blast furnaceHD35,700NEW FORTNITE ITEM SHOP COUNTDOWN LIVE!(April 6)NEW SKINS!!2:11:23
15 hours agoCanada iRunYew744,000Aimbot Inbound | Best Solo Player on Fortnite | 4130+ Solo Wins2:10:39
15 hours agoCanada PlayingBoardGames2,960Hunter | DAY OF DEFEAT #257:56
15 hours agoCanada xYx King Aries143Clash Royal: Heist GM Unbelievable Win Streak12:41
16 hours agoCanada Kulo Gaming10,600Artifact vs Machina! | Budget vs Meta Deck | [Shadowverse]6:27
16 hours agoCanada Ronneh011645Best Inspiration and Motivational Music - Jorge Quintero - 300 Violin Orchestra3:01
16 hours agoCanada Hesitated Cobra Gaming1,550Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition Live Stream Part 333:04:53
17 hours agoCanada Pikasprey Blue98,800Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team | PART 152:41:01
17 hours agoCanada LaserPenguinGames471MTG Arena Cube Sealed Event 5 wins1:12:36
17 hours agoCanada TheCampingRusher - Fortnite1,550,000*NEW* Coronavirus Relief Skin, Season 2 EXTENDED, Update This Week!10:37
18 hours agoCanada FordedgeSZN189,000WHATS POPPIN 🎉2:21
18 hours agoCanada KevinGohD118,000PED USERS TEAM BUILD...MLB THE SHOW 20 DIAMOND DYNASTY17:30
18 hours agoCanada GameFace13,100We're Live! | Streaming Cuphead On Twitch!0:30
18 hours agoCanada DJAK47 Tha Hustler799Big E vs. Randy Orton | WWE RAW: 2020 King Of The Ring Quarterfinals Match - WWE 2K167:03
19 hours agoCanada RjC84 Gaming3,040SUBNAUTICA can we REALY finish this game?2:30:26
19 hours agoCanada On the bench131,000WHATS NEXT!!!6:51
19 hours agoCanada Noxious213,000Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths | Cycling Synergies & Creative Combo Cards! | Magic the Gathering Arena33:34
20 hours agoCanada Peter McKinnon4,560,000Filmmaker Reacts to CRAZY Behind The Scenes MOVIE SCENES!10:33
20 hours agoCanada Something Fawful221Let's Play Yooka-Laylee Finale: Loss of Capital1:10:44
20 hours agoCanada Rexsi116,000CASUAL MONDAY TALKS! HOW I AM CONSCIOUS WHILE DREAMING! - Masters Ranked Duel - SMiTE23:42
20 hours agoCanada VaporTheGamer510,000FNAF ANIMATOR'S HELL: I HATE SPIDERS!!19:04
20 hours agoCanada Oathmaster1,610Drums of Waaagh! Orks Multiplayer; Battlefleet Gothic Armada 238:18
20 hours agoCanada JozefGames 19971,120MLB 20 THE SHOW RTTS ( SS ) / EP 5 / TRADED!!37:07
20 hours agoCanada Canucks94,900Canucks CHEL Challenge With Adam Gaudette3:19
20 hours agoCanada Gam1ngNinja481,000CARNOTAURUS Pack - Jurassic World The Game10:01
20 hours agoCanada Philminator4,590Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord • Update e1.0.65:14
20 hours agoCanada AH Brandon Anime Reviews24,000Fruits Basket Greatness Returns! | Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 1 (26) Review & First Impressions10:18
20 hours agoCanada Devonttaie McCarthy4,050GTA Underground Nemesis kill everyone but Peach still standing!11:51
21 hours agoCanada s4videos13,500Developer Walkthrough - TF2 Medieval Saw-of-War Map10:24
21 hours agoCanada Christonian5,060Foundation - Ep9 - 500 People?1:31:00
21 hours agoCanada Mike Martins12,000Covey Cases At Food stores - Food Price HIKE !11:30
22 hours agoCanada Blitzwinger2,010,000Blitzwinger Live Q&A! Gaming, Comics & More!1:01:41
22 hours agoCanada AGirlAndAGame54,900Run Jill Run! | Resident Evil 3 Remake Gameplay Part 555:31
22 hours agoCanada legorocks9911,900What's Next For Lias Andersson? He FLED The AHL & Requested A Trade (2020 New York Rangers - NHL)10:40
22 hours agoCanada Chiak Adventures1,600Magnetic: Cage Closed S4 - Learning to Fly40:02
22 hours agoCanada Game Boomers2,090Final Fantasy 7 #1756:08
22 hours agoCanada League on Lock - LoL23,800Mad Lions Upset G2, Cloud9 Crushes 100 Thieves | Weekend Recap: April 3-547:36
22 hours agoCanada theScore esports1,220,000Doublelift Didn't Care: How A Trash Attitude Killed His Spring 202010:20
22 hours agoCanada Mike Tessier1,440BRAWLHALLA - PARTIE 1 - SUPERBARJOLAND VS QC_-MIKE-_THC1:18:53
22 hours agoCanada Viantastic155,000Animal Crossing until I find an egg (Day 10)9:17
23 hours agoCanada JoBlo Movie Trailers2,140,000All BACK TO THE FUTURE Franchise Trailers (1985 - 1990) Michael J Fox8:34
23 hours agoCanada TwiistedPandora909,000HOW TO GET WICKED EGG OF CALAMITY, SHARD SEEKER EGG & OWLSOMENESS EGG! (Roblox EGG HUNT Event 2020)15:31
23 hours agoCanada BuzzProductions204,000FUTURE STEVEN MEETS PAST SELF! (Steven Universe Comic Dub Animations)18:41
