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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Canada based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
1 hour agoCanada minionsoldier9,170PIRACY SHOW : How will Pyro change the game22:17
1 hour agoCanada Adam381712,200Infamous Second Son Full Game Walkthrough PS5!7:01:07
1 hour agoCanada Tectone512,000EULA LOOKS INCREDIBLE14:53
1 hour agoCanada T-Bone3,910Let's Make an RPG with RPG Maker MV!3:13:41
2 hours agoCanada Blk Pig216Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Pro, What I see! F-Type (Gr.3) Centerfold8:28
2 hours agoCanada EroticWalruss25,800GENSHIN IMPACT | THE GAME THAT PLAYS YOU!11:45
2 hours agoCanada black sanders132Mk115:12:51
3 hours agoCanada Lou De Asis507[5/9/2021] BIRTHDAY STREAM PART TWO3:49:28
3 hours agoCanada bewareofbears6,090Monster Jam: Steel Titans 2 | World Finals XIX [Gameplay]14:57
3 hours agoCanada Saific Gaming7,480Finally The Bug Is Fixed! | Mobile Legends2:10:20
3 hours agoCanada Matt Wiggins497Matt Plays Metal Gear Solid 4: Episode 6 - Gekko Wrecko3:01:03
3 hours agoCanada JumpFoxJump865RESIDENT EVIL 8 VILLAGE - Full Gameplay Walkthrough (60fps, PS5): PART 1459:33
3 hours agoCanada Mj Gaming Channel2,460FIFA 21 ULTIMATE *RAGE* COMPILATION #70 😡😡😡8:10
3 hours agoCanada blast furnaceHD33,100SLEEP STREAM.....3:43:22
3 hours agoCanada BizzoRL53I play siege but this time its ranked2:48
4 hours agoCanada Discovery Cycling4,700[CS:GO] Desert Eagle | Printstream Gameplay (Factory New)2:06
4 hours agoCanada MistehTimmeh35Tin Pin Fucking Sucks - TWEWY Final Remix0:17
4 hours agoCanada TheMaster90005,720Resident Evil Village Well Cave Puzzle Guide1:53
4 hours agoCanada MonsterMatt Gaming4,320Can You Believe It's Been 5 Years on Youtube? | Channel Anniversary + Chill | New Pokemon Snap |6:26:31
4 hours agoCanada Casual Gamer9,680[King's Raid] Doing Step ups for Scarlet's Crown. Godly!3:18
4 hours agoCanada Browash1,150Splarsh!! (With Subs)4:34:29
4 hours agoCanada The Hockey Guy189,000Reviewing 9 May 10th NHL Games in 43 Minutes43:21
4 hours agoCanada Dragon Templar466Just Learning the EPG [TitanFall 2]16:25
4 hours agoCanada Cole Evyx7,210WoW Players Want Attractive Girls Like FFXIV #shorts​​​​ #FFXIV0:38
5 hours agoCanada 39daph vods147,00039daph Plays Return of Obra Dinn4:29:13
5 hours agoCanada panicman10560Omen of Sorrow Demo_2021 Video review of demo May 10 202159:44
5 hours agoCanada Typical Gamer11,500,000CASH CUP TOURNAMENT!! New Update Soon! (Fortnite)3:26:05
5 hours agoCanada Fl1ck19,400LEGIT HACKING VS RAGE HACKER!! (ONETAP V4 HvH CS:GO)9:38
5 hours agoCanada King of wurms356Three Way Soul Link | This Can Only Go Terrible | Live Stream3:04:14
5 hours agoCanada Merlinskeeper48Astroneer: good vibes6:05:36
5 hours agoCanada ReddCinema44,700Pokelawls Reacts To Renovating the Abandoned WW2 Bunker in my Garden24:34
5 hours agoCanada Lyrica Ch. リリカ 永音61,100Tara kain tayo, ulam sardinas0:38
5 hours agoCanada Bluestar8992,200Pokemon Renegade Platinum - All Bosses (Main Story)3:49:53
5 hours agoCanada EcksToo128,000Playing the FINAL Star Wars Squadrons Update3:43:43
5 hours agoCanada Jon Sa-Hali958PUBG *LIVE* on PlayStation 5 BACK IN TOWN!2:58:12
5 hours agoCanada Game Mode627Smashing Doubles3:44:31
5 hours agoCanada The Hidden Object Guru20,700Smelter is an Amazing Evolution of ActRaiser!37:07
5 hours agoCanada Rubhen925118,000Lady X gon give it to ya - Resident Evil 8 Village0:45
5 hours agoCanada Regnellahc64AC Odyssey5:15:23
5 hours agoCanada The Infamous DOUG104Resident Evil VIllage. Part lll. The Lake Lurker2:05:35
5 hours agoCanada Sir From The 6IX35,400NBA Live Stream| Utah Jazz Vs Golden State Warriors| Live Reactions & Play By Play2:53:36
5 hours agoCanada Bambi1,020THE BEST CARD IN NHL 21 AND HERE'S WHY!2:10
5 hours agoCanada Jackson Wardell207AAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS: Star Wars Jedi Knight 2, Jedi Outcast part 230:09
5 hours agoCanada ZombieBear311,090THE FIRST BOSS FIGHT! - Resident Evil Village: Part 3 [Full Game Walkthrough]1:14:19
5 hours agoCanada Tour of Duty Gaming786Resident Evil Village Rose all grown up2:49
6 hours agoCanada 2007killa800FIFA 21- Ultimate Team: UEFA Marquee Matchups SBC 4/4 (Manchester City v Paris) Reward #718 (PS5)2:45
6 hours agoCanada Gaming Tutorials with Johny3,990HPs & Bounties with NA1:19:52
6 hours agoCanada ksehd (Imperial Garden Sports)3,290BREAK #2482 : 10 BOX 20-21 SP GAME USED NHL HOCKEY BOX17:57
6 hours agoCanada Jon Renish475Steam Cleaning - Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition34:11
6 hours agoCanada Bad Gaming1,100Outhouse #9 Location - Resident Evil Village0:43
6 hours agoCanada scottdionbrown2,060MONDAY MADNESS!! (Brawlhalla Livestream)3:20:41
6 hours agoCanada FPS Tammy18,400Pomodoro 50/10 read chat on break. Video out tonight.8:04:20
6 hours agoCanada BassGSnewtype Full Spec3,450Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3 ~Shemuel All Attacks~1:08
6 hours agoCanada Sarcasm Detector1,240[VTUBER] Star Trek Online & Chill #GXA #Shenanigans May 10th 1440p3:12:24
6 hours agoCanada VGS - Video Game Sophistry175,000Resident Evil Village - Ethan is ALIVE!? Ending Theory Explained9:04
6 hours agoCanada Chaseroony297,000i think arsenal is broken... (Arsenal Roblox)0:26
6 hours agoCanada CrypticFox93,600Is this the End? - Resident Evil Village - Xbox Series X2:41:56
6 hours agoCanada AdiGames47,100The Empire Defends Endor Against The Rebel Scum | STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 29:15
6 hours agoCanada ZOx0189[Tekken 7] Neat moment, also made a new friend that whoop my butt.0:11
6 hours agoCanada BumpyMcSquigums17,300Let's Play Rise Eterna - (Switch) - Part 1 - Dynamic Duos!32:49
6 hours agoCanada PCoutcast6,830Royal Powaaa! | 17 | Cat Quest II30:47
6 hours agoCanada NizeYourself1,860IS IT WRAITH DOG OR WRAITH KING BRO - Wraith King Safelane Carry Guide - Dota 2 - Patch 7.28b42:03
6 hours agoCanada Appoh3,110RE: Village - Part 42:51:40
6 hours agoCanada Stone Legion - Let's Play14,900Conan Exiles - Part 11 - Hunting For Thralls and Setting Up Our Stable for Our Baby Horse45:07
6 hours agoCanada PoizenJam2,120The Omnific - 10am (Bass Cover 98%) Rocksmith 2014 CDLC2:13
6 hours agoCanada champs10055[{(Pro Cycling Manager 2020 | PCM League)}] S1 Race 2 Stage 429:39
6 hours agoCanada Dear Mr Dubs3,010No Man’s Sky – Les portes automatiques (4) étapes – M.A.J.3.385:38
6 hours agoCanada SkapeGote8,930The Long Drive: Homeward Bound | Season 2 Episode 61 | 3253.4kms to 3308.6kms34:48
