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About Hidden Masquerade

I am first and foremost a Touhou Project fan. I enjoy drawing and creating music that typically has a Touhou feel. This channel will be used to show my arranges and original songs, of which can be downloaded for free on my Bandcamp page: https://hiddenmasquerade.bandcamp.com/

I hope you'll enjoy my music.

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[東方 Arrange] Pumpkin SPICE
This song goes off. Can you tell I like songs that are loud with a good melody? I guess that's why I gravitate towards boss themes personally....
2019-02-16 9:47:01 PM ● 56 views ● 3:30 100.00% liked
[Touhou Arrange] Savage Sister of the Devil
It's a remix of a remix... geez Yeah it's an arrange of COOL&CREATE's arrange "Final Savage Sister, Flandre S" which is a pretty...
2019-01-20 8:49:22 PM ● 510 views ● 3:22 100.00% liked
[Arrange] Carol of the Bells (VS Santa)
This is what plays when you fight Santa. Arrange of the Trans Siberian Orchestra's rendition of Carol of the Bells. This might be the last video...
2018-12-23 7:09:28 PM ● 54 views ● 3:39 100.00% liked
[Touhou Electronic/Dance] Rigid Paradise
Happy Halloween! Here's a treat for everyone! DOWNLOAD HERE: https://soundcloud.com/hidden-masquerade-225046806/rigid-paradise Enjoy!
2018-10-31 10:01:41 PM ● 209 views ● 3:13 100.00% liked
[Fanmade Arrange] Soul Saver
No offense Wanwan, but Fantasy Nation Daybreak ~ Prayer Player straight up sucks. Momohime has a pretty good design though. I've been busy with...
2018-10-25 7:42:14 PM ● 189 views ● 3:50 100.00% liked
[Len'en Electronic] 月を破壊する手 ~ DEAD DEAD DEMON
It's a bonus track!! An electronic arrange of Ruler of the Deceased Moon, which I have retitled "Hands that Destroy the Moon", which...
2018-08-03 8:46:48 PM ● 368 views ● 3:32 100.00% liked
[連縁 Arrange] Mow it Down!!
PURCHASE HERE: https://hiddenmasquerade.bandcamp.com/album/overhaul FREE DOWNLOAD OF THIS TRACK: https://soundcloud.com/hidden-masquerade-225046806/mow-it-down...
2018-07-20 5:51:09 PM ● 326 views ● 5:33 100.00% liked
[Fanmade Arrange] Rumble Temple + Announcement
DOWNLOAD OR PURCHASE FOR ANY AMOUNT: https://hiddenmasquerade.bandcamp.com/album/assorted-works-2016-2018 This is a big thank-you for reaching...
2018-05-17 3:25:49 PM ● 162 views ● 3:22 100.00% liked
[Fanmade Touhou Arrange] Illness Illusion
Well.... This is different School is almost over, at least. But I gotta move apartments among other things Thank you for 200 subscribers! That's...
2018-04-25 8:32:51 PM ● 289 views ● 2:27 90.00% liked
[Len'en Arrange] OVERHAUL
AAAAAAAAAAAAAA this is what happens when you use a black midi for an arrange MIDI by BusiedGem Enjoy!
2018-03-25 7:28:29 AM ● 1,392 views ● 3:58 100.00% liked