23 hours agoCanada Inside The Game481Rainbow 6 Siege Pro League Recap Day 3 & 410:28
23 hours agoCanada DEE BATCH8,870PlayStation 5 Better Console According To Crytek | Xbox Series X To Feature best looking Exclusives6:36
23 hours agoCanada Greenskull254,000Half-Life: Alyx Episode 9 | Greenskull49:19
1 day agoCanada Upshall559,000EXPONENTIAL SETTINGS MADE ME 10X BETTER *Fortnite Top Controller Player*11:40
1 day agoCanada Whoop1,430#NEWFIE STOCKED UP,LOCKED DOWN - (CodMW) - Live1:22:21
1 day agoCanada lucahjin204,000Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth -31- The Truth Comes Out?25:02
1 day agoCanada BJ & Co1,210Portal 2 - Ep 3 - Light Bridges26:07
1 day agoCanada BigEgo Gaming1,820Upload Update, Convid-19 Charity livestream, Moving!!4:35
1 day agoCanada Soliloquy Gaming175Pokemon Crystal Randomizer - Part 7 - Double Bubble Trouble37:15
1 day agoCanada Hands Down Hockey12,100Can YOU Guess These NHL Players? (NHL Blurred Player Photo Challenge #1)6:15
1 day agoCanada Beat That Boss13,400The Ring: Terror's Realm // All Bosses10:48
1 day agoCanada The Hidden Object Guru9,450MindSeize is the sci-fi Metroidvania we need right now!1:02:22
1 day agoCanada Jon Renish320Steam Cleaning - Solaria Moon22:50
1 day agoCanada Boom Bang Crash1,520HYPER TUBE NETWORK! in Satisfactory Update 3 - S2E820:08
1 day agoCanada Alex Zandra Van Chestein1,100GOOD! MORNING! MEGA MAN! - Mega Man Rock Force #21:03:56
1 day agoCanada Moe Sargi2,290,000MAGNET FISHING on A FROZEN LAKE FOUND HUMAN ASHES??25:36
1 day agoCanada Nick The Hick18,400Ryse: Son Of Rome "Nick's Picks" Game Review1:35:38
1 day agoCanada Distractions Media236DCW Blast Episode 11 Crimson Mask1:13:59
1 day agoCanada kintips6,030Kintips Nintendo Switch Games Update March 20201:37
1 day agoCanada reddi413,980How to get the Fried Chicken Egg | Roblox Egg Hunt 20207:40
1 day agoCanada JoBlo Videos373,000Planet of the Apes (1968) - Movie Endings Explained12:29
1 day agoCanada Langdon Games344NHL 20 - EASHL Career Part 15 - This Game Was Crazy!!25:45
1 day agoCanada SimRacing60417,200How to Set the Ideal FOV in Automobilista 2 (w/ Settings)5:40
1 day agoCanada TDBarrett1,220,000In Madden 16 Odell Beckham Jr was a glitch, YoBoy Pizza raged!!11:10
1 day agoCanada Fleakee364On est en train de devenir SixQuatre... - Rainbow Six Siege Quebec QC Francais8:38
1 day agoCanada DBEATZ30,600WWE 2K20 Sting vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan for the World Title at STARCADE!13:53
1 day agoCanada OhnoCoho8,320Plantation Relocation | Green Hell CO-OP Multiplayer Gameplay | EP 448:15
1 day agoCanada BlueAnkylo8,05025. Xenonauts X-Division Streamed -1:15:44
1 day agoCanada VarsityGaming876,000Legendary Skins Are Overpowered - Rainbow Six Siege29:55
1 day agoCanada Cody_King199448DRAGON BALL FighterZ6:12
1 day agoCanada GameDropswithPops Gaming1,860Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Ryujinx Nintendo Switch Emulator 1.0.4142 Mirror Bell Crossing Triforce Special58:38
1 day agoCanada GAB DEM WAR17,100Rishi - Star Wars The Old Republic (Powertech) - Let's Play part 4027:29
1 day agoCanada 365 Pro Wrestling1,910PWA Wrestling: Tiana Ringer vs 21st Century Fox June 18th, 200614:49
1 day agoCanada RedBomberZer0297Wanna listen to some tunes? (Danganronpa Version)0:10
1 day agoCanada GameEdged125,000Setting Up | Withstand Survival Gameplay | EP635:52
1 day agoCanada wtfmoses114,000CULTIST BASE - DOOM ETERNAL53:54
1 day agoCanada The Nobz9,940BETTER RESULTS!! FIFA 20 1860 MÜNCHEN RTG CAREER MODE #0413:48
1 day agoCanada Qwark00715,600If my friend rages, the video ends - Battlefield V0:56
1 day agoCanada SLAPTrain2,070,000Real Racing 3 iOS- Pocket Forza Motorsport? FIRST ONLINE Lobby Impressions!!18:42
1 day agoCanada Stopde412,000Full Picnic Party Squad Builder and the Best Last Ten Minutes of FIFA Mobile h2h Ever!15:25
1 day agoCanada ScereBro PSNU298,000NEMESIS IS A SAVAGE (All Nemesis Unstoppable Moments) - Resident Evil REMAKE | 4K Ultra Settings22:13
1 day agoCanada DFuxa Plays1,290DFuxa Plays - Unexplored - Ep 40 - I Adventure To Win40:41
1 day agoCanada Trickster5128,730BOUNCE - Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative Ep 130:45
1 day agoCanada Vujo Gaming10,200Mao Liberates China #15 Hearts of Iron IV La Resistance20:51