6 hours agoCanada Juste pas un PRO6(FR) Stracraft - épisode 2 - Zerg 528:24
6 hours agoCanada SpanishFly120309Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Part 4: More Searching, Trident Fort45:30
6 hours agoCanada Kever M.4,910Paper Mario The Origami King Live Stream Blind Playthrough Part 5 The Green Streamer!5:31:57
6 hours agoCanada Agewolf_2K428No Way Out | WWE2K Highlight Reel Action6:34
6 hours agoCanada chatoor85322shadow of the tomb raider definitive edition walkthrough part 11 new game +28:58
6 hours agoCanada Electric Playground Network - EPN61,000Carnage in Venom 2! Village Plagiary? Jupiter's Legacy Review - The Rundown - Electric Playground18:29
6 hours agoCanada Mackenzie Turner Roblox1,030,000I GOT ADOPTED BY FAIRY GODPARENTS IN BROOKHAVEN! (ROBLOX BROOKHAVEN RP)14:51
6 hours agoCanada Sin Seer6692021-05-10 Some Archer Fun, Clowntowns, Two Queens, and a Cheat Weapon - #fallout7623:29
6 hours agoCanada GSDBoxer4,190ABSOLUTE TRUTH - EVERHOOD - END - INDIE GAME52:55
6 hours agoCanada CynanMachae36Mega Man any% (Zipless) PB 28mins49s31:03
6 hours agoCanada Mirauder's Gaming1,460Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance - Act 3: " Part 2 Outer Keep + Sess'sth Boss Fight "1:25:49
6 hours agoCanada SuperLab46,200Pro Duos With World Record Bibi11:21
6 hours agoCanada Edmonton Oilers48,100OILERS TODAY | Post-Game at MTL2:54
7 hours agoCanada ZkMushroom99,100Cheaters are evolving.. This is one had INFINITE Colony/Fly/Super..8:57
7 hours agoCanada Shauny71881,080Monster Sanctuary NG+ any% Glitchless in 5:13:31.495:17:45
7 hours agoCanada GimikiGamer2,710KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP FINAL MIX Gameplay 02 Livestream!2:01:34
7 hours agoCanada JHC Gaming146,000IMPOSSIBLE Challenge! VIVIAN HARRIS Bundle in CoD Mobile Battle Royale20:47
7 hours agoCanada Conman167128,000WWE RAW May 10th 2021 Live Stream: Full Show Watch Along3:05:00
7 hours agoCanada Constro22[#19] Wiping out rival dynasties | Sigurdr Dynasty | North Sea Empire (Denmark) - CK34:48:22
7 hours agoCanada UnoriginallyChrisLPs8,560May 9, 2021 (Resident Evil Village 2)2:54:00
7 hours agoCanada Ravioli Spills1,050Monster Hunter Rise Vs. Monster Hunter World - Which One Should You Play?10:52
7 hours agoCanada Warped Overwatch2,500Resident Evil Village: Donna Beneviento & Angie Figure1:04
7 hours agoCanada Goller169Chaotic gaming moments that are actually Funny5:24
7 hours agoCanada legorocks9924,800HABS OFFICIALLY IN, CANUCKS OUT (2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs - NHL News & Rumours Today) Canadiens4:01
7 hours agoCanada MichaelBtheGameGenie23,000Dance Dance Revolution Home Arcade Arcade1Up, AtGames, iiRcade or Ice?57:11
7 hours agoCanada Rudy Muthaluva28Fights in Tight Spaces - Assault and Tardiness36:05
7 hours agoCanada Brett Jacquard260Kings Of The Beach for the NES12:31
7 hours agoCanada JP ML2,410🔴05-10| MLBB | SKIN GIVEAWAY SOON!2:14:18
7 hours agoCanada Canuck Clay6,450Canucks game recap: Canucks vs. Jets - Nils Hoglander with first career two-goal game8:11
7 hours agoCanada FamousGoalHorns36,400St. Louis Blues 2021 Win Horn1:16
7 hours agoCanada Worst Channel Productions2,350SPOOKIEST SPACE GAME You've Never Played: PREY5:16